Pallavi: Training Begins

The story of Pallavi’s childhood as a male kid. The beginning of a new life in Surat

Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. Indian Crossdressing Novel has only published this story.

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Today is Thursday. At 7 p.m. Dipti Shah came. Just before that Piyu and Bharati came.

Masi: Meet Dipti Shah. She is your Bharat Natyam teacher. She told Dipti that as per our talk I have arranged two more students. She is Piyu and the other is Bharati.

Nina masi called me and she said: This is my Pallavi. She must learn to express like girl perfectly. You know she is a boy.

Because Thursday is considered a good day she has come today but from next week she will come every Wednesday at 7 p.m. and the session will be for one hour and on every Sunday at 10 mornings and the session will be for one and half hour or may be more if she wants. She insisted that we will have to regularly practice otherwise she will leave tuition.

She talked to us about the basic requirements of this form of dance in general and showed us few gestures. She asked us to practice. She gave us her note book and asks us to copy in our note book before Sunday chapter on ‘Introduction’ and she left.

At night I copied Dance notes in my exercise book, which will be given to others next day morning so that they can also copy.

Mother returned home next day saying she is confident that Masi will give love and take your care like me, may be more than me. Now she has nothing to worry about me.

I became member of the Narmad library which has good collection of pictorial books in English and other English books.

Masi gifted me Oxford English to Gujarati dictionary and taught me how to use it.

Regular schooling has started. My all types of training also started. The daily life is going as per decided routine and nothing significant happened till the second week of July.

In July [as per our Hindu calendar in the month of Ashadha, vrata / religious ritual-function comes which is known as ALUNA VRAT in which girls from the age of three years to unmarried girls up to 20 years age observe fast for five days]. They can take only selected food one time a day. They wear new clothes and puts up makeup / jewellery etc, go to each other’s house, go to temple, dance together, play together and pass all five days together. Only at night they go back to their home. They worship goddess ‘PARVATI’ and pray for husband of their liking. On the last day’s night girls do not sleep and enjoys by doing many activities.

Masi: Pallavi since you are going to live as girl, do you want to do this vrata?

I said yes, actually I am eager to do it.

Masi said she will call Piyu and Bharati and you can do it.

During this festival I gor two more firends Varsha and Mana. We enjoyed the whole festival cum rituals very much.

There were regular follow-up with Dr.Kusum and tests to be done every three months.

I got good marks in 1st terminal exam. Masi and my family were happy that I am improving in my studies.

My other training was going smoothly and my teachers were happy.

Again nothing significant happened till Navaratri. Masi purchased few more dresses, one new waist length wig and silky chania choli. She asked my dance teacher to make me perfect in raas-garba, a form of dance. She told me that with Piyu and other friends I can go on grounds and do raas-garba openly. If she wishes she can also participate in our society function. This will give you confidence of going in public. If someone recognize and ask you or tease you just say you like all this things and nothing more. My Navaratri went excellent.

My first year got completed and in vacation I went to my village. In between as and when possible my father, mother and sister visited me and stayed with me for a day or two.

Like this two more years passed and I came in 8th standard. I showed gradual improvements in study and everyone was happy with my educational results.

My achievements in last three years of various raining

  1. I learnt preparing daily eating food items.
  2. I learnt makeup completely except bridal makeup.
  3. I learnt mehandi as good as professional except bridal mehandi.
  4. I am able to speak equally good in male and female voice but still needs improvement.
  5. I passed 3rd year exam of Bharat Natyam with good marks.
  6. I can seat, walk and behave quite naturally as girl.


I asked Masi when I can have my ears and nose pierced. When can I start growing my hair so that wig is not needed?

Masi: When you will come in10th standard, instead of Aluna Vrat you will start doing Jaya Parvati Vrata. You will wear Sari and go to temple from home to do puja. One month before that I will get your ears pierced. Nose piercing will be done only when actually we decide to go for sex change operation. From 10th standard you can start growing your hair and I will have to find some reason to convince your father for growing your hair.

To be continued …

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