Roommate: Part 3

The love was finally about to blossom between Nishant and his crossdressing friend who was now a beautiful woman named Chetna.

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A week later

“Wake up, Nishant! You are getting late for the office”, Chetna, the woman in my life, tried to wake me up in the morning. I slowly opened my eyes. I could see the face of my beautiful Chetna who was bending over me to nudge me from my sleep. She looked radiant in the glorious sun, and her long hair were falling close to my face. Looking at the pretty face in her nighty, I smiled at the beautiful stroke of my luck. There cannot be any other better way than this to start a day.

“Who wants to go to the office…”, I pulled her gently into my arms, “… when I can spend my time with a beautiful woman like you.” It was now her turn to smile. She didn’t struggle to get out of my hold, instead lovingly came into my arms. Her breasts got squeezed against my chest. Needless to say that a lot had changed between us in the last seven days.

“Nishu, please let me go”, Chetna pleaded with love. She had started calling me Nishu since a few days back. That was the nickname she had chosen for me. After all, we were falling in love. “Why should I let you go, sweetheart?”, I asked her innocently. She didn’t have any answer. She cast her eyes down looking towards my chest smiling out of shyness. She too loved to be in my embrace.

“Nishu, I have something to say to you.”, she said. She was playing with my locket, that I was wearing, with her delicate fingers. “What is it, Chetna?”, I asked her.

“You know it has been a week since we both started sleeping next to each other. I really like it when we cuddle together. I love to fell you next to my body. And I really enjoy the time we spend together in the evening, and again in the morning. But we haven’t done that thing since …”, she paused. “What thing, Chetna?”, I knew what she was talking about, and I still asked her feigning ignorance. “You know what I’m talking about!”, she exclaimed. “No, I don’t”, I continued to tease her.

“You are such a liar!”, she said and beat me gently over my chest with her fist, just like a delicate lady. Oh, how womanly she was when she did that! My Chetna was more woman than any other woman in this world, especially modern women. Most women take their femininity and feminine gestures for granted. And they have adopted more of a masculine trait as if that’s a positive thing. But not my Chetna. She didn’t take her femininity for granted. She had waited years before someone could acknowledge her as a woman, and she cherished the womanhood she finally got, something she deserved at the first place. She truly was the most feminine woman I had met in the last couple of years.

I loved to see my beautiful Chetna in a nighty.

“Nishu. Don’t make me say that!”, she said in a fake complaining voice. “I just want to let you know that I am ready now.”, she continued. “Ready for what, dear?”, I continued to tease her. She tried to get out of my strong hold to show her fake anger. But she could not. Then she said, “OK. If you insist so much, I will give you a hint.” And she kissed me with her soft lips. Her kiss might have been gentle but it was filled with so much passion. And I could not hold myself back. I hugged her tightly in my arms and kissed her back with equal passion. But she stopped. And I stopped as well.

She looked into my eyes and smiled. She said, “I am going to be ready for you in the evening when you come back from the office. Tell me if you would like to see me in a new anarkali suit that we bought together yesterday, or you want me to wear a saree?”

I wondered for a second and said, “Hmm… I have never seen you in an anarkali. But saree would make it so much easier for me to get inside you. You know what I mean?”, I gave a dirty smile.

“Eeeesh… you dirty man!”, she finally managed to get out of my hold. I let her go this time. I was smiling at her. “I will send you an SMS when I am ready in the evening, and you can come home after that. I will be waiting for you.”, she smiled and walked away to the bathroom like a delicate lady.

This SMS was our way to make sure that Chetan had time to disappear so that when I come home, I am greeted by my lovely woman, Chetna. She had changed my world. It had become a lot more beautiful. We used to have such a wonderful time every evening talking, eating, and watching TV together. Everything was great when she was in my arms. We did everything together, except for making love. We didn’t make love since the first time we had it. We had decided that we would not engage in a physical relationship until we understood our feelings for each other. And it really helped us to understand what was going on in our hearts. Honestly, I was a little reluctant in the beginning to feel anything for Chetna, but she was the most wonderful woman I had ever met. And in the last seven days, we had really bonded well. We were already in love with each other. And I could not wait for the evening when I would make the sweet love to my Chetna.

Later that day in the office, I met Chetan around the lunch time. We usually would have lunch together ever since we had joined this office, except when we had meetings or work during the lunch time. And many a times, our colleague Rohit would join us well. That day, Chetan and I looked really happy, and Rohit could easily notice that.

“What’s up with you guys? You look too happy. I guess you guys finally managed to find a girlfriend for you, but both at the same time?”, Rohit asked. He was really curious.

“Come on, Rohit! How could you guess! Well, you may be right. I might have found a girl in my life.”, I replied to Rohit with happiness.

“Might have? What does that even mean? You either found a girlfriend or you don’t. What does ‘might have’ mean?”, Rohit asked again. “It just means that it is too early to tell. Things are going well between me and her, but we have to see how far this relation goes.”, I explained. I looked at Chetan and gave a smile to him.

“Hmm… interesting. So, what about you Chetan? What’s the reason for your happiness? Who is your lucky girl?”, Rohit asked Chetan who was quiet until now.

“I haven’t found any girlfriend yet.  But I am happy anyway. Looks like I will have to be  happy playing with my guitar.”, Chetan said. He was a guitarist who loved to play guitar.

“I can’t believe, out of the two of you, Nishant got the girl first. I always imagined it would be Chetan first.”, Rohit said. Just like everyone else, he thought Chetan had a better chance of finding a girlfriend. Only if Rohit knew, how wonderful girlfriend Chetan can become!

“By the way, Nishant, the girl that you are seeing, by any chance, is it Sapana from the HR department?”, Rohit asked me again.

“Stop it, Rohit! And no, it’s not Sapana. Anyway, I don’t really know if I have a girlfriend yet. Whoever she is, she and I need some time to think over.”, I said in a little annoyed voice.

After that, I went to my desk to work. But my mind was too excited thinking about seeing Chetna in the evening. I could not focus on my work at all. I kept looking at my watch. I kept looking at my phone waiting for the SMS to arrive. The time seemed to move real slow that day. I kept waiting for the evening to arrive. And after hours of wait, finally around 6:30 pm, my phone buzzed. “Come home. I am ready. – C”, said the SMS. I left my office immediately.

I came home a little late because of the traffic. I walked up to our house as soon as possible. I was too excited to see the woman I love. I rang the door bell. I could hear the footsteps of Chetna running towards the door. The door opened and here she was. My lady! My beautiful lady! She looked stunning and demure at the same time. She was wearing a saree that we both purchased together for her a few days ago; it was my choice! She had perfectly equal sized pleats pinned on her shoulder with one edge of her saree pallu going over her right nipple. Her soft perfectly round firm breasts appeared delicious in her perfect fitting tight blouse with round cups. I can’t describe how aroused I felt looking at her. Today, her cheeks appeared more beautiful with the blush and the rich makeup she had applied. Her lips seemed fuller and eager in a hot pink lipstick. And her eyes, oh her eyes, I felt like diving into those mascara-lined deep eyes. She was the most beautiful woman smiling adoringly at me, as her jhumkas glittered on her ear lobes. A small round bindi on her forehead gave her a demure appearance of the most adorable woman. The numerous bangles on her dainty feminine wrist told me how much effort my Chetna has put into getting ready for me! For me! Can you believe my luck!

Chetna was eagerly waiting for me that evening.

“What took you so long, Nishu? Do you know how eagerly I was waiting for you?”, said my diva. “Not as much as I did, dear.”, I said and grabbed my angel by her waist. I pulled her closer in my arms as I pushed the door shut behind me. She wanted to complain like a housewife. “Nishu, you know I was …”, she was in between her sentence when I put my finger over her soft lips. “Shhhh … no words are necessary, jaanu“, I said in a whispering voice.

Chetna was hanging in my strong arms with her back arching. She looked intently into my eyes; my finger still over her lips. I moved my finger slowly pressing against her lips. Both our hearts were beating faster. My diva seemed more and more gorgeous. She broke the silence between us. “Nishu, I was thinking about what you said to Rohit this afternoon. Please tell me, am I your girlfriend?”, she asked. “Yes, you are. Chetna. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. And I feel lucky to have found you.”, I said.

Chetna’s eyes beamed with happiness. I pulled her closer to me. Her soft saree rustled and her numerous bangles made a lovely sound as I kept pulling her closer. I could see that her breathes were getting longer and deeper. Her chests would expand with each breath. Our lips got closer and closer. Her lips trembled in eagerness. And then, I gave her a deep passionate kiss. It must have lasted a minute. I slowly withdrew myself from her soft lips. Her eyes were closed feeling the sensation I had left on her lips. It was like the first kiss we had. And she was like a woman who had devoted herself to me completely.

I was so happy to see Chetna when she opened the door for me.

“Chetna”, I said as I rolled my fingers through her long hair, “I really love what we have together. And I want to take our relationship to the next level. I don’t want to pressurize you into anything. So, I want to ask you if I can make love to you as my girlfriend.” I asked her because I wanted to give her the respect that she deserved. Her eyes had conveyed her answer. I began to rub my other hand over her smooth waist and midriff exposed in her saree. My manhood was already indicating its presence and bumped below Chetna’s navel between her saree pleats. And Chetna seemed excited too. Her soft panties were not strong enough to contain her excitement within. I didn’t mind it at all. When two hearts are in love, the sexual organs really don’t matter much.

Chetna took a deep breath. “Nishu, I want to make love to you too.”, she said in a sexy whispering voice, “But I want this night to be very special. I have cooked a special dinner for you. Should we start from there?” I nodded in yes, though it was very difficult for me to resist her anymore. She came out of my arm holds and turned away to head toward kitchen. I let her hand slowly slip away from my hand but then, I stopped her by making my grip stronger. Her bangles made a lovely sound once again with the jerk. She turned her face back towards me, she smiled and said, “I am coming back soon. I promise.” She ran away from me like a light flower flying in the air. I kept looking at her. “My girlfriend”, I thought and smiled.

I walked into the dining area. Chetna had turned our dining room into the most romantic room with candle light and a few decorations. The plates were already set on the table. I could not believe how lucky I felt. Chetna came from the kitchen bringing a bowl of a dish that she had cooked for me. She must have come back from the office much earlier than I imagined. She not only spent time cooking, decorating, but also getting ready for me! I was really a lucky man. She kept smiling at me while she served the food. I was so much in love with the sweet melodious sound her bangles made. Honestly, I could not have experienced the pleasure of this traditional femininity if I were dating any other girl, because modern city girls wear bangles and traditional clothes only on special occasions.

What a romantic evening it was! Before the dinner, we professed our love to each other. We chatted, we smiled, and really enjoyed our meal. Chetna looked like an angel in the dim candle light. The whole atmosphere around us smelled like roses which was slowly seducing me towards Chetna. But more than that, both of us could experience more and more love for each other. After the dinner, I helped Chetna take out the dishes back to the kitchen. I would tickle her waist whenever I could. And she would jump out of surprise. She would give an angry look, but she didn’t resist any touch from me.

After that, I took Chetna’s hands and took her to our sofa. She sat right next to me. She pulled her legs up, covered her feet with her saree, and slowly placed her head over my chest. Her breast rubbed against my body which stimulated me a little more. I placed my one arm over her shoulder, and held her hand with my other hand. I looked at her bangles. I loved the sound those bangles made. I began to touch her waist with the hand that was over her shoulder. I slowly moved my fingers over her face as I turned her face towards me. I gently caressed her hair as she looked at me. Her eyes looked deep into me. She was ready to become one with me. Her lips were eager again. Her back got erect as she moved closer towards me. Her breasts were pressing against my body. Our noses touched. “Nishu”, she said. “Yes, Chetna” “Can we… Can we go to my bedroom for this?”, she asked in a voice shaking due to the excitement.

I lifted Chetna in my arms, and I took her to the bed. I slowly laid her down. I stared all over her body. She was looking at me while I noticed her body. I slowly bent over her, pushed aside her saree over her midriff, and began to kiss around her navel area. She closed her eyes and began to arch her back in excitement. I slowly moved up and began to kiss her around the neck, which really got her in the mood. She pulled me closer towards her body, and pressed my head to kiss harder around her neck. Her breathe was getting deeper and deeper, and she started moaning in excitement. My hands slowly pulled her saree up and touched her smooth thighs. The touch excited her even more, and she pulled my head to kiss on my lips. She began to kiss vigorously. Oh, there was so much passion inside Chetna. We continued kissing for sometime. But I stopped. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her breathes were faster. Her heart was beating faster. She wanted more of me.

I slowly slid her saree and petticoat up, and took out her panties. I pushed apart her legs. Her heart began to beat faster because she knew what was going to happen to her. We were going to do this for the first time. She was excited as well as nervous. As a woman, she wanted to please me, but she was nervous because it was her first time at this. And it was my first time too. We both were together in this. She looked intently at me. “Nishu, please be slow with me”, she pleaded. I knew I had to be slow. I cared for her. I couldn’t hurt her.

I would be lying if I said that we didn’t fumble at all that night. We did, several times! But we both were patient as it was our firs time. And we successfully made sweet love that night. She gasped. She grasped the bedsheets in excitement. She cursed. She screamed of joy in the heat of moment. She bit me and dug her nails on my back at the height of sexual tension. But she took my manhood all in. I was all inside her. She was like a wild cat. She was a beginner in this like me, but she knew how to make me sweat. I would not go into details, but that was another fantastic night in our life.

The physical act of love becomes so much more intimate, passionate and meaningful when you know that you love this person. We were so much at ease with each other.  “I am so blessed to have you as my girlfriend Chetna”, I said to her before sleeping. “And I am lucky to have you as my boyfriend, Nishu. Good night, my love.”, she said and gave me a kiss. And we slept in each other’s arms after the act of love.

Chetna began to take care of our house as a woman. She bought a feminine touch that changed our bachelor house into a home!

Our life was going really great. It was not like Chetan had ceased to exist, and Chetna was at home all the time. But Chetna was coming out more and more. She really began to flourish. Her room cabinet now had numerous beautiful sarees, several sexy salwar suits and many western dresses. Her drawers were filled with panties, bras, nighties and fancy lingeries. I loved gifting her clothes of my choice as well. Chetan’s clothes on the other hand, were hidden behind the view. Her room was now a woman’s room. She had transformed our home from a bachelor pad to a lovely home decorated by a homemaker. She had brought her feminine touch to the home, and she would work hard to maintain it, and I loved helping her in the house chores. Also, we could not keep any external maid to help us, because Chetna was still a secret. She was known exclusively to me, and no one else!

As far as I was concerned, I had started to live together with Chetna in her room. We slept together, and made love a couple of times in a week. I loved seeing Chetna taking care of the house, sweating while brooming or cleaning the house. I loved to see her lovely face when I woke up in the morning. I loved it when every night, she would change from her saree or salwar suit to a more relaxing nighty. She would often turn away while changing clothes from me. She would ask me to close my eyes. I always said yes, but I never closed my eyes. It was such a pleasure to my eyes to see her change her clothes in a delicate feminine manner, as she removed her blouse and bra before putting on a nighty. She would directly come into my arms after that. Feeling her warm body next to me every night, was such a delight. Sometimes, she would complain about me like a housewife. I was practically leading a married life. I loved my life.

I can’t describe how amazing Chetna looked when she changed her clothes at night before sleeping.

Though Chetna had become the dominating personality, there were days when I would find Chetan at home. Though I longed for Chetna, Chetan had been my best friend since my college days. I loved hanging out with him as well. It felt a little weird in the beginning, but soon we “three” managed to live together happily.  There were certain days, I knew for sure that Chetan would be home. And an evening of IPL match with Mumbai Indians team playing would be such an evening. And I loved to have Chetan at that time, drinking beer with a friend and cursing when the game didn’t go as we wished. In nights like those, we would sleep in different rooms.

On one such night, we had opened beer bottles when we watched Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings game. Mumbai was batting first, and the game was not going well. The wickets kept falling, and Sachin was the last hope. I was already a little drunk in rage. And soon, Sachin got out for a mere 11 runs. “This game is dead man.”, I said looking towards the sofa where Chetan was sitting. But he was no where to be found. I looked around but he was not there in the drawing room or the kitchen. It was very unusual because Chetan would never move before the game is over. He would watch it until the last ball.

“Oh, it’s so hot in here. Thanks to someone who bought me this comfortable nighty as a gift.”, Chetna suddenly appeared coming out of her room. She was smiling seductively leaning against the door. She looked hot. “That nighty might have been a gift for you, but I see a gift for me as well. And this gift deserves to be unwrapped soon”, I said suggestively to Chetna. It must have been a few days since we made love. And I was already drunk whereas the game was going nowhere.

I suddenly jumped out of the sofa and began to run towards Chetna to hold her. Seeing me coming towards her, she gave a feminine scream and began to run away from me, teasing me and laughing at the same time. I finally managed to grab her in my arms in her bedroom. I took her to the bed. We both were laughing hard. Though she looked sexy in that nighty, she looked admirably beautiful too. We didn’t make love that night.

When we stopped laughing, we began to talk. Somehow, she started talking about her unfulfilled dreams of dressing in girl’s clothes as a young kid. She fondly remembered one time her mother had dressed her in a frock. She had a picture in that frock and she really cherished that moment. She told me how much influence her mother had on her when it comes to dressing up. She aspires to become a woman like her. That’s the reason, she is so much in love with sarees. “I wish I could meet my mom as her daughter. I would be so happy if she accepts me as her daughter”, Chetna said. She had become emotional. I hugged her, offering her support, like a man is supposed to provide to his woman. It was a lovely night when I truly began to understand Chetna.

Chetna looked really sexy that night. But we spent that night talking about Chetna’s childhood dreams. I began to understand her better now.

Years later, today I am remembering all these beautiful times I had spent with Chetna, while I am flying on a plane to California. It felt like I was traveling back in time in that flight. In a few hours, I will be in a city where Chetna lives today, who I haven’t seen for years. I don’t even know how she had been all these years. When I think about it, my life with Chetna was wonderful. Sex, though a small part of our relationship, was great. But there was so much more in our relationship. We really loved each other’s company. I really loved watching her eyes and smile for hours. But I can’t deny that Chetna was the hottest woman I have ever been with in my life so far. Those early days with her were so much filled with love. I had a lover in a beautiful woman named Chetna, and I had a great friend in Chetan to accompany me whenever I wanted. The three of us had a content life. So, if everything was so good, why haven’t I seen Chetna for so long? Our mind plays tricks that way. It tries to remember only the good times from the past, to keep ourselves sane. Though we loved each other, Chetna was a “special” woman, which made it a little challenging to find a way to live together. Oh, Chetna! Only if we could find a way to be together.

To be continued …

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