Indian Ladies Club: Part 4

Anvesha was ready to take her first step as a woman tonight. While everyone was happy for her, there was one woman who stood alone looking at Anvesha quietly. There was something going inside her mind.

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them soon.

Tonight all the “ladies” at ILC have gathered here to welcome a new member Anvesha. As part of the welcome ceremony, the club members are going to transform Anvesha into a beautiful princess. Anvesha’s transformation is about to begin now. But these ladies have no idea how this new girl is going to change their life soon.

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“Oh! I have so many crazy stories about going out dressed.”, Madhurima said to a group of women who had gathered around her. The ladies of the club were not chit-chatting among their own group of friends now while Anvesha was changing in the bathroom with the help of Isha. “But let me tell you about one evening when I took Sumati to the market to buy vegetables.”, Madhu continued. “No!!! mom. Please don’t tell that story.”, Sumati was laughing and pleading at the same time. “Sumati, you can’t order your mom like this”, said Madhu in a complaining tone and continued with her story, “You know, me being an ideal mom, I wanted Sumati not only to learn how to cook, but also learn how to bargain with vegetable vendors like a true woman.” Madhu’s facial expressions would make everyone laugh.

Madhu was telling her outing story when she went out with Sumati dressed as women to buy vegetables from the local market. Sumati was so embarrased that day with what Madhu did to her.

“So, one day we both dressed up in regular homely sarees like any other women do when they go to shop for vegetables. The market is only 1 km from my home. So we decided to walk to the market. And in that entire way to the market, Sumati was so scared, that she wouldn’t even utter a word. I didn’t understand what was there to be scared of. She looked beautiful, and after all, she is my daughter.”, Madhu said with pride, but Sumati was genuinely scared that day as she didn’t want to be recognized as a man in a saree.

“And when we reached the market, we started finding and sorting the vegetables we wanted to purchase. Finally, when we had all that we wanted, I told Sumati about the trick on how to bargain with the seller. You know it’s my duty as a mom to pass the trick to my daughter.”, Madhu showed sincerity. “Mom! Please! I am not going to stay here anymore”, Sumati wanted Madhu to stop telling the story. But everyone else asked Madhu to continue.

“So, I asked Sumati to either pull down her pallu on the front so that her cleavage is little more visible, or pull it a little up so that her blouse covered breasts can be seen from one side. You know men can’t say no to a woman whose breasts are a even a tiny bit visible.”, Madhu said as if it was such an innocent advice. The ladies listening to this were getting mad laughing. Sumati seemed to get enraged and said, “You know what she did publicly in the market? She literally pulled my pallu to open up my cleavage in front of the whole crowd!”

“So, what? I then asked her if she is not willing to do anything, she should at least show her bra strap! But she didn’t do that either! Haiii, my own daughter doesn’t listen to me. We could have easily saved 50 rupees that day!”, Madhu put her hand over her chest as if she was truly disappointed with Sumati. Sumati was smiling now. She hugged her mom and said, “My mom wants me to be indecent in public so that she can save Rs. 50!!! See how much she loves her daughter?”

“So, what happened next?”, someone asked. “Oh! I cannot be an irresponsible woman, you know? So, just before I was about to make the payment, I said to Sumati out loud,’Oh dear! my bra strap is digging hard into my skin today’. And I pulled my bra strap out in front of the seller. Long story short, we saved Rs. 25 that day. You know? During my prime youth days, I could have easily saved Rs. 50.  But Sumati looked so red and embarrassed that day.”, said Madhu laughing out loud. All the girls were laughing. And it was always like that when Madhu is around.

Anvesha came out wearing a satin robe, lush long hair, a light lipstick. She could already feel like a gentle princess, and she was about to pick her outfit that she would wear tonight.

The bathroom door opened. Isha came out first, and then she brought tonight’s princess Anvesha with her. Anvesha was now wearing the satin robe with the matching bra and panty set inside. Anvesha now had lush long hair, ready to be styled. Isha had applied a light layer of foundation and a light lipstick to her. The idea behind this was to make Anvesha already feel like a girl from inside when everyone else would do her transformation. Anvesha was looking down as she treaded light feather like steps as expected from a princess.

“Oh my Anvesha! Are you ready to pick your outfit for the night now?”, Isha asked her. Anvesha nodded like a shy bride. She was already getting into the feminine behavior.



There is something alluring about the red bridal saree that Indian girls can’t resist. In fact, many members had chosen this saree on their princess evening. Sumati had worn this on the occasion of ILC opening.

Anvesha first started looking at all the bright colored sarees. For Indian girls, sarees have a special place in their heart. They all have the fond memories of seeing their mom and women in the family dressed in the royal attire. And for young girls who don’t yet know how to wrap the 6 yards of heavenly pleasure around their body, they die for opportunities like this when other women would wrap them in it. There was one particular saree, a red bridal one, that always caught the attention of new members of the club. There is something charming about the red bridal saree that indian girls can’t resist. This one was bought by Sumati which she wore for the opening of Indian Ladies Club several years ago. Since then, many girls had chosen this saree on their evening as princess. Anvesha looked at this saree with so much love for it. She had never worn a saree, at least not the way it is meant to be, as she didn’t know how to wrap herself in the 6 yards of heavenly pleasure. She was afraid that she might not be able to walk properly in a saree. Having never worn saree properly with a petticoat, she didn’t know that walking in a saree does not have to be difficult at all.

Will you be able to pick which anarkali to wear from these two choices?

Anvesha moved past all the sarees and the satin evening gowns. She was already experiencing the sensation of satin around her body. The bra and panty she was wearing were made of satin, and were giving her so much pleasure. And the satin robe, she could feel the royal touch of it every second in every inch of her skin wherever it touched her. She thought she will try an anarkali instead. All the anarkalis, hanging in front of her eyes, were irresistible. For each anarkali was more beautiful than the other one. She started realizing that it is going to be a very difficult choice to make. She limited her choices to a pink glittering anarkali, and another one in orange with a beautiful red border. Both these were heavy and would come close to her ankles. The dupattas with the anarkali were even more beautiful. She imagined herself handling the delicate dupattas on her shoulders. Just imagining that would give her shivers. She imagined herself wearing those, and she realized she would look dazzling in each of those. Oh! What a difficult choice it is to pick one!, she wondered.

“A girl always knows her outfit”, Anvesha remembered what Anjali had said to her earlier. Where is my outfit? Anvesha wondered. And then, her eyes fell on the prettiest lehenga she had ever seen. Red in color, like a bridal one. It came with a lovely dupatta too. She instantly knew this was going to be her outfit for the night. A girl always knows her outfit. She smiled, and told Isha in a meek voice trying to imitate a girl, “I want this one.”

“Ok, girls! Let the transformation begin!”, Madhurima exclaimed. Soon, a group of ladies surrounded Anvesha. Two of these ladies held Anvesha’s hands and took her to the chair where she will seat while her transformation happens. Anvesha looked at the ladies around her, dressed meticulously in bright colors, glittering sarees and lehengas. She really felt like a princess. Her heart was full of joy and her happiness found no limits. She was now really smiling and experiencing what it means to be treated like a princess. The ladies at ILC weren’t lying. They knew how to give a special treatment. She felt like a delicate princess, and she felt safe in the hands of the beautiful ladies. Until a few minutes ago, they all were strangers to her and she was nervous. But the nervousness was gone. She walked delicately to her chair, and couldn’t stop smiling. She shyed when she saw women giggling and started looking down. Her hair came in front of her eyes which she delicately slid to the side with her hands. She never felt this feminine.

Anvesha’s magical transformation into princess had begun.

 Soon, Isha started the magical transformation using her makeup skills. Anvesha felt really relaxed. The feeling, that you get when someone else is doing your makeup, can be understood only be experiencing it. Anjali was incharge of styling Anvesha’s hair with the help of Trupti. Those two discussed the options for a while. They both looked at the lehenga, and thought about the best style that would go with it. Anvesha was not allowed to see herself. The ILC ladies wanted to give her a surprise after the complete transformation. A few girls from the club began applying nail polish on Anvesha’s fingernails and toenails. When you have wet nail polish on your nails and you can’t move until it dries, that’s when you really start understanding what it means to be a princess. Anvesha’s toenails were in a bad shape. So, the ladies decided to give her a pedicure before applying the nail polish. Soon it was suggested that they should wipe out the polish they just had applied on her nails, apply new fake transparent nails and then paint it. Anvesha tried to look at those nails but she couldn’t see it clearly as her make up was being done. She caught a glimpse of one nail. “God! Those nails are long. How will I do anything with such long nails?”, she wondered.

Sharmila aunty was standing in front of Anvesha along with Madhu, Sumati, and many other women. Sharmila suddenly began to laugh and said something in the ears of Madhu. Madhu then looked at Anvesha. Madhu placed her hand over her forehead as if thinking what should I do now. Other women began to laugh too looking at Anvesha. Anvesha was getting really embarrassed now. Then, Madhu took the courage and said, “Somebody please cover her robe! Come on, we are decent women out here.” Sumati was laughing out really loud and said, “And this advice is coming from a woman who wanted me to expose my breasts in a public market.” Apparently, Anvesha was not the only one who was excited. She had an erection, and her satin panties could no longer hold her excited partner inside. And it had come out of the robe as well. Cross-dressing, especially in the age group of 18-25 when the hormones are raging, is often accompanied with sexual excitement. It was not like Anvesha had an eye on one of the ladies around her. There was nothing that Anvesha could have done to prevent it. After all, satin has a sensuous effect and she was wearing the sexiest lingerie inside. Satin was kissing her body. And from what she could see, she had sexy long nails of a girl. But she was red-faced. The ladies soon got over what happened, and focused on what they were doing. But Anvesha was not. Thankfully, the embarrassment made the excitement to go down.

The final transformation

The makeup, hair and nails were all done. Now, it was time for the final transformation. Anvesha was picked up from the chair. Isha was all set to remove Anvesha’s robe. But Madhu interrupted, “Isha, make sure that her excitement is contained before you undress her. We don’t wanna see that thing again”. Everyone giggled like true ladies. Their bangles made the tinkling sound as they tried to stop giggling. What a pleasure it is to be with ladies, and be one of them! Anvesha smiled too. Isha now removed her robe. Anvesha was standing only wearing a satin bra and panty in front of everyone. No wonder she felt really shy. She covered her face with her hands.

Anvesha could now feel the heavy weight of lehenga below her waist. She felt delicate like a woman.

Trupti came close to Anvesha. She peeped inside Anvesha’s bra and inserted soft warm breastforms in the bra cups. Anvesha still had her eyes closed. She could feel the weight of breastforms on her chest, and her bra trying to hold it in place. “Princess Anvesha, don’t try to touch them yet!”, Trupti said and giggled. The feminine feeling one gets wearing the heavy breastforms is always tempting. And for someone, who is wearing it for the first time, the femininity it invokes in them sees no bounds. Anvesha still had her face covered with her palms. She quickly wanted to wear something because she wasn’t sure when her excitement would show up again down there. Anjali and Trupti brought lehenga and slipped it over Anvesha’s legs. Finally, her lower body was covered. She could now experience the heavy weight of lehenga. Trupti quickly tightened the lehenga around Anvesha’s waist while Anjali delicately was correcting the folds in the heavy beautiful lehenga. Anjali really had good feminine sense. Anvesha could now feel the weight of whole lehenga around her waist. She didn’t realize it was going to feel this heavy. But that’s the beauty of a lehenga especially for crossdressers, the heavier it is and the more you seem to struggle with the lehenga’s weight, the more delicate and womanly you feel. And that’s what we want. To feel like a delicate flower. Each step one takes while pulling the hundreds of pleats and folds of the glittering beauty, it takes us one step closer to feel like a perfect woman. It slows one down, and gives you a chance to truly experience each moment of the womanhood.

Trupti tightly tied the knot on the back of Anvesha’s choli. The tightness around her chest made her feel as if the breastforms became part of her body. She desperately wanted to touch her soft breasts. Anjali and other ladies began to put jewelry on her.

Trupti then helped Anvesha wear her choli. Trupti tied the knots on the back of the choli really tight. The tightness of the choli made her breastforms become part of her own body. She really wanted to touch and feel the softness of her breastforms with her hands. At least, she was able to feel it on her chest. Now, she was almost the woman she always wanted to be. Full-bossomed, with soft breasts, long hair and beautiful nails. Her eyes and her expressions were getting more womanly with each step in her transformation. If this not magic, she could not imagine what else can be.

Anjali and other ladies picked out jewelry from a large collection that would match the lehenga choli. “How does it feel, Anvesha? Aren’t you excited to see yourself in the mirror? It will only take a few more minutes.”, said Anjali while putting on a very beautiful necklace around Anvesha’s neck. Anvesha blushed and didn’t say anything. “Look, how this princess is blushing!”, Madhu said. She was really admiring her. Isha and other women slid dozens of bangles in her hand. Some bangles seemed too tight to go through her hands. “Ouch!”, said Anvesha in a meek voice. Isha tried to tease Anvesha and said, “Look ladies! She has already become gentle like a princess. Will you be able to carry these many bangles Anvesha?”

The ladies then put on big hanging earrings on Anvesha’s ears. “Anvesha, these earrings are going to hurt you after sometime. I am sure you knew that being a woman was not going to be so easy.”, Anjali warned her. Anvesha nodded. The sweet pain is going to be so worth it. She thought to herself. As fun being dressed by other woman is, the ladies who adorn the lucky princess enjoy the whole transformation as much. There is a little girl in all the ladies at the Indian Ladies Club who always wanted to play with dolls and dress it when they were child but could not do so. This transformation gives them a chance to play the dressing doll game as an adult. And there is no doubt, they enjoy every aspect of each.

Draping dupatta in a correct way is the most critical thing while wearing a lehenga choli. Only an expert like Sharmila can do that correctly.

Wearing lehenga and choli is not that difficult. The real skill is needed in draping the really long dupatta. You might have the best looking lehenga, but if you don’t wear dupatta correctly, you may still end up looking rookie in the prettiest lehenga. This is where Sharmila aunty moved in. She draped the dupatta and arranged pleats on Anvesha’s right shoulder very carefully with love. Sharmila exhibited real motherly love whenever she would help someone dress. Sharmila delicately arranged pleats over Anvesha’s 36C breasts, and wrapped the other end of her dupatta around her body and pinned it in the front. Step by step, from lehenga and breastforms to bangles, earrings and dupatta, Anvesha could feel the increasing weight on her body, and she loved it. She already had started experiencing the sweet pain of becoming a woman.

© Biyani Photography
Anjali sat down to put anklets on her foot like a caring elder sister who is dressing her younger sister as a bride.

Anjali then pulled out anklets from her big purse, and said, “Ok, pretty girl! Smile and get ready for the final piece of jewelry. Bring forward your foot.” Anjali sat down to put anklets on her foot like a caring elder sister who is dressing her younger sister as a bride. Anjali looked up into Anvesha’s eyes and smiled. Anvesha could not believe that she thought Anjali was trying to flirt with her earlier in the evening. She was beginning to understand the ladies at ILC. Madhu now came upto Anvesha and gave her a motherly hug. She performed the ritual to prevent any bad things from happening to her. Madhu then brought silver sandals with her and put it down in front of Anvesha’s feet. “Anvesha, now it’s your turn to take your first step as a woman. Come! Put on those sandals.”

Anvesha took her first step as a woman to put on her sandles. She was looking royal in that outfit. She was trembling with excitement.

Anjali held Anvesha’s arms as she took the first step. She was trembling with excitement. The sandals had an inch of heel so Anjali was there to help her from tripping. Isha pulled up her lehenga to help Anvesha see her foot slide into the sandals. The round ghera around the lehenga can be really big for a girl to be able to see their own feet. Anvesha took the step. The anklets jingled. The bangles tinkled. The several layers of clothes inside her lehenga rustled. Her earrings dangled. And necklace glittered. And Anvesha blossomed. Each sound made by her clothes and her jewelry produced the sweetest melody she had ever heard. As she took the next step, and put on both the sandles. She looked up. And she sees the most beautiful girl in front of her eyes. She had imagined how beautiful this girl would be, but what she saw was beyond her imagination. The ladies at ILC had quietly brought a large mirror in front of Anvesha for her to see herself as soon as she looks up after wearing her sandals. The ladies at ILC knew how to give a special treatment. Looking herself in the mirror as the most beautiful woman in the world, her eyes got filled with tears of joy. She had now began her journey as a woman. Everyone at ILC clapped to welcome this new woman. While all this was happening, there was one lady, who was watching all the events quietly, standing alone in a corner of the room. She was the one who made all this possible for Anvesha, and many more girls who are now the members of the Indian Ladies Club. There was something going inside her mind. She just didn’t know how to express it.


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