Pallavi: Schooling in Surat

The story of Pallavi’s childhood as a male kid. Her first turning point in her life when she started to live with her aunty Nina in Surat.

Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. Indian crossdressing novel has only published this story with minor editing.

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Pallavi who was talking to a journalist named Nandini, was sitting on her couch fondly remembering her childhood. Pallavi continued her narration of the story about how she, as a male child named Pratik, went to live with her Nina masi for studies, and how it proved to be the first milestone/ turning point of her life. Pallavi continued to speak as Nandini listened carefully …

When we arrived at Nina masi’s home, she was their to happily greet us.  My mom and Kamal were put up in masi’s room, and I along with my father were in a room where we lived previously in summer vacation.

After taking dinner, masi told us that we will go to school at 10 in the morning.

We directly went to Principal Taraben Desai, and finished all formalities and returned home in time to take lunch. Uniform, books and exercise note books etc. were all provided by school. We visited a few relatives, and my father and my sister Kamal returned to Gandevi. Mother told father that if Pratik gets properly settled, she will return to Gandevi in 15 days time.

School was to open in 2 days. Next day morning, while taking breakfast, Masi told me that it may take some time for me to adjust to the culture here but then you are going to pick up the level necessary to be here. She wanted me to score really good marks. “Do you understand Pratik this correctly? If you show poor performance I will send you back to your village school. You have to decide your future; there will be discipline in study. First study, good performance and then only everything else.”, she said to me.

I: Masi. Will you not help me to become a girl? My only purpose of studying here is that only.

Masi: I am definitely going to help you become a girl but I want you to get good education first, the most important part for you. First promise me that you are going to do well in studies and then only, I will find out ways how to fulfill your desire to become a girl.

I: I promise you masi that I will study hard and get good marks

Masi: Fine, I expected this only from you. I will first consult proper doctor and decide how to help you. Keep faith in me. Unless I tell you, you are not going to wear girl’s dress.

At 11 she left home for office. She contacted her friend Dr. Jyoti and gave report about how I behaved in vacation and why I have come to Surat for studying. She asked Dr. Jyoti to fix appointment with concerned doctor.

Dr. Jyoti: Give me a day or two and I will contact you again.

After 3 days, in after noon, Dr. Jyoti contacted Nina masi and informed her that she has found a proper and reliable doctor. “When you want to take appointment?”, she asked.

Masi: Earliest is better.

Dr. Jyoti: Keep on line, I am trying a conference call.

She called Dr.Kusum Agrawal and asked her if she can talk.

Dr. Kusum: Jyoti, I am free, in fact there is no appointment now so I am thinking of going home early.

Dr. Jyoti: I talked to you about Pratik today. Is it possible to see him today?

Dr. Kusum: What time can he come?

Masi: Anytime you say. We can come even in half an hour.

Dr. Kusum: Is it possible at 4? Bring the boy also.

Masi: Yes. We are coming at 4

She took address from Dr. Jyoti.

Dr. Jyoti told Nina, “Dr. Kusum is a psychiatrist meaning she gives counseling and if required gives medicines.”

Masi called home and talked to Tej asking her to pick auto and bring me and mother before 4. She gave her address of Dr. Kusum Agrawal. She told Tej that she will directly come to Dr.Kusum’s consulting room.

All of them reached Dr. Kusum’s consulting room before 4 and seated in a waiting room.

When they were called, Masi went inside and introduced me and mother.

Dr. Kusum talked with mother and I for about one hour. Finally she asked me: Pratik, why do you want to wear girl’s dress?

I: Because I am a girl and now I want you to make me a real girl. So that I can be a girl openly in society.

Dr. Kusum turned to Masi and said: I am sure that mentally Pratik is a girl but he is very young. We cannot take important decision to change his sex now and we will wait till he becomes adult. We periodically review his status and then take a final decision.

Masi: Till then how to go about? Should we prevent him wearing girl’s dress?

Dr.Kusum: He is unstoppable. We go for few medical tests to know his hormones conditions [special chemicals in human body which defines and controls sexual behavior] and then begin with some mild treatment.

There are two main course of action.

  1. Block male hormones secretion.
  2. Enhance female hormones secretion.

In my opinion we go for blocking male hormones secretion so that prominent male characteristics does not develop like hair & mustache on face, deep voice development etc. To decide the dosage we need medical tests which can be done reliably only at Mumbai. I will collect the sample now if you wish and we get report in one week and we start giving medicines.

Masi: Should we allow him wearing of girl’s dress?

Dr.Kusum: It is better. It will make his mind peaceful and will able to concentrate in study.

Masi requested Dr. Kusum to take a blood sample.

Dr. Kusum asked one of her nurses to take blood sample, after which all of us left her consulting room.

We reached home around 6:30. Masi asked Tej to prepare dinner and also told her that I am going to become a girl so we all must call him as Pallavi only from today, and behave with him as if she is a girl only. We will also ask him to do things which generally a girl does. When school starts, after returning from school from 7 p.m. to next day morning he is going to wear only girl’s dress. Tej went for preparing food.

Masi told me: Tomorrow morning after bath we will do puja and after that, you will start living the life of a girl. Once again I remind you that if your study is not good, I will stop and make you return to your native place Gandevi.

Pratik: Masi, please don’t send me back, I will surely show you my best performance and I will wear girl’s clothes after doing puja only.

Masi asked me to start TV and see which ever program I liked. At 9:30 I went to bed and slept peacefully and woke up only at 7 mornings when my Masi was trying to wake me up.

She touched and said, “Pallavi get up, we have to do puja. You are beginning your new life.” Imagine my happiness listening to those words!

To be continued …

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