Indian Ladies Club: Part 10

Becoming a woman and a daughter-in-law didn’t seem too tough to Sumati. But now she was going to experience the physical love from a man. Was she ready for this?

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Towards the end of that night, Madhurima announced that Sumati will no longer be able to hold ILC events at her home since she is getting married. Thus, ILC meet ups won’t happen until they find a new place. Anvesha went to a late-night party with a few ladies of the club, along with Sasha and Soha.

Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized that she had become a woman overnight. Anvesha and Sasha experienced the same thing. They thought they were turning crazy. But the world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati, for one, was soon going to get married to a man named Chaitanya. She spent her day with her in-laws and her brother Rohit, and went for her bridal shopping. Chaitanya and Sumati bid their good byes to her in-laws and brother.

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Chaitanya and Sumati walked back together holding their hands to their car in the parking lot. Sumati carefully lifted her saree as she got into the car. She didn’t wanna ruin her delicate saree, nor she wanted to disturb the beautiful pleats she had made in that saree. She felt proud that she managed wearing saree and high heels for the day without any problem. She really enjoyed her day trying on bridal sarees and lehenga with her in-laws. She looked like an angel in that light green saree. She really seemed happy, and so did Chaitanya.

“Hmm… so we are left all alone now. What do we do now?”, said Chaitanya nonchalantly.

“Do I have to tell you what to do? You are now going to drive me to my home. That’s what we do.”, Sumati was blunt and rude to Chaitanya. It was as if her original male self was speaking. As she said this, she wrapped her pallu around her shoulders, covered her bosom and folded her hands. Was she feeling shy? May be it was a natural reaction for a woman to cover herself in the presence of a man, who surely had sexual interest in her.

“OK, princess. I was going to drive you home anyway.”, replied Chaitanya. He merely wanted to talk to Sumati but she didn’t seem to be in the mood.

Sumati was definitely occupied in her own thoughts. She was excited about becoming a bride. “Being a daughter-in-law was not that difficult. I loved spending time with my mother-in-law. She is so sweet and caring.”, Sumati thought and smiled. Afterall, she had a wonderful day shopping. She was not realizing that being a daughter-in-law means much more than shopping for sarees. Of course, she knew. She spent at least some time with her mother-in-law today in the kitchen. But, she was forgetting something. Sumati was so oblivious to the fact that she was going to be a wife too. And she didn’t know what would it mean to be a wife.

As they drove ahead, the wind blew her silky hair over her face, which Sumati pulled back from time to time. She really looked pretty doing that. Chaitanya silently noticed the beautiful woman sitting next to him, who would soon become his wife. Chaitanya and Sumati both didn’t say much in their ride to Sumati’s home.

Soon, they arrived at Sumati’s home. Sumati opened the door and they both entered together. Sumati assumed that Chaitanya would be there just for a few minutes, may be drink a glass of water and leave. She didn’t mind his presence as he was her best friend from her childhood, at least her new memory suggested that. But she knew the truth. Chaitanya used to be Chaitali, a girl, in her original memory, in her original life as a man. And Chaitali was really a good friend of her when Sumati was a man until a night ago.

“What a tiring, long and fun-filled day, Chaitanya! I am going to change my clothes and get out of these heels. You can make yourself comfortable, and grab water or soda from the fridge if you like.”, Sumati said as soon as she entered her home. She moved to her room while Chaitanya stayed there sitting on a sofa.

As soon as Sumati entered her bedroom, she threw away her heels. She was excited. She wanted to look at herself in the mirror. She had pretty much the same look as when she used to crossdress. But her figure was now curvy, sexier and slim. She was smaller in height now. Her jawline had changed a little bit to appear more feminine. Not to forget, she now had ample size breasts and a vagina. She looked like a diva. And she was happy to see herself in the long mirror in her room.

Sumati began by slowly removing the necklace she was wearing. She was also wearing long dangling heavy earrings. She first pulled her hair on one side so that she could remove one earring without getting it tangled in her hair. She tilted her head as she slowly unscrewed the screw behind her earlobe with her fingers while she held the earring with her other hand. As a crossdresser, she never had her ears pierced and she had to use clip-on earrings. As a woman now, she loved it how she could feel the weight of the earrings on her earlobe. A simple thing like removing an earring made her feel feminine about herself. She slowly removed her second earring as well.

Sumati slowly removed her necklace and earrings. Then she gently unpinned her saree pallu from the blouse. As she held her pallu, she looked into the mirror. She indeed looked like a diva!

She unpinned her pallu gently as she wanted to unwrap her saree. She noticed that she now had thin slim fingers which made it easier to open the pin that attached her pallu to her blouse. “Oh, how much I love being a woman! I don’t know how I became one, but I am so loving the tiny pleasures of being a woman!”, she felt elated. She found joy that surpassed all the joy she ever experienced as a crossdresser. She now looked herself in the mirror as she held her unpinned pallu in her left hand. “Wow! Even without the jewelry, I look so sexy! And my breasts are just so perfect. I can’t wait to see Anjali and Madhurima mom, and show them my new look. I wonder how they are doing.” Sumati wanted to share her joy with her best crossdresser friends. Sumati was on cloud number nine!

Sumati was now standing in front of a mirror wearing only a petticoat and a blouse.

Sumati began to unwrap her delicate saree very carefully. Her saree had been hugging her tightly. She felt she was removing a beautiful gift wrap, layer by layer, to unravel her beautiful delicate body. She hadn’t had a chance to pay much attention to her body since this morning as one person or the another kept coming. She wanted to really see herself and explore her new body of a woman. She put the saree crumbled on the bed on her side.

Sumati was now standing in front of mirror wearing only a white petticoat and a blouse. “I can’t believe I have such a sexy figure. My arms have become really delicate and slender. My waist has really shrunken. My hips are much wider than I ever created with my hip pads. And my breasts? They look so beautifully covered in that blouse. I wonder what my bra size is?”, Sumati was admiring her new body. This all seemed so unreal. “If this is a dream, do not wake me up!”, she said to herself. But she should not have said that!

“Now, it’s time I check my breasts.”, she thought. Sumati desperately wanted to feel the pleasure of squeezing her breasts once more. She could not do it this morning, but there was no reason she couldn’t do it now. She had the opportunity to see her breasts in the trial room in the saree showroom when she was trying her lehenga choli. She remembered taking her bra off as the choli had a built-in padded bra inside. But she was really enjoying the whole bridal shopping that she didn’t think about checking her breasts at that time. And suddenly she realized something. She had forgotten to wear her bra after she changed back from the lehenga choli to her saree! She felt like such a fool. “I had been parading around my in-laws without a bra! How stupid am I? Thank god, this blouse is a tight fit and my breasts were not juggling inside it.” She thought like a woman.

Sumati bent forward to check her cleavage in the mirror. Then, she slowly opened the hooks for her blouse. Her breasts appeared to flow out of her tight blouse.

Sumati then noticed the little bit of cleavage visible in that tight blouse. She smiled thinking how hard she used to try creating cleavage using those painful tapes. It used to hurt to pull the tape out. And now, she had a very beautiful deep cleavage. She bent forward to have a better look. She pulled down her blouse neck with her fingers to get a better picture in the mirror. “Woah!! I am blessed with super soft big breasts!”, Sumati felt lucky as the palm of her hands brushed against her boobs. Her breasts appeared as if they would pop out of her blouse at any instant. Feeling sexy and beautiful in her body and in her mind, Sumati began to slowly open hooks in the front of her blouse. “I wonder what color my nipples are. Light brown, dark brown, pink?”, Sumati was in such a rush this morning that she couldn’t even pay attention to the color of her nipples. Her breasts were now ready to be seen.

She was savoring her body very slowly. She was not in any rush anymore. And the moment of big reveal had arrived. She removed her blouse, and her breasts were in front of her eyes, really beautiful, really delicate, soft, firm and ample in size. The only thing missing was someone who could play with them, fondle them, and caress it gently with love. Couldn’t Sumati be the one to play with her own breasts?

The moment of big reveal had arrived. Sumati removed her blouse to expose her gentle, delicate, soft, firm breasts.

Sumati was happy with what she saw in the mirror. “Why stop now? I should remove my petticoat to see my full figure.”, Sumati thought. She opened the knot of her petticoat. But she turned away from the mirror. Could it be that she was feeling shy watching herself nude in the mirror? She slowly began to slide her petticoat down. Sumati was really taking time to enjoy every little action she was doing. She was savoring each moment of her new found femininity. She knew her legs were smooth like a silk as she had felt all day whenever she crossed her legs while sitting. But while she was taking all this time undressing herself, enjoying her beauty, she had forgotten that there was someone else in the house with her. Chaitanya had been waiting in the outer room patiently for about half an hour, and Sumati hadn’t come out.

The door to Sumati’s room opened and Chaitanya entered. Sumati was almost nude with her petticoat barely around her knees. And to make things worse, she was facing in the direction of the door with her open breasts. “Damn it, Chaitanya! I told you this morning that you should knock when you enter someone’s room. Don’t you have any shame?”, Sumati shouted. She quickly pulled her petticoat up. It took her sometime to tie the knot on her petticoat. Chaitanya had a nice view of her breasts while she tied the knot. “For god sake, at least close your eyes!”, Sumati’s temper was getting higher. Her voice was shaking. Her hands were trembling. It seemed like her eyes had a drop or two of tears in it.

Sumati grabbed the saree lying on her bed as quickly as possible and covered her breasts by holding it in front of her. Sumati was furious. “Get out of here!”, she yelled with fury at Chaitanya.

“Come on, Sumati. It’s not like I have never seen you naked.”, said Chaitanya. “When have you ever seen me naked?”, Sumati protested.

Chaitanya came closer to her, and grabbed both her arms around her wrists. They both were really close to each other. Sumati could feel his breath falling upon her. Sumati’s saree fell out of her hands. Chaitanya came further close. “Don’t you remember we have made love several times?”, said Chaitanya as he put his one arm around Sumati’s waist and pulled her closer. “No, you can’t be right.”, Sumati protested but with a meek voice this time. She could not believe that she would have ever made love to a man.

“Of course, I am right. In fact, you were the one who initiated our sex life when you were back home in the first vacation during your college years.”, Chaitanya’s lips were getting closer to Sumati’s lips.

“No! This can’t be true.”, Sumati said again. She closed her eyes. She felt the sharp pain in her head that she had been experiencing since this morning each time a new memory appeared in her mind. Yes, she was able to remember that she was back home one summer when she had initiated sex with Chaitanya in her room. There was no one at home at that time. She could vividly remember that she was the dominating partner in the bed, and Chaitanya the submissive one. But why did she do this?

Chaitanya’s lips touched Sumati’s. She could feel the rough small hairs of his beard rub against her soft face. Sumati tried to pull her wrists from Chaitanya’s hold, but his grip was strong. She could feel his lower body pressing against her. She had her one hand free, and with all her might, she pushed away Chaitanya.

Chaitanya was not in any mood to give it away. He turned Sumati around, and got hold of both of her wrists. He began to kiss her on the back of her neck. He then wrapped his arms around Sumati’s waist, and pulled her closer. “How can you not remember making love so many times, Sumati? I was not going to make love to you for the time being until we get married. But looking at you like this, I can’t stop myself.”, Chaitanya said this in an unclear voice as he vigorously kissed Sumati’s neck.

“Please, stop Chaitanya!”, Sumati pleaded. She never felt so helpless before. Chaitanya was getting excited as he moved his hands over Sumati’s slender arms. Very soon, his hands moved over her waist and got hold of her breasts. He began to squeeze her breasts vigorously and kissed her neck and back passionately, as he thrusted his lower body against Sumati’s soft hips. Sumati wanted her breasts to be pressed, but not like this. Her hips and ass never felt wider and soft to her. She just wanted to get out of Chaitanya’s hold. She was crying within. This was happening so quick and rough that she had no time to think about this. She didn’t know if she was liking what was happening to her, or if she ever liked this.

Suddenly the door opened when Sumati was about to slide out of her petticoat.

Sumati could feel Chaitanya opening his belt as it rubbed against her round ass. She knew what was coming onto her. Chaitanya pulled out his manhood and pressed against Sumati’s hips in the crevice. He squeezed her breasts firmly one more time. Then, he made Sumati bend forward around her waist on the bed as he pulled up her petticoat. He was being forceful, not minding what Sumati wanted. He quickly pulled down her panties. Chaitanya began what any man does after that. “Aaah”, Sumati moaned in pain. That thing felt much bigger for her genitals. Women were supposed to like the penetration. But Sumati didn’t feel it that way. It was too big. She felt pain. She cried as Chaitanya squeezed her breasts.

But something changed after that quick penetration, Chaitanya seemed to have come into senses. He realized that something was not right. Sumati was not her self today. She was not the way she used to be whenever they made love. In his memory, she was a dominating woman, not the dominated one. He quickly pulled back from Sumati. “I am sorry Sumati if I have hurt you because of the passion I felt. I should not have forced myself upon you. I will never force myself upon you like this ever again. I am really sorry, Sumati. I promise I won’t do this again. I am sorry, Sumati”, said Chaitanya as he began to go out of her bedroom. He felt disturbed. May be his intentions were not bad, but the wild instincts in him came raging when he saw the sexy body of Sumati. He felt ashamed.

Sumati remained lying on her stomach with her face pushing in the bed. Her petticoat was still up above her knees, her panties around her ankles, and her breasts pressed against the mattress. There were tears in her eyes. Now, she remembered everything. Her new memory or the tricks her mind was playing with her. In this newly created past of her new life as a woman, she never felt attracted to a man. She never enjoyed making love to a man. All those times, she made love to Chaitanya, she did that only to confirm what she had known all her life. She had always loved women. And in order to confirm what she already knew, she used to dominate Chaitanya into doing things her way. She was mean and exploited Chaitanya for her own sake. While she used Chaitanya to realize that she would never be attracted to a man, all those love making made Chaitanya emotionally attached to her.

The new life as a woman turned out to be not as rosy as she was thinking. The people in the world around her now had a complete new memory about her in which Sumati was born a woman. But only Sumati knew the truth that she was born a man, and she was a man until yesterday night. She was a crossdresser in the real life that she knew. But nobody remembers her as a man anymore. While her body may have changed into a woman, her mind was still that of a man who crossdressed. That mind might have loved the femininity and loved being feminine, but it was always attracted to a woman. Now, Sumati knew that she could become a good daughter-in-law but she would never become a good wife. What felt like a blessing about an hour ago, now seemed like a curse to Sumati. Having realized the new truth, the tears in her eyes continued to roll. Was a life of a crossdresser better than this life? She had to think about an answer for this question.


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