Indian Ladies Club: Part 8

Sumati wanted to slowly experience the pleasures hidden in each of her soft curves, her delicate breasts, her deep navel, and her sensitive thighs. She looked at herself in a long mirror that was in her room. She was beaming in her beautiful saree.

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Towards the end of that night, Madhurima announced that Sumati will no longer be able to hold ILC events at her home since she is getting married. Thus, ILC meet ups won’t happen until they find a new place. Anvesha went to a late-night party with a few ladies of the club, along with Sasha and Soha.

Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized that she had become a woman overnight. Anvesha and Sasha experienced the same thing. They thought they were turning crazy. But the world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati, for one, was soon going to become a daughter-in-law, and her in-laws were coming to take her for bridal shopping.

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Woman’s body is like a puzzle to be explored. A touch in each part of her body invokes a new sensation in her. No wonder men enjoy touching women as they love to see how the woman reacts to the touch. And for Sumati, the pleasure was far more. She herself was now in a soft delicate body of a woman. Her own touch was giving a new pleasure to her. Not surprisingly, she was curious about her new body, and she wanted to slowly experience the pleasures hidden in each of her soft curves, her delicate breasts, her deep navel, and her sensitive thighs.  She looked at herself in a long mirror that was in her room. She was beaming in her beautiful saree. In a way, it was her dream come true. She was a gorgeous woman; she always wished she was born as. She could look at herself and admire herself for hours without getting bored for a second. All she wanted now was the world to stop for a while, when she could experience her new found blessings.

Sumati was looking gorgeous in her saree. She wanted to admire and explore her new soft body of a woman. She kept looking at herself in the mirror. If you are this beautiful, won’t you do the same?

Sumati touched her own bare waist with her finger. “God!! My own finger is tickling me”, she wondered. She was not familiar with her new body, and her own touch tickled her. But there was a sensation in that touch that made her wanting to go wild. Imagine the touch on a silky soft smooth skin. She slowly moved her finger over her body, over her stomach, around her navel. She slowly took her hand over her cleavage. She closed her eyes, which made her more aware of the touch and the sensations she was experiencing. “Oh god, Should I dare to touch my breasts?”, she wondered. She was closing out herself from the outside world. She wanted to experience the pure sensations in her body without getting distracted by the outer world. She slowly slid her fingers under her saree over her breasts. That touch sent a shiver through her spine. The excitement of her touch was making her mad. She wanted to bite her lips so badly since she could not control her excitement when she squeezed her left breast with her hand. She had to stop but she could not. She wanted to scream in pleasure. She was losing control. Her fingers were titillating her breasts, fondling it and soon, her fingers were touching left nipple. She rolled her fingers around the areola of her nipple. “Ahhh…”, she wanted to moan but she was forced to suppressed it inside. Her fingers took control of its own, and started fondling her nipple. Her fingers were just about to squeeze it. The thought about the unimaginable pleasure that would have brought to Sumati was forcing her to do it.

Sumati could not control herself, and she was aching to feel her soft but firm breasts. The thought of the pleasure of fondling and squeezing breasts was making her go wild.

“Ding Dong”, the door bell rang. The door bell had been going off several times since this morning. And each time it rang, it brought unexpected surprises for Sumati. Yet this bell could not have come at a better time. She wouldn’t have stopped herself from moaning had she squeezed her own nipples. Just the thought of squeezing those nipples made her bite her own lips. Just biting her own lips never felt this sexier in her whole life as a man. But that door bell forced her to come out of the enchanting effect of her body.

Sumati could hear that someone answered the door and opened it. “Namaste uncle! Namaste aunty! Please, come on in.”, Sumati could hear her brother Rohit talking to someone. She guessed that her in-laws-to-be are already here. She quickly pulled back her hair and decided to go outside and meet them. “I should hurry up. They are not going to like if their daughter-in-law is not their to welcome them. But should I be worried about anything?”,  Sumati was thinking as she checked her pallu and her saree one last time before going out. She used her hand to pull her saree to cover her breasts. “The saree looks all ok. I hope there is not much to worry. I hope that like Rohit and Chaitanya, they have no memory of me ever living as a boy. I suppose they are the parents of Chaitali, the girl I was going to marry as a man. I know them very well. This should not be very difficult.”, Sumati spoke to herself, as she tried to prepare herself mentally for this unsual situation. Though it was a new situation for her, but she seemed calm and composed. She definitely knew how to carry herself in a saree in a dignified manner. Afterall, she was the founder of Indian Ladies Club. She had transformed so many men into a beautiful woman. Yet, she still could not grasp the idea that she is now a woman, and Chaitali, her wife-to-be, is now a man named Chaitanya.

Sumati came out of her room. Her in-laws were standing near the sofa along with Rohit and Chaitanya. She was right that her in-laws are the parents of Chaitali. At least, they haven’t changed. As soon as she saw them, her right hand pulled up her hanging saree pallu from the back on its own. She quickly covered her head with her pallu, the way an ideal daughter-in-law is supposed to do. She herself was surprised how quickly she manged to do it. She quickly walked up to her in-laws and bent to touch their feet.

“May you have a very long life!”, her father-in-law Prashant said. “Your place is not near my feet dear. You should live in my heart!”, her mother-in-law Kalavati said as she hugged Sumati. Sumati felt a really nice motherly warmth as she hugged Kalavati. Sumati had a very pleasant smile on her face. Sumati was remembering how she used to play a similar role when she lived with Madhurima (her crossdressing mother) and her wife, Ajanta (Read about Madhu and Ajanta here). Sumati fondly remembered how Ajanta would tell her that she would love to have a daughter-in-law like Sumati. Thanks to that experience, Sumati was managing this situation very well.

“Mom, dad, please have a seat and relax for a while. You must be tired from all the travel. I am going to quickly make breakfast for you. My cooking may not be as good as mom, but I will try my best.”, Sumati said to her in-laws Prashant and Kalavati. But back in her head, she was thinking why did she say this. She didn’t wanna cook anything. “Rohit, please take care of mom-dad while I am in the kitchen. And get two glasses of water for them.”, Sumati looked at her brother Rohit. Rohit nodded.

As Sumati was heading towards the kitchen, her eyes met with Chaitanya, her fiance. Chaitanya was smiling, looking at his beautiful wife-to-be. Sumati smiled back at him. “This is the man I will be spending my life with”, she thought. She was really baffled by the idea of marrying a man. She didn’t know if she should feel happy or cry. She felt more like crying, but then she now had this beautiful body of a woman and chance to live her life the way she wanted to. However, at the moment, she had to prepare breakfast for her guests. She would think about the marriage matter a little later.

As soon as she moved into the kitchen, she removed the pallu from over her head. She wrapped it around her hips and tucked it in the front around her waist. She quickly rolled her hair back in the form of a bun. She was now ready to prepare the breakfast. Thanks to her years of experience managing get-together events at Indian Ladies Club, she knew how to function in a saree like a perfect housewife. “I should get started with tea and prepare poha for the breakfast. That should be quick to make.”, she said to herself. She was a natural at this. She put on a vessel on the gas stove to prepare tea, and started to cut onions and potatoes for poha.

“So, what is my dearest daughter-in-law Sumati cooking today?”, Kalavati, her mother-in-law said as she came into the kitchen.

“Oh not much mom. I am just making poha for you all. I hope you like it.”, Sumati replied lovingly as she untucked her pallu to cover her head again as a mark of respect for her mother-in-law. “Oh god! Now, I will have to work with my head covered? God no!!”, she thought.

“Sumati dear. You don’t need to cover your head. I am a woman and I know it’s not easy to cook with pallu blocking your sight and restricting your hands. Relax, dear daughter. I have seen you since you were a kid. I remember vividly seeing you grow up wearing frocks and salwar suits. I don’t want that to change just because you are now marrying into our family.”, Kalavati lovingly said as she came close to Sumati.

Kalavati placed her hand on Sumati’s chin and said, “I am just happy to see that the lovely neighborhood girl Sumati who always used to play with my son is going to be my daughter-in-law. I always wished that about you. I always had a son. Now, I have a daughter as well.”

Sumati’s eyes bent down as she felt shy hearing these words of love. But in her mind, she was thinking, “How can you remember seeing me growing up in frocks and salwars when I was never born as a girl?” No matter what, the situation was surreal for Sumati. No one seemed to remember her as a boy. Everyone seemed to have got a new memory where Sumati had always been a girl. How could that be? What kind of magic was this?

Kalavati began to help Sumati with the cooking. They both chit-chatted and laughed. Sumati loved this aspect of becoming a woman. She enjoyed talking about the small pleasures of life with her mother-in-law which she never did as a man. As a man, she had to worry about her career. Talking about her career, she had no idea what her life is going to be as a woman. Would she be working or not? As much as she liked taking care of the house, she definitely didn’t want to give up her career or job.

For the time being, Sumati was happy to learn a few thing about cooking from her mother-in-law. She was fast and knew so much about housekeeping. Soon, Sumati was ready to serve tea and breakfast to everyone. Before she went out of the kitchen to see her father-in-law Prashant, she was about to cover her head. But Kalavati stopped her from doing that, and said, “Sumati, you are our daughter now. You don’t have to cover yourself from your parents. Understood?” Sumati smiled and appreciated Kalavati’s love. “Thank you, mom! I will always remember this.”, Sumati was really glad about this.

While everyone had breakfast, Chaitanya could not stop looking at his beautiful wife-to-be and kept smiling every time their eyes met. Afterall, he was getting married to his best friend from his childhood. At least, in his new memory, that was the truth. Sumati was a little hesitant to acknowledge Chaitanya’s smile in front of her in-laws. Was it because she was a traditional woman?

“Ahh. That was a very delicious breakfast, Sumati. Now, we should get started and head out to do shopping for your wedding. I know women take really long selecting the clothes for their wedding.”, Prashant said. “Dad, I had the help of mom in cooking. She took care of everything.”, Sumati politely gave the credit to Kalavati. Everyone smiled. Rohit, Sumati’s brother, smiled as well.

They all were now ready to leave. Chaitanya soon pulled the car to the front of the house. Chaitanya’s dad sat in front with him, whereas Sumati sat in the middle seat with Kalavati and Rohit on her side. Just like any other girl, she was excited about the bridal shopping.

“Sumati, we hope that you know what do you want for the wedding day.”, Kalavati said to her. “Oh I know, what I want!”, Sumati smiled and talked to herself. In fact, most crossdressers know what would they want to wear if they ever get a chance to be a bride. Sumati was no exception. This was going to be a fun day. She thought.


Read all parts here

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