Pallavi: Back home at Gandevi

The story of Pallavi’s childhood as a male kid. He was being sent to live with his Nina masi to study further in Surat

Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. Indian crossdressing novel has only published this story with minor editing.

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After a few days at home, one night when we all were sitting together at home, my father opened the topic of sending me to Surat for my studies.

Father: Pratik, Do you want to go to Surat to study further?

I: Do I have to go there alone, bapuji?

Father: Yes, will you be able to live alone? We will come there initially but then it may not be so frequent.

I: Bapuji, I would like that for the few first days, mother will live with me.

Kamal (my sister): Bapuji,  actually I am much better in studies than Pratik and from last five years I am coming first in my division. Why not send me there? Now I am in 9th standard and if I go there and if I get good marks, I can go to good college.

Father: No, at this stage, due to difference in educational standard here and at Surat, you may get disturb and get bad marks. If you wish, I will arrange for your personal tuition of teacher of your liking, so you get very good marks in SSC. We cannot take risk about you now but Pratik is a average student and there is a possibility of his getting good marks.

Father: Pratik, are you really prepared to live alone? If you say yes, I will have to talk to Nina masi and ask if admission in school there is possible for you.

I: OK, I will live alone but at least for some time you will be staying with me initially.

Father: I will be with you for two to three days only and your mother may live with you for about 2 weeks.

I: Ok.


My father called Nina masi. He told her that he has thought about me studying at Surat. He asked her if she can find out if I can get an admission there, and how much would it cost?

Masi: I have few contacts here, and if Pratik really wants to study here, I will get him admitted in a good school. About the cost, please don’t worry. I am going to bear the cost for his study. It is good that you have thought of sending him here because now that he will be in 5th standard and from 5th standard, pattern of education changes, this will benefit him.

Father: Thanks for your good wishes, Nina and your generous offer. But if you are going to bear the cost, I am not sending Pratik there. Don’t try for admission. Do you want to talk to Gayatri?

Masi: Let us not bring our ego in this matter. I withdraw my offer. Generally cost/year comes around Rs.5000. You can send that money every year.

Father: I will send you Rs.1000/month and more in future, because it is really expensive in cities. I can afford to pay the cost. So don’t say no, and please inform me when can I bring Pratik for admission there.

Masi: Sure. I will call back tomorrow evening as to where I am getting him admitted.  

Next day evening, Masi’s phone came and she told my father that I can get admission in Jeevan Bharati School. It is Gujarati medium school but good one. She asked if we can come in next two-three days.

Father: Pratik got only 45% marks, will he be admitted?

Masi: Don’t worry about the past result. He will definitely improve his performance.

Father: OK, then we are coming there day after tomorrow. Should I take school leaving certificate from his school?

Masi: Yes, admission is confirmed.

Father: Then we all are coming there and he hung up the phone.

My family prepared appropriately and we left for Surat and reached there by night bus.

To be continued …

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