Pallavi: Exposure in Society

The story of Pallavi’s childhood as a male kid. The beginning of a new life in Surat

Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. Indian Crossdressing Novel has only published this story.

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My school timings had now changed from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. My schedule had changed accordingly.

Masi went to Dr.Kusum as routine visit. She was told that Pallavi’s voice is not as soft as it should be. I feel she should be given a small dose of female hormone taking care that immediately the breast development should not start and for first three months, every month the tests should be done to know hormone levels, Are you sure you want Pallavi to finally go for sex change operation?

Masi: At present it is definite unless medically it indicates differently.

Dr. Kusum: In this case I am putting Pallavi on a very small dose of female hormones. I am giving pills, daily one in morning after tea. Get her test done if possible today / tomorrow and now we will keep her proper records. You have to closely observe Pallavi’s mood and other behavior and report me periodically. I will check Pallavi physically every month to know if any changes are taking place.

Masi left the clinic, bought medicines while returning home in evening. She told Pallavi about discussion and started regularly giving Pallavi the pill.

After Diwali one day I told Masi at night that I want to take part in school annual function and I want to play the role of girl. Will you allow me?

Masi: Your school friends will come to know about you and may tease you/ laugh at you. Will you be able to face it?

Me: Any way others are going to know in future so I would like to take risk and face the consequences.

Masi: If you can handle such situation, I will allow you but this must not come in way of your study.

Me: I assure you that I will handle it.

Masi: I will allow taking part in function as girl.

Next day I approached the teacher and requested her and got selected. I went for rehearsal regularly and last three days I requested teacher that during rehearsal I will wear girl’s dress, makeup etc so that at the time of actual performance I will be comfortable and at ease.

My role was appreciated by audience, teachers, and students studying with me though I did not win any prize. My class teacher congratulated me asking if I want to pursue such role in future. I told her I do not know, may be. Why are you asking me this question?

Teacher: I have observed you very closely and somehow I felt that you are not doing the act but you are in the character and enjoying it, you were very natural and some of your moves can not be performed by boy. I have a feeling that you are internally feeling feminine like a genetic girl.

I told her, my teacher, I just practiced hard so I could do so well. I thought I will get prize and I am little bit disappointed for not getting the prize.

Masi told me at night that my performance was very good and I think as and when you get a chance you should take part in such functions.

I told masi, not this year, when I come in college, I will think because it consumes my lot of time and energy to bring such natural performance. I don’t want to be careless in my study.

In my 8th exam, for the first time I got 80% Father was very happy and thanked Masi for her care and help.

Masi: But when you come in 9th standard I am going to introduce you to members of my ladies kitty party club as Pallavi. You are going to serve tea and snacks and remain present. From college days you will be made regular member of my kitty party club.

Dr. Kusum told masi that Pallavi’s chest area is showing some softness so we will stop pills for six months and again restart in next June.

When I came in 9th standard, Masi once told my father Pratik wants to talk with him about selecting subjects in 10th standard. Have you thought what Pratik should study?

Father: He has improved only after going to your place. I have just thought that he should pass graduation in either Commerce or Arts because he cannot go in science due to poor mathematics. Ultimately he should select some government job.

Masi: I feel it is better if you allow him to study Arts with special subject as Social work because now a day’s business world is giving importance to social work. Even local, state and central governments also have social welfare departments so government job is also possible. I also have some contacts with NGOs and local government so I will arrange some working during vacation and college education so Pratik will have sufficient work experience.

Father agreed to Masi’s suggestion and allowed her to do as she thinks fit.

In next two years, 9th and 10th standard nothing happened. I lived my life somewhat controlling my impulse of dressing as girl and concentrated more on study. In these two years Masi was always sharing her knowledge about different career options, one option in details at a time per week. Masi also gave me articles/magazines about social work during these two years.

Before going to my home after 10th exam, one night, I sat near Masi and held her both the hands in my hands and I told Masi that if you do not get angry I want to tell you something.

Masi: Don’t be afraid, tell me.

Me: Masi, since I took part in my school annual function I have started liking Sanjay [who was hero of the drama], I like to talk to him, I want to go out with him, I want to give him some present and be in his company.

Masi: So my daughter has grown up and started liking a real man. This is natural as you are on medicines plus you are living as a girl since last few years for most of the time of the day. You have naturally developed a feminine feelings also. We will do what is necessary.

Masi once called up mother [just before 10th exam] and told her that now she should gradually take Kamal in confidence and tell her Pratik’s secret desire and when Pallavi returns for college study we will present Pallavi to her and tell her everything. Take wow from her before telling her anything that she is not going to say anything to father now.

In last three years I further my capability as follows:

  1. I completed makeup course of even bridal makeup and mahendi. I am competent    enough to run beauty parlor of my own.
  2. I completed course in physical fitness and certification as trainer.
  3. I visited few NGOs and got some exposure.
  4. I passed 6th year exam of Bharat Natyam.
  5. I have started studying Yoga and will complete at the end of first year of college.

To be continued …

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  1. Very nice and intresting story i my self is mtf cd i am 73+i know which trauma crossdresser has to face if he gets some one who understands himm how much relief he gets it is beyond exaplanation congretulation

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