Indian Ladies Club: Part 1

Names can be highly deceptive. Indian Ladies Club, unlike the name suggests, is a club of all men who unite together in their common interest of dressing themselves as pretty women. Yes, ILC or Indian Ladies Club, is a club of cross-dressers. But for Sumeet, the brains behind this club, would rather convey ILC as a club of feminine expression that provides a judgement free environment to all those men who would love to express their feminine side. Sumeet used to say, “By becoming women, we are adding beauty to this world! And contribute to men-women equality!”

Sumeet, aged 28, is a software engineer by profession, engaged but not yet married. He decided to form this club around 3 years ago with other cross-dressers in the area. Starting with 3 close friends, it has grown to have more than 50 members today. Sumeet, who becomes Sumati when he embraces the woman inside him, organizes a meet at his rental house located in the outskirts of the city, almost once every week when the club members would come to this heaven and fulfill their dreams for 3 to 4 hours.

Sumati decided to wear a simple light weight faux crepe saree for the night as she had to run around doing chores for the party.

Today is a very special day for this club, and it is going to be really fun but crowded as well. Sumati, has so much work to do in the next hour before a swarm of men would come, and dress themselves up in western dresses, lovely long anarkalis, flowing lehengas with big gheras, pretty flowery sarees, or the classic south indian silk sarees. The whole house turns into something like a wedding home where all the women in a family get ready together before the wedding itself. On a special day like this, Sumeet or pretty Sumati, the president of the club, would wear something fancy like a heavy silk saree. But today she was already late, and she was getting stressed about so many things that she has to take care of. So, she quickly decided to wear a simple red saree with horizontal stripes, made of a light faux crepe material. On a busy day like this, when she is expected to run around like a headless chicken, this is the best saree she could think of. She quickly began to drape her saree. Needless to say, she was an expert at this.

ilc30“Ding Dong”, the door bell rang. “People have begun to come already!! Oh my god, I am not yet ready.”, she thought. She started running towards the door while simultaneously trying to pin her pallu on her left blouse shoulder. She opened the door. She felt so happy to see her best friend Anjali in front of her eyes.

“Oh Anjali! Thank god, it’s you. I really need your help my dear saheli,  to set up this house. We have less than an hour to do so.”, she hugged Anjali hard. Anjali hugged her back and smiled at her. She ran her hands over Sumati’s hair and her back to comfort her. “I knew that you would need help today. You should ask at least a few girls to come an hour before the party, to help you set up the house. You don’t have to do it all alone, you know?”, Anjali was her sweet self as she usually is. Sumati then noticed that she had stepped on her pleats and she would have to make her pleats all over again.

“God!! I cannot catch a break today. Now, I have to make pleats again!”, said Sumati. She paused for a second and then said to Anjali, “Hey, you are looking so breath-taking today. I love the yellow and pink color combination in your saree. The flowers in your saree are as beautiful as you. How did you manage to come wearing a saree already from your home today?”, Sumati truly admired Anjali.

“Oh, my parents, wife and daughter were out of home today. So I decided to take a chance. I did a quick dress up as I knew you would need some help today. And then, I drove as quickly as possible. This is the first time I did something like this alone. What a rush it was! I was so excited.”, Anjali exclaimed. “You know the interesting part. Men were eyeing all over me on the way whenever I would stop at a traffic signal.”, Anjali was giggling and so was Sumati, to hear about her friend’s adventures.

“I  can only guess but this must be because of the red bra straps that are visible on both your shoulders!”, Sumati added. “Of course! I did it on purpose and I had my saree pallu placed in a way that it would show some cleavage as well.”, Anjali said. “You are such a naughty girl, Anjali!”, Sumati chided her. “OK, OK! I admit that. But let’s get started and change your saree. There is no way I am going to let you wear this simple a saree today.”, Anjali pulled Sumati’s hand and started taking her towards the changing room. “But Anju, we don’t have much time!”, Sumati complained but had no choice because when Anjali makes her mind, she does what she wants.

Anjali was helping Sumati wear her saree, fixing her pleats and putting pins. They both were naturally good at this.

Both Sumati and Anjali know how to drape a saree quickly. Anjali picked a green colored saree that was slightly fancier. Sumati would look ready and beautiful for a fancy night, but it would still let her do any chores quickly. Sumati wrapped herself in that green colored beauty, and Anjali began helping her correct the pleats and put pins in that saree. These two were in so sync with each other that it seemed as if these two were destined to be best girlfriends since there childhood. Yet, these two had come from different states in the country, and were very different from each other.

While Sumati was slightly younger, a little more adventurous and would often take lead, Anjali was like the sweetest woman around who was always ready to help. Anjali came from a rural traditional household. She currently lives with her very conservative parents. Her parents got her married to a girl, named Neeta, from a remote village who was brought up in an environment where she was taught to play the role of a housewife, serve her in-laws and follow whatever her husband tells her. The fact that Neeta gave birth to a daughter didn’t go very well with Anjali’s parents. They would ask Neeta to do everything at home. But Anjali, in her male mode as a husband, is the best thing that could have happened to Neeta. As a husband, he would always defend her wife. He loved his daughter very much, and he would do everything possible to help his wife at home. While his parents didn’t like it, he still would help Neeta in cooking, washing, raising a daughter, and every household chore whenever he could. As sweet a man he is, Anjali is equally sweet as a woman.

Though it seems like Sumati is a leader who formed ILC, Sumeet (or Sumati) was not a confident person as a man. That began to change when he first met Anjali 5 years ago. There friendship grew and Sumati began to blossom. It appeared that becoming Sumati freed something inside him. Sumati was truly an energetic and ambitious type of person. And when Sumeet started ILC and got to explore the life of Sumati, he began to become ambitious person as a man too. Today, Sumati is an admirable person both as a man and a woman. And Sumati always gives credit to Anjali for this who helped Sumati to blossom.

Sumati was now ready and gleaming in her green saree. Anjali looked at her and said, “I told you, it will take only 5 minutes to get you ready. Now, all we need to do is put a little darker lipstick on those luscious lips. And then, we get started with setting up the house.”

“Yes, my dear. I knew things will be fine once you are here. I can always count on you!”, Sumati said and hugged her friend again. They both felt the true friendship in that friendly hug. Anjali then walked up to the kitchen and brought back a broom in her hand. “I am going to start cleaning the party area, the dressing room and the kitchen. You take care of the decorations. And then, we two will together arrange the food and the appetizers.”, Anjali said to Sumati.

Anjali began to clean up the party area and the dressing room. Having always helped his wife Neeta at home, Anjali knew how to manage things like this.

Having always played the helpful husband to Neeta at home, Anjali had enough experience to manage situations like this. Neeta always thanked  god for such a great husband. However, Neeta was never comfortable with the feminine side of her husband. Although Anjali never forced Neeta to accept her crossdressing, Neeta was raised in a society that prevented her from ever saying no to her husband. She quietly accepted when Anjali would dress up occasionally at home when alone in the room. At Indian ladies club, Anjali would always say how grateful she is to her wife who accepted Anjali. Only if she knew what was going on in Neeta’s mind.

At ILC, the two ladies, Anjali and Sumati, were working at full pace. Anjali had cleaned every room, and Sumati had finished decorations. There were 15 minutes left before everyone would start arriving. Now, all they had to do was to arrange the table for the gala dinner. They would warm up the food and the appetizers after everyone would get dressed.

Madhurima, a really busty woman, who would make anyone laugh with her tantrums. She could always bring life to any party.

The door bell rang. Anjali opened the door. And the third founding member of the club, Madhurima, was here. The first thing anyone would notice about her were her god-gifted lovely breasts. While this was a medical condition for a biological male to have breasts, Madhurima accepted that as a gift from god. Her breasts had been a topic of ridicule all her life as a man. But she finally accepted it. As a man, whenever she would meet other men or women who would stare or want to ridicule Madhurima, she would often joke about it like how she needs a bigger bra than her wife. This would often embarrass the tormentors themselves and they would stay quiet. In reality, she is the most jovial person one would ever meet in their life. And probably, it was this inherent happiness within her that would help her stay young when she was actually above 50 years old. Before Sumati, it was Madhurima who would open her house to other cross-dressers. Madhurima had a wonderful wife, who not only supported Madhurima, but also welcomed other cross-dressers in her life. Thanks to her wonderful support, Madhurima was outgoing and never had any issue expressing her femininity. Due to her affectionate nature, many girls would consider Madhurima as their mother in their alter-ego.

Looking at Madhurima, Sumati’s eyes widened and filled with joy. They were not only friends, but also had a loving mother-daughter relationship.

“Alright girls! The queen is here. Now, where is Sumati? I immediately demand a hug from her.”, Madhurima commanded jokingly like she usually does. “Mom!!”, Sumati exclaimed. And she ran towards Madhurima. She bent to touch Madhu’s feet. “Anjali, look at her. I demanded a hug and she disobeys me by touching my feet. She needs to be spanked!”, Madhu acted as if she is angry. And then, she slaps at Sumati’s buttocks.

“Ouch, Mom! I had been waiting for you so long. Don’t you wanna make your daughter’s party a success?”, Sumati said in a complaining voice.

“Both mom and daughter are equal drama queens! Now, let’s get back to work.”, Anjali said laughing.

Madhurima began to make her world-famous salad. Of course, she had to throw tantrums while doing that!

“Yes, mom. We need you to make your world famous salad”, Sumati added. “Oh, so is that all I am good for? If you both ladies insist, I am going to make the damn salad. God, the work never ends for a mom!”, Madhurima threw tantrums as usual. Of course, she was teasing with love. She picked up the materials for salad and thumped her way towards the sofa. While her face may not be considered classically beautiful, but she is all womanly even with her big body. And yet, she jokingly does a few things in a manly manner when in her female self, to make a situation funny. If you could see, how she was cutting the vegetables, you would realize that no woman would have pulled her saree up to the knees like she did. But that was the thing about Madhurima, she was a special woman. And anything she did, would still seem feminine.

“You know, Anjali? I wish my daughter Sumati had inherited my quality of being a hard working woman. Look at that lazy bum! But what worries me most is that she is so skinny! A mom should know that her daughter eats well and is healthy. Look at me, I am close to 90 kgs and she is barely 60 kgs. I wish she inherited my quality of eating and staying healthy.”, Madhurima loved to tease like a real mom.

Anjali was laughing loudly now. Sumati walked upto Madhu and hugged her from behind and said, “Mom, if I could inherit anything from you, I would want that thing to be your humongous breasts!” Madhurima looked towards the roof and said, “Hey ram! My daughter is such a shameless woman!”

The banter continued for a while, and then other members of the Indian ladies club had begun to arrive. The house was bustling now. Almost everyone had come in their male mode, and they began their transformation into a woman they always dreamed of. The Indian Ladies Club was now alive, and the happiness quotient was increasing in the atmosphere. The world would be such a happy place if everyone had the freedom to be their true self. Sumati looked around all the ladies in the house, and felt happy that she managed ILC.

Continued … 

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