Indian Ladies Club: Part 3

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where man from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them soon.

Tonight is like a festive wedding night at ILC where every woman is dressing up to be prettiest. They all are here to welcome a new member to the club. While all these beautiful ladies are happily getting ready, there is one man who is nervous with all that is going on around him. These ladies had no idea how this man was going to change their life soon.

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Madhurima was chitchatting with a girl. Everyone loved to chat with their lovely “Madhu Aunty”.

The Indian Ladies Club party was in full swing. Madhurima was chatting with one of the girls in the corner. All the ladies in the club loved to hang out with their lovely fun-loving “Madhu aunty“. She always said that she doesn’t like being called aunty but people kept calling her that out of love. There were some women in the club who were secretly jealous of her. It was because Madhurima seemed to have it all. She naturally had breasts and didn’t need any breastforms. Her ass was big enough to give her a feminine look. She looked really amazing when she would tightly wrap a saree around her round body. In reality, she was a bit overweight and had a medical condition, but in a crossdresser’s world, it worked in her favor. To top all this, she had an amazing supportive wife, named Ajanta, who not only accepted Madhu, but also her crossdressing friends. Her wife would meet with Madhu’s friends with all respect and affection. She was not bothered at all when Madhu would just decide to dress up and go out. At least, it seemed like that to other people. Madhu had a very feminine appearance of a busty woman, naturally feminine mannerisms, and except for her, she was truly passable as a woman. No one in the Indian Ladies Club had ever seen Madhu as a man, unlike others who would come in their male form and change later to be a woman. There was only one exception to this.

A few years ago, Sumati needed a place to stay temporarily. Madhu had welcomed her like a mom would welcome her daughter.

A few years ago, Sumati needed a temporary place to stay before she moved to this place which became Indian Ladies Club. By that time, Madhu had started considering Sumati as her daughter. When Sumati arrived in the evening, Madhu welcomed her like a mom would do. For the next two days, Sumati enjoyed her stay there as a girl. But Madhu stayed in her male form. Madhu and her wife, Ajanta, treated Sumati like their daughter, and Sumati enjoyed that experience with ‘Madhusudan uncle’ and ‘Ajanta aunty’. She helped and learnt quite a few things to cook with Ajanta in a short span of time. Ajanta would tell Sumati that if it was at all possible, she would have had Sumati as her daughter-in-law. Madhu and Ajanta didn’t have a son, but a married daughter. Their daughter grew up seeing her father wearing sarees at home once a month. In fact, she accepted that she has a father and two moms since her childhood. Even today, when she visits her parents, she ensures that she has a day alone with them. That day, one mother Ajanta spends time cooking for her daughter, and the other mother, Madhu, takes her to shopping. Madhu “seems” to have it all good in her life. Except for the medical condition which makes her fall sick very often. Due to the frequent sickness and medicines, she had gained a lot of weight. Yet, she brings joy in everyone’s life with her smile everytime.

Those pretty bangles would make a lovely tinkling sound. But they love to get entangled easily in things such as your friend’s pretty saree.

The ladies of Indian Ladies Club were now all ready and dressed up, beaming with smile, glittering in their jewelry, and struggling in their high heels. While everyone their loved to be a woman, not everyone had yet learnt all the required skills to dress and walk like a woman. Some would go overboard and wear 4 inch heels when they couldn’t even walk in an inch high sandals. A few of them keep struggling with their long dupatta or saree pallu which would not stay in place even after putting in all the pins in the world. Many ladies really loved the open long hair but it would keep bothering them by falling over their eyes and limiting their vision. Tinkling bangles and dangling earrings would entangle in anything it could find. But that was the great part of being at ILC, you have the company of your peers who have gone through the same things and would help you grow to be a lovely woman of your dreams. The struggle growing up is so much fun and so worth it. Every crossdresser know that very well.

Madhurima was now ready to make the announcement. She was lovely as usual.

Madhurima was now ready to start the main event of tonight’s party. She wrapped her pallu around her waist and tucked it in the front. She really likes it that way. She started walking towards the stairs in the room. She climbed a few stairs so that she could see everyone in the room. Her hips swayed at each step like a perfect woman. Probably, she exaggerates her hip movement a little for that effect. The tightly wrapped saree around her big round bottom caught eyes of many of the ladies in the club. She turned around. She clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention and said, “Ladies! The time has come for the special event we all are gathered here for.” Everyone was now looking at her. “And I am not talking about the dinner. I know you ladies very well. Now that you all are dolled up, you just want to eat now.” Everyone started laughing. “Ladies, let me introduce you to the newest member of this club. Let’s give a very big hand to Anvesha”, Madhu announced excitedly. The sound of claps and tinkling bangles filled the air, and everyone was looking at the young handsome man in the corner. With so much attention on him, it was no wonder he was shying. But without saying anything, he waived his hands at the crowd. Being the only man in the room, he was not sure what these group of women were capable of doing to him. But the continuous claps encouraged him, and Madhurima pulled him up to the stage.

Madhurima teased the young man with her flirty style.

“Oho! Look how shy he is”, Madhurima said, “And sooooooo handsome! How will I keep my hands away from him?” Madhurima teased the young man. She ran her hands through his hair and wrapped one of her arms around his waist and pulled him closer.

“Ladies, it’s our duty that he should never forget this night. Ever! He should remember the magic of us girls.”, there was nothing that would stop Madhurima from being her usual funny self. While everyone else knew, the young man was getting more nervous.

Looking at him, Madhu got a little serious and said, “Anvesha, it’s my promise that tonight will be an unforgettable one for you. Because the best of all women are here tonight to turn you from a handsome man to the prettiest girl you couldn’t even have imagined. We all have gathered here to welcome you, and we will give you a very special treatment today.”

Anvesha received this breath-taking bra and panty set as a welcome gift from the ladies of Indian Ladies Club. Imagine how Anvesha must have felt!

Madhu then looked at Sumati, and said to her loud, “Sumati! Come on here. Bring Anvesha’s gift!” Sumati, the busy bee, the organizer of the ILC, came with a bag in her hand which she gave to Madhurima. “Thank you, Sumati!”, Madhurima said to her and then she turned to Anvesha, the young man. “Anvesha, this is a small gift that we ladies have purchased for you as a token of love from us ladies.”, she said to Anvesha.

Anvesha looked at the bag and finally managed to say, “Thank you everyone. I am a little nervous today. But more than that, I am truly emotional. I can’t believe I will become a girl tonight. And that too with the help of you all beautiful women.”, his voice cracked.

“Oh, dear! Don’t get emotional yet. Open and look at your gift! That should cheer you up.”, Madhu raised the chin of emotional Anvesha. Anvesha looked at the bag. The bag had the prettiest silk bra and panty set he had ever seen. He was not only getting overwhelmed but the thought of wearing these pretty things made him feeling grateful to everyone. The bag also had a satin robe from Victoria’s secret.

“Alright, ladies! Before Anvesha gets too emotional, let’s get him to the princess room. Isha are you ready?”, Madhurima asked Isha who was guarding a locked room. Isha shook her head in yes.

“What’s the princess room?”, asked Anvesha. Madhurima smiled at her and said, “You will see it in a minute sweetheart”. She pulled Anvesha’s cheeks with her hands.

Madhu walked Anvesha with her. And all the women followed them. Isha opened the door to what can only be described as a heaven for an Indian crossdresser. Anvesha’s eyes glittered and his jaw dropped. The room was decorated and filled with the most beautiful sarees, fanciest blouses, mystic long anarkalis, shining punjabi suits, sexiest evening satin gowns, breath-taking lehenga cholis, glittering jewelry  and numerous variety of shoes.

Princess room was decorated with the most beautiful sarees, fanciest blouses, sexiest evening gowns, glittering jewelry and numerous variety of shoes. Selecting one outfit from this collection would be a challenging task for any girl.

This was all arranged delicately by Sumati and Anjali. Sumati, had been running around all night, because she was collecting all these clothes from the members who were of the same size as Anvesha. They all had brought their best clothes from which Anvesha will pick one to wear tonight. While Sumati managed to collect all these secretively, Anjali used her feminine sense of decoration to lay it all in the prettiest way possible. This was not just a surprise for Anvesha but for everyone else as well. Everyone loved to have a look at the princess room decoration. All these special ladies develop extra admiration for such beautiful things as soon as they shed their male garb.

Anjali came up to Anvesha who is still in male clothes, and said, “I told you, there is nothing to be scared of.”

Anjali then came forward and said to Anvesha, “I told you handsome. Tonight is your night. There is nothing to be scared of!” Anvesha blushed and bowed his head down. “Now, remember you will pick one from all these beautiful outfits. Imagine yourself, in which outfit, you will look the best?”, Anjali continued.

“Just one outfit from all the prettiest options!”, wondered Anvesha how difficult a task it would be. How can he reject the long sexy red satin evening gown and not feel like a celebrity on a red carpet? How can he turn his eyes away from the glittering pink saree which will make him feel like the prettiest newly married wife ever? How will he say no to that slim-fitting long anarkali with so large a ghera that would make all the college girls seem inferior to him? Selecting one outfit was going to be a difficult job!

Looking at Anvesha perplexed,  Anjali said, “Relax, Anvesha! You will instantly know your outfit when you see it. Trust me, a girl always knows it. But before you do that, it’s time to do some initial preparation for you. Isha will take you to that bathroom where you will change into the bra and panty set you just got. You will come out wearing the satin robe that is in the bag. That’s how the bridal make up begins, handsome!” Anjali smiled at him and touched him at his shoulder. When Anjali had met Anvesha earlier during the evening, Anvesha thought that Anjali was flirting with him. But this time, Anvesha knew it better. Anvesha knew that this is how the ladies at ILC tease. He walked into the bathroom with Isha to wear the sexiest lingerie ever known to him. He walked to become a woman. He walked to realize his dream.

The bathroom door was now shut close by Isha. In the meanwhile, the ladies at the club began going through the decorated princess room where they all had become a princess once. They all fondly remember their night. And so will Anvesha. But little did the members of the club know, this was going to be the last festive meeting of Indian Ladies Club. Because one person was going to change their destiny forever tonight.


Read all parts here

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