Indian Ladies Club: Part 5

After a night of melodrama, love, friendship, and jealousy, the night was going to turn crazy for everyone at the Indian Ladies Club.

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them soon.

Tonight all the “ladies” at ILC have gathered here to welcome a new member Anvesha. As part of the welcome ceremony, the club members transform Anvesha into a beautiful princess. These ladies celebrate their time at ILC being unaware of the craziness they are going to experience.

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“She is looking lovely in that lehenga, isn’t it?” Sumati’s attention was broken when Isha came next to her. Sumati had been silently watching Anvesha regale after her makeover. Anvesha was walking with a grace of a bride, pulling her lehenga a little up, a little afraid that she might step on it. Her fear was unfounded but she couldn’t really see her footsteps in that big round “ghera” of her beautiful lehenga. Having never walked in heels before, Anjali was holding Anvesha’s one arm so that she doesn’t trip. “Her make up came out very well too. What do you think Sumati?”, prompted Isha again. “Yes madam. After all, we know how good Isha’s make up skills are!”, Sumati smiled and said to Isha.

“Sumati! You are such a liar. I know what a fake appreciation is!”, said Isha, “I can certainly see something is bothering you my sweet friend. Is it about that news? Everything will be fine. Let me tell you that you are worrying for no reason.” Sumati was startled about how did Isha know about the news. She looked down out of a little sadness. She was nervously rolling the end of her saree’s aanchal with her fingers. Isha pulled up her chin, looked into her eyes and said, “Hey, everything will be fine. It’s a happy news.” Sumati was trying to control her emotions but she gave up and hugged Isha. She put her head over Isha’s shoulder and said, “All is going to be well. Right?” Isha caressed her hand over Sumati’s back and said, “Of course, it will.”

Anvesha, full of happiness in her new look, danced around. Her lehenga opened up like a blossoming flower. Who wouldn’t feel the joy when you are surrounded by beautiful ladies and you are one of them! Being the princess tonight and dressed meticulously by the lovely women of Indian Ladies Club,  Anvesha was exhibiting unbounded joy and happiness.

At the other end of the room, Anvesha now seemed to be much more comfortable walking. “Chham! Chham!” Her payal (anklets) made a lovely sound. She was now walking up fast, laughing and chatting with other women of the club while Anjali was trying to catch up with her. It seems like somebody had challenged Anvesha to dance in her royal outfit. Anvesha got out of Anjali’s hold and started turning round and round like a princess. She first started by holding her lehenga in her hand which seemed heavy for her dainty girly arms, but then, she let it go and spread her arms feeling the joy of being a beautiful woman. Her lehenga caught up the wind and started flowing up. Looking at her, it seemed like a flower was blossoming up. The happiness visible in her face was infectious.

Isha took Anvesha to a sofa nearby and checked if Anvesha would be able to stand up again after getting her ankle bent in heels.

But no matter how young and energetic you are, if you don’t have the experience walking in heels, you don’t pull a stunt like that! Suddenly, her ankle bent and she fell down. “Damn it! These young college girls can’t control themselves.”, Isha said and ran towards Anvesha. Anjali was a little concerned and yet she was laughing. She said complainingly to Anvesha, “See, this is what happens if you don’t listen to your elder sister.” Isha took Anvesha to a sofa nearby and started looking at her ankles to see if she is fine to stand up again in heels. It was really amazing how dressing up as woman would make these ladies caring, loving and affectionate. At least it happened for Isha, Anjali, and a few others. Some ladies of the club didn’t care much while others would turn more jealous and bitchy. The ladies at Indian Ladies Club showed the entire spectrum of womanly behavior, and bitchiness is one of them.

Madhu, the motherly figure at ILC, came forward and said to everyone, “Ladies! I am really hungry now. And before I get too hungry, let’s complete today’s special events. Anvesha, come here!” Madhu called Anvesha. Anvesha who was finally opening up, went back to being shy after she fell while dancing. “Here is one final thing for the night. If you have any wish for tonight that we ladies here can fulfill, it’s your chance now to speak up. We will try our best to fulfill your wish.”, Madhu said to Anvesha. Anvesha was taken by surprise. She couldn’t think of anything as the ladies at ILC had already fulfilled her dreams. Out of nervousness, she could only stammer. She thought for a while and stuttered, “My wish … I want everyone …”, she couldn’t speak clearly in presence of an outspoken lady like Madhu, “… to form a big circle and sit down on the floor.” What a strange wish, thought Madhu. “OK, ladies! You heard what Anvesha said. Let’s form a big circle.”, announced Madhu.

There was not enough room to make a big circle but somehow all the ladies tried forming a circle. But sitting down when wearing fancy women’s clothes is not a trivial thing to do. If you are wearing a saree, you have to make room so that you can fold your legs inside your petticoat without messing up your saree pleats. Try it, if you don’t believe it! If you are wearing a tight churidaar, you can only keep both the legs on one side. Try keeping your back straight in that position! It’s not as easy as it sounds. Sitting in a short skirt is easy but only if it’s not a tight fitting one. And of course, you have to make space for your big purse and sandals. These ladies were certainly not flexible as real women. It was a funny scene seeing all these ladies struggle for a simple thing as sitting down. They were pushing each other making more room for themselves. “Oh Maa!! My back. Some one please support me from the back!”, exclaimed Madhu who fell on her buttocks. Anjali and Sumati were laughing like crazy. Anyway, somehow everyone settled down. “So, what’s next?”, asked Anjali to Anvesha.

“Now, I want all of you to hold hands of the two persons sitting next to you so that we form a connected chain.”, said Anvesha, “… and then, close your eyes and stay quiet and try to calm your mind.” When someone tells you to calm yourself, this is what goes on in your mind:”Oh, my bra strap is causing me to itch.”,”I need to stretch my legs.”, “I am not going to wear heavy boobs next time. It’s hurting my back.”, “How beautiful I am looking tonight? I bet I am the most beautiful woman today in this room.”, “Why do I have to do this?”, “I should sometime try the lehenga Anvesha is wearing.”, “Anjali looked gorgeous today in that saree. I wish she was my wife.”, “Did someone just pinched me from the back?”, “God! I can’t stop smiling. I am going to burst out laughing.”, “I am hungry.”. Every one had something going on in their mind.

Anvesha then said, “Dear ladies, I can’t thank you enough for the very special evening tonight. I still don’t know most of you but you all created a memorable night for me. I can’t do much for you but I can pray to god for us all.” She grabbed everyone’s attention. “I pray to god and goddess that they fulfill everyone’s dream of becoming and living a life of a woman. There should not be any need to hide for us when we dress up as a woman. I pray that we live in a society that accepts us for who we are. I pray to live in a society where we can be the women we want to be, and everyone accepts us as one. I pray to god that everyone’s life partner here accepts them as a woman they desire to be.”

That was a powerful prayer. Everyone stayed quiet holding each other’s hand. Some were thinking that it’s a nice prayer but what’s the use of such a prayer, people around us can’t change overnight. But the prayer touched Sumati. Now that the prayer was over. It was the feasting time. Everyone began to eat.

Anvesha used this time to make new friends. She approached two girls who looked like girls of her own age group. “Oh! Hello, Anvesha. How does it feel to be the beautiful princess tonight?”, asked one of the girls when Anvesha came closer to them. “Hmm… gorgeous and unbelievable. I am little struggling with the weight of this lehenga but it is so worth it. I feel like a flower, you know?”, Anvesha replied beaming with a smile. “I understand you. I still remember my princess night vividly. By the way, I am Sasha and she is my good friend Soha.”, the girl in a pretty light pink saree moved forward her hand to shake it with Anvesha.

Anvesha approached Sasha and Soha who looked like the girls of her age group. Sasha was wearing a light pink saree in a modern style, whereas Soha was in a white skirt and very high heels.

“It’s so nice to meet you both! Sasha, what a gorgeous saree! So well draped! And such a sexy blouse. Way to go girl! You must be expert in wearing sarees.”, said Anvesha admiring Sasha. Sasha was indeed looking gorgeous in her fancy modern looking satin saree with halter neck blouse. “Oh no! It wasn’t me. I can’t even dream of draping a saree with this look. I was helped by Sharmila aunty. You know her, right? She was the one who draped your dupatta tonight. One day she took me to her tailor and asked him to stitch me a halter top style blouse. She said that a young girl like me should wear sarees in a modern style. She is just so lovely.”, said Sasha.

“Haha. Indeed,  you look ravishing in that style. I feel like pinching your bum.”, Anvesha said laughing. Then she turned to Soha who was smiling in her long sleeve indigo top, a white skirt and matching high heels. “Hi Soha! Nice to meet you. Wow, girl! You are wearing 4 inches of heels?? And I made a fool of myself with one inch heel tonight. I was so embarrassed, you know?”, she said to Soha who was standing next to Sasha. “You will learn to walk in it in no time, girl. It just takes a little practice. By the way, you look splendid today. Really nice choice you made in picking up that lehenga. It looks really pretty on you. By the way, it was really great to see you dance before you fell. I loved it.”, Soha replied politely. “Thank you, Soha. You know? I am more of a skirt girl like you. When I will come here next time, I am going to wear a nice tight sexy short skirt, to grab everyone’s attention!”, said Anvesha.

“Whose attention do you wanna grab Anvesha? We all are ladies here! No men!”, said Sasha and everyone started laughing loud. The three girls began to bond. Soha suggested that they should get something to eat together. This was probably the beginning of a new friendship for Anvesha.

The night went on. Many people came up to Anvesha to welcome her and to compliment her on her looks. The time passed by quickly. The ladies had so much to talk about. They admired each other’s sarees, makeup, and dresses. They spent time talking about how lovely someone’s necklace was. Or how much beauty a mangalsutra adds. Someone was showing her new payal (anklet). Some were busy catching up with their close friends. Someone was flaunting her new hairstyle. Someone was telling how great her new breastforms feel. Someone was describing her outing experience. Some girl was telling how she told about herself to her girlfriend, and how she ended up accepting her. Some where discussing the new recipes they found. Some were discussing how they want to watch out for their figure. While some others were planning an after party for later tonight. There was so much to do at ILC, and not a moment to waste in boredom.

But it was time for the ILC to close the night. It seemed so soon. These ladies had so much more catching up to do. Once again Madhu came to the center to make the announcement. She made a loud clap to get everyone’s attention. She took her long pallu from her back and tucked it in the front. She started her announcement, “Ladies! I hope you all had a great time tonight. But this is our closing time. I have a very happy news to share with you all.” Madhurima looked at Sumati. She gave a very big smile at Sumati and said, “You all know my loveliest daughter, Sumati, who had been running this club since the very beginning at this house. So, first, let’s give her a big hand to thank her for all the efforts she put into all these years so that we all have a place to be ourselves. Also, let’s thank the beautiful Anjali who was here earlier to help set up everything tonight. Let’s not forget Sharmila, Isha, and Anitha who did the magical transformation for Anvesha.” It was the usual note of thanks at the end of the ILC meet up. Everyone clapped and cheered for the girls who made this night possible.

“And now the big news! My daughter Sumati is finally getting married. And as her mother, I am so emotional tonight. In a month, she will be a married woman. I wish I had more time to teach her how to be a good wife and a daughter-in-law. I hope she doesn’t spoil my name and reputation in the eyes of her in-laws.”,  Madhu was always a drama queen. She winked at Sumati. Deep down, Madhu was genuinely happy for Sumati. Madhu continued, “Sumati, congratulations! We all are very happy for you.”

“Now, the second announcement. As you all know, we had been having our meet up here at Sumati’s home. At this point, we don’t know if Sumati’s wife-to-be will accept our beloved Sumati, the woman we all love. I am sure she will accept Sumati someday. Who wouldn’t? She is a lovely woman, after all. But even if she accepts Sumati, I know that a new wife will not be looking forward to hosting 30-40 people every week at her home. So until we make new arrangements for our new meet up place, there won’t be any Indian Ladies Club meeting anytime soon.”

That news really shattered the club members. There safe haven was gone. Everyone immediately started talking about this with each other. Like in any other group, this club had its share of ladies who would take all the advantages of a group, but won’t miss any chance of complaining. Garima was the leader of such ladies at ILC. These ladies started talking among each other, and then Garima came forward to say, “This is unacceptable to us. The Indian Ladies Club does not belong to Sumati alone. Why should we suffer because she is getting married?”.

Madhurima had enough experience in her life, and she knew how to deal with ladies like Garima. She said, “OK, Garima! So it’s final now. From next week, we will have our meet ups at your home. No one will suffer.”

Garima was taken by surprise by what Madhu said. She hesitated and responded, “But I live with my parents and wife. How will I manage with my parents?”

“Oh! Is that so? That’s a valid concern, Garima.”, Madhu said, “In that case, I am sure you won’t mind renting a separate place for us. That will be even better. Anyone will be able to go there anytime they want!”

Garima couldn’t say anything. She moved back. Madhu had her good. Garima had always been the troublemaker in the club. She wouldn’t do anything to help with the club operation, but she would always complain about other members or how the club should be run.

“I think we don’t have anything more to discuss. Now ladies, please help us clean this house because Sumati’s younger brother and her fiancee are coming to see her tomorrow. And don’t forget to take everything back that you brought here. There should be no make up or clothes left here. We won’t be able to save it for you.”, Madhu said. All the ladies started wandering in the house, and started with the cleanup. And Madhu supervised them.

Madhu began to supervise the cleaning operation after the party was over. Everyone helped clean Sumati’s home.

Soon after the clean up, some ladies began to change back into their male clothes. For many, that would be the saddest part of their day. But they got to keep the sweet memories of time spent at the Indian Ladies Club. Very often, a few ladies will leave in the female clothes and go to someone’s place for the late night party with drinks and dancing. Anvesha decided to join such a group of around 9 ladies along with Sasha and Soha. She changed into a dress that she had brought with her. A few ladies at the ILC had to help her remove her lehenga, dupatta and the fanciest jewelry she wore for the night. She felt light after changing into a dress. But she loved it as she was going out with other ladies for a party. Going out dressed would often give goosebumps to these ladies. They were usually afraid of what will happen if they are caught or stopped on the road for some reason. Going in a car, in a group, would make things a little easier but still the fear of unknown was always there. But the person who was organizing the after party convinced them that she had a safe place to party where no one will bother them. Soon, everyone left except for Sumati, Madhu, Anjali and Isha.

“Everything will be alright Sumati.”, said Isha to Sumati holding her hands. Anjali and Isha then gave her a hug. “Why don’t we ladies get a picture together to remember this night?”, suggested Anjali. “That’s an awesome idea, Anjali. You three are such good friends. You should have one picture together.”, Madhu said as she pulled out her phone from her blouse to take a picture. “Seriously? Phone in your bra?”, said Isha laughingly to Madhu. “Oh, I have so much more in my bra Isha. I know you would want something like that in your bra too! 38DD you know! Now, say cheese with a big smile!”, Madhu instructed. The three ladies, the three friends, put their arms on each other’s back and smiled. Click! What a memorable event this was! And how loving these gorgeous girls looked.

Anjali and Isha changed their clothes and said good bye to Sumati. Madhu stayed for a little longer. She asked Sumati to change into her nighty. Sumati went to the bathroom to change and came back soon. Madhu and Sumati were now sitting on Sumati’s bed. Madhu gave her a hug, and said to her, “I know how are you feeling now Sumati. I have been through that though a long time back. But a marriage brings its own joy. And sometimes, that joy is enough that you forget about the woman inside you, at least for the first few years of marriage. And who knows your wife might accept Sumati by then? And if she doesn’t, Anjali, Isha and I are always here for you. We will arrange time and place for Sumati. We will always find a way to see Sumati. Do you understand?”

After a long tiring day planning for the ILC party, Sumati soon fell asleep in her nighty.

“But Mom! I am going to miss you so much. You won’t get to see me often, and you won’t get to meet your daughter-in-law.”, said Sumati. “Dear, I am always here in the city. We will find a way to meet. Now, get into your bed and sleep like an angel.”, Madhu consoled Sumati. She knew it would be hard for her as well if she doesn’t get to see her lovely daughter. She tucked Sumati into the bed. And like a loving mom, she gave a kiss on Sumati’s forehead. “Good night, my love. And remove your wig soon. You won’t get good sleep with that on.”, Madhu said and soon left to go back to her home. Sumati soon fell asleep after a long tiring day. Sleeping in a comfortable nighty is always relaxing. Why won’t it be? After all, a good nighty loves you, touches you and appreciates your body the way woman’s body should be appreciated.

The crazy next morning

At Sumati’s home: Have you ever worn a comfortable nighty to sleep at night? If you have, you would know how good it feels when you first wake up in the morning, feeling the soft touch of your nighty on your skin. That’s what Sumati experienced. She still had her eyes closed but she smiled appreciating the comfort of her nighty. What a lovely way to rise! She sat straight on her bed. She first slid her fingers through her long hair and pushed it back. Her long hair? She then spread her arms wide and pushed forward her chest to release all the sleepiness, and welcome the new day. Her big chest protruded out. Then, she folded her arms in the front, realizing the morning chill. The soft touch of her breasts against her folded arms gave her comfort. She squeezed her arms a little more. It squeezed her soft breasts a little more, and the breasts moved up against her arms. Her soft breasts? What?

Anvesha at the party home: The party home, where Anvesha had gone with a group of ladies to drink and dance, was in a very bad shape. There were beer bottles and cans lying everywhere on the floor. There were colorful bras, sexy panties and beautiful tops scattered all over the place. There were several girls sleeping after a heavy party night in unusual positions. Some girls were topless with their soft firm breasts visible. A few girls were in their tank tops but with one breast coming out of their top, and only wearing nothing but sexiest panties in the bottom. Two girls were in their blouse and petticoat. Their sarees were scattered over the bed. All the girls were hungover and sleeping in each other’s arms all over the room. Anvesha was in one corner in the bed lying next to who appeared to be Sasha. Sasha was in her petticoat while Anvesha’s arm was inside her halter top blouse. They definitely had a crazy night.

Back at Sumati’s home: Sumati was in shock. She now had breasts! She must be going crazy, she thought. She must be hallucinating. Did someone drug her last night? She did not even dare to check below her waist for what might surprise her. She must be going crazy, she said to herself. But the real craziness was just about to begin.

Dear readers, thank you so much for staying with us this far. It took us long to reach here but the story’s plot is now set. The journey ahead is going to be fun and super crazy. So stay tuned!


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