Indian Ladies Club: Part 2

It was a festive time at Indian Ladies Club. Everyone had shed their male clothes, and were busy helping each other out getting ready in their pretty clothes. No one was perfect. But they didn’t have to be! Today, they all were ladies, and were here for a good time.

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It was a festive time at Sumati’s house. Men from all walks of the life, of different shapes and heights, from various professions, had come at her house to become the women of their dreams, and to celebrate this special day. They all had started transforming into their beautiful feminine self. The whole atmosphere was like that of a wedding home where everyone was getting ready for the big ceremony. Some had already wrapped their pretty sarees; some were looking for help to get their dress zipped up in the back as their hands could not reach there; some ladies were still figuring out what to wear; some had already exchanged their clothes with others so that they could try something new; some wanted to try a new hairstyle today and were trying to find if someone would exchange wigs with them; some ladies were applying makeup while some were helping other apply makeup; some needed help with applying eye liner; some were helping others by making the saree pleats; some ladies realized that there blouse has become too tight; one girl was going round and round in a new lehenga that she purchased for herself.

Sumati was the busiest person tonight. She was running around the house, taking care of the needs of her guests, and answering all their questions.

It wasn’t like all those ladies were shapely and classically beautiful or feminine like real women. But that was the point of Indian Ladies Club. No matter what, today all were ladies. It didn’t matter how feminine they looked, how fat they had become, or how hairy they were. They were becoming beautiful in their own eyes. And everyone knew that the best way to enjoy ILC was to treat each other as a woman and with high respect. Everyone had their own unique skill which they brought to this club. No, they were not perfect, but no one was there to judge. With so much going around, Sumati was running from one corner of the house to the other, taking care of the needs of all the guests. She was glad that she wore something that didn’t slow her down. Anyone who had any problem or question, they would come to Sumati who was really the person who made everything possible at ILC.

There was so much chit chat and laughter in the air, just like the ladies are expected to do. They all had shed their masculinity with their clothes. But after becoming women, they also gathered the tendency to bitch around.  Yes, women do get jealous and bitchy, and these ladies were no exception. That’s why the senior members used their experience to ensure that there is more affection between members than jealousy. They promoted cooperation and members were expected to follow some rules. And there was one specific rule that was strictly enforced: No one at ILC is allowed to remain in their male mode.

An angel came up to the lonely nervous man in the room. Who was she?

There was one person who didn’t follow this rule. This person looked really out of place, and somewhat scared with what was going on around him. Everyone else were so immersed in their preparation that no one noticed him. It was evident that he had never met a majority of the ladies club members. He was just observing what was happening around but seemed scared of the strangers. He tried to smile a bit but his heart was throbbing fast, and could not smile for long.

And that’s when an angel came who grabbed both his hands. “How are you doing, handsome?”, said the angel. “Oh, Hi. Hello!”, said the man in a shaking voice. “You look nervous! Why so? You have so many pretty women around you. Don’t tell me that beautiful women scare you! Come on, what is there to be nervous about?”, said the angel in a cheerful voice. “Oh, I am so sorry but I don’t know anyone and I haven’t done this before.”, said the man. The angel laughed.

“Relax! handsome. They all have come here for you. Trust me. You will be fine.”, she said. “Thank you, madam!”, he replied. “By the way, my name is Anjali.”, said the woman.  “Come here. Come on, come close to me. Let me give you a hug.”, said Anjali. But the man hesitated. “Come on. Don’t be shy! I am not the kind of woman who goes around giving hugs to strange handsome man.”, Anjali teased him. He reluctantly caved in. She comforted him with his hug. His heart beats rushed. He didn’t know what else to do but to continue to do what Anjali said. She pulled back after sometime and looked straight into his eyes. She lifted his chin with her hands and whispered close to his ears, “You see now! There is nothing to be scared of. Feeling better?”. Strangely, there was something comforting about Anjali and her soothing voice. The hug really calmed him down. He smiled back at her.

“Let me tell you about some of the members here. Do you see that woman in a green saree  over there? The one who is continuously running around, with everyone else chasing her.”,  Anjali said. “Yes, I do.”, the main said. He was finally feeling relaxed and less nervous. “She is Sumati. She lives here and organizes ILC meetings. If it wasn’t for her efforts, you wouldn’t be in this party. Don’t forget to thank her later.” The man yes mam’d Anjali.

Sharmila aunty was the in-house expert in draping sarees and lehengas in 18 different styles. Almost everyone comes to her for help with new styles. Tonight was a busy night for her.

“Now, look at that aunty in a black and white saree. She is Sharmila aunty. She is our in-house expert who knows how to drape saree in 18 different styles! On a day like this, she is usually busy styling sarees or lehenga cholis for others.”, Anjali continued. “That’s really impressive. I must have seen her help at least 10 women.”, the man finally said more than a few words for the first time.

Not everyone in ILC needed help dressing up. Some were content with whatever they could manage.

Anjali then said, “Look not everyone here dresses up like a queen. But we all make efforts to improve ourselves. And all of us are certainly trying to look our best tonight, in your honour.” The man nodded. He got a little nervous again. Anjali looked at the time in her phone, and then said, “In about 10 minutes. It will be your turn. We all together will dress you up like a queen. Your dreams are going to be true tonight, handsome. You will get to see yourself as a really beautiful girl. Enjoy your night!” She winked at him, and shoved her shoulder at his. Her breastforms must have accidentally brushed up against his arms. That brush sent shivers in his spine, and he started blushing. “I will see you later.”, Anjali said and went to talk to Sumati.

The man remained standing there. He was a little perplexed. “Was she trying to flirt with me?”, wondered the young man. He didn’t know that the ladies lovingly tease each other like this. And it is so much fun.

He began looking at all the women around him. He was 22. And his dream of seeing himself as a beautiful woman was going to be true today. His entry into the Indian Ladies Club was the special occasion everyone was so excited about. It was the club’s policy to welcome a new member by giving them the best makeover possible. The new comer was not required to do anything. Everything would be taken care by the club members. The young man was thrilled and really excited thinking about this. This opportunity was especially exciting for young men like him who lacked the right clothes, the make up skills, and the much needed privacy to transform themselves in their best self. Tonight, that was going to change. Welcome to Indian Ladies Club!

Continued …

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