Indian Ladies Club: Part 13

A day from the life of Sumati and Anjali who are on their way to meet their sweet friend, Madhurima aunty.

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Next morning, when these ladies woke up, they all had become women overnight. The world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati and Anjali were now on their way to see Madhurima. Would Madhurima have any solution to the problems these ladies were facing?

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Madhurima’s heaven

The sound of flush came from the bathroom. Sumati came out shaking her saree below her waist. “Uff… using an indian-style toilet in a saree is a nightmare!”, Sumati complained. She was shaking her saree so that the pleats can fall back to the original uniform setting.

Anjali couldn’t stop herself from laughing looking at Sumati’s troubles. Anjali opened her hair bun. She was going to tie her hair on the back using a rubber band. “Looks like your saree is stuck behind!”, Anjali informed Sumati.

Sumati turned around. She realized that while putting on her panties back after using the bathroom, her petticoat and the saree had gotten stuck in it in the behind. Anjali was now laughing out loud. It was a funny situation, as Sumati looked really awkward in that stuck saree. Though funny, a situation like this can be too embarrassing for any woman. Sumati would have to be careful about this now that she is a woman. “I hate this”, Sumati fumed, “… and look, my pleats are not uniform either. I will have to fix it all over again.” Sumati got a little sad. May be she was being a drama queen but her saree troubles were real.

“Relax lady. How many times I have told you earlier that you should use two safety pins to hold the pleats together? One on the top and another a few inches below the waist. Would you remember this now? Come here and I will help you fix it.”, Anjali said. Anjali was still the same, kind, loving, caring and helpful lady. She always had all the good virtues of a woman, even before when she used to be a crossdressing man. She patiently helped Sumati with her saree. “Here you go”, said Anjali as she finished helping Sumati. “Are you feeling better now?”, she smiled and looked directly into Sumati’s eyes. Sumati was now at ease. She nodded and thanked her lovely friend.

Anjali then proceeded to fix herself up. She walked upto an old long mirror, combed her hair, and put a rubber band to hold it together. “What a lovely woman Anjali is!”, Sumati wondered herself as she thanked god that she had a good friend like her.

“OK, drama queen, Sumati. I am ready to go!”, Anjali said.

“Is this how you are going out? Come on lady, if you are not going to do any makeup, at least change that saree! You had been wearing this one doing all the house work since the morning.”,  Sumati almost scolded Anjali.

Anjali opened her hair bun. She decided to tie quickly tie her hair on the back using a rubber band. She was ready to leave in a minute. But Sumati was not satisfied with Anjali wearing her home saree to go out. She wanted Anjali to change into something else.

“OK OK Madam! I am going to change. Just give me five minutes.”, Anjali said in an effort to calm Sumati down.

“Anjali, do you remember how you always used to do the best make up whenever we would dress up together? Now, you don’t even seem to like using nail polish.”, Sumati said.

“Oh dear. I wasn’t a housewife then. Try washing dozens of kitchen dishes everyday with nail polish on, it will wear out within a day. Times have changed dear. Now, I am enjoying other aspects of being a woman. Do you understand?”, Anjali said as she was going through her almirah to pick out another saree. Sumati could not say anything. She began to understand that the priorities have changed for Anjali; she is no longer a part-time crossdresser dressing up in leisure time, she is a mother and a home-maker now.

Anjali picked out a blue and gray colored saree to wear. She indicated to Sumati that she would want some privacy to change her saree.

“Oh come on, Anjali! You didn’t mind changing in front of me when I was a man.”, Sumati chuckled. “You are right.”, Anjali said in a low voice. With a brief pause she continued, “But back then, I didn’t have breasts, you know?”

Sumati laughed a little. And said, “I didn’t have breasts then either! By the way, do you want to see mine?”

“Naughty girl! I don’t need to see those. I am happy with mine. These are 34DD cup size, you know?”, Anjali said touching her own breasts through the blouse.

“Anyway, I am changing now! And please don’t try to steal a look!”, Anjali said jokingly. She removed her blouse. She was wearing a white colored cotton bra inside. She had such pretty shapely and firm breasts, but the bra was a tad ugly. Times had really changed for Anjali. As a crossdressing man, she would never have worn such an ugly and cheap bra. But with her current financial situation, probably that’s what she could afford. “May be I should gift her a decent set of bras”, Sumati wondered herself. If she knew Anjali at all, then Anjali would seriously appreciate beautiful bras.

Anjali herself was thinking why is she feeling shy to change in front of a woman friend. She had dressed up so many times with Sumati in the past. May be it had to do with the fact that she didn’t want Sumati to know that she no longer has beautiful panties and bras. She quickly removed her petticoat and put on a gray colored petticoat.

Anjali then wore a blue colored blouse with black polka dots on it. The blouse fitted wonderfully on her breasts and soft fleshy arms. She looked sexy. And of course, Sumati could feel an attraction towards her as both were now lesbians, but these two girls had decided a few moments ago that they would not do anything about it. Sumati just watched Anjali wear her saree with a true admiration for her friend.

As promised, Anjali was ready in five minutes. “Princess Sumati, I am all set to go! Madhurima aunty’s home is just ten minutes walk from here. So we should start now. I want to come back before 1 pm when my in-laws would be back home from the temple.”

Sumati walked up to her friend, grabbed her one hand and said, “Nazar na lage!(May you never get an evil eye upon you)”

Anjali locked her house, and the two friends began to walk out of the gate. “Anjali, please check one more time that my saree is not stuck anywhere behind. I don’t want to embarrass myself on the street.”, Sumati was still worried after her bathroom fiasco. “I have checked it already. Everything looks fine. Now, let’s walk this way.”, Anjali said and they began walking again.

Anjali soon changed into another saree. She looked sexy in her blue blouse with black polka dots. She locked the door of her house. The ladies began walking towards Madhurima’s house.

“Anjali, do you remember when we once went out as women on a street near my home in the afternoon about two years ago?”,  Sumati asked.

“Of course, how can I forget that? I had to really force you to come out with me. You were so scared. You were sweating so badly in your makeup. And we ran back to your home within five minutes because you were too scared.”, Anjali laughed as she said this.

“Come on, don’t exaggerate! We were out for more like fifteen minutes.”, Sumati said in a complaining voice.

“OK. I won’t exaggerate but it was not even ten minutes. In a rush to go back home, you were tripping on your own saree. And who tries to run in a 3-inches heel anyway?”, Anjali was teasing Sumati.

“I admit I was a stupid woman who ran in high heels. But look at us now, we are two beautiful women walking freely in open with nothing to worry about. I am looking forward to meet Madhurima mom*. You spoke with her yesterday, right? How is she doing?”, Sumati asked. (* Sumati used to consider Madhurima as her mother when they would crossdress).

Sumati was right, they were indeed walking freely in open air. And the sudden wind gust seemed to agree with her. Their sarees and pallus began to blow with the taste of freedom. The two ladies quickly got hold of their pallus and tried to hold their saree in place with their fingers. The wind gust passed soon. There were a few men on the street who were observing these gorgeous ladies. But these two ladies were happy in their own world, they didn’t care about those prying eyes.

“Hmm.. Madhurima aunty.”, Anjali began to answer Sumati’s question. “You know she used to fall sick very often earlier. That hasn’t changed for her. Her wife Ajanta aunty is now her husband Jayant! So don’t be surprised when you see an uncle today! Do you remember how sweet Ajanta aunty was?[Read about her here] She used to welcome us with love, and never judged us for our crossdressing. Now that she is a man, he is still sweet like earlier. He takes care of Madhu aunty with all love.”

Sumati felt good hearing about Madhurima. These two friends continued talking, and soon, they arrived at their destination. They were at the door. And Anjali was about ring the door bell. But Sumati interrupted her and said in a hushed voice, “Hey .. Anjali. Stop! Just look at me and tell me how do I look? How is my hair?”

“Oh god! You have become such an annoying woman, queen Sumati! You look fine. Stop worrying about your looks! You look fetching. “, Anjali said. “Hey… don’t be so mean to me! I was asking just because there were big wind gusts on the way. I was worried that my hair might look like a mess.”, Sumati replied. Anjali pressed the door bell anyway.

Jayant uncle opened the door. And as soon as Sumati saw him, she realized that her boob/blouse on the left side of her chest was coming out of the saree. She quickly pulled her saree with her left hand to cover it. She proceeded to touch uncle’s feet. “Namaste uncle!”, both the ladies greeted him. “Oh come dear daughters. Come on in first. Your aunty had been eagerly waiting for you.”, Jayant uncle said.

Sumati smiled at uncle. She felt a little strange because Jayant uncle used to be a very sweet lady named Ajanta. And this man today had no clue that he was ever a woman. It had been more than two days now since the world around Sumati had changed, and yet, it all felt like a dream. Though she was enjoying parts of this new life, she was probably waiting for this dream to get over.

“Ladies, why don’t you go inside to see your aunty? And I will bring some tea and water for you.”, uncle said. “Uncle, there is no need. We just came walking for 10 minutes. We are not thirsty.”, Anjali said.

The two ladies went further inside the house to the room where Madhurima aunty was. It seemed she had just finished getting ready for the guests. She must have hurried up when the door bell rang. Madhurima turned to look towards her guests. There was a big smile on always cheerful and mischievous Madhu aunty.

“Oh my lovely daughters are here! Come give me a hug!”, Madhu said as soon as she saw Sumati and Anjali. Both the girls rushed to hug their lovely aunty. And Madhu aunty was definitely big enough to hug them both at once. She gave a kiss on cheek of each of the girls with love, like a mother does. Madhu was a busty woman, even before when she was a man. She had a medical condition because of which she had to take medications which made her grow her weight. She was overweight but that’s what gave her a very mother-like appearance. Even as a man, she had breasts because of the extra weight. It always felt special to receive a hug from motherly and warm Madhu aunty. She was a little mischievous too. She would always make the environment around her happy with her stunts and funny comments.

Madhurima, a lovely charming and a busty woman, who was like a mother to Anjali and Sumati, was eagerly waiting for them.

“Come girls. Sit! And tell everything about your life to your aunty. I am glad that you girls remembered your old aunt.”, Madhu said.

“Old aunt? You are one hot mama!”, Sumati teased her.

“Tell me, what would you like to eat? I can ask Jayant uncle to make something for you.”, Madhu said. “Don’t worry aunty. We just ate poha at my house.”, Anjali said. She didn’t want to bother ailing aunt and uncle. But uncle already came with tea and biscuits to serve. He said, “Ladies, I am going to leave you women alone now. I will be outside watering the plants. You can call me if you need anything.”  He was such a sweet man. “Thank you very much uncle.”, Sumati said.

Now that uncle was gone, Madhu turned towards Sumati and asked, “Sumati beti, is everything alright with the new life?” She knew the sudden changes in life might not have been easy for anyone.

“Everything is great, mom! I am getting married soon. And you have to be there for my wedding! I don’t want any excuses. You don’t wanna miss seeing your daughter in a really heavy gorgeous lehenga.”, Sumati said to Madhu. She was trying to make Madhu feel better because Madhu had been concerned about Sumati’s well-being.

“Of course, Sumati. I won’t miss the beautiful bride for anything in this world. Even if that means I have to move my tanker-sized body to a far distance, I will do it.”, Madhu joked as usual. These three ladies laughed and continued their banter. But no one talked about the elephant in the room: about their transformation, and the challenges it brought. After sometime, the usually cheerful Madhu suddenly got serious.

Madhurima asked the girls to sit. She wanted to talk something serious with these girls.

“Anjali, Sumati. Listen carefully to me. May be you two are not comfortable to share what you are experiencing because of these new changes. You know how things have changed after becoming woman. But you two can always count on me. I was a mother to you girls before, and I will continue to be. If you two don’t want to tell me now, that’s fine. But let me tell you a few things which might help you. Does that sound good?”

Anjali and Sumati nodded. They felt grateful for Madhu’s concern.

“I don’t know why and how we ended up becoming women overnight. And you must have yourself experienced that the world is changing around us. No one remembers that we used to be men before. They all have new memories in which we always were women in their eyes. I am in love with my new life, but I was equally happy before. But I must tell you this. Be careful about how you react to people around you. You must remember that we create our own destiny. If we do good, we receive god’s grace in return. If we do bad, god takes care of that too. So, if you want to enjoy your new found femininity and you want everything to be fine, then just be good. Don’t think bad about anyone. Love everyone. And they will love you in return. Though the past is changing without our control, but the future is in our own hands. You can make it bright by contributing to your relationships with your parents, your spouse and even your friends.”

Sumati listened carefully. She said, “Mom. I am a little hesitant to ask this. We have never talked about anything like this before. But how are you managing your relationship with your husband? I mean …. physically.” Sumati said it.

Madhu smiled at Sumati’s question. “Dear Sumati, we are in that age now where we don’t indulge in physical relations, at least not too often. But if my husband requests it, I will gladly fulfill his request. And do you know why? Do you remember Ajanta aunty? How sweet and caring she was? She used to take care of me with my health issues. She loved me and always supported my feminine side as well.  She loved you two girls too. And now she is my husband, Jayant. And look at him, how caring he is! He is the man of the house but he does everything to make my life comfortable, even though I cannot always help him much because of my sickness. He is great, and he was great as Ajanta too. I cannot forget that. And that’s why, it is very easy for me to make him happy anyway he wants.”

Sumati got into the kitchen and began to make pakoras for everyone. She had fond memories of living in this house.

Sumati got her answer. She could remember how Chaitali knew about Sumati’s crossdressing in the past, and kept it secret from others. How Chaitali supported her. And that’s why Sumati didn’t hesitate when the question of marriage came. Now, that Chaitali has become Chaitanya, Sumati realized that there is still so much love in her heart for Chaitanya. Sumati might be a lesbian in this new life, but there is no reason she could not be faithful and supportive to her husband-to-be Chaitanya whom she loved. But sometimes, some changes can be overwhelming. Your brain may understand everything, but the emotions experienced in hearts may still be difficult to manage. Anjali was going through similar thoughts as Sumati. But Madhurima’s wisdom was helping them overcome the challenges they were experiencing in their relationship with their spouses. Both the girls cried a little in the lap of mother-like figure Madhurima. And Madhurima embraced them both with love.

After their emotional outbursts, Anjali and Sumati felt relaxed. Sumati suggested that she would make pakoras for Madhu and Jayant uncle. She went into the kitchen. She was familiar with this house. She started making pakoras. When Jayant uncle heard something going on in the kitchen, he came inside to see what was going on. “Arey beta, you don’t have to do it. Let me make something for you. Tell me what would you like to eat? I am sure you would like what your old uncle makes.”, Jayant uncle said. Sumati turned towards Jayant uncle. She walked upto him. She grabbed his hands and said, “Uncle, you have already done so much for me. Now, you go outside, sit and relax with Madhu aunty and Anjali while I make something here. Anjali would love to talk to you.”

Soon, Sumati came out with pakoras. Everyone sat in the drawing room, and enjoyed each other’s company. Sumati looked into Anjali eyes. They both were comfortable now. Everything will be alright. They knew. They could see it. They could see it in the lovely couple Madhu and Jayant. They were an old couple so much in love with each other. Anjali and Sumati now knew that they were capable of having such a relationship with their husbands too. Everything was going to be fine.


Image Credits: Lasi_Beauty on Flickr (a beautiful crossdresser) and

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