Pallavi: The Beginning

Pallavi is a journey of young boy, who was ill-treated by his family because he was different. He finds solace in his mother’s sister who helps become the woman he really was.

Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We have used our creative liberties to embellish her story a little, but we have tried our best to maintain the original content and the intention of the story.


This book is dedicated to my well wishers, students, friends and all who directly or indirectly supported me, encouraged and stood by me.


In our society to talk or discuss anything about sex is a social stigma. When someone tries to discuss about people whose sexual orientation is any different from the mainstream, it is assumed that he/she is pervert.

I have come in contact with real life people very closely and discussed various related aspects of varying sexual orientations. I also talked about the subject with Psychologists. Psychiatrists and Endocrinologists.

I have searched internet and even went through Guides prepared by WHO (World Health organization).

Based on all above I am trying to write autobiographical type fantasy book but it also contains lot of facts and true incidents of living persons.

I am mixing life events of my three characters namely Pallavi, Alka and Yogesh. I know them personally but changed their names in book to protect their identity.

I have used some of the possible medical advancements and extended further, just stretching my imagination to achieve ultimate goal of every cross dressers and persons who are seeking sex change operation. Every one invariably dreams of becoming a mother like genetic woman.

I have tried to make it a unique love story. (I know of a case where this has actually happened and these people are living in India and they are in late 30’s)

Some readers may feel this novel is slow at times. But I am trying to express desires/feelings of many of those who are suffering and their dream fantasy. I am trying to put emphasis on process or journey towards moving into complete womanhood and afterwards.

It is my effort to make the book educative so I have included in simple language medical details related to subject on which the novel is written.

Pallavi Desai


As an editor for this story, I had the opportunity to read the full synopsis of this story. I found this really refreshing, as it takes a very different approach of narration from the type of stories you have read here on our website. Nevertheless, this story has all the aspects and fantasies of cross-dressers and trans-women. This story has the right background and the platform to talk about all our fantasies and challenges.

I believe that this story can prove to be educative, informative and entertaining in general. After all, there is a love story involved here! and who doesn’t love one? Apart from the love angle, I really admire the author’s efforts in putting together all the scientific facts in this story.

I haven’t yet read all the parts, but I already like the synopsis. But at the time of writing this foreword, I am as curious as our other readers, to know how this story is going to evolve.

From the team of Indian Crossdressing Novel, I really hope that our readers will give this story the same love that our readers had been giving to our other stories.


Award function

Pallavi looked at the wall clock and it was showing 6:10 p.m.  She told herself, “Pallavi, you don’t have much time. So finish getting ready in about forty five minutes so that you are ready when Yogesh arrives at seven”. She had put up a gray/green colour saree with matching sleeveless blouse, pearl necklace, bangles and big dangling earrings and payals to suit the occasion. She applied makeup and combed her long hair and kept it a little loose. Yogesh likes her hair this way. She glanced at mirror to see if any thing remains to be done. She beamed with satisfication and went to the kitchen to drink water.

“Ding dong”, the door bell rang. Pallavi walked up to the door to open. Yogesh as usual was cheerful. He took Pallavi in his arms and gave her a forceful hug. After some time, she withdrew herself from his embrace and moved to kitchen asking him if he wants water.

He said, “Can you prepare quickly strong coffee? In the mean time I will get ready”.

She prepared the coffee for Yogesh very quickly, and they both left the house.

They reached hall in time when the award function was about to start. This was going to be a big night for Pallavi. Tonight, she hoped to spread her message to the world. She was anxious, but she had no other choice except to wait patiently as the function proceeded.

After about a dozen announcements, Pallavi’s name was announced.

Pallavi waited patiently for the award function to proceed.

The announcer said “Pallavi gets the best woman of year under a special category. We are felicitating Pallavi in recognition of her services through her activities of last 10 years that has immensely helped special women to live life of dignity and respect. Pallavi is a trans-woman, meaning she changed her sex from male to female 12 years ago. She decided to improve the conditions of other trans-women by providing them the opportunity to earn by starting beauty parlour,  dance and documentary video production, and started academy to teach them graphics, animation and web based application. Her organization ‘Parivartan’ (meaning change) has 21 branches all over India, and assisted 57 Trans-women. The collective turnover of all branches has just crossed rupees 3 crore this year.”

The announcer continued, “Her work was not fitting in any of our existing categories so the sponsoring agency decided to add this new category from this year. I request Ms. Pallavi to come on stage and accept the award.”

Pallavi got up and with smiling face, went to receive the award. She was happy, but more than that, she was satisfied with the recognition she received for her hard work over the past many years.

She said, “I thank panel members of jury and sponsoring agency for honoring me with this award in recognition of work done by my team.”

She continued, “When I got my sex changed about 12 years ago, there was almost no opportunity of earning respectfully was available for a person like me, who were not accepted by the society. We are special and those who have under gone sex change operations under medically approved doctors are medically and legally woman and we are termed as Trans-woman”

Pallavi was being awarded the woman of the year award under a special category. It was now her chance to tell this world about her wonderful journey and achievements.

“Women like us rarely get support willingly by family so most of us work in dance club / bar and some when they have no other choice, ultimately go into flesh trade.”

“In a way I am lucky that I got good education, early training in classical dance, beauty parlour, and I had some professional experience and contacts in advertising company. Lastly, but most important is the support provided to me by my mother, my masi (mother’s sister), my wife Alka (when I was male), a few friends and my boss who was a well wisher and is now my husband Yogesh.”

Pallavi began to speak about her journey as a special woman

“During my transition period from male to female journey, we discussed and charted out plan of action that I am going to start an organization to help in a meaningful way to trans-women, eunuchs, and cross-dressers so that they can live with respect and dignity. Initially there were few obstacles, but by Gods grace and help of my well wishers, we overcame them and steadily progressed.”

“I want to inform everyone here that most of us are educated, warm-hearted, sensitive, trust worthy and there is nothing to fear about us. I request you to understand and accept us.”

“At this special occasion, I want to inform you that since last five years, we have been giving medical counseling services in the area of sexual minorities. And about 3 years ago, we launched our own website. It has very valuable information. Please do visit http://www.p——.org

“In near future, we are planning to start a courier service and online training for entrepreneurship. Our beauty parlour will be extended to fitness center including gym, nutritional advices, yoga and meditation.”

“I lastly request you that if there is any member in your family who is showing any sort of sexual deviation, please don’t get angry! Don’t scold, don’t feel guilty or ask questions like what and where have I gone wrong? But consult with qualified medical practitioner. It will be good for all of you. Understand and help that family member. He/she needs your love, affection and support.”

“Thank you once again to all of you for allowing me to express and talk about me and people like us.”

Pallavi returned to her seat. Yogesh was very happy about her short but effective speech. At 9:30 the function was over followed by dinner.

A young journalist Nandini came up to Pallavi. She wanted to take Pallavi’s interview.

Many came up to Pallavi, congratulated her for courageous decision and praised her work. When they were about to leave, Nandini, a young woman came to her and very politely introduced her that she is a journalist and want to take her interview at Pallavi’s convenience.

Pallavi agreed and invited Nandini to see her after 3 days at her residence. Pallavi suggested her to visit her website before coming to interview.

To be continued …

Next part is available now. Click here to read the other parts of this story.

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