Neha Bhabhi

Neha bhabhi was very beautiful and sexy, the kind of woman people write stories about. She had a beautiful face, slim figure, huge bosoms, long hair, everything one wants in a woman. Will she fulfill my desires?

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हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे

“Oh my dear brother-in-law! Look how tall you have grown”, said my dear sister-in-law Neha, or Neha bhabhi (sister-in-law), as I used to call her. She hugged me, and I hugged her back as soon as I reached her home. Neha bhabhi was a sexy woman, the kind of woman people fancy about and write those special kind of stories. Beautiful face, slim figure, big bosom, long hair, she had it all. Today, she was wearing a green colored saree, with a light brown border. She had a mesmerizing effect on me as I looked at my sexy bhabhi in that matching blouse with short sleeves.  I could feel her soft breasts pressing against me, and I didn’t wanna release her from my hug yet. But she was my sister-in-law, I guess I should respect her, I thought.

After completion of my Class 10 exams, I had decided to visit my elder brother Tanuj and his wife Neha at their home. Tanuj had come to pick me up at the station, and we had just arrived at his home. I loved spending my summer vacation at his home. After all, my sweet sister-in-law used to give me so much love. Tanuj and Neha bhabhi  were married for two years, and yet, they had the glow of a newly-married couple. Anyone who met Neha bhabhi, instantly felt that my brother was a lucky man. Though Neha was a housewife, but she had a very modern outlook. She looked fetching in whatever clothes she wore, be it a saree or a skirt. Being her brother-in-law, I should not think of her in any wrong way. But Neha bhabhi was a sexy woman, and I could not help the sexual thoughts that would come in my mind. I have been hugged by many women, aunties, in my life, but Neha bhabhi used to hug me a little tighter and closer than any other woman. I am not implying that she had any wrong kind of interest in me. In fact, the truth is, she was a very good friend of mine. I could tell her anything that came in my heart. She would listen to me with an open mind, and would express herself freely as well. May be that was the reason, she would hug me freely without any hesitation or barrier between us. And I was that ungrateful person who was thinking about the soft body of this loving lady. I felt ashamed a little. But Neha bhabhi grabbed my hands as she looked intently towards me with so much happiness in her eyes.

My Neha bhabhi! She could mesmerize anyone with her charming looks.

“Tanuj, would you please come back early from work today? We will take Anuj to go out and eat at a nice restaurant tonight”, Neha said to her husband. “As you say, madam! Don’t forget that Anuj is not just your brother-in-law, he is my brother too! I want to give him a great time here.”,  Tanuj replied. Neha bhabhi was still holding my hands with happiness. She bid good bye to Tanuj who was going to his office for work. It was evident that they both loved each other a lot.

After my brother left, Neha bhabhi took me inside with a lot of excitement in her eyes. There was a table ready for me with a delicious breakfast. She made me sit on a chair, and sat on another in front of me. “Dear brother-in-law, please have breakfast now. We are going to have lunch much later, so it’s better if you eat as much as you can now.”, said Neha bhabhi as she tried to cover her breasts with her saree. Her saree seemed to slip a lot. She was looking at me with a big smile on her face. “Bhabhi, why don’t you call me Anuj? Brother-in-law is a little impersonal and too long to say.”, I said.

She laughed. And then, she reclined back on her chair and folded her legs. She began to fixed her saree pleats below the navel. And then, she put both her hands on her knees and said, “Alright, Mr. Anuj! Tell me how is Priya doing? Did you make any progress with her?”

Bhabhi’s fingers looked really feminine and beautiful with painted nails.

I had to respond to her question, but my attention was grabbed by her beautiful nails. She had it painted very well. Her long nails gave her hands a very feminine appearance. Somehow, I got hold of myself and tried to answer her question. Priya was a classmate of mine. I liked her but I could never dare to talk to her. It was only after talking to Neha bhabhi about Priya, that I managed to gather some courage and started talking with Priya.

“Come on, bhabhi. I have barely started talking to her. She doesn’t even know that I like her”, I replied curtly to bhabhi. “Anuj! How will she know what’s in your heart if you don’t tell her! And if you don’t tell her, how will you get married to her? God, I am never going to get a sister-in-law “, Neha bhabhi was being dramatic.

“Bhabhi, you know that I am barely 15 years old. You dream of getting a sister-in-law is not going to come true for many years to come!”, I replied in a joking manner.  “Yeah yeah, I know your generation doesn’t believe in marrying soon. But if you tell her how you feel now, she will be ready when the time is good to get married.”, bhabhi said. I smiled. But I could not think about Priya at this moment.  My mind was occupied with the beautiful Neha bhabhi sitting in front of me. She was looking too sexy in that polka-dots saree. Her saree aanchal was hanging low upto the floor. I felt like picking that up and give it to her in her hands. I looked at her beautiful hands, with maroon color nail-polish. My heart craved with a wish that Neha bhabhi touched my face with her soft hands.

Bhabhi got up from her chair, and immediately started stroking my hair with her hands. It was as if Neha bhabhi could listen to what my heart desired. She pulled my head into her soft chest and said, “Anuj, why don’t you finish your breakfast while I put the clothes in the washing machine.” I loved the touch of her big soft breasts on my face. I saw Neha bhabhi leave. I could see her sexy waist waive as she walked away from me. Oh! I cannot describe how sexy she looked in that saree and blouse. Her sexy back made me a bit horny. But somehow, I controlled myself as I finished my breakfast.

After finishing my breakfast, I went to the drawing room where I sat on a sofa. I checked my phone and began to send some messages. That’s when Neha bhabhi came from no where and jumped to sit right next to me.  She folded her legs as she sat. She was very close to me. I felt a little shy finding her so close to me. Her legs were touching my thighs. Her saree aanchal was on my lap. I could feel something happening inside of me. I didn’t wanna feel horny, but I couldn’t help it. Neha bhabhi came further close to me. Her soft arms were touching mine. Honestly, this was nothing new for me. Neha bhabhi was always like that with me. She ignored all the boundaries between us. She used to say that I am a very good friend of hers. She felt that I was very similar to her husband Tanuj. And talking to me, helped her understand her husband a lot more. She and I used to talk about all sorts of things. Even when she had any fight with my brother Tanuj, she would call me and discuss that with me. Talking to me used to help her understand how to resolve the couple’s battle. I could never believe when she would say that I am so like my elder brother. Because he was such a strict person towards me. He would only talk about my studies and work, nothing more. But may be it was this emotional connect as friends between us, that made her shed all the boundaries between us. And this was reflected in a way she would touch me. May be she didn’t realize it, but the touch of her body had a titillating effect on me. Sometimes, it felt like she doesn’t even consider me as her brother-in-law, but her girl friend. Nonetheless, it was a confusing situation for me.

“Anuj, why don’t you show me Priya’s picture?”, said Neha in a chirping voice as she teased me by pushing her elbow into my arm. “Bhabhi! I don’t have a single picture of her.”, I responded by pushing her with my elbow. But in that instant, my elbow accidentally dug into her super soft breasts. What a heavenly touch that was! I felt a little ashamed because of my mistake of touching her breasts, but Neha, she wasn’t bothered at all. In fact, she came closer to me. Her soft breasts were now pressing my arms. She didn’t believe that I don’t have any picture of Priya. “Don’t lie to me, Anuj! I am sure she must be connected to you via Facebook. Now, are you going to show her pic? Or should I take your phone and see it myself?”

After some teasing, I ended up showing Priya’s picture to Neha bhabhi. “Wow! She is such a beautiful angel. You two will look great together. I wish I could get you two married soon.”, she said as she looked at the picture excitedly. There was a genuine happiness in this woman.

“Married? Come on, bhabhi. I haven’t talked to her yet.”, I said. “OK OK, you can get married after completing your college. But she is a wonderful girl. Don’t let her slip away.”, Neha bhabhi said. She was now directly looking into my eyes with her beautiful deep eyes.

I don’t know what was going in my mind, but I responded to Neha bhabhi by saying “Bhabhi, there cannot be any woman more beautiful than you.” I knew what I said was right. I found Neha bhabhi to be the sexiest and the most beautiful woman. But I was not sure how Neha bhabhi would take this statement. I hope she doesn’t get angry. I prayed to god.

But instead of getting angry, she actually hugged me! Both of her heavenly breasts were now pressed against my arm. And her arms were around my neck. I could see her dainty beautiful wrists as her bangles tinkled in front of my eyes. I could see her lips so close to my face. I was really horny now. But, Neha bhabhi pulled back after a few seconds. She got up, and fixed her saree. There is something sexy about how women fix their saree below their waist when they get up. She then looked at me with some naughty expressions. She said, “Anuj, I think you should go and get some rest in the guest bedroom.”

I was now in the guest room to get some rest. But the touch of bhabhi’s body was still in my mind. I could not sleep, especially with all the big pictures of Neha bhabhi that were hanging on the walls of that room. I had only one thing going in my mind. I had wanted to talk about this thing in my heart and tell everything about it to bhabhi. Ever since I had become her friend, my heart kept telling me that I should tell her how I felt. But what if she doesn’t like what I have to say? What if she told about this to my brother? I had always been afraid of my brother. I didn’t want our relationship to end because of this one thing that I could not keep in my heart. I kept turning on my back on that bed. But eventually, I gave up after some time. I got up, and decided that I am going to talk to Neha bhabhi. I could not keep this thing inside any longer.

I walked towards Neha bhabhi’s bedroom. As I peeped inside, I saw Neha was standing in front of a mirror. She seemed like getting ready to go somewhere. Her long hair were now open. She pulled her hair on one side. Her nude back in that deep cut blouse was now exposed. I could see her transparent blouse. I could see her white bra. It felt a little wrong on my part as I was watching my bhabhi without her knowledge. Her sexy body was making me horny. I struggled to control myself. Bhabhi, ignorant of my presence, picked up a safety pin and used it to pin her saree pleats to the petticoat. I should say something quickly, I thought. Bhabhi was still preoccupied with the dressing. She picked up a small hand purse. She slid her saree pallu over her shoulder and turned. “Are you going somewhere, bhabhi?”, I finally managed to ask her as she looked at me.

Neha bhabhi was getting ready. She looked ravishing in her open hair. I could see her white bra through her transparent blouse.

I was worried that I might have startled bhabhi with my sudden appearance. But she was not disturbed at all. “I had been wondering how long will it take you to say anything when you were standing at the door.”, Neha bhabhi said as she rolled her eyes naughtily, “You had been standing there for a while, Anuj. You are too shy a person. What’s there to shy from your sister-in-law?”

Neha paused for a minute, and then said, “I saw that you were not feeling sleepy. So, I thought I will take you to the mall. We two can spend some time there and get some lunch. Now, look at me! And tell me, if I look good in this saree? Or should I change into another?”

I kept looking at her. What else I could do? Neha bhabhi was still wearing the same saree as earlier, but now with her open hair, she looked even more sexy. She was only 23 years old, and her body oozed sexiness.  And the fact that she was so much at ease in front of me, she didn’t realize how much more sexy she appeared to me. And this ease and lack of any physical boundaries between us, made me hornier. For any boy, it is difficult to talk to a woman if you find her really attractive. I should have instead talked to her over the phone. That would have been easier. Looking at her luscious curvy body, I would never be able to say what was in my heart. I could not prevent myself staring at her boobs facing towards me. I could not move my eyes away from her white bra. I could feel some sensation going on inside my pants.

“You are looking awesome, bhabhi. Too hot to handle!”, I answered her after looking at her for a while. Bhabhi didn’t mind when I called her hot. I was testing the boundaries between us. But it seemed like there was none.

Bhabhi stared back at me. Then, she threw the purse that she carried in her hand, on the bed. She went up to the bed and sat there. She looked again at me. She was looking unbelievably hot with her long hair falling over her breasts. She indicated with her hands to come and sit next to her. “What’s the matter Anuj? Do you want to tell me something?”, she asked.

I stood there like a statue. I was really mesmerized. But her words made me wonder. This was the best moment to express my feelings, I thought myself. I wanted to talk to her. But my tongue betrayed me. My legs remained frozen at the same place. Neha bhabhi indicated once again to come closer to her. I walked slowly and sat next to her. I maintained a little distance from her. “Tell me, what is it?”, Neha bhabhi grabbed my hand. The soft touch of her hand made it difficult for me to say anything. I could not even raise my eyes. And whenever I tried to look up, my eyes would not go above her breasts which inflated and deflated in rhythm with each breath she took. She had taken my breath away. But she patiently waited for me to speak.

Neha bhabhi was really attractive. And I wanted to look like her.

Finally, I clenched my hand and mustered to say, “Bhabhi, I want to look like you!” That’s all I could say. I always knew that I was a cross-dresser. And I wanted to become an attractive woman like bhabhi. I loved her sarees, her silky dresses, her flowing skirts; I wanted to dress like her and play like a girl. And there was no one else in this world other than Neha bhabhi, I could dare to tell this thing about me.  There was so much inside me that I wanted to tell her. But all I could say was “I want to look like you”. I thought Neha bhabhi will ask me a lot of questions after what I said, but she did not say anything. May be she was trying to think how to respond. I don’t know if it was 5 seconds or 15 minutes, but that period of silence seemed like an eternity. I eagerly waited for bhabhi to say something. That anxiety melted away all the sexual thoughts I had in my mind. The desire to become a woman was stronger than the desire to have sex in me.

“Saree or a dress?”, I was stunned hearing these words from bhabhi’s mouth. I finally managed to lift my eyes and look at her. She was still calm the way she was before. I could not say anything. “What’s taking you so long, girl? Would you like to wear a saree or a dress?”, bhabhi asked the question again nonchalantly. “Saree”, I responded meekly. Bhabhi stood up. She didn’t look angry as I suspected. She didn’t look worried. She walked up to her closet. She opened the closet, turned towards me and said, “Sister-in-law, are you going to pick a saree yourself, or should I pick one?” She smiled as she said this. Then, she opened her arms for me.

My heart melted with joy hearing the word “sister-in-law”. I ran into Neha bhabhi’s arms. “Bhabhi, I would love if you pick one for me.”, I said. I knew it would be very difficult for me to select one out of numerous beautiful sarees that bhabhi had neatly arranged in her closet.  Neha bhabhi grabbed both of my arms with love. She looked into my eyes and said, “I am glad my sister-in-law is as slim as me. All my blouses should be of your size”. I started looking down out of shyness. “Woah! My sister-in-law is such a shy girl!”, bhabhi smiled as she tried to lift my chin up to look into my eyes.

Neha bhabhi took out a light pink colored saree and matching blouse for me. She also brought a long hair wig and breastforms to make artifical breasts for me. I was surprised to find those items readily available at her home. What were those things doing at her home? Did bhabhi anticipated that I was a crossdresser? I could not dare ask bhabhi. Because if she knew this about me, there might be many more people in my family who could have guessed this as well. I wondered who all knew about me.  I wondered how could anyone have known this about me. I had never dressed in women’s clothes in my life. And I was too careful to search about crossdressing on internet in my privacy.

“Anu! Yes, I think this name should be good for my sister-in-law”, bhabhi looked at me as if to give her verdict on the chosen name. I liked that name, and expressed it with my eyes. “Anu, go and come wearing this petticoat.”, bhabhi said handing me a pink colored petticoat. “I will dress my lovely sister-in-law today with my own hands”, bhabhi touched my face with her soft hands.

My happiness knew no bounds at this moment. I quickly went to the bathroom, removed my male clothes and came out wearing a petticoat. I was already feeling like Anu, a woman. I was going to wear women’s clothes for the first time in my life! Bhabhi was waiting for me. She first put on a bra on me and hooked it from the back. She filled the bra with the silicon breastforms. Wow! They felt soft like real breasts. I could feel the weight on my chest. I could feel the tightness of a bra around my chest. It felt like I was already a woman. But I was still becoming one, and my bhabhi, another woman, was dressing me up! Neha bhabhi then asked me to slide my arms through the blouse sleeves. Those sleeves fit snugly around my arms. I could feel that fit. I had never worn anything that gave me this feeling. My heart will filled with joy. And Neha bhabhi could see it on my face. As I put on the hooks of my blouse slowly over my new breasts, I once again felt what it means to dress up as a woman. My blouse had become a part of my skin. Then, bhabhi opened the long saree as she started wrapping that heavenly piece of clothing around me. Never in my life, I had felt such joy when wearing clothes. She first wrapped the saree around my waist, and then she started making pleats. She then used a pin to hold those pleats together and stuck it below my navel. The weight of all those pleats was pulling me down. I was standing there experiencing the sensual pleasures while bhabhi measured the saree aanchal that would go over my shoulder. She pinned the aanchal on my shoulder.

In the final touch, when that saree wrapped me over my blouse covered breasts, I felt as if my life long dream had come true. Honestly, I was completely satisfied with just wrapping this saree around my body. I didn’t need anything else. But Neha bhabhi wanted me to become a complete woman. She slid dozens of bangles on my wrists. My wrist appeared really dainty and feminine with those numerous glittering glass bangles. Neha bhabhi then started applying some make up on my face. She then applied nail polish on my nails, the same polish she used herself. Finally, she put on a wig over my head. That wig felt like real silky hair. I shivered with excitement when I touched my long hair. If it was anyway possible for me to orgasm like a woman, I would have done that in that moment! Finally, Neha bhabhi took me in front of a mirror. We both walked slowly taking small steps. I was a novice walking in a saree! And when I raised my eyes to look into the mirror, I saw not Anuj, but a beautiful girl Anu standing in front of my eyes. And there was another pretty lady standing next to her, my lovely Neha bhabhi! I had tears of joy in my eyes. In all this dressing up, I was already chirping and chatting like a girl with Neha bhabhi, but before looking into the mirror, I didn’t realize that I would become such a beautiful girl. I hugged Neha bhabhi. Our breasts were now pressing each other. But this time, there were no sexual thoughts in my mind, but I only had only womanly love for Neha bhabhi.

“May god save you from the evil.”, Neha bhabhi applied a red bindi on my forehead as she prayed to god for my protection. I was now a complete woman! I could not believe my luck that Neha bhabhi had accepted me without any questions and creating any ruckus.  I felt stupid for not talking about this with bhabhi earlier.

Neha bhabhi made me a complete woman named Anu, in her glittering pink saree.

“Anu, look how beautiful a woman you are! But my dear sister-in-law, we cannot go outside to mall to have lunch anymore. There is so much more about being a woman that you need to learn. How a woman walks, talks and goes about doing her things, you will need some time to learn all that. So, why don’t we cook something at home? Just like two pretty girl friends!”, said Neha bhabhi.

“Sure, bhabhi! I will help you in cooking”, I responded with joy. “Help? Stupid girl, I am going to ask you to cook an entire meal on your own!”, bhabhi was teasing me.

“But bhabhi, never in my life, I cooked anything for anyone”, I said. “Oh you innocent Anu! I will teach you everything. And your first lesson is ‘Never keep your saree aanchal open like this'”, Bhabhi said. She pulled up my saree aanchal on my shoulders and stuck the loose end around my wait. She even made a bun out of my hair.

Soon, we sisters-in-law got occupied in the kitchen cooking lunch for ourselves. Neha bhabhi was always a good friend of mine, but today we had become good girl friends. We talked a lot while cooking. She told me about the college days how guys were all over her. But her heart was always with my brother Tanuj. Neha bhabhi spoke about all those things which she would not have said to her brother-in-law. She made me feel like a real woman. And like any woman, I was excited to hear and discuss all the spicy matters.

We ladies soon had our lunch, and we decided to get some rest. As soon as I entered bhabhi’s room, I sat on her bed. I covered my legs with my saree. I was a little tired with standing while cooking. Neha bhabhi soon began to remove her saree in front of me. She looked at me and asked me, “What are you looking at, Anu? Sarees are not really great when you want to get rest. I am going to change into a nighty. Do you want one?”, Neha bhabhi didn’t mind removing her saree in front of me at all. “No bhabhi, I think I am fine in a saree. I want to enjoy it a little longer. After all, this is the first time I am wearing one.”, I said to bhabhi. I was really happy playing with my saree, and I loved how my breastforms jiggled in my tight blouse! I was not going to change from that.

After our lunch, we ladies came to the bedroom to sleep. I was going to sleep in my saree but Neha bhabhi wanted to change into a nighty. 

But Neha bhabhi, continued undressing. She even removed her blouse. “Think about it once more, Anu. It is not easy to sleep in a saree, it can get messy. I have many nighties. I can give you one to wear.”, Bhabhi warned me. But I could not pay attention to that warning. After all, my sexy bhabhi was in a bra! I had never imagined seeing my bhabhi like this. Her breasts, her cleavage, I could see right in front of my eyes. I just indicated to bhabhi that I am not going to change. Bhabhi was now untying her petticoat. God! What was into bhabhi now? I wondered. She was now wearing only a bra and panties. I could feel the sensation in my genitals inside my petticoat. But Neha bhabhi was indifferent. She didn’t seem to mind undressing in front of me. She took out a beautiful satin nighty from her closet. And before I could think anything, she unhooked her bra. Her soft jiggling breasts were now out in open. I could see her big tight nipples. Her breasts jiggled with her movements. I could not decide if I should look at the sexy assets of my bhabhi, or I should turn away. May be, bhabhi realized what was going on in my mind. She looked at me. She paused for a second from her activities. She said to me, “Oho Anu! Don’t be such a prude! You are a woman too! And I am not going to shy away to change in front of another woman. You too have breasts inside your blouse, though not like this.”

Neha began to change her saree in front of me.

Neha bhabhi now came close to me with her nighty in her hands. I slowly pulled the free end of saree to cover the erection inside my petticoat. She came closer and said, “Anu, touch these.” I looked away from her breasts but Neha bhabhi brought her open breasts right up to my face. “Anu, look here!”, she commanded this time. “Why are you shying away? You are a woman and you should know about woman’s body parts. Now look here and touch it.”, she said with a stern voice. I could not understand what is it that bhabhi wanted from me. But I gave up and touched her breasts. I closed my eyes. I knew that the erection within my petticoat must now be visible through my saree. But bhabhi didn’t just want me to touch her super soft mushy breasts, she wanted me to grab hold of it. She took my hand and got it hold her breasts from the bottom. Her breasts were heavy. “Now, do you understand how heavy boobs can be? That’s why we women should wear bra all the time. Otherwise, you may get back pain. But when sleeping, you should remove your bra. And remember this when you ever purchase breastforms for you, don’t buy it too big. You will have a back pain if they are too heavy. No bra will save you.”

Hearing bhabhi’s advice, all my sexual excitement was gone. Neha bhabhi slipped into her nighty soon. And we ladies, slept like girl friends on the same bed. Being her woman friend,  I wasn’t supposed to have any sexual feeling for her. It had gone down a little but it was not over. After all, no matter what clothes I was wearing, it did not change the fact that my bhabhi was a sexy woman and I was a young boy. But soon, I fell into sleep after a tiring day at kitchen.

Several hours must have elapsed when I woke up. It was already evening. I was still wearing a saree. My saree was in a mess. Bhabhi was correct when she warned me about this. My hair got tangled too. I wanted to get up and fix my hair and saree. I turned around in the bed, but I could not find Neha bhabhi anywhere. I could see that her closet was open. The door to this room was closed. And bhabhi was no where to be seen. And when I paid attention, I could hear Neha bhabhi talk to someone in the outer room. Bhabhi was talking to my brother Tanuj! My heart skipped a beat hearing Tanuj’s voice. The craving to cross-dress was gone. And my mind changed from Anu, the woman to Anuj, a boy. But I was still wearing my bhabhi’s saree. And I could not even change into my clothes, as they were in the guest room. What will I do now? Does Tanuj know? What will he do to me if he finds this out?

Listening to my brother’s voice in the drawing room, I got scared as I didn’t have my clothes to change in this room.

I could still hear bhabhi and Tanuj talking. I could not understand what they were talking, and I could not dare to move from my place. I was really scared and worried about my brother. Neha bhabhi would be in unwanted trouble because of me.  I could hear the voices were now louder. It seemed that those two were fighting. I was sure that Tanuj knew about my dressing by now. And that’s why they were fighting. The loud voices continued for a while, and then, there was a complete silence. I could hear a door getting slammed. May be that was my brother who slammed the door in anger. I didn’t think it was my place to get in between the couple at this point. The voices stopped completely. Occasionally, I could hear the tinkling sound of bhabhi’s bangles when she possibly walked around the room. It was almost half an hour since the voices stopped. And yet, neither bhabhi nor my brother, had come up to me. I was cursing myself for sharing this cross-dressing secret with bhabhi. I felt upset and guilty.

Suddenly, the door in my room opened. I was not really ready for the consequences of my action. Because I didn’t know what those consequences were. Neha bhabhi entered the room. She looked at me. The moment I saw her, I once again became a delicate woman, Anu. I was still scared. Neha bhabhi said to me in a serious tone, “Anu, come outside. There is no point hiding any more.”

I was in a very bad situation. I was worried that my brother Tanuj would be sitting outside in fury.  There was too much fear in my heart. And I didn’t know how angry Tanuj will become when he sees me in a saree. I wish bhabhi had brought my clothes to change. I was walking very slowly taking small steps due to the fear. Unknowingly, my situation was like that of a newly married woman who was about to meet the family elders for the first time.

Bhabhi held my hands to support me as we came out together. I could not raise my eyes due to the fear. Bhabhi left me standing there while she moved towards the sofa, where possibly my brother was sitting as well. I hadn’t looked at him yet. Out of nervousness, I was holding my saree aanchal with both my hands. I still could not muster the courage to face my brother.

“Anu, lift your face and look towards us.”, Neha bhabhi commanded.

I had no other choice but to look at them. And what I saw, it seemed as if the rug was pulled under my feet. I was shocked. I was going to loose consciousness.

My brother, Tanuj, was sitting in that sofa wearing a blue colored saree. He had wig, breastforms, make up, everything. He was even wearing a mangalsutra like a married woman. I could not believe my eyes. I could not understand what was going on.

Bhabhi came smiling towards me. She said, “Anu, it’s time that you meet your elder sister, Tanu. I had been hiding this secret of Tanu for many years now. And when you told me about your crossdressing, you have no idea how happy I felt about that. Tanuj is a cross-dresser too, and he always felt that he was the lonely strange person in a tiny world around him. I always comforted him, but he felt guilty. He worried too much about what I would think about him. I supported him but still it was not enough. But now that you, Anu, are here, you have made our life easier. Today, you two brothers have become sisters as well. You two can talk your hearts out and share everything about each other.”

Now, I began to understand how come Neha bhabhi had a wig and breastforms readily available for me in her house. It was for Tanuj, I mean Tanu. My elder sister, Tanu, was standing in front of me. She looked like a married woman because of the mangalsutra around her neck. She was a married woman anyway. She was definitely a bigger woman than me. I was really happy today. Today, I not only shared my secret, and got to experience how it feels to dress up and work as a woman, I also found an elder sister! There were lots of emotions churning inside me. I could not control it anymore and I rushed to hug my elder sister Tanu!

She looked like a married woman wearing Mangalsutra around her neck.

Neha bhabhi interrupted us. She said, “Ladies, if you are done with your emotional drama, can you please make the dinner? I am just going to rest tonight while you two sisters cook for me. Anu, you should know that your sister Tanu is a great cook. You should learn from her. ” Neha bhabhi chuckled as she teased us.

We both sisters came to the kitchen while Neha bhabhi sat outside watching television. It was a good thing that she gave us two sisters some private time to bond with each other. I came to know that my brother Tanuj who was always strict with me, was exactly opposite of my sister, Tanu, who was the sweetest loving woman. I would not have received this much love from my sister if Neha bhabhi didn’t insist my brother to share his secret with me. This evening, they were fighting over this. Tanuj, was reluctant and shy to share this with me. But thanks to my lovely Neha bhabhi, I found a loving sister too.

The End

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