Dressed like a newly wed indian woman, when Sunil heard the knock on the door, he felt panic.


Disclaimer: This story is inspired from 11 stories about crossdressing available on the internet. We have merely adapted it to the indian context.

यह कहानी हिंदी में पढने के लिए क्लिक करे!

Sitting in front of a mirror, Sunil was really happy as he admired his long hair. After all, he had been growing his hair for more than 15 months. After a long wait, his hair were finally long enough that he could now braid it. He carefully slid his fingers through his long flowing hair as he made a lovely braid. Oh! What a pleasure it was! And to add to that pleasure, he was looking fabulous in a pink reshami saree. He looked as if some gorgeous woman has gotten ready for a very special occasion.  His beautiful face glowed like that of a newly wed woman. He smiled once more. He turned around once to look at his back in the mirror. The dori (string) tied on the back of his blouse with a deep back cut, looked really attractive on his body. The woman inside him instantly fell in love with this new fashion of blouses with deep cuts. The blouse made him feel sexy in his body. And when his own hair would kiss his nude back, he would feel like a delicate woman. He smiled like a beautiful damsel as he admired the beautiful woman in the mirror.

“Curry must be ready by now”, Sunil was suddenly reminded of the curry he had left on the stove to cook slowly. There is an immense joy in cooking like a housewife, and he knew it. He used small joys like this to fulfill his desire to live a life of a woman. If his life permitted him, he would have gone to office wearing beautiful crisp silk sarees with big borders. Carrying a big purse on a shoulder while wearing a silk saree to his workplace was one of his many unrealized dreams. Alas, he could not dare to venture out and live the life of a working woman, but he was satisfied being a housewife at the comfort of his own home. With joy in his heart, he stood up from the dressing table and walked towards the kitchen as he tucked one end of his saree pallu at his fleshy waist. He looked at the mirror once more, and watched himself from top to botton. “You are a beautiful woman”, he told himself.

If anyone had seen Sunil parading around with his fleshy back in that deep sexy blouse, that person would definitely have wrapped Sunil in his arms. That string knot on the back of his blouse, it hung there as if waiting for someone to come and open it. But Sunil was alone at the moment. Sadly, there was no one to appreciate the gorgeous beauty Sunil had become that evening.

Today, Sunil had cooked a very delicious dinner and this curry was the last item being cooked. “God, I hope my curry hasn’t burnt already”, Sunil was worried. He quickly turned of the stove and moved the hot kadhai (pan/vessel) from the stove using his saree pallu. This is one of the many ways housewives find their saree useful, in their daily lives.

But that’s when he heard a knock on the door. Someone was turning the key on the door knob to open it. He felt panic as he watched the door knob turn slowly.  His wife, Rupali, wasn’t supposed to be back home this early, at least not for another hour! His heart raced. What would he say to Rupali? He didn’t have anytime to think about it. It was already too late. He would not be able to hide anywhere. He didn’t have enough time to undress and change his clothes. He would have to face Rupali with his current makeover. He stood there near the stove silently. His feet wearing golden sandals were trembling. He could feel the sweat breaking out inside his saree blouse as Rupali entered the kitchen.

Sunil looked like a truly gorgeous diva in his pink reshami saree. Anyone looking at his sexy fleshy back would be tempted to untie the knot on his blouse.[Click to view full picture]

Rupali entered the kitchen. The sight of Sunil dolled up in a new and pretty pink saree shook the ground below her feet.

“You, bastard!”, Rupali was fiery.

Sunil gestured with his hand in a calming motion, requesting Rupali to stay calm. But he was nervous too. He looked down while holding his saree pallu in his hands as if begging for forgiveness to Rupali.

“You bastard. Son of a bitch! You deceived me!”, Rupali yelled and ran towards Sunil with ferocity. Sunil moved back a little as he tried to save himself from Rupali, who surely wanted to hurt him.

“We had talked about this Sunil!”, Rupali yelled once more, “I can’t believe you did this to me. I trusted you!”, Rupali almost cried as she said this.

“Rupali, please give me a chance to explain.”, Sunil said as he moved his braid to the back. He picked his saree pleats on the front with his one hand as he began to walk towards Rupali.

“What’s left to explain, Sunil?”, Rupali said, “Didn’t we decide earlier that I am going to be the one wearing that new pink saree for our wedding anniversary, and you would wear a yellow one?”, Rupali burst into tears.

Sunil quickly took Rupali into his arms. Rupali wiped her flowing tears.

“I am sorry, Sunil. But you look really beautiful in sarees and I don’t look half as good as you.”, Rupali said.

“Come on Rupali. This is not true. And you know it. Right?”, Sunil tried to console her.

“Yes, it is true. Your fleshy back and waist blossoms up in a saree. You are as if born with a body that is destined to wear sarees. I look like a no one in front of you.”, Rupali said.

Sunil kissed on her forehead. “Rupali, you know it very well that you are my inspiration. If you weren’t with me, I would be nothing.” He paused and said, “Now, why don’t we forget about this pink saree? I have picked out the lehenga that you wore for our wedding. Do you remember how pretty you looked on our wedding night? Why don’t we live that night once more?”

Rupali smiled as she nodded in agreement with him. They both grabbed each other’s hands with love and walked towards their bedroom, where Sunil had carefully laid out a lehenga-choli along with the matching accessories and sandals for Rupali.


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