Indian Ladies Club: Part 11

After the crazy night, Sasha ran away with Anvesha. Sasha was visibly shaken, but Anvesha was calm. Anvesha had something vicious going on in her mind.

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. After the ceremony, Anvesha went to a late-night party along with Sasha, Soha and a few other ladies of the club. Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized that she had become a woman overnight. Anvesha and Sasha experienced the same thing. They thought they were turning crazy. But the world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. After the crazy night, Sasha ran away with Anvesha. Sasha was visibly shaken, but Anvesha was calm. Anvesha had something vicious going on in her mind.

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Sasha’s predicament

Sasha was still shaken with the new change. She had not yet come to terms with the truth that she was now a complete woman. And that kiss from Anvesha? No doubt, she liked the soft kiss, but there was something about that kiss that made her really uncomfortable.

“I need sometime for myself, Anvesha. All this is happening so soon.”, said Sasha. Sasha covered herself with her saree aanchal. She sat on a sofa, trying to find the comfort and safety, that a saree provides to a woman. She needed the warmth and secure feeling of a saree.

“Take your time dear. But I must tell you this. I am going to enjoy my life as a woman so much! And so will you Sasha!”, Anvesha said excitedly. Sasha looked at her. She couldn’t understand but there was something about Anvesha which seemed like a bad omen. Anvesha had a wicked smile on her face.

“May be I will find this to be a blessing someday. But for now, I need to figure out my life. I have to be in my office in three hours. And I don’t even know if I live in the same apartment I used to live earlier. And what about my roommates?”, Sasha wondered aloud.

“What about your roommates?”, asked Anvesha.

“They were all guys, Anvesha. And they were not crossdressers like us. Unless they have turned into a woman as well, I can’t possibly be living with them.” Sasha looked down at her new feminine soft body. The concern of a woman was clearly visible in Sasha’s eyes. Now that she was a woman, she felt really vulnerable.

“Oh, come on Sasha. You will figure this out soon. Everything will fall into place. Don’t you worry. And even if you have male roommates, that’s not going to be the end of the world. What’s the problem there? You can have a orgy with them!”, Anvesha laughed. Anvesha was a bad girl.

Sasha looked at her with contempt. She could not believe Anvesha was the same girl who acted extremely shy last night, before the ladies of Indian Ladies Club transformed her into a beautiful princess.

“Oh dear Sasha! I was just joking. “, Anvesha said, “And anyway, I don’t want any boy to come near you. I want you to be mine and only mine.”, Anvesha said with suggestive looks in her eyes. Anvesha wanted Sasha to be hers.

“Anvesha, you don’t understand. Without remembering my home situation, how will I manage to change my clothes and go to office? I can’t go to my office in this saree. Neither you and nor I know how to drape it correctly.”, Sasha had a point. She completely ignored the physical advances Anvesha was trying to make.

“Take it easy girl. I am sure we can find something in my closet for you to wear.”, Anvesha came closer and sat next to Sasha. “And I am sure I will enjoy helping you wear something sexy”, said Anvesha as she touched Sasha’s thighs suggestively.

Sasha looked at Anvesha with a surprise. Anvesha was really hitting on her. “Sasha, don’t you know I had been interested in you since I saw you last night?”, Anvesha continued while Sasha was silently watching her.

“How could you have had any possible interest in me, Anvesha? I was a man in saree last night, a man! And you? You yourself were a man in a dress too!”, Sasha tried to resist Anvesha’s advances.

But Anvesha was not going to back down. She was still rubbing her arms over Sasha’s smooth satin saree that slipped over her thighs. “Oh I knew you were a man. But that was not going to stop me from having you. I had eyes on you ever since we met last night at the ILC party. I would have made love with you no matter what.”

“Anvesha, I was a crossdresser. Don’t you get this that I always was interested in girls? And I will always be that way? I would never have made love to you.”, Sasha’s voice cracked as she said this in a trembling voice. Her heart was resisting Anvesha but her soft touch was irresistible.

“Oh you innocent little girl Sasha. Believe me, this has never stopped me from having what I wanted.” Anvesha appeared more and more like a devilish vixen.

“What do you mean?”, Sasha asked.

“Oh dear. Crossdressers want nothing more than being validated as a woman. All they need is a little treatment like a woman and a few drinks. And they will do anything for me. I would have done the same to you. I would have made you feel like a lovely beautiful woman. And in return, you would have bent down on your knees in no time to give me what I want. Do you understand what I mean?” Anvesha winked as she tried to slip her hand in Sasha’s genitals area. Sasha pulled out Anvesha’s hands immediately.

“Why do you think I was getting you drunk last night? Why was I around you all night? I was preparing you for a hot night. You would have been my bitch last night. You might have regretted making love to me after waking up sober the next morning. But I would have already gotten what I wanted!” Anvesha was truly evil with her plans.

Anvesha, on the right, was trying to split Sasha and Soha at the party so that she could make a move on Sasha.

Anvesha continued to speak, “Last night, I could see that your friend Soha got suspicious of my motives. She was trying to get you away from me. That’s why I had to split you two, so that I could get closer to you.” Anvesha was now touching Sasha’s breasts and slowly caressed them. “But all that doesn’t matter now. Does it? I don’t need to do any of those things now. We both are pretty women now. I like women and so do you. We can make love to each other. No problems there. Right?”, Anvesha laughed.

Sasha could not believe how Anvesha had made a devious plan to get her on the bed. While Anvesha didn’t see any problem in it, Sasha knew that she could never make love to such a wicked woman. No matter how uneasy circumstances were for her now.

“Pardon me please. I need to go to the bathroom.” Sasha excused herself. She didn’t want to spend any more time with Anvesha.

“Oh, sure dear. But don’t forget what I just said. I am the only one who can help you out in this situation.”, Anvesha said nonchalantly. She was playing with the vulnerability of Sasha.

Sasha went to the bathroom and cried.

An auto stopped in front of a building. A woman got off the auto. She was Sasha. She was still wearing the same saree. But she looked fresh. At Anvesha’s home, she had freshened up. She didn’t want to talk to an evil person like Anvesha. So she watched a youtube video in the bathroom to learn how to drape a saree. After a few trials, she got it all right. She looked into the bathroom mirror once, and tied her hair to her liking. She looked beautiful. “Everything is going to be alright”, she said to herself and began to leave for her office. “I will see you today evening here my sweet pie!”, Anvesha had said to her before she left. Sasha felt nauseous with the thought of coming back to Anvesha. She didn’t know where she would be. But she would figure that out later.

As Sasha began to walk towards her office building entrance, she heard a voice. “Sasha! Sasha!” Some woman was calling her. When she turned back, she saw a woman running towards her. Of course, she was Naureen, Sasha thought. Naureen was her colleague, probably the sweetest woman she had ever known in her life. Naureen was an average looking girl, always wearing a simple salwar suit with a big and beautiful smile. Though she was a sweet and simple girl, no guy would ever pay attention towards her due to her plain looks. Every guy would just consider her a “friend” and never anything more. Naureen never minded that. She was too simple to worry about love matters. Not that she didn’t want to ever fall in love. She had her dreams of a prince like any regular girl, but she seemed like such a misfit in the cosmopolitan culture of this city. But she was sweet, very sweet to everyone she knew.

“Naureen!”, there was a big smile on Sasha’s face. She was smiling for the first time since she woke up this morning. Naureen was now standing close to Sasha. She was panting with all the running she had to do. “Sasha, where had you been all night? I was trying to call you but you didn’t even respond.”, Naureen said with a concern on her face, barely able to breath after running.

Sasha looked at Naureen, but before she could say anything, she felt a sharp pain in her head. Her brain was creating new memories of her new life as a woman. And in her new life, Naureen was her roommate. Sasha experienced sudden happiness in that pain. She hugged Naureen tightly. And Naureen, who had no idea what was going on, she hugged Sasha back. She caressed Sasha’s back out of concern.

“What happened Sasha? Is everything alright? And how come you are wearing a saree? I have never seen you wearing anything other than jeans or a salwar suit.”, enquired Naureen.

“Everything is ok, Naureen. Now that you are here, everything is ok.”, Sasha had her eyes closed when she said this, she still continued to hug Naureen.

“I must have given you at least 10 calls last night Sasha. I was really worried. But I am really happy to see you safe.”, said Naureen.

Sasha’s phone buzzed. There was a message on her phone. You have 15 missed calls from Naureen. “Here are your missed calls. I am getting it now.”, Sasha said smiling.

“I bought breakfast for you. I am sure you must be hungry. “, said Naureen.

“Sure I am.”, Sasha smiled again. She held one hand of Naureen, and started walking with her roommate, and her new friend. Naureen seemed like an angel to Sasha. And Sasha was thankful to have this angel in her life.

Sumati’s dilemma

Sumati was heading back home. Usually, as a man, Sumati would have taken a bus home. But today, after what happened at her office, she didn’t feel comfortable riding a bus. She wanted some lonely time in silence. So, she decided to take an auto. The city was bustling with the traffic and the sound of car horns. But Sumati was distant from all that noise. She was lost in her own thoughts. The wind blew her hair over her face, but she didn’t bother to manage it. She was at least tightly holding her saree pallu. It was her first day as a woman at her office. And what she experienced today, millions of women experience everyday. But it was a new experience for her, and not a pleasant one.

This morning, when she woke up, she could still remember the night spent with Chaitanya. She didn’t like making love to a man. But she was engaged to this man, what else she could do? She thought that going to her office would make things easier. She wanted to avoid getting any attention from any man in this world. So, she decided to wear a simple silk saree with a plain look and a bare minimum makeup to go with it. She thought nobody would notice her in the plain look. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Is it possible for a beautiful woman to go on about her day without catching unwanted attention from the prying eyes of men?

This morning when Sumati woke up, she wore a plain silk saree. She didn’t want to get any unwanted attention from men today. She wanted to look simple.

Sumati was shocked when she saw how men in her office were ogling at her waist or her blouse bust peeping out of her saree. They were not doing this openly but she knew whenever they did that. What surprised her the most was that these were the men who worked with her everyday. She knew them very well as a man. She thought they were  gentlemen. How wrong she was! What disturbed her the most? Ravi, who used to be Sumati’s best friend in office when she was a man, was trying to hit on her. During an official meeting with him, he was smiling at her all the time and indirectly tried to flirt with her. He behaved as if he had never met a woman before. And didn’t he know that Sumati was getting married in less than a month? How could he hit on a lady who was getting married? Sumati began to wonder. She never knew this side of Ravi’s personality.

Turning into a woman was opening a whole new world to Sumati. Thankfully, during the whole day, she found at least two gentlemen in the office. One was the watchman who greeted her with utmost respect that any woman deserves. And the second man was her manager, Sudipto. Like any other employee, she didn’t like her manager much but that was before today. This afternoon, Sudipto walked upto her and said, “Sumati beti,  you don’t look too well today. Why don’t you go back home and relax today? You won’t get much time to relax later with your upcoming wedding.” Sumati felt such gratitude towards him for the kind gesture, and she couldn’t thank him enough. “And don’t forget, I will be coming with my wife for your wedding.”, he said lovingly.

Apart from these rare instances, she didn’t feel good interacting with men at all. She herself felt ashamed thinking about all those times when she herself was a man who would occasionally look at other women, and rate them for their beauty. But in the last two days since her transformation into a woman, she had all these crazy experiences, and there was no one she could talk to about. There was no one she could share what she was feeling inside. She felt really lonely.

But she always had a friend she could talk to about her woman issues. Anjali, her best friend, was always there for her. Sumati didn’t even know if Anjali is still a crossdressing man or she transformed into a woman as well.

Sumati frantically checked her phone address book to look for Anjali’s  number. She was not sure that she would find her number in this new transformed world. She found it. She smiled at the discovery.

“Hi Anjali”, Sumati sent an SMS.

“Hey, my dear Sumati! How have you been?”, there was an immediate reply.

“We need to talk soon Anjali! I need you.”

“Hmm… So I guess this happened with you as well.”

“I am sure what you are talking about. The world has changed around me Anjali. I need to talk to you soon. I need to meet you.”

“Relax Sumati. Please come and meet me tomorrow at 8 in the morning. I live in a different place now. I will send you the address soon.”

“Thanks, Anjali. I miss you dear.”, Sumati texted back.

“If you don’t mind, can you please come wearing something traditional and conservative? I will tell you why when you come here. And relax, everything will be ok.” Anjali had a strange request for Sumati.

“I will. See you soon dear!”

Sumati felt a little relieved. She now knew that Anjali had transformed into a woman as well. Anjali had always been a calm woman, and she had always helped Sumati in need. “Everything wil be ok”, she thought. And then she stared out at the setting sun. She felt a strange comfort. This world would soon start making sense to her.

In the coming parts, we will get to see the life of cheerful Anjali, a revealing meeting with Madhurima, Sumati’s grand wedding preparation, an unexpected twist in the story, and the grand finale. The end is not too far. The story will get intense. There is going to be a drama, and lot more emotions. And will be worth the wait! So stay tuned.


Read all parts here

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