Pallavi: Summer vacation with Nina Masi

The story of Pallavi’s childhood as a male kid when he met his Nina masi for the summer vacation

Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We have used our creative liberties to embellish her story a little, but we have tried our best to maintain the original content and the intention of the story.

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Pallavi continued with the narration of her story how she met her Nina masi as a male kid.

When I arrived at Nina masi (mother’s sister) along with my mother Gayatri, Nina masi was there to welcome us. She called her house maid Tej to take our luggage and put in a room that was set up for us. It was a 2BHK house, and my mother and I got a room to live together. Nina masi was separated from her husband due to some marital problems between them. She had started to work with some magazine as a free lance writer. Her only son had went to USA right after SSC, an year ago. She seemed to be a warm woman and I instantly began to like her.

Few days at masi’s place went without any worthwhile happening. We used to go to meet some of our relatives, and occasionally we would visit some garden or a market. Nina masi was in the habit of reading and gardening. Mother told me that Nina masi knows many people, and many relatives and friends come to her for advice or help. Mother used to allow me to dress up at night when we were alone.

One night when I was dressed up, I told mother, I want to go and see masi like this. Somehow, I felt that my masi would not mind it. My mom was a little hesitant but I ran to Masi’s room without waiting for her answer. Masi was busy reading and she did not notice me. So, I went up to her, nudged her hand and asked her, “How do I look masi?”

Masi: Oh! What do we have here. Let me see you properly girl. You look good but you can look so much better. What is your name girl?

I: My name is Pallavi, masi.

Masi: Ok I will also call you Pallavi. But Why are you wearing a girl’s dress?

I : Masi, I want to be a girl.

Masi: But beta you are a boy. You know if you want, you can take part in cultural programs where you can dress like a girl and participate as a woman.

I: Masi I want to be a real girl..

Masi: Pallavi, we will do one thing. You are too young now. So you can wear these clothes. And I will find out how you can become a good girl when you grow up. Is it fine?

I: Yes, masi! I am very happy now.

My mother was listening our conversation from behind the doors and she stepped in. She sat near Masi and started crying. Masi gave her a warm hug and asked her to stop crying and tell me what is all this about. My mom asked me to go to the bedroom, and then she told everything to my masi.

Masi called me and said, “Pallavi, you have nothing to fear about. Live in this house as a girl as you like. I will find out what we can do about your desires.”

That night I slept peacefully in my girl’s dress.

Next morning when I got up and when we were eating lunch, Masi said to us, “Get ready by 6 in the evening. We all will go out.”

That day, Masi went to her office. She talked to one of her doctor friend Jyoti and discussed everything about me. Jyoti told her, “Nina, I am not an expert on this subject but as a gynecologist I know so many cases like this. I feel if you satisfy his desire at this stage willingly and accept him, there is every chance that Pratik will become normal. Due to the variety of clothes, jewelry, hair styles, makeup etc, many male kids wish to try female clothes etc. Just accept him and remember one thing, when he is dressed as girl call him as Pallavi only. Try till he is here in vacation and if things do not improve, we will see what can be done in future.”

Masi returned home around 5, got fresh and got ready for going out. She called me and asked if I like long hair or short hair? I replied, long hair. She said OK and called my mother Gayatri to check if she is ready.

All of us first went to a garden and then went for shopping.

She chose a few dresses for me, bangles of my size, payal, bindi, clip-on earings, make-up kits, under garments, long & shoulder length wigs and chappals. She also purchased a few tatoos to stick as mehndi.

We returned home after taking a dinner at hotel around 9:30. Masi called Tej and told her to prepare me as girl and bring me to her. From now we will call Pratik as Pallavi only and if he wishes, he can be a girl for all 24 hours a day.

Tej did as she was told and brought me to Masi. Mother was also sitting there. Both happily said that I look like a real girl. Masi told me to play either with Tej or see TV and went to her room. Mother kissed me and wished me that our family members should try to understand you and give permission.

During whole summer, I almost lived as girl. Masi also called one of her best friend Kruti and told her to bring her daughter Piyu to play with me. We soon became good friends and once she called me to come to her home dressed as girl, I went there and enjoyed very much the company of her friends.

I never knew how the vacation got over so quickly and it was time to return to my village to continue study. When the actual day of departure came, Masi told me not to wear girl’s dress at your home and she will convince my father to send me to Surat as education here is good. And then we will see, what to do. She removed all my girly stuff from my bag.

Finally my father came with my sister Kamal to pick  us up, and we started for my village.

Masi said to my father, “I have a suggestion that the education here in Surat is much better than at Gandevi. So why not send Pratik here to study further? I will take his full responsibilities.”

To be continued …

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