Indian Ladies Club: Part 14

Sumati visits her home where the preparations for her wedding are going on at full pace. Is she ready for her new life?

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Next morning, when these ladies woke up, they all had become women overnight. The world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati was soon to get married to a man named Chaitanya. She came to visit her home town where her wedding preparations were going on in full swing.

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Sumati’s wedding

“Mom, Sumati didi is here.”, Rohit announced excitedly as he saw Sumati alight from the rickshaw. She was back to her home town where the preparations for her own wedding were going on in full swing. She was going to get married to Chaitanya in 8 days. She could not believe it. She didn’t know if she was ready to spend her life with a man. Nonetheless, she was happy to be home with her mom.

The beautiful neighbor, Shiksha bhabhi, came running to welcome Sumati.

Rohit ran upto Sumati to pick up her bags. Shiksha bhabhi came running from the house next door. She was the sweet neighbor of Sumati.  “Oh Sumati is here! Look at her! She has grown more beautiful. The city life seems to agree with her health and beauty.”, Shiksha bhabhi exclaimed as she came holding her pallu over her head. She was a rural housewife, who used to get excited whenever someone would come from the city. And it seemed, she really liked Sumati. She stood their watching Sumati walk to the main entrance with her brother, Rohit.

Sumati’s mom came to the door too. She was holding a pooja thali in her hand with a lit lamp. She welcomed Sumati, her daughter, with sheer joy. Sumati covered her head with her salwar’s dupatta as her mom exercised the rituals to ward off any evil spirits from Sumati. Sumati’s eyes filled with happiness looking at her mom. Last time, she was here, she was the prodigal son. Situation had changed, but mother’s love was still the same. And same was the love for mother in Sumati’s heart. She tried to touch her mother’s feet but her mother stopped her. “A daughter’s place is in mother’s heart and not at the feet.”, Sumati’s mother said as she touched the face of her lovely daughter with her soft hands. They both hugged each other. There were tears of joy in mother’s eyes.

Arey Shiksha, why don’t you come and do the pooja to welcome Sumati as well? Your nanad(sister-in-law) is here. Don’t you wanna welcome her?”, Sumati’s mother said to Shiksha who was watching this. Shiksha came forward who performed the rituals and hugged Sumati. “How are you bhabhi? And how are your naughty kids?”, asked Sumati. “Oh the kids are fine. You will see them when they come back from school later today. I am so excited for your wedding, Sumati.”, said Shiksha.

“Girls! There is plenty of time to talk. First let Sumati come in and relax for a bit.”, Sumati’s mother interrupted.

Sumati went to her old room. The room had changed. It used to be a boy’s room. But in this changed situation, it had become a girl’s room. It was still difficult for Sumati to come in terms with this new reality, even though she was standing there in a woman’s body. It all seemed like a dream. A dream that kept on going without its end in sight. She could not seem to get out of it.

Sumati worn a green colored salwar suit after taking a bath.

Sumati sat on her bed which had flowery sheets on it. She looked outside the window through her room. In a few hundreds meters, there was the house of Chaitali, who is Chaitanya now, the man she was going to marry. It looked like there were several guests in that house already. In a few days, she would become the daughter-in-law of that house. Sumati then went on to take a bath. After that, she wore a green colored salwar suit. As a crossdresser, she used to love wearing sarees. But now that she was a woman, she frequently wore salwar suits. She found that easy to manage. As expected, she spent some time with her mom, whom she was meeting after a long time. The mother-daughter duo had lunch together. Sumati’s mother then asked her to sleep for a few hours, as she must have been tired from the long train journey from the city to her hometown. Sumati didn’t want to sleep. She wanted to talk to her mother. She wanted to tell her that she was her son. But she could not explain the situation to her. Because like everyone else, Sumati’s mother had no recollection that Sumati was ever a boy. She remembers her as her daughter only. Sumati found this situation very frustrating inside. But on the outside, she kept smiling. And ultimately decided to go to sleep.

After a few hours, Sumati’s mother came to wake Sumati up. She touched Sumati’s head to wake her up gently. Sumati got up.

“It’s about evening, Sumati. I think you should get up.”

“Thank you, ma. I didn’t realize I slept for this long. May be I was really tired from the journey.”

“Don’t worry, beta. Anyway, we won’t have guests until day after tomorrow. But there are few things I wanted to talk to you about.”, Sumati’s mother said. “What is it, ma?”

“Sumati Beta, you will be in your new house very soon. You have no idea how happy I feel knowing that you are marrying Chaitanya. I had seen my pretty princess play with Chaitanya all the time. How quickly that time flew away, and you are now going to be a bride.”

“No mom, Chaitanya was the little princess Chaitali. I was a boy.”, Sumati thought in her mind. Human mind is a strange one. There was a time when Sumati wanted her mom to recognize the girl inside her. But now that she was a woman, she wanted her mom to see that she was a boy. Our mind desires what we don’t have at the moment. Sumati didn’t say anything to her mom.

“Sumati, in your new house, you will be expected to wear sarees in a traditional style with seedha pallu covering your head. You will be expected to help in cooking for a large number of guests. Like any mother, I am a little concerned how my daughter will deal with that situation. I know that you have learned to cook when you lived alone in the city. But what do you say if I teach you how to wear a saree in a seedha pallu style? and then, teach you a few special dishes that I know?”

Sumati’s mother taught her how to wear a saree in a traditional style. Just when mother and daughter were having a good time, Sumati received a mysterious message on her phone.

“That would be great mom! I would really like to learn your recipes.”, Sumati got excited. As a young boy, she always used to dream that someday her mom would accept the girl inside him, and give him one of her sarees. This is probably among one of the sweetest gestures that a mother does, by giving her saree to her daughter and teach her some important lessons. Sumati was happy that she could now be the daughter she always longed to be. Her mom brought out a mehendi color saree for Sumati to wear. In the meanwhile, Sumati changed into a blouse and a petticoat. She really loved it how her mother helped her wear it in a traditional style. She had never worn in that style before. After that, they both went into the kitchen where her mom shared several special recipes with her. They both were enjoying the cooking when an SMS arrived on Sumati’s phone. She noticed the LED on her phone blink indicating the arrival of the message. She would check it later, she thought. But she felt a strange compulsion to check that message. She could not ignore it. “I will be back in a minute, ma”, she said to her mother.

She washed her hands, wiped it with her pallu and unlocked her phone to read the message.

“Hello Sumati. How is the new life as a woman? Do you miss being a boy? But you always wanted to be a girl, don’t you? I am sure you must have realized by now that the struggles one experiences in their life continue to exist. It does not matter if you are a boy or a girl. If you were destined to have difficulties in your life, it was because of your past karma and not because you were born a boy or a girl. You cannot escape from your karma by becoming a woman. Did you learn that or not? But you always have a choice! You can always accumulate good karma which will improve your future.  So, do you want to remain a woman? Or would you like to become a boy again? You have a week from now when the wheel of time will decide your fate. Good luck.”

That was a very strange message. Who could have sent that message? Who besides the member of Indian Ladies Club knows about her transformation? “Who are you?”, replied Sumati to that message.

“Does it matter, Sumati? Some people call me Mohan, and some have even seen me as Mohini. But does that matter? You have one week to decide your fate. Be a good woman, Sumati. Good luck.”

Sumati tried to call back the number from where she received the mysterious message. But the number +463 was incomplete and could not be called. She looked carefully at the number, it was +GOD on the number keypad. Somebody was playing a trick with her. But it really shook her.

Sumati was not alone to receive a mysterious message. Around the same time, Sasha received the message at her office. Anjali received a similar message when she was feeding her daughter Sapna. Madhu received the message as well. Anvesha did too. And so did every member of Indian ladies club who got transformed that fateful night. No one fully understood what that message meant. What was going to happen in a week? For Sumati, she knew it would be the day before her wedding.

The next 7 days

On the 7th day, Sumati woke up. She was not sure what was going to happen tonight.

The life went on for Sumati. Her house was filled with guests. She had accepted her new life, and she did her best to keep everyone happy. She did not share the deep emotions she was experiencing. She had forgotten about the mysterious message amidst the joyful celebrations going on in her house. On the morning of 7th day, she woke up as usual. She remembered that message that morning. But she did not know what will happen by the end of the day. She stayed in bed for sometime before she talked to anyone. She prayed to god wishing everything would be fine. She got up from the bed, and walked out to meet the guests at home. And when she got out, there were two guests who had just arrived. She was really happy to see them: Anjali and Madhurima. They were here to attend Sumati’s wedding with their whole family. Anjali was with her husband, daughter and in-laws. Madhu was with her husband Jayant uncle. The moment she saw her best friends, she could see in their eyes that they had received the mysterious message as well. She was glad that they all will be together in this.

Anjali’s week was not impacted by that message either. Her duties as a wife, a mother and a daughter-in-law kept her really occupied. She tried her best to keep everyone happy without any complaints. She had become a woman who knew what it means to give to others without expecting anything in return. She had become the woman with unconditional love, even when her husband would come back home late, wanting to make love to her when she was tired. She just devoted herself to him.

In a wedding home, it was difficult for these friends to get any privacy to talk about the message. But they could convey to each other with their eyes. The day progressed. A haldi ceremony was scheduled to take place in the afternoon. Madhu helped Sumati and her mother to dress her up in a yellow lehenga choli for the ceremony. Madhu and Sumati’s mother brought Sumati to a stage where she would sit, and five married women would apply turmeric to her. Madhu was very proud looking at the beautiful Sumati. Anjali was the first married woman who applied turmeric to the beautiful bride. They both looked into each other’s eyes. The two friends were really enjoying the feminine moment. They were going to cherish it forever.

Anjali was the first married lady to apply haldi to the bride. These two friends were going to cherish this moment forever.

The day was nearing its end. The mehendi ceremony was going on. Sumati was getting her hands and legs decorated with henna. Anjali and Madhu were sitting nearby Sumati. Anjali could feel her phone buzz in her purse. She took the purse out. She had a message. “Are you ready, Anjali?”, the message read from the same mysterious number. Madhu checked her phone. Her phone had the same message. They both looked towards Sumati, who was occupied laughing and having fun with her cousin sisters and sister-in-laws. The night proceeded peacefully. Well, until they fell asleep. The time had come.

The next part of the story is the last part where you will get to know what happened after that night.


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Image Credits: Credit for Shiksha bhabhi’s picture goes to our reader Shiksha Dulari Vishwakarma. She is a lovely crossdresser. Say hi to her on facebook!

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