Indian Ladies Club: Final Part

That fateful night had arrived when the things were going to change once again in the life of crossdressing members of ILC. Will they remain as women or will they become men again?

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Next morning, when these ladies woke up, they all had become women overnight. The world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. All the members had received a strange message on their phone that foretold of another event that was going to impact their lives. That fateful night had finally arrived. Read ahead to know about what happened to these ladies in this last part of the series.

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The fateful night had arrived, when something was going to happen according to the mysterious message that Sumati and her friends from Indian ladies club had received. Sumati was beaming as a beautiful bride. Her hands and legs were covered in a beautiful henna. She was surrounded by her cousins and all the women guests. There was laugh and joy in the air. Everyone was happy, except Sumati, Anjali and Madhurima who had no idea what this night was going to bring in their lives. Sumati was still smiling while other women around her were praising the beautiful bride and her henna designs. After that, the scene seemed to fade out as if everyone was going to fall asleep soon. Sumati didn’t remember what happened after that.

Sumati could remember that she was surrounded by the women of her family the last night after her mehendi. But she didn’t remember anything after that.

The next morning

Sumati woke up in her bed. She could hear some women of the house talking among themselves.

“Is the groom still sleeping?”

“Yes, he was up until late at night. But today is his big day, someone please wake him up.”

Sumati could feel the warm touch of loving hands on her face. “Beta Sumit, wake up son. It’s your wedding day”, Sumati heard her mother’s voice. She opened her eyes slowly, and she saw her mother’s smiling face.

It took only a second for Sumati to realize that she was once again a man, and a son of her family. She was Sumit once again. “He” smiled at his mother who was lovingly waking up her first born son. Sumit was happy to have become a man once again.

He checked his phone. There was a message waiting for him from the strange number “+GOD”. The message read, “Sumati, you made a good choice. You had been a good woman these past days. Hence, I give you my blessings that your desires will be fulfilled, and I give your body back to you. The world around you is same as it was 10 days back. I wish you a blissful married life. Take good care of your wife, Chaitali.

Sumit hurried up after reading that message. He took a bath and decided to go and talk to Chaitali quickly. His mother said to him, “Son, it is not considered a good omen to see the bride before the wedding ceremony on the wedding day.” Sumit replied, “Trust me, Ma. Nothing can go wrong today. I really need to speak to Chaitali.”

Chaitali’s house was only a few hundred meters away from Sumit’s house. He rushed upto see Chaitali, who was busy with other female guests of her family. She looked at him from a distance and smiled. Chaitali’s mother welcomed Sumit, and as per his wish, she arranged for him to talk to Chaitali in a private room. Sumit waited for Chaitali to come.

Chaitali soon arrived. She looked like an angel in her silk saree. “What’s the matter, Sumit? I hope everything is fine.”, she said.

“Chaitali. I came here to tell you that I feel like I am the luckiest person on this planet to have a woman like you in my life. You had been a great friend to me all this life. And I want to tell you that I will prove to be a loving and caring husband to you. I will do everything to make you happy. And if that means, I will have to give up my crossdressing for it, I will do that too.”

“Oh Sumit! When did I ever ask you to do that? You know that I had kept that a secret and never told anyone about that. I had always supported you in your dressing. When you dress up as a woman, I get a wonderful female friend to talk to. And at other times, you are the man I would like to spend my life with. I don’t want you to change. I love you, and I will continue to support you. You don’t need to give up something that makes you complete. Without Sumati, you won’t be living your full life.”, Chaitali said to her husband-to-be.

Sumit met Chaitali at her house. The young couple had a very good understanding. And Sumit was happy that his secret life as Sumati was safe with Chaitali.

Sumit’s heart was filled with gratitude for Chaitali. He didn’t hug her, but he said thanks to her with his eyes. The young couple smiled. They had a very good understanding between each other. They didn’t need any words to express what they felt in their heart for each other. They knew that they were going to have a wonderful life together.

When Anjali woke up in a guest room at Sumati’s house, she realized that she has become a man too. He looked at his daughter Sapna and his wife sleeping peacefully next to him. He gently woke up his wife and said to her, “My loving wife. I know you feel that you have an obligation towards me to support my every decision. But dear wife, you are no less than me. You are my equal and my life-partner. You have an equal say in whatever decisions we make. And I really want our daughter to grow in an environment where she could become an independent girl. My parents might have not been kind to you for not giving birth to a boy, but I will raise Sapna as someone who is not less than a boy in any manner. She will make her dreams come true. She will have my support, and I want you to support her as her mother too.” Anjali’s wife was pleasantly surprised to hear these words from her kind husband in the morning. She was happy that her daughter would grow up to be an independent woman, unlike her.

When Madhurima woke up, like others, she woke up to be a man too. For her, the life was good when she was a man, as well as when she became a woman for the last ten days. He looked at his wife Ajanta and said to her, “Ajanta, I may not have told this enough but I am truly the luckiest person to have a wife like you, who supported me in sickness and in health. I would love to spend several lives with you on my side. In fact, I would be happy if I become your wife in the next life, so that I can support you with love the way you did in this birth.” Ajanta had nothing to say. She was always grateful to be in a loving relationship. It was in her nature to give love, and she always received plenty more love in return.

Back in the city, miles away from where Sumati’s wedding was taking place, Sasha had a stressful night too due to the strange message. She remembered talking her heart out at night with Naureen, who had become her roommate in her life as a woman. But when she woke up, Sasha too realized that she was back to being a man. He woke up in his earlier house where he used to live with his male roommate. He hurried to go to his office. He had an important task to finish today.

“Naureen”, he rushed to talk to to Naureen as soon as he reached his office.

“Yes, Susheel. Why are you panting? Have you been running?”, Naureen said to Sasha in his male form. Of course, Naureen did not remember anything from the past ten days when Sasha was a woman and her roommate.

“Naureen, there is something urgent I want to talk to you about.”, Sasha alias Susheel said.

They both moved to a private meeting room in the office. Susheel broke the silence.

“Naureen, you are the most wonderful woman I have known. You are kind and gentle and you help everyone without expecting anything in return. You have no idea how wonderful you had been to me, and how you have helped me in the most difficult times. But I know that. I want to say thank you to you for being there with me when I needed someone on my side.”

Susheel paused for a moment before he continued again. “Naureen, I really like you. Will you marry me and become my wife, Naureen?”

“But before you answer that question, let me tell you something more about me.”, Susheel said.

And then Susheel told Naureen about his crossdressing and his alternative personality as Sasha. He wanted to tell Naureen about the past ten days he spent as Sasha with Naureen, but he knew that Naureen would not believe any of that. Susheel had no proof, and even the mysterious messages that he had received on his phone, had vanished and could not be found anymore. Naureen was quiet after listening to Susheel. Then, she came forward to give a small kiss on Susheel’s cheeks. And she said, “Yes”. Susheel had no idea that Naureen always used to like him, but she never suggested that to anyone.

Naureen had no recollection of living with Sasha as her female roommate. Nonetheless, there was a spark of love inside her for Sasha aka Susheel.

Life had changed for good for almost everyone at Indian Ladies Club. Sumati aka Sumit’s wedding happened peacefully. Anjali and Madhurima participated in that wedding as Sumit’s male friends. Life was good once again. Being a crossdresser, was no longer a problem for anyone.

Few days later

The Indian Ladies Club was bustling with joy. It was really crowded. There were men from all walks of life, dressing themselves up in the prettiest sarees, lehengas and other feminine clothes. Because today was a very special day. The Indian Ladies Club was opening again after a brief hiatus. But there was one small change in the club this time. The Indian Ladies Club was now not only open to the crossdressing “ladies” but also to their wives, girlfriends or life-partners. Many “ladies” were being helped by their wives or girlfriends in getting dressed as a wonderful pretty woman. Those who were single, were being helped by the senior experienced “ladies” or other women in the house. The happiness was clearly visible on everyone’s face.

There was one particular member who was especially happy. It was Sumati. Sumati was getting dressed as a bride tonight. Anjali, Madhurima and many other ladies were there for the special occasion and to help this wonderful bride. Sumati was glad to have Anjali and Madhurima around her. These three friends were there for each other in their testing times, and their friendship had only gotten stronger during those times. Today, the Indian Ladies Club was celebrating another wedding between Sumati and Chaitali, where both were to be the brides. All the special ladies were attending this wedding from Sumati’s side whereas the wives and the girlfriends were attending it from Chaitali’s side. Sumati was now ready as the bride. She was ready to walk the aisle. So were the members of the Indian Ladies Club, beaming with smile in their pretty colored clothes. Sumati was thankful to all the members of the club, who were there to join her in this wonderful moment.

The Indian Ladies Club today was filled with happiness. All the ladies had dressed up in their pretty sarees and lehengas for the special event, the wedding of Sumati to Chaitali. And Sumati was glowing as a traditional bride surrounded by her friends. ILC was once again alive.

While everyone who attended the last ILC meeting was present for this wedding, there was one person who was missing. It was Anvesha. The other day, when everyone’s lives changed back to being normal, Anvesha’s life changed too. But this time, instead of becoming a man or staying a beautiful woman, she woke up as an ugly woman who was as ugly in the inside. She was a bad person, who didn’t care about anyone else. And as a result, she was doomed to spend her life lonely as an undesirable ugly woman. May be someday, she will find a prince who will break her curse. But until then, she was doomed to suffer alone.

Those ten days as women had taught an important lesson to all the crossdressing members of the club. Being a crossdresser is not a curse. It is really up to us if we use this as a blessing to enrich our life with feminine expressions, or use it as a curse and make our lives miserable. We can definitely use the feminine qualities that we have to understand our spouses a little better. But of course, that requires us to open up a little to our partners and make them understand that we are a wonderful people, no matter what kind of clothes we wear. And sure, we sometimes need to understand their needs as well. We cannot remain as a full-time woman while not meeting our partner’s needs. Maintaining a balance is critical for any relationship. That’s what these ladies learnt. And today, they all are celebrating a wholesome life.

Author’s note: It gives me an immense pleasure to conclude this series. This was a fiction but I wish something like this could happen in our lives too. I know we won’t be magically transformed into a woman someday. But that was the point of this story. It is our choice to make our life beautiful with what little we have. If we try hard enough, we all can have a wonderful life. I pray that all the girls reading this story get to live a fulfilling life both as a man and a woman. Cheers to all the Indian ladies!

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