Roommate: Part 1

One secret that would change the friendship of two boys who had been roommates and best friends for years. Will their friendship survive this secret?

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“You forgot to pack your sweater and toothbrush”, my wife Isha said to me. She could always tell that I would definitely forget something in my travel suitcase.

“My dear wife, I am going to California! I don’t need a sweater there. And I could have gotten a toothbrush for free at the hotel”, I tried to defend myself.

“Ohho Nishant. I am not talking about California. But you will feel cold inside the airplane. My dear husband, you should think twice when you are travelling.”, she said in a complaining tone. But there was a lot of love hidden behind that complaint. She cares for me.

“By the way, I met Gaurav bhaiya and Neetu bhabhi at the grocery store today. Bhaiya was telling me that your best friend Chetan lives in California.”, said Isha.

“Yes”, I said. I didn’t wanna say much.

“How come we haven’t met your best friend in all these years? I have seen him only in your old pictures. What kind of friends don’t talk or see each other for years?”, Isha asked.

“What can I say? Ever since I came to the US, he remained in India for long, and we were never really in the same place.”, I gave a truthful answer to Isha, but it was not the complete truth.

“I hope you can make time to see him in California.”, she said. “Let’s see if I can manage free time from the office work to meet Chetan.”, I responded. I didn’t really want to meet Chetan. Honestly, I lacked the courage to face him.

“It’s about time you leave for the airport.”, Isha said, “I am going to miss you hubby. Please call me everyday. And take care”. She hugged me, and gave me a kiss. She is the best wife one can have.

I was feeling restless inside the airplane. I thought listening to music might help. I decided to listen to ‘Dream on’ song by Aerosmith rock band.

Every time when I look in the mirror

All these lines on my face getting clearer

The past is gone

It went by, like dusk to dawn

Isn’t that the way

Everybody’s got the dues in life to pay

Sing with me, sing for the year

Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear

Sing with me, just for today

Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

Dream on

Dream on …

The words of that song seemed really meaningful today, as if they were expressing what I felt inside. The conversation about Chetan reminded me of our old days. I moved back into the time, many years ago. I was introduced to this song first by Chetan. We both had first met on the first day of our engineering college. We were assigned the same hostel room, where we lived as roommates for 4 years. Chetan was a guitarist who loved rock music. I, on the other hand, had no clue about the rock music. It was because of Chetan, I got interested in this song and rock music.  We would listen to this song many a times. And whenever Steven Tyler would sing ‘Dream on’, we both could feel the energy and excitement within us.

With time spent together in the hostel, our friendship became stronger. We used to do many things together. Be it our first beer, or a cigarette, or watching a cricket game, or going to a city mall to watch beautiful girls, we did everything together. We used to stay up until late at night to play computer games and to complete the homework assignments. We had become the best friends.

Very often, friends grow apart after the college is over. But for us, we were lucky enough to get a job in a same multinational company. We didn’t know anything about software engineering, yet we landed a lucrative job of a programmer. We came to a new city and found an apartment to live together. Now that we had money in our pockets, our lifestyle improved as well. We were slowly getting everything that we wanted, except one thing. One thing that any engineering college graduate lacks, a girlfriend! We both tried hard to find a girlfriend. And in the two years of job, we got a few opportunities to date some girls. But we could never go beyond first two or three meetings at cafes and restaurants.  We didn’t know what was wrong with us. We were honest and simple guys, yet girls didn’t seem to like us gentlemen. We were already 23 years old, and still virgin. And sometimes, we would go to a bar and drink scotch to vent out our frustrations, with a hope that someday we will find a girlfriend.

With this hope, we decided to go to Goa on a new year’s eve with our batchmates. But as luck had it, no girl even looked at us. But we didn’t regret it. We had fun with our friends. Drinking alcohol with close friends is always fun. Eating, drinking, driving on a bike, and visiting clubs, that’s how we spent our time in Goa.

We friends went to Goa for the new year’s party. We hoped at least one girl would turn around to look at us. 

After coming back from Goa, I was looking for my Nokia phone charger in my bag, but I couldn’t find it. May be I had forgotten it in the hotel room. I thought I will get Chetan’s charger. In those days, everyone used to have a Nokia phone with the same charger.

“Chetan, yaar. Where is your charger? I seemed to have lost mine in Goa”, I gave a shout from my room. But Chetan was in the bathroom and he couldn’t hear me. So, I decided to go to his room to find his charger. As bachelor roommates, there was nothing hidden between us. We would just barge into each other’s room without knocking or asking. His room was really messy. I could see that Chetan had yet not found time to put his stuff in its place. There were clothes and official papers scattered everywhere. There was a big heavy laptop on his table, but no phone charger. I couldn’t find it even after searching everywhere. That’s when I noticed a suitcase under his bed. There was a wire hanging from it. I thought may be that’s the charger I am looking for. I pulled that wire but it didn’t come out. So, I took out the suitcase. That wire was entangled in clothes inside the suitcase. Sadly, when I pulled it out, it turned out to be a camera cable.

Disappointed with my search, I was about to head back. But that’s when I noticed something unusual. I could see Chetan’s clothes in that suitcase on the top, but it seemed like there were women’s clothes below it. Ideally, one should not look at someone else’s things without asking, but Chetan was my friend. I guessed some girl visited our apartment to meet Chetan, and forgot her clothes here. How could Chetan hide such information with me? We both had been dying hard to find a girlfriend, and he didn’t even bother to tell me about it. Well, I need to pull his leg. Afterall, that’s what friends do! I started looking at the clothes inside. There were a nicely folded salwar suit, a couple of sarees, and a pink colored bra in that suitcase. My eyes shone when I looked at the bra. I took it out. I could see the woman who would fill this bra must have big boobs! It would be easier to tease my friend with that bra in my possession. I laughed inside like a devil.

Should I look for more things in that suitcase? I looked at the bra in my hand, that should be enough to tease Chetan. There was no need to look for anything further. I wish I had stopped at that point. If I did, our friendship would still be intact today. I still regret that moment when I moved those two sarees in that suitcase. But if I hadn’t, I would never have been able to understand my friend. Sometimes, I feel our friendship ended because of a girl, a very special girl in Chetan’s and my life. But I hadn’t met her yet.

Just when I moved those soft sarees, Chetan came out of the bathroom. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. Chetan was really thin, and surprisingly had a hairless body. He fumbled as soon as he saw me checking that suitcase. He ran towards me and shouted, “Nishant, what the hell! Don’t you know that you should see other’s private stuff without asking?”

“Chill, man! I don’t remember ever asking before to do such a thing. Why are you getting so agitated?”, I said to him. But he was more worried about closing that suitcase. He looked pale with some unknown fear.

“Yaar, At least tell me whose clothes are these?”, I asked him. “No one’s”, he responded irritatingly. “Come on, it should belong to at least someone.”, I said again.

Why did Chetan have women’ clothes in his suitcase?

“I have purchased these for my mom and sister. I will take it home when I see them for Holi. Why do you care?”, Chetan answered annoyingly. I was not really satisfied with his answer either. Who buys a bra for his mother or sister? And that bra looked like a used one too. He was lying for sure. But what disturbed me more was what I saw lying below those sarees. I must have seen it only for a second, but it sure looked like there was a long hair wig in that suitcase.

While I was thinking this in my head, Chetan noticed the bra that I was holding in my hand. He fumed with fury when he saw that. He snatched that bra from my hands, and asked me to leave the room in anger.

I came out really perplexed. I could not believe Chetan would shout at me and kick me out of his room for a small matter like this. I sat alone in the drawing room for a while. I kept wondering about the clothes and the wig that I saw. May be Chetan played the role of female character in some dram during our college days. He had good reason to hide this information from me. I, along with other friends, would have made fun of him. But it was not really an unusual thing to do in a college that had an overwhelming majority of boys. So what he played a female character? What was there to be so angry about?

Chetan came out while I was still trying to think what had happened. He looked really serious. “Nishant, I need to talk to you.”, he said.

“I would like to talk to”, I wanted to vent out my anger at him as well.

“Nishant, this is too serious a matter. By now, you must have found this out on your own. But it’s best if you hear it from me. Please, it’s a request to you to not tell this to anyone.”, Chetan said.

I thought Chetan was going to tell me about his days at the college drama club where he played the female role. He, anyways, was a member of drama club. I was not interested in it; so, I had never asked him about it.

“Yes, tell me. What do you have to say?”, I asked him. Chetan looked very serious. He looked at me and said, “Yaar, please don’t make fun of this when I tell you. I have kept this a secret for years. I have never told this to anyone.”

I was intently listening. “Nishant …”, Chetan paused for a moment before he continued again, “Nishant … I am a cross-dresser.”

“Cross-dresser?”, I could not understand. I had no idea what that word meant. I was more perplexed now.

“There are few people in this world who like to dress in clothes of the opposite gender. Hence, the term cross-dresser. I am a cross-dresser too, and I like to wear women’s clothes. But this does not mean that I am not a boy. I am a normal boy like any, except I like to dress up and behave like a girl occasionally.”, Chetan tried to explain it to me.

I still found this difficult to comprehend. This was all new to me. Why would a boy like to dress as a woman? Was Chetan a third-gender person? I am sure Chetan noticed the confusion in my head.

“Nishant, I don’t know why I am like this. But there are many more boys like me in this world.”, he said. I so wanted to make fun of Chetan at this point. But he looked dead serious. And I could not do that to him in that moment.

“Chetan, is this like a sexual fantasy for you?”, I hesitantly asked. I had no idea why such a thing would be a sexual fantasy for someone. But people do weirder things in this world.

“Oh Nishant, please! There is nothing like that. I told you I am a normal boy. I am saying this once more. Don’t tell this to anyone. I cannot explain everything to you about this, but you can read about it on the internet. But I must warn you, internet can give you good as well as bad information. If you want, we can talk about this more in the evening after the office.”

Chetan looked sad. Who wouldn’t be? This cross-dressing thing seemed really serious. He left for the office alone. He looked sad when he left. Usually, we used to go to the office together, but today, he didn’t even bother to ask me.

I remained on the couch for a while. I didn’t want to make this a serious issue. Like an thoughtless jerk friend, I wanted to just make fun of Chetan for one or two days, and then, just get over it. But Chetan’s sad face made me take this matter seriously. I left for the office a little later.

As soon as I reached our office, I switched on our computer and searched for ‘cross-dressing’ on Google. I didn’t even know the spelling of this word. Thanks to google’s ‘Did you mean?’ feature, I found numerous results. Some websites had pictures of men looking disgusting in women’s lingerie. In some websites, I found videos where one man in women’s clothes was making love to another man. I found that weird. It seemed as if cross-dressing is a very bad sexual fantasy. But then I found one website, that had useful information on the subject. It was designed by a woman named Radhaarani, or rather an  indian cross-dresser. She had pictures of her dressed decently in sarees and other south indian clothes. If it wasn’t for the bad makeup in a few of those pictures, I could never have guessed that Radhaarani was not a woman. She was indeed beautiful. She had worked hard to create a very useful website. She had articles about how to dress like a girl, how to walk and behave like a girl, and many such useful tips for crossdressers.

But before anything else, I wanted to know if my friend Chetan is a eunuch? I wanted to know if my friend is gay. In those days, people talked very little about the topic of being gay. There were some efforts to increase social acceptance for gays. Being a modern person, I supported gay rights. It is really easy to support when you don’t know anyone who is gay, but when it comes to your own friend? It is not easy any more. Especially, when your friend is your best friend, who otherwise happens to be a guitarist and a cool dude. How was I going to accept my friend as gay? But thanks to the website, I quickly learnt to know that crossdressers are not necessarily gay. I was confused. If someone like to dress up as a woman, behave as a woman, then he might as well be attracted towards a man like a woman, I thought. But I came to know that a large majority of crossdressers lead a successful married life. My day at office went by reading about this topic. There were a few disturbing things. But by the end of the day, I knew a lot more about cross-dressers. First, crossdressing is not a sexual fantasy. People start thinking about cross-dressing when they are too young to have any sexual thoughts. Second, they are no more or less likely to be gay. Third, they like to be addressed as woman. They love it when treated like a beautiful woman.

Radhaarani, an Indian crossdresser, had an informative site about the crossdressers. [External image linked]
My eyes were hurting from staring at the computer screen for the whole day. And I didn’t do any work at all. Moreover, Chetan didn’t even talk to me today. Usually, we would meet several times a day for coffee or for cigarettes. Not today. I lit a cigarette myself and walked out alone. I wanted to talk to Chetan. I wanted to tell him that even if I don’t understand his feelings completely, I still consider him as my friend. His secret is safe with me. But deep inside my mind, something had changed. The image of Chetan I knew, had changed forever.

Chetan was already at home by the time I reached. He was sitting on the couch in our drawing room. To make him feel better, I said “Yaar, How come you didn’t wait for me today?And you didn’t even meet me for a cigarette? Was there too much work to do?” Chetan didn’t say anything. He just looked at me for a second.

I knew I had to do something to improve the situation. There was no point ignoring the elephant in the room. “Yaar, I am really sorry for this morning. I should not have gone through your stuff without asking. But Chetan, I spent my whole day reading about cross-dressing. I can’t say I understand everything. But all I want to say is, this won’t impact our friendship. And I will keep your secret safe with me.”

Chetan’s facial expressions improved a little. But he still didn’t say anything back. “Why don’t we friends cheers over a couple of beers?”, I suggested. I brought two beer bottles from the fridge, and gave one to him. He smiled a little. We started drinking.

Alcohol often makes it easier to talk about things which you wouldn’t otherwise. It makes you go relax and carefree. And after a bottle of beer, when we felt a slight buzz, we started talking. And soon, we were speaking freely from our hearts. We talked about our life, job, girls, and finally about cross-dressing. I asked Chetan many questions about that. Some good, and some insulting. But even in a slightly drunk state, Chetan knew that I was not asking these questions to insult him, but because I didn’t know any better. In a sober state, I found cross-dressing or anything related to that quite strange. But in a drunk state, it all seemed normal. I loved my friendship with Chetan.

We must have finished about 3 beers each when I asked Chetan, “Yaar, can I see you dressed as a girl? If you really look like a beautiful girl, I will make you my girlfriend!” Chetan smiled at the offer, while I laughed like a fool. I was not really serious with my offer. I had no intention of making Chetan my girlfriend. When Chetan himself was looking for one, why would he become someone else’s girlfriend? Chetan left towards his room. May be I offended him. But I didn’t realize that. I was happy in my drunken state. Chetan was gone, but I didn’t care or paid attention. I loved looking at the beautiful moonlit city at night from our balcony. I liked looking at the full-moon. It seemed bigger than any other night.

I must had been gazing at the beautiful sight for around 40 minutes. I had completely forgotten about Chetan in that time. But then, his voice reminded me of him. “Nishant, come on in.”, I heard his call. I thought may be Chetan must have ordered some food for delivery, and he is calling me upon the food delivery. The effect of alcohol was slowly fading, and I was getting hungry too.

I came inside from the balcony. But there was neither food nor Chetan. “I will have to manage with Maggi tonight”, I said to myself. ‘”Nishant”, I heard Chetan’s voice once again. The voice was coming from his room. I didn’t want to go there after what happened this morning. He called me once more. I stepped forward.

I knocked at his door, something I would never have done before. But in the light of morning events, I was a little careful. “The door is open. Why don’t you come in?”, Chetan said. I opened the door.

My eyes were wide open with surprise. Chetan, my friend, was standing there in a pretty pink saree. He dressed as a woman for me. He was really acting like a delicate woman. He was not perfect at wearing that saree, but he looked like a college girl who wore a saree for the first time. There was something very attractive about that imperfection. Well, girls look attractive in a saree anyway. And Chetan, though not a girl, he had done everything like a girl. He looked beautiful!

Chetan looked beautiful like a girl wearing saree for the first time.

I walked upto Chetan carefully balancing myself in my stupor. I was smiling uncontrollably looking at my friend in a saree. He was smiling too. We both were a little too drunk.  And may be that’s why we were standing in this situation. I would not have asked Chetan to become a woman in a sober state. But Chetan looked really hot, his lips looked luscious in lipstick, and his sexy saree looked inviting. I was mesmerized by the beauty of this woman standing in front of my eyes. But my mind reminded me that this girl was my friend Chetan. I approached him, lifted the free pallu of his saree in my hand, and said to him, “Ya…aaaar! You look exactly like a real woman! Unbelievable!”

I was excited to see Chetan as a woman. He was equally excited too. “Really? Do you mean it Nishant?”, Chetan asked. I had no doubt about what I had said. “Yes, Chetan. I can’t believe my friend is standing in front of me.”, I answered.

“Nishant, will you please do one thing for me?”, Chetan looked down like a girl as he asked gently. “Why not dear? Tell me, what’s it?”, I asked.

“Would you please treat me like a girl? I would love that.”, Chetan said. Treating my best friend as a woman, sounded crazy to me. But it was not that difficult a thing to do as my eyes told me that there is a woman in front of me, and not my friend.

“Of course, yaar“, I said, “Chetan… you look like an unbelievably hot woman! I mean you look very beautful, Miss…err”, I said. I was still holding Chetan’s saree pallu in my hands. I don’t know why but I liked holding it. Chetan looked into my eyes and laughed like a girl. Lookign at his lipstick smeared lips and long hair, I couldn’t believe it was Chetan who was laughing. My eyes could only see a very sultry girl.

“You are too drunk, Nishant!”, Chetan said. “Yes, and you are wearing a saree. So, we are even!”, I laughed madly. Chetan was now behaving increasingly like a delicate girl. And I liked that.

“Please tell me the truth. Do you hate me in this look?”, he asked slowly with his downcast eyes. “Uff the goddess of beauty, how can anyone hate a beautiful girl like you?”, I was being dramatic.

What did I do next? Well, what any friend would do to his friend wearing women’s clothes. I started teasing Chetan jokingly. I wanted to see how long can Chetan tolerate my teasing. At some point, he was bound to say, “That’s it Nishant. Don’t tease me any more.” And that was my intention. I continued to tease him. How insensitive jerk I was! Chetan had shared his biggest secret with me, and all I wanted to do was tease him.

But Chetan was being shy like a girl at that time. Like any girl who blushes upon hearing the praise of her gorgeousness by a man of her age. He delicately tried to pull his saree pallu which was still in my hand. He kept trying, but I would not give it away so easily. And in that tug-of-war, we both had come closer to each other. Any closer, and his fake breasts would touch my chest. Chetan could feel my breath on his face.

“By the way, what name should I use to address you, Madam?”, I asked. Chetan blushed once more, and said,”Chetna”. Looking at him blush, I covered his head with his saree pallu, the way traditional women do. Chetan took the free end of her saree pallu in his hand. “Chetna, you are the most beautiful girl I have seen.”, I said to him. Chetan covered his face with his pallu out of shyness and happiness. I loved looking at him being so natural like a woman.

Honestly, that was a very beautiful moment that night. But my mind was still thinking of ways to tease Chetan. So far, nothing I did or said had disturbed him. I noticed his beautiful waist exposed below his saree blouse. I placed my hand there in a suggestive manner. I had thought that Chetan would resist such a touch. But he/she didn’t say anything. Then, I got more courageous, and pinched his beautiful soft round ass. “Ouch”, Chetan jumped in surprise and made a high-pitch but soft voice like a light woman. His saree pallu now fell from over his head. He looked at me widening his eyes as if pretending to be angry with me, but he still had smile on his face. I think he loved it when I teased him like a girl.

And then, I touched at the neck exposed in his blouse with my fingers. “Please don’t tease me Nishant”, Chetan said softly while removing my hand from his smooth sexy neck. I wanted to tease him a little more. I was desperate to test his boundaries, I wanted to see how long will he tolerate my advances. I got excited with my victory in sight, I started moving my hands over his blouse on the back and softly began to touch his nude back. “Nishant, please don’t touch me like that.”, Chetan requested like a girl. “How can I resist touching you darling?”, I was being disrespectful to Chetan, “Let me kiss your sexy lips once. And I will f*** you and make you my woman tonight.”, I pulled Chetan by his dainty wrists.

“That’s it Nishant! You can’t talk to a woman disrespectfully! You would never understand how I feel. It was my fault that I trusted you. I thought you were my best friend. Just go away from my room.”, Chetan, or should I say, Chetna was furious. She cried a little. More than angry, she was saddened by my gesture.

But I was realizing my mistake. Chetan hadn’t dressed up as a joke like actors do in movies. He truly was a woman at that instant. It was not a joke but his reality. He was really feeling like Chetna, a woman. But it was not completely my fault either. I had barely known about cross-dressing for the past 12 hours. I didn’t know any better. I held Chetan’s both arms and looked at the beautiful face of a woman and said, “I am sorry, Chetna. I should not have misbehaved like that. Honestly, I was afraid that if I didn’t make stupid moves like that, I would have crossed my limits anyway. You are too beautiful, and I feel attracted towards you.” I was being honest. What started as touches to tease Chetan, it ended up teasing me instead. I had began to feel excited and attracted towards Chetna. When she blushed, or smiled, or moved delicately, everything about her was making me mad. And I was trying to hide my attraction towards her by misbehaving. I held Chetna’s hands in my hand. In my eyes, my guitarist friend Chetna was no where to be seen, but only a beautiful woman who could not even look into my eyes due to shyness.  I think she started feeling attracted towards me as well.

Listening to my words, Chetna soon melted. I don’t know if it was the effect of alcohol, or our youth, or the fact that we were virgin, or the beauty of Chetna, I could feel something happening in my body. I slowly started touching Chetna’s arms. She didn’t stop me now. Probably, because I was touching her out of love this time. She closed her eyes and shivered with my touch. Afterall, she was touched like this for the first time. I hadn’t touched any girl like that ever either. Touching her smooth arms was making me sexually excited as well.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw Chetan holding his saree pallu like a delicate woman.

My mind was still trying to stop me, but my body and heart was mesmerized by Chetna’s sexy figure and beauty. I turned her around, and grabbed her in my arms. Her back was now touching my chest. I could smell her long hair now. The touch of her soft saree and smooth skin was causing my penis to agitate. I slowly started moving my hands over her waist. She sizzled. Slowly, I moved my hands over her saree and started touching in the area around her navel. Her stomach was trembling with my touch. Chetna had closed her eyes. She was loosing control over herself. My each touch was getting her every inch of skin excited. She got closer to me and started touching my face. Her big ass wrapped in that soft saree, was now rubbing against my lower body. Her ass was pressing my genitals slowly. I am sure she could feel my hard erection in her ass. We were not talking at all, but our bodies were communicating by mingling and touching in an effort to become one. I grabbed handful of Chetna’s waist and pulled her closer to me tightly. My erection and her hips were both too excited. If it wasn’t for her saree that lied in between, my erection would have found its way to get inside her. But there was fun in this longing to become one with each other. Though I felt stimulated, I liked to tease Chetna more.

Then I started moving my hands over her smooth shoulders. I quickly made my way to touch her nude back in her blouse. Soon, I moved her hair aside and started giving her a passionate kiss on her neck.  She sizzled with my kiss. Her mouth got wide open as she started taking deep breaths out of excitement. She started swaying her hips against my erection. I slowly started kissing on her back passionately. Whenever I would kiss on her neck, she would start swaying her hips faster and harder. And when I would eat her earlobes, she would shiver feeling my deep warm breath in her ear. Her heartbeat and yearning for my body would go higher. She wanted to become one with my body. She indicated me to hold her in my arms tightly. And I did as she asked. I hugged her very tightly in my arms.

I was too sexually excited at that point, and so was Chetna. The years of virginity and suppressed sexuality was now raging. In that excitement, I turned her around and pulled her closer to me. Her face was now facing towards me. Her lips were very close to my lips. But there was one more thing that caught my attention. There was a bulge below her waist in her saree. She had an erection too, and it was colliding with mine. I was not gay. So, I should not have felt attracted towards that. But may be it was our youth and the effect of alcohol, I did not mind that. All I could see at that time, were her juicy lips shining in a lipstick. I could see she was too eager to hug me more. And I was more than happy to hug her tight. I started kissing her neck again. She closed her eyes and began to take deep breaths. She was touching my hair with her hands. She was trying to pull me by my waist as if she wanted to get me inside her.

For an instant, I began to look at her dark beautiful eyes. And then at her attractive lips glistening in moist lipstick. I took my lips closer to her. Her lips were now shaking. Her breaths got faster. I could feel her heart beat. I could see the eagerness in her eyes to kiss me. They were shaking with excitement. “I can’t stop anymore Nishant”, Chetna said in a low vibrating voice. Before I could think for a moment, she took my lips in between hers. We both began to suck on each other’s juicy lips. The way she was sucking on my lips, I could tell how much she enjoyed it.

That was the first kiss of my life, and the most memorable one too. It was really hot. I don’t remember how long Chetna kept kissing me passionately. We were lost in passion. But she was the not lady to be satisfied easily. She soon started darting her tongue and in and out of my mouth. I started sucking on her soft tongue. We were touching each other everywhere on our body. I didn’t feel the need to remove her saree, as I could touch her every part through that thin smooth saree. She would shiver with each touch of mine on her body. Chetna unbuttoned my shirt and began to touch me on my chest. She unbuttoned my pants and slid her hands to touch my erection. Her soft hand’s touch made my penis go harder. Our kissing got hotter with our bodies touching each other. If a kiss can be this hot, how hot the sex would be? We both were wondering the same question. We never had sex with anyone in our life. I had read a little about how to have sex with a girl for the first time. But Chetna was a “special” girl. I had no idea how to have sex with her. But when two bodies get intertwined in excitement, nothing can stop them from uniting.

I took Chetna to her bed. I kept kissing her on the way. I let her sit on the bed alone while I moved a few steps back this time. Her eyes were still closed, and her lips were still open, as if she was still experiencing the sensation of our kiss. She was sitting still on her bed, as if waiting for me to come back. But I wanted to see her whole body. I wanted to tease her; I wanted to make her yearn more for me. She slowly opened her eyes, and her eyes could tell me that she was already longing my touch a lot. She was dying for me. To entice me, she slowly began to slide her saree over her smooth legs, as if she wanted to say, “Come near me. There are still many more body parts for you to explore. Come, and quench the thirst of my body.”  We both were now in a kind of battle where we both were trying to tease other more. There was no loser in this battle. I noticed her erection bulging out of her saree pleats below her waist. But Chetna was quick to hide it with her saree pallu. No matter what she had below her waist, her body was still inviting me. I could touch her whole body. And Chetna was eager to become mine, and I was eager to make her mine. I came and sat next to her on the bed. Our faces were now close once again. I slid her saree over her big smooth thighs. I grabbed one of her hands and took it to hold my erection. I had just indicated to Chetna what my intentions were. She understood what I wanted, and she began to slowly touch my penis. Then she touched my nose with her nose. She closed her eyes again in passion, and touched my lips with hers. She pulled her lips back quickly before I could kiss her. She was trying to tease me. But wrapped in my arms, it was not possible for her to tease me anymore.  I teased her back by biting her soft lips. She could not control herself anymore, and she began to kiss me passionately once again with full force.

I took Chetna to her bed. I wanted to admire her beautiful body from a distance. But she was eagerly waiting for me to touch her.

Kissing each other, we soon were lying flat on the bed. Her hand was still playing with my erection, and my hands were slowly sliding her saree up to her waist. Her legs were really smooth as if she had just waxed it. I slid my hands over her legs and began to touch her thighs. I squeezed her hips, she jumped with excitement. She had a sexy smile on her face. I started moving my hands in between her thighs. I had no idea that my touch between her thighs would get her really excited. She began to kiss me with more force. I slowly felt her panties. I hadn’t touched her panties until now. She was wearing a small petite cute panties. I started removing her panties. I pulled it down up to her knees, and she herself pulled it out from there. In our excitement and passionate kissing, her saree pleats were getting messy. And we were getting more and more excited.

Chetna had lost her control. She began to kiss my chest passionately.  She was sucking and biting my male nipples too.  I could feel the sweet pain whenever she would bite with her teeth. Looking at my excitement, Chetna began to suck my nipples harder. My body tightened in that excitement. She slowly began to kiss all over my chest, and went down. She had now removed my pants.  The sound of her bangles as she removed my pants, made me go wild. The touch of her silky hair and saree on my skin was giving me sensual pleasure everywhere.  My erection was really hard at the time. Chetna’s lips were now very close to my penis. She covered my erection with her transparent saree pallu, and began to shake it with her hands. She was curious to have a look at it. I looked down at her playing with my erection. Her bangles made a beautiful sound when she teased my erection. She suddenly stopped. I waited for her anxiously. Chetna moved her saree pallu to uncover my penis. Now there was nothing in-between my erection and her. She kept staring at my erection for some time. I could not wait any longer. My penis was anxious for her touch. And suddenly, she licked my penis with her soft tongue along its length. My whole body was now entrenched with excitement. I felt as if a live current went through my body. I had never experienced any pleasure like that. Then, she quickly wrapped her lips around the top of my penis. Wow!! I was seeing the new limit of my excitement. She slowly began to suck over it with her soft lips. She began at the top, sucking it hard, and slowly slid her lips over my hardened shaft. Wooaah!! The excitement made me clench my fists. But this was my first experience at sex. I could not contain myself for long. Soon, I was quiet with satisfaction. My heart was still racing. But I was happy and content in my hearth. After all, I just lost my virginity!

Chetna was hiding her erection behind her pallu.

Chetna got up after my climax. She looked at me smiling while she tried to fix her saree pleats. She covered her blouse with her saree aanchal. She gave a naughty smile and came into my arms. She had satisfaction in her eyes too. She had done her job as a woman tonight. We kissed each other once more, and she slept with her back touching my chest. She kept her head on my arm, and held my hand, as if she was experiencing the love that we had. I held her tightly in my arms, and we slept. We didn’t say anything to each other. But I was happy to have Chetna in my arms. She had given me the pleasure of being a man.

We thought that we will fall asleep soon. But when you are young, the nights are long. After a short while, I began to kiss her back once more. I found her exposed back in that deep cut blouse, very attractive. I was touching her waist and her thighs with one of my hands. I was trying to tease her by sliding my hands over her inner thighs wrapped in a silky slippery saree. Soon my efforts at teasing her were successful. I could see Chetna taking deep breaths in enjoyment. Her hips were swaying again, and pressed against my penis. She had an erection too. I slid my hand over her waist and went up to below her navel where I could feel the bulge in her saree. I don’t know why but I didn’t find anything wrong touching her bulge with my hands.  I began to hold her erection with her saree, and began to shake it up and down. I was really teasing Chetna now. But she soon grabbed my hand and moved it from there. She said in a low feminine voice, “Nishant, please let it like that. Don’t tease me there. My saree will get a stain otherwise.”

I didn’t touch her erection after that. But our eyes were wide awake in that moonlit night. We made love to each other whole night; we experienced touching all over our bodies for the whole night. We didn’t even realize but the morning had soon arrived.

Years later, today I am sitting in a flight, and I still can remember that night as if it happened yesterday. That night was beautiful, sexy and wonderful, but that night was the beginning of the end of my friendship with Chetan. Soon, Chetna was going to become an important part of my life. It was really strange that our friends used to say that with Chetan’s impressive personality, he would get a girlfriend before me. And that night, Chetan didn’t get any, but I got Chetna for me.

What happened the next morning? You will find the answer in our next part. If you liked our story, don’t forget to use the star rating on the top of this page to give us your ratings.

To be continued …

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