That girl in a dress

She walked along a dimly lit street towards her car. She didn’t want to catch any attention but her heels made a rhythmic sound. She wore a beautiful knee-length black dress along with a long sling silver purse. And the way her voluptuous hips swayed as she walked, it was not easy to avoid catching any attention.

That girl in a dress

यह कहानी हिंदी में पढ़े!

She walked along a dimly lit street. Tuck – tuck – tuck, her heels made a rhythmic sound as she walked. She was a tall girl, wearing a beautiful knee-length black dress. She was carrying a small silver purse, with a long sling, on her shoulders giving her a very modern look. From her looks, one could guess she was heading for a night party. She was definitely pretty, and the way her voluptuous hips swayed as she walked, it was not easy to ignore her. She seemed confident and content. And why not? She was blessed with an ample bosom, confined primly within a push-up bra creating a beautiful cleavage, which would make any woman envy but cast a magical spell on any man.

“Hey guys, look!”, a guy pointed towards the beautiful woman. He was speaking to his group of friends; they all were standing at a distance, chatting unaware of the presence of this woman. Everyone looked towards the source of the sound of shoe heels. There was not enough light but they could look at the face of this woman. She looked beautiful, although her face was partially covered with her long silky straight hair. “Wow!”, another guy exclaimed. “I never saw her here earlier. She seems to be new in the area.”, said another. Her bright red lipstick made her lips look inviting. “I wish I could go and kiss her”, almost everyone in the group thought.

Like any other normal boyfriend, Rohan was waiting for his girlfriend, sitting alone at a restaurant. Nisha had told him that she would first go back home after work, and change her outfit for their special outing. She wanted to look beautiful for their romantic evening. And Rohan didn’t mind waiting for her. Because he knew that Nisha always looked amazing whenever they met. She was a modern girl with a great taste in her clothes and her fine accessories. Be it her earrings or her nail polish, everything about her was really unique and modern. And every minute she invested in getting ready meant that she would look even more glamorous. Everytime Rohan and Nisha had met earlier, Nisha had come in a complete new look, as if she never ran out of new clothes or new ideas for a new look. And Rohan couldn’t wait to see how she would look today.

Rohan looked towards the entrance of the restaurant, and Nisha came six minutes later than their scheduled time. Six minutes: an acceptable delay in a city where the traffic can be a nightmare in the evening. He was awestruck when he looked at her. Nisha looked extremely beautiful today. And Rohan couldn’t hide his happiness when he saw her.

Nisha soon came smiling and looking like a diva in her printed dress.

Nisha came walking and smiling towards him in her high heels. “I hope I didn’t make you wait long.”, Nisha said as she sat and removed her tiny black purse with a long silver chain from her shoulders. “No, you didn’t. But you are so worth the wait!”, Rohan said. And he wasn’t lying. Nisha was no less than any beautiful model one sees on television. Nisha blushed. But she was not a typical small town girl. She knew she was beautiful, and she knew how to carry herself confidently.

“Nisha, you are looking breath-taking today. That black dress looks great on you. And those small red flower prints on that dress perfectly suits your style.”, Rohan said to Nisha. “… and nice earrings by the way!”, Rohan continued. He really felt lucky to be dating this beauty. He was going to be the guy others envy for being with such a gorgeous damsel.

“Thanks, Rohan. But nobody in my life, ever told me that!”, said Nisha.

“What? No one complimented you before on your looks?”, asked Rohan disbelievingly.

“Oh sure, people have complimented me. My girl friends know how to compliment, but my guy friends or my previous boyfriends, could never say anything more than that I looked beautiful. They were never as specific as you. Many a times, they would not even have words to compliment me. They would not even know how my outfit on that day would be any different from any other dresses that I had worn earlier. They would just look at me dumbfounded! But you are so special. The way you notice tiny things, like my earrings. Thanks for that! It makes me feel great when someone notices and acknowledges the details.”, said Nisha. She was right because guys, in general, lack the understanding of how much effort goes into looking just right. They have no idea how challenging it could be to find the right matching accessories or shoes to go with a dress, or what colors to use for eye makeup. Dressing up as a girl is not an easy task, and sadly, men have no clue about the efforts their lady love put into doing that.

“Ha ha”, Rohan laughed listening to Nisha, “Oh Nisha! It’s so easy to compliment you. You know I can go on and on and write a poetry about how you look today.”

Nisha blushed as Rohan complimented her on her beauty. But she was curious to hear what more Rohan had to say.

Nisha’s eyes glittered as she heard this. She bent forward on the table and came closer towards Rohan. She rested her chin over her hand and nochalantly said, “Is that so, Mr. Rohan? So, tell me what more can you say about me.” Nisha was really curious to know.

Rohan smiled. He looked at Nisha smiling and eager to hear what he has to say about her. “I like the way you have styled your hair today, simple, straight and open. It makes it look really silky and it flows very well with the contour of your face. ”

“OK, that’s way too specific! Say it in a way that makes me feel beautiful.”, Nisha made it a bit more challenging.

“Hmm… You have no idea how much tempted I am to touch your hair and face! I would like to brush my fingers through your long silky hair and touch your beautiful face with it. I wish I was as lucky as your hair, because I would be kissing you at this very moment!”

Nisha listened intently.

“I envy your dress because it gets to hug you and wrap around your sensual body. Being a snug fit, it becomes part of your body like a skin. It enhances the lovely curves of your body, which I can’t wait to touch!”, Rohan continued.

“… and Miss Nisha”, Rohan got closer to Nisha and whispered,”… you have no idea how spell bounded I feel when I look at your sexy cleavage.”

There was no denying that Nisha was a busty woman, with a sexy cleavage, and no man can ever avoid looking at. The way her dress followed the contours of her soft breast snugly, it made Nisha look like a gorgeous diva in that restaurant.

The lovely couple spent their time at the restaurant chatting, smiling, eating and looking at each other with a lot of love. Needless to say there was a heart-felt attraction between them and a burning desire to unite physically.

After their dinner, Nisha stood up, came close to Rohan and said in his ears, “Before we head to my home, why don’t you take out your phone and click a few pictures of me?” Rohan gladly obliged because he too wanted to remember this evening. He too wanted to capture the beautiful diva in his memories. They found a spot in that restaurant where Nisha could pose for Rohan. They both really seemed to enjoy every moment with each other. And it definitely bothered other couples in the restaurant, who weren’t as lively as Rohan and Nisha. Boys felt jealous of Rohan when they looked at the breath-taking beauty Nisha, and girls felt envious looking at how joyful these two looked. Soon after taking pictures, Rohan and Nisha grabbed each other’s hands and left.

After dinner, Nisha went on to pose for pictures. She was an extremely photogenic person with her gorgeous bust.

They both were now outside Nisha’s home. Nisha opened the door. As soon as they got in, Nisha pushed Rohan into the two-seat couch, more popularly known as the love seat. Nisha made Rohan sit as she climbed over him standing on her knees around Rohan’s legs. She looked intently at his eyes, and Rohan stared at the mesmerizing beauty in front of his eyes. Nisha threw away her purse, and held Rohan’s face in her hands. And without waiting any more, she kissed him.

The wine at the restaurant had already made them feel romantic about each other, and they were ready to unite. Rohan wrapped his arms around Nisha’s back, and they both started to kiss passionately. He began to touch Nisha all over her back. He could feel the bra strap through her dress. Not surprisingly, his hands moved towards the front and started touching her soft breasts. Nisha was wearing a soft lacy bra inside. He looked at the bra as he pushed his head between the two soft and heavenly breasts. The push up bra made Nisha’s cleavage look really sexy and irresistible.

“You know you can open and remove the bra. “,  Nisha smiled suggestively.  Rohan knew that, but he wanted to spend time admiring the most beautiful girl sitting on his lap. He wanted to take his own sweet time opening her layer by layer. But Nisha was not a typical girl. She knew what she wanted, and she would have it. She wouldn’t wait for the guy to make a move. She was a modern confident woman, who would demand what she wanted as her right. She opened her bra hook and slid her bra straps through her arms. Then she slid her hand into her dress through her cleavage, and pulled out her bra. Her soft perky breasts jiggled when she did this. Her breasts were now free for Rohan to enjoy. Rohan smiled.

Nisha then got hold of Rohan’s hand and took him to her bedroom. “Let’s not waste any more time. I am ready.” She bit her lips. They both went to her bedroom where the young couple made passionate hot love. Such hotness and passion can only be seen in a new young couple with raging hormones.

What could be more romantic to a man than waking up in a bed snuggling to a warm and soft body of a delicious woman after spending the passionate night? Rohan hugged Nisha tightly to kiss her a good morning. Nisha’s dress was lying next to him. Rohan touched her dress as if to feel the sexiness of that dress once more. Nisha kissed him back, and she woke up to go towards her bathroom. She looked really sexy as she walked in a bed-sheet wrapped around her body. She gently held the sheet covering her breasts and smiled at Rohan.

Soon after, Nisha had taken her bath and was ready to go to her office. Rohan had put on his clothes as well and was ready to leave.

“Oh Rohan! Thank you for the wonderful evening. I hope you enjoyed it.”, said Nisha as she came closer to Rohan. “Of course, Nisha. Was there any doubt about that?”, said Rohan.

Nisha was ready for her office. Her top revealed her sexy waist. Rohan couldn’t keep her eyes away from her.

“OK. So tell me how beautiful do I look in this outfit?”, Nisha asked Rohan as she sported her outfit for him. She was wearing a black netted top and a long skirt. The top exposed her waist a little bit. “I would say a bit too sexy for office. Isn’t it?”, said Rohan.

“Oh come on Rohan! A little bit of skin show is acceptable. Don’t you think?”, asked Nisha. “Of course, I agree. I wish more women would wear clothes like you in my workplace.”, replied Rohan.

“But you know what? No other woman can look half as beautiful as you do in anything that you wear.” Rohan knew what to say to a girl like Nisha. She blushed with happiness. She came close to him, hugged him and gave him a tiny kiss on his cheeks.

“By the way, I hope you remember that I will be out of town this week for official work. I won’t be back from New Delhi until next week.”, Nisha said.

“No!!! I won’t be able to see you for the whole week. This is so unfair! I can’t wait to see you again.”, said Rohan.

“Don’t be so dramatic my love. You will have something with you to remember me.”

“Yeah yeah… I will have your memories with me. But memories are not enough for me.”, Rohan complained.

Nisha laughed. “I am not talking about memories, stupid. I am talking about my clothes!”, Nisha said. “I have a whole bag to wash. I don’t know how to ask you again to wash it for me. You have done it so many times for me.”, she continued.

“Don’t worry about it, Nisha. You know I have a washing machine in my apartment, and the person who irons my clothes has his shop right outside my building. I will be happy to do that.”, said Rohan.

“Are you sure that it won’t be a trouble for you?”

“Yes, I am sure. Just make sure to add at least a few of your bras and panties in it”, Rohan teased her.

Nisha laughed and said, “Yes, I have already put those in the bag. But don’t play with those without me!”

Nisha was really glamorous and modern in her dressing. And had an amazing confident personality.

Rohan came out of Nisha’s building carrying her clothes. He put the cloth bag in the passenger seat of his car. He looked at the bag, and took out the dress that Nisha wore last night. He held it in his hands. He felt really thrilled holding it. He looked at it and smiled. “Alright, Rohan. Tonight, you will get to wear this dress and become sexy Rohini!”, he thought to himself. The mere thought of wearing a sexy dress that was worn by some other woman, would thrill him. He couldn’t wait for his office day to get over so that he could go home and become a woman himself!

It was evening and Rohan was back home. He had laid the dress with the red flower prints, that he was going to wear tonight. He took out the matching sandals, earrings and bangles to go with the dress. He was looking at the eye makeup palette to decide which colors to use tonight. He took out his phone and checked pictures of Nisha that he took last night to see what colors she used with this dress. He was so glad that Nisha was in his life. She made it so easy for him to figure out what to wear and what kind of make up to do.  He used to wait for opportunities like this when he would bring home Nisha’s clothes to do laundry. He was really lucky that he wasn’t a very tall guy, and all of Nisha’s clothes were of appropriate size and fit for him. Now, it was time for him to become Rohini, a girl. He began applying foundation to start his transformation.

Rohini was now ready, and was patiently waiting for it to get a little dark, when she would go out to a club open for LGBT community. This was one place where she could be herself without being judged and without any fear. The only problem was she had to wait until 9 pm which is when she could go out safely up to her car and drive.

The clock struck 9. Rohini came down from her building. Her heart was racing but she tried to be calm. She could see a group of guys standing at a distance from her. She felt relaxed that those guys were far away from her car. She walked along a dimly lit street towards her car.  She didn’t want to catch any attention but tuck – tuck – tuck, her heels made a rhythmic sound as she walked. She was wearing a beautiful knee-length black dress. She was carrying a small silver purse, with a long sling, on her shoulders giving her a very modern look. From her looks, one could guess she was heading for a night party. She was definitely pretty, and the way her voluptuous hips swayed as she walked, it was not easy to avoid catching any attention.

“Hey guys, look!”, a guy pointed towards Rohini. Everyone looked towards her. She let her long open hair fall in front of her face to cover it partially. She didn’t want to be found out. She could feel butterflies in her stomach. “Wow!”, another guy exclaimed. “I never saw her here earlier. She seems to be new in the area.”, said another. Her bright red lipstick made her lips look inviting. “I wish I could go and kiss her”, one guy said. He thought he was saying it low but others could hear him. So did Rohini. That was a kind of compliment on her beauty. She suddenly felt the happiness in her heart. She quickly got into her car and left for the night club.

At the club, she was sitting adjacent to the bar. She had arrived around 5 minutes ago. The rush of going out dressed as a woman was overwhelming. She could now relax in this LGBT friendly club. So she ordered a colorful cocktail for her. While she ordered her cocktail, there was a woman at the other end of the bar who was observing Rohini from a distance. May be she was interested in Rohini. After all, it was an LGBT club.

Rohini was thinking how strange it was that she liked the cocktails better, but she could never order it as Rohan as it was considered to be unmanly. But as a woman, she could order whatever she want.

“Here is your cocktail madam. Enjoy your drink!”, said the bartender.

Hearing the word madam makes any crossdresser feel happy. There cannot be any better feeling for a crossdresser than being accepted as a woman. She smiled and gave an additional Rs. 100 to the bartender as a tip. She closed her purse as she put the remaining cash in it. Her hair fell over her face. She used her hand to push her hair back. As she did that, she noticed a young woman standing right in front of her, and smiling at Rohini. Rohini froze.

“Hey beautiful, would you like to ever go out on a date with me?”, the other woman said. She was a very straightforward person.

Rohini couldn’t say a word. The other woman continued to smile at Rohini. She came forward to whisper something into Rohini’s ears. “By the way, I think you are a gorgeous woman. You look really hot in this dress. In fact, you look way hotter than I ever looked in it.”, Nisha whispered.

Rohini looked at Nisha and smiled. In the meanwhile, Rohan, hiding inside Rohini, was thinking if he loved Nisha? or he loved her beautiful dresses more? Neither Rohan nor Rohini had a clear answer to this question.

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