Indian Ladies Club: Part 6

“I am getting these strange images from the last night’s drinking party. But I cannot understand anything Anvesha. What happened to me last night?”

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Tonight all the “ladies” at ILC had gathered here to welcome a new member Anvesha. Soon after the welcome ceremony when Anvesha was transformed into a princess, Madhurima announced that Sumati is going to be married soon. Thus, ILC meet ups won’t happen until they find a new place. Anvesha went to a late-night party with a few ladies of the club, along with Sasha and Soha. Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized she had soft breasts and long hair. Anvesha was about to experience the same thing. They thought they are turning crazy. But it was just the beginning and the day had a lot more surprises for them.

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Sumati couldn’t believe what had happened to her. She touched her breasts with her hands without looking at it. They were real and soft. “Oh my god! Am I a woman now?”, she thought to herself. She then touched her long hair and pulled it in front of her face. “This is so real! My hair is so long. It’s not a wig. Please someone tell me that I am dreaming.” But there was no one there to tell her that she is dreaming. She panicked.

Sumati put on a silk gown that was lying on her bed. She didn’t want to look at her new body.

There was a silk gown lying next to her on the bed. She quickly wrapped it over her body. She didn’t wanna look at her body. She was so terrified. There was no doubt that she was a crossdresser who loved to dress up as a woman in fancy chiffon sarees and churidaars, but becoming a woman will turn her world upside down. Her fear was justified.

Ding Dong! The door bell rang. “No!!! Who can that be this early in the morning?”. Sumati didn’t want anyone to see her like this. She thought she would quickly change into her male night dress. She went to her closet where she would keep all her night dresses and pajamas. When she opened the closet, she was frozen. All her male clothes had disappeared. There were only women’s nightwear like nighties, long gowns, satin pajamas, and sexy revealing lingeries. Ding Dong! The door bell rang again. Sumati suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head.

Anvesha woke up with a terrible hangover at the party house. She was wearing a top and only had panties in the bottom.

When Anvesha woke up, she felt a terrible hangover from last night’s drinking. She realized that she felt something different  about her body. Her arm was over another body lying next to her. From the back of another person, she noticed the halter neck blouse and the petticoat. “Of course, she must be Sasha. But where is her saree?”, Anvesha thought to herself. Then, she looked down at herself. “Oh my god! Where is my skirt?” Anvesha was lying naked in her satin panties that she got as a gift yesterday at the Indian Ladies Club. Thankfully, her top was covered. It took only a few seconds for her to realize that her hand was inside the front of Sasha’s blouse. They slept in a spooning position. But her hands could feel the soft touch of breasts. “Breasts? Sasha’s soft big breasts? What’s happening here?” Anvesha wondered. But she felt a sharp pain in her head like Sumati. It must be the effect of hangover. She convinced herself.

By the time, Sumati’s pain subsided. She remembered it must be the milk man at the door. Of course, he comes every morning at 6:30 to deliver a packet of milk. She decided to change into satin pajamas. It was really girly but that was the closest thing she could find that was manly enough as it had pants. Ding Dong! The milk man was getting impatient.

Sumati thought she will open the door partially and just grab the milk packet from the milk man without showing herself to him. She went to the door. Her heart was beating fast. She managed to get the courage to open the door partially. She slid her hands through the gap, expecting that the milk man will give her the milk packet. The long sleeves of the satin night dress were really feminine with a beautiful lace at the hem of the sleeves. Sumati was looking at her hands for the first time. They had become really dainty and feminine. “Thank god, Madam. You are awake. I didn’t wanna put the milk packet on your doorstep. You never know when somebody steals it from your door. So, madam, how is your wedding preparation going on?”, said the milk man as if he had known Sumati madam all his life.

Sumati had to say something. She said, “Thank you. Yes, the wedding preparations are going well.” Her voice was hoarse and rough, neither manly nor womanly. “OK, madam. Looks like you have a bad throat. Please take care in this weather. You don’t want to be sick on your wedding day when everyone would come to see you as a beautiful bride.”, the milkman said.

Sumati thought this person is really being intrusive. “Why is he calling me madam as if he knows me as a woman? And why is he saying that people will come to see me as a bride? I am a man and I am marrying a woman.”, Sumati was really confused. She quickly shut the door. She experienced the sharp pain in her head again. Her mind was playing tricks with her.

Anvesha’s pain lasted more than 5 minutes, and had finally come down. She was beginning to understand what was going on around her. Cautiously, she decided to squeeze slowly Sasha’s breast that was in her hand. She wanted to test her theory that could explain what was going on. Sasha’s breasts were real. Sasha gave a moaning sound, and said, “Please let me sleep.” “Oh! No. So, this is real!”, Anvesha’s suspicions were cleared. She took her phone using her another hand and started doing something on it.

Sumati’s brain was showing her strange visuals. She remembered as if she had been receiving milk every morning as Sumati. It wasn’t true because she was always in her male form whenever milk man would come. But her brain was telling her that she had talked to this milkman about her wedding as Sumati. These images were blurry but were playing tricks with her mind. “Does milkman know that I am a crossdresser? Has he really seen me as Sumati before?”, there were hundreds of questions going through her mind. Was Sumati going insane? Tring Tring! Her cellphone began to ring in her bedroom. “Now what? Who could be calling this early in the morning? God, don’t drive me insane!”, she wondered.

Anvesha tried to remove her hand from Sasha’s blouse. She tried to do it carefully, but it was deep inside Sasha’s blouse. And while coming out, her hand fondled with Sasha’s really big breasts. Fondling of her breasts woke Sasha up. She was really annoyed as she wanted to sleep due to the hangover she was experiencing. She must have had many drinks last night. She quickly turned around to shout at Anvesha for disturbing her sleep. But in that short moment, there was something bigger that shook her mind. While turning, she felt the weight of her big breasts. As soon as she turned around and looked at Anvesha’s face, she looked down at her chest. There were two big breasts inside her blouse. Her mouth opened and she was about to shriek with the surprise. All this happened in a split of second, but Anvesha was quick enough to put her hand over Sasha’s mouth.

Anvesha shushed Sasha with her finger over her lips. She whispered to Sasha, “Please stay quiet, and get ready to leave soon. I have called the ola cab for our ride.” Sasha looked bewildered. “But where is my saree? And how do I have …?”, Sasha was mumbling.

“Shhh! I will explain everything. But stay quiet.”,  Anvesha said to Sasha. Sasha’s face looked terrified. It seemed like she was about to cry. Anvesha found Sasha’s saree. “Now, quick. Put this on!”, said Anvesha. “I told you last night, I don’t know how to wear one. It was Sharmila aunty who draped my saree.”, Sasha was almost crying. Her voice was shaking. “We don’t have Sharmila aunty here. We will have to manage anyway.”, Anvesha said.

Sasha had to manage wearing her saree on her own. There was no one to help but she managed it somehow.

Sasha looked around. Soha, Sasha’s friend, was at the other end of the room sleeping in a couch. She was wearing her skirt but she was topless. She had her breasts out open with dark nipples. “Let’s wake Soha up!”, Sasha said to Anvesha. Sasha’s eyes were already filled with tears. “No!!!”, Anvesha said sternly, “It’s for your own good. We both need to walk out of this place soon before anyone else wakes up. Now, don’t waste anymore time. Wear your saree!” Anvesha was firm. Sasha quietly obeyed her. She was shaking. She barely managed to wear her saree. She was not very good at draping. Moreover, the satin material of the saree was slippery enough to make it more difficult to drape. She found some safety pins that were in her bangles. Anvesha and Sasha put those pins at random places. None of them knew how to wear a saree. It was unbelievable that this same Sasha had the perfect draped saree yesterday.

Sumati threw away her pajamas and her robe. She was back in her nighty. For the first time in her life, she hated women’s clothes. She was so nervous. Her phone kept ringing. She didn’t wanna answer the call. The ringing soon stopped. Sumati was trying to understand what was happening before she meets or talks to anyone.

She had been wanting to go to the bathroom since she woke up. She had been holding it because she was afraid that she will find more surprises in her body. But she could no longer hold the pressure caused by her bladder. She took her phone with her to the bathroom. She pulled up her nighty so that she can reach up to her panties. She looked at her panties. It was smooth down there. Her male thing was gone. She sat on the toilet seat, pulled down her panties, to release her bladder. She started crying. She was a woman now!

Sasha really looked ravishing yesterday. But this morning shook her to the core.

Anvesha and Sasha were now in the Ola cab. They both were heading towards Anvesha’s home. Sasha just had a stroke of sharp pain in her head, similar to what Anvesha and Sumati had been experiencing.  Sasha looked more confused. Her eyes were filled with tears. She looked at Anvesha, and said, “I am getting these strange images from the last night’s drinking party. But I cannot understand anything Anvesha. What happened to me last night?” Anvesha looked at Sasha and wiped her tears. “I will explain everything once we get home.”. Sasha put her head over Anvesha’s shoulder and got into her arms, weeping silently.

Sumati’s phone began to ring again. She checked her phone. The call was from her real mother. She wiped her tears, and picked up the courage to answer the phone. “Hello, Ma!”, Sumati said.

“Hello, beta! I had been waiting to hear your voice for so long. You have no idea how happy it makes me feel when I hear your voice and call me ‘Ma’!”, Sumati’s mom said. Sumati got emotional and happy too. Because beta is a term of endearment in Hindi that is used to address one’s son, but can be used in a gender-neutral way to address daughters as well. Sumati’s mother addressed her as son! “Yes, mom! I feel the same way after hearing your voice.”, said Sumati. Her voice was still rough. Her throat must have gone bad.

“Oh dear, seems like your throat is not well. It’s not a good sign before your wedding. You know?”, said Sumati’s mom.

“Yes, mom. I know. I will take care of myself.”, Sumati said.

Sumati finally took the courage to answer her mom’s call. She didn’t wanna speak to anyone.

“You should come here at least 15 days before the wedding so that I can take care of my only and beloved daughter.”, said Sumati’s mother.

“Only beloved daughter? Am I the daughter now?”, Sumati was so confused.”Is the world changing around me?” Not surprisingly, she was in a shock.

“What are you…”, Sumati tried to answer but her rough voice was cracking, “What are you trying to say, mom?” Her voice finally recovered. But now, it was no longer hoarse or rough. It was the high pitch voice of a woman.

Anvesha and Sasha were now at Anvesha’s tiny apartment. Anvesha knew that her apartment’s location was the same, but everything inside it had changed. It was no longer a bachelor man’s apartment. One could easily say that this was a woman’s apartment now. Very neat and clean, and with a feminine touch everywhere. Anvesha was a stranger in her own apartment.

“Anvesha, I still can’t make sense of anything. And in 3 hours, I have to be in my office. How will I go there as a woman? My office workers all know me as a man!”, Sasha said. “I am sure you understand what’s going on, Sasha. You have to go to office, right? Open your phone and check your office emails.”, Anvesha said.

Sasha checked her phone. And her eyes became wide open. All the emails were addressed to Sasha. But in office, she was supposed to be the man. The world around her had changed. Her history had changed. Now, she was Sasha in the eyes of her office workers. “If I am correct, all the emails are sent to Sasha. Right? That means you don’t have anything to worry. You can go there as a woman!”, Anvesha said excitingly. “At first, I was as shocked as you. But now that I have become a woman and everyone sees me as a woman. I am so thrilled, Sasha. We will get to live our life the way we want to! Don’t you feel the excitement, Sasha?”, Anvesha was really excited.

Sasha was quiet. “Come on, Sasha! Look and feel your breasts. You are lucky that you got big ones!”, Anvesha came upto Sasha and touched her breasts. Sasha was still not very comfortable. She looked down at her chest. It was true, she had the breasts which would make any girl envy her. “Anvesha, I had been getting these strange images about the last night. Did it really happen?”, Sasha asked Anvesha. “You mean the kiss that we had last night?”, Anvesha was smiling. She came close to Sasha with a seductive smile. She placed her soft hands over Sasha’s beautiful sexy waist. Sasha shivered with Anvesha’s touch. She was uncomfortable.

Sumati’s mom was worried because Sumati didn’t sound well on the phone.

Sumati was still on phone with her mother. “Sumati beta, your in-laws are visiting you today to take you for the bridal shopping. Me and your dad, wanted to join you for the shopping, but we have many arrangements to make here for the wedding. I have asked your brother Rohit to be there today so that you don’t feel alone with your in-laws.”, Sumati’s mother said.

Sumati didn’t know what to say. How can her world change so quickly without giving her any time to understand? She was a mess.

“Sumati, I have sent one silk saree of mine with your brother. This is the same saree you always loved since your childhood. You used to beg me to dress you in that. I think you now have grown up to be a woman, who can appreciate that saree. Wear it today when you go out with your in-laws. I customized the blouse in a fashionable style for you. You are so thin that I had to make it tight to fit you.”

“Thank you, mom.”, Sumati’s voice was trembling. Sumati knew what saree her mother was talking about. She always admired that saree, but as far as she remembers, she never asked her mom for that saree. She was a boy. She was her son. But the world around her had changed. Everyone now believes that Sumati was always a woman, never a boy.

“I am sure Chaitanya will be there with his parents. We feel so lucky to find a groom like him for our lovely daughter. You two had known each other since your childhood. And now, you two will get married. That makes me really happy.”, Sumati’s mom had one surprise after another for Sumati.

“Mom, there is someone on the door. I should go and check. We will talk later. Bye.”, Sumati hung up the phone because she could not take it anymore. This is too big a change for her. Not only she is getting married to a man, her in-laws are visiting her today, and her mom wants her to wear saree for them. “Marrying a man? Ughghh”, Sumati thought. The idea itself was unpleasant to her. Who is this Chaitanya? She didn’t even know anyone by that name.

Anvesha was very close to Sasha now. They both could feel each other’s breath. Anvesha’s breasts just touched Sasha’s breasts. Anvesha looked into Sasha’s eyes. She said, “Yes, the kiss last night did happen. And no, it didn’t happen.” Sasha was confused, “What do you mean, Anvesha? How can it be both?”

“The world is changing around us Sasha. To make up for our new role as a woman, our history has changed. We two know that we didn’t do anything like that because we were boys in women’s clothes. But in our mind and for this world, everyone is going to remember that we two kissed the last night. So, it didn’t happen but still, it happened in everyone’s mind.”, Anvesha explained slowly.

Anvesha got further closer to Sasha. There breasts were now definitely pressing each other. Sasha’s lips were trembling. Anvesha held Sasha’s head in her palms. “But this is happening for real.”, Anvesha said and started kissing Sasha passionately. Sasha was confused, but she liked it. It felt so good. Both of their lips were soft, full and womanly. They both loved the soft touch of each other. Sasha responded well to Anvesha’s kiss. The feeling was mutual.

Anvesha smiled at Sasha after the kiss. In the new past that had been written for them, Anvesha was a new member at the last night drink party. Anvesha met Sasha and instantly felt connection with her. In their new past, Anvesha and Sasha were lesbian women meeting for the first time, who kissed each other at the party after getting a few drinks. And the events since the morning only suggested that Anvesha and Sasha, developed romantic feelings for each other.

But Sasha was not as comfortable as Anvesha yet. “I need sometime for myself, Anvesha. All this is happening so soon.”, said Sasha. Sasha unraveled her saree aanchal, pulled it to the front from the back so that it covered her back, her arms as well her breasts completely, like in an old fashioned way. She sat on a sofa, trying to find the comfort and safety, that a saree provides to a woman. She needed it.

Sumati applied a light lipstick. Finally, trying to accept her new womanhood.

Sumati realized that she is a woman now and she should act as one now. It is really funny that when she was a man, she loved to spend an hour doing make up and dressing up as a woman. But now that she is a woman, all she wanted to do is wear a jeans, a t-shirt, and get done with dressing in a minute. She took a shower first.

Taking care of long hair everyday is not going to be easy. She thought. Her breasts were really sensitive to any kind of touch. She didn’t want to explore her new body yet as her brother, in-laws and fiance are coming. She came out of the bathroom, dried her hair in the best possible way. She did not feel like spending time dressing up. So she found a pair of jeans in her closet, slipped into it. All the t-shirts in her closet were now of women’s shape and size. She wore one t-shirt. All her tshirts and tops in the closet were really skin hugging kind. Her breasts were really popping up in the shirt that she wore.

Sumati found dozens of bra in her closet. She had to wear one to keep her breasts in place and hide her nipples.

The impression of her nipples was clearly visible on the top. And her breasts jiggled as she walked. She had no choice, but to wear a bra. She cannot meet the elders with visible nipples and jiggling breasts. She again looked into her closet, and their were dozens of colorful bras. No matter what, a crossdresser cannot stop admiring beautiful bras. And Sumati was no exception. She spent some time looking and touching the really feminine bras. Finally, she picked one and quickly wore it. She applied a light lipstick on her lips. “Woah! That feels so much nicer on softer womanly lips!”, she wondered. She was finally accepting her new found womanhood.

Ding Dong! The door bell rang. “Who could this be?”


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