Roommate: Part 4

Nishant and Chetna were in so much love. Then why were they apart? Read this heart warming story of a cross-dresser.

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Special thanks: This time we want to give a special thanks to Sanjana Singh who graciously agreed to contribute her beautiful pictures for this story. She runs a CD beauty parlour in Mumbai. If you are ever in Mumbai and want to transform into a beautiful woman, don’t forget to meet Sanjana.

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Story so far:  This is the story of me i.e. Nishant and my roommate Chetan. Many years ago, one day I accidentally found a few women’s clothes in Chetan’s room. When I asked Chetan, he told me that he is a crossdresser. It came as a shock to me. Next day, I casually asked Chetan to dress up as a woman for me. And when he came back, he had transformed himself into a beautiful woman named Chetna. We both were a little drunk, and ended up making physical love. I felt guilty after that as were not gay. But soon, in an attempt to save our years of friendship, I fell in love with Chetna. And when two hearts meet, your heart doesn’t think if the person you love has male genitals or female organs. Our love was growing day by day, and Chetna had become my girlfriend. She was taking care of our home like a perfect housewife.

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My heart was still aching from remembering Chetna today. My flight to California was going through a turbulence, and my heart was going through a similar turbulence as well. The turbulence brought me back to the present for a while. But I was feeling restless. Chetna was all over in my mind and heart. I could not get her out of my mind. To feel a little better, I did what I knew best. I took out a small bottle of wine and drank it all in one shot. Still Chetna’s beautiful smiling face kept appearing in front of my eyes, and I went back thinking about those beautiful days with her.

It had been a little more than a month since I fell in love with Chetna. We both used to wait eagerly to spend our time together. If you have experienced the first love, you know how beautiful the world becomes. And something like that was happening to us too. And one evening, I returned home happily from my office to see my Chetna.

“Chetna, Chetna, where are you dear?”, I called her as soon as I reached home. I knew by now Chetan must have transformed himself into my lovely girlfriend Chetna. “Chetna!”, I called once again in my excitement.

“Hold on, dear. What’s the rush, Nishu?”, Chetna came out of the kitchen wiping her hands with her saree pallu. She was probably doing something in the kitchen. My happiness increased the instant I saw her beautiful face. And in that happiness, I picked her up in my arms by holding her around her knees.

“Nishu! I might fall”, Chetna said like a delicate woman and indicated me to put her down. “Don’t you trust me, Chetna? I won’t let you fall”, I asked her. “Yes, I do trust you dear. But why are you so happy tonight?”, she kissed me on my forehead with love.  She used to treat with so much love.

Today, Chetna was wearing a very simple saree at home, with a short-sleeved cotton blouse, and yet she looked gorgeous. I was excited to give her a surprise news today.

“Chetna, it is time for you to get ready. We are going out for a very romantic time!”, I said as I put her down on the floor. Chetna’s face brightened up hearing my words, but soon it was followed by a slight frown.

“But Nishu? You know that I have never been out of this house? What if somebody recognizes me?”, Chetna said. She looked down with sadness. Every cross-dresser experiences similar fear when thinking about going out in public, and so did Chetna.

“Chetna, you are such a beautiful woman. No one can identify you. Every boy takes out their girlfriend for a date. And I want to do the same dear.”, I said with love to Chetna.

“But Nishu, I am scared. What if something bad happens, and these few beautiful moments that I get to spend with you, I am afraid that I might loose it all.”, it was natural for Chetna to feel scared. We never knew who from our office, we might encounter in this city.

“Chetna, there is no reason to fear. We are going to Goa! No body knows us there. We will leave early in the morning when it’s dark outside. And I brought a car from my friend for us. There is nothing to be afraid of. Tomorrow, it will be just you and me. We will spend our valentine’s day in Goa. All you have to do is send an email in the morning to our boss saying that you have got a fever and you cannot come to office.”, I tried to help Chetna understand my plan. But it is never easy for a crossdresser to go outside the four walls. Chetna was still nervous. And she was rolling her pallu with her fingers out of nervousness. She agreed to my plan, but her anxiety was not yet over.

That night, I packed my bag with excitement. I was excited to be with Chetna out in a real world. Chetna was excited too, but she was still nervous. She packed her bag with so many things. Girls need to keep clothes of so many types, sandals, chappals, bangles, jewelry, makeup and what not! I didn’t know that earlier.

“How much stuff have you got Chetna? We are going there only for 4 days.”, I asked her. “Nishant, you have no idea how many things we girls need to look beautiful for you guys. Don’t you want me to look beautiful in Goa for you? In that case, I will have to pack matching sandals, jewelry, and accessories too.”, Chetna tried to explain. My Chetna was a perfect woman! She was going to come out of the four walls of our home for the first time. And I was really happy for that. We both looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

After packing our bags, I slept with Chetna in my arms. We usually slept in a spooning position with Chetna’s back facing towards my face. I loved to kiss her back and put my arms over her soft delicate waist when sleeping. Once again, I realized how much I loved this woman, and I was excited for our trip to Goa.

Next morning, we woke up at 3 am to get ready for our drive to Goa. We wanted to leave by 4 am while it’s still dark outside. I was all ready to go. Chetna was still getting ready in her room. She came out after sometime taking small steps. She was wearing a pink long salwar suit. And she was glowing like a rose!

“Nishu, do you think someone can still recognize me?”, she asked nervously. She looked so cute in that nervousness. “You don’t need to worry Chetna. There is no one awake at this time. And we will be out of this city in a short time where no one knows us. And soon, it will be just two of us”, I came closer to Chetna and hugged her.

Chetna hugged me back. I gave her a loving kiss on her forehead. And she gave a nervous smile. I knew that as a man in this relationship, it was my duty to protect Chetna from the outside world. I could not put her in any kind of risky situation. I knew that I will take good care of her. Soon, we picked our bags, held our hands, and came out to our car. There was no one out at this hour of the morning. But as a precaution, Chetna was wearing sunglasses and covered her head with her dupatta. She looked like an angel to me.

We were out of our town in a short while. I could see that Chetna was now feeling better. She removed her dupatta from her head. And she was smiling at me. She looked so beautiful in the morning light. She was holding one of my hand with so much love. My world had really turned pink that day.

Goa was still far; so we decided to stop at a dhaba for our lunch. Chetna was a little scared to go there, but soon she realized that there was nothing to worry about. The waiter at the dhaba addressed her as “Madam”. Everyone respected her like a woman. Only a cross-dresser can tell you, how big deal this is for them when someone treats them as a woman. She was now beaming with happiness, I had never seen her this happy.

After our lunch, we went for a stroll in a small park that was next to the dhaba. I felt so happy to have my girlfriend walking next to me. But Chetna, she was too excited. She began to run in that park between the colorful flowers. She wanted to capture all the colors of this world today. She could not believe that she was scared to go out earlier. But now, she was enjoying every moment. And so was I!

Going through the beautiful mountains of Western Ghats, we reached our hotel in Goa by early evening. We met a receptionist named Trisha at the reception counter for keys to our room. “Hello, Sir. Hello, Madam. Welcome to our resort. Please tell me your name so that I can find your reservation and give you keys to your room.”, Trisha asked. “My name is Nishant …”, I said. “… and I am Mrs. Chetna”, Chetna said excitedly. We both looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

Trisha could notice the love between us. She gave our keys and said, “Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Nishant. This is the key to your room 127. It seems like you two are newly weds. That’s why I am giving you this special room. There is a balcony next to this room that goes out to the beach and the sea. I hope you have a great time in Goa.”

Chetna shied a little hearing what Trisha said. We both grabbed our hands once again and came to our room. It was around 4 pm, and I had planned a special surprise for Chetna. And she had no idea!

“Nishu, tell me which dress should I wear tonight? This knee-length dress or this maxi style long dress?”, Chetna asked me displaying her dresses. Both the dresses looked sexy. We were going out for a romantic dinner so we had to look good! My heart really wanted Chetna to wear a short dress, but I wanted to make this evening a special one.

“Chetna, I think you should wear a saree today. You can wear dresses for the remaining days”, I said. Her face frowned a little.

“Who wears a saree in Goa? You have no fashion sense whatsoever! You will make me into a Sati-Savitri type woman!”, she said in a complaining voice. I could not tell her yet why I wanted her to wear a saree. But after some convincing, she agreed to wear a saree. She loved to wear sarees anyway. But probably, she tried to be a modern fashionable girlfriend for me. She spent a lot of time getting ready in the bathroom, and when she came out, an angel was standing in front of my eyes. Long straight hair and long dangling earrings, looked really amazing on her. She looked herself in a large mirror to check the length of her saree pleats. Her each move made me crave to hug her. I felt happy at my luck looking at Chetna. I was the only one in this world who knew her!

“So here I am wearing a saree in Goa. Just because of you!”, Chetna said. She was still a little angry with me as I had asked her to wear a saree. But she managed to wear something appropriate for the weather and fashion in Goa. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse, and high heels. She had draped her saree in a modern way, starting much below her waist, with narrow pleats going over her blouse. She looked really hot! Her saree was a light synthetic one. The flower prints on that saree complimented her body, and the red border seemed appropriate for the occasion. Though the saree was not an expensive one, Chetna looked drop-dead gorgeous.

Today was the first time we were going out on a date. Since this was a very special evening, I wore a jacket and a nice pants too. Looking at me, Chetna’s mood changed. “Wow! You are really looking handsome today.”, she came close to me and grabbed my jacket as I pulled her closer. There was some longing in her eyes which I couldn’t understand. I grabbed her by her arms, and said to her, “And you my dear, look like an angel.” She smiled and took me to the balcony from where we could see the sea. “Why don’t we walk on the beach for a while before we go out. Just you and me and this big sea behind us?”, she said. I was already in the romantic mood. I agreed immediately.

s6Since ours was a private resort, there was an amazing peace and privacy on that beach where only me and Chetna were walking holding hands. Chetna was finding it a little difficult to walk on the sand in her high heel sandals, but she still walked happily holding my arm. In that mild sea breeze, her hairs were flowing; the sound of ocean waves was invoking so much love in my heart for Chetna. She held me tight around my waist as we walked. The sun was heading down in front of our eyes. But there was still time for it to set. In that romantic setting, I stopped and turned Chetna’s face towards the sun. Her face glowed in the warm sun. The solitude we had there, had a mesmerizing effect on us. I grabbed Chetna’s waist from her back and she came in my arms like a delicate woman. I touched her waist and then I kissed on her neck and back. Chetna closed her eyes and felt the love. In that moment, we both were experiencing what true love meant.

And then, I took out a necklace from my pocket. I pulled aside Chetna’s hair on one side, and tied that necklace around her neck. That necklace was not any regular necklace, it was a mangalsutra. When Chetna saw a mangalsutra around her neck, she could not contain her happiness. “Nishu!”, she could not say much. But her happiness was visible in her eyes. “Chetna, do you remember that night when you told me about your childhood dream of how you want to become a woman like your mom. You dreamt of wearing a mangalsutra like a married woman. Today, your dream is coming true. And nothing can give me more happiness than this.”, I said to Chetna.

Chetna could not say because of all the happiness. She just looked intently at her mangalsutra. She turned around and hugged me. “Nishant, thank you very much for this precious gift. I promise you that I will prove to be a very good wife to you.”, she said. Her voice cracked with emotions due to my surprise gift.

But it was now my turn to be surprised. To be honest, I never thought that we would become a husband and a wife after tying a mangalsutra around her neck. How stupid was I! But in an instant, we were now a married couple. Chetna had accepted me as her husband. And what about me? Who wouldn’t love to have a beautiful wife like her? Though I didn’t think about it, but I accepted Chetna as my wife. I could see the love in her eyes, and I knew that I couldn’t find a wife better than her. We were married! Imagine us with the sun setting behind us, where two of us were standing in love facing each other. It was a beautiful way to get married.

We continued to walk on the beach, happy with our marriage. The sun was about to set soon. And people had started gathering there. There was no solitude anymore. Yet, I teased Chetna by touching her waist suggestively. And she would try to get away from me. She came close to me and said in my ears, “Nishu, please don’t touch me like that.” I said, “You are my wife, Chetna. And why shouldn’t I touch my wife?” I laughed.

She whispered something in my ears but I could not understand what she said. I asked her again. Then she said again, “Please Nishu… I feel something in my body when you touch me like that. How should I say this? You are turning me on. And I might get an erection. It might become visible in my saree.” It was truly a concern but it aroused me further. However, I realized that it is not good to do something like that in public. “Ok dear. But tonight when we celebrate our first night, I am going to make love to you the way you will always remember. I can’t wait for the night when I will remove this saree and touch you everywhere.”, I was still laughing but I was turned on thinking about the night.

“You are such a naughty man! Who talks to their wife like this?”, she complained. “What’s wrong in what I said? If anything, I should talk like this only to my wife. If I had said this to any other woman, you would get jealous”, I laughed again but Chetna was feeling a bit embarrassed. Oh, I loved teasing Chetna like that!

But she got out of my hold and ran towards the sea. She took out her sandals and held it in one hand. She used her other hand to delicately pull up her saree and started to walk carefully towards the water so that her saree doesn’t get wet. “Come on Nishu! Let’s get into the water. It will be so much fun!”, she said excitingly. I took out my shoes as well and ran towards her. I immediately splashed water over her body. “Nishu! Stop it! My saree will get wet!”, she requested not to splash water. But I was not in any mood to stop! I loved splashing water at her until her saree got completely drenched in water! Have you ever seen a woman in a drenched saree? A woman never looks sexier than in a wet saree!

We came back to our room after the sunset. Chetna came running behind me in her wet saree.

We came out of the sea after the sunset. Chetna tried to squeeze water out of her saree with her hands. She had to get rid of the sand and dry her hair. I looked at her as I enjoyed her each action. After all, she was such a feminine woman. I was really happy that day. “You are a bad man, Nishant. You see now I need to bathe again and change my saree. You know we could have done all these tomorrow when I would be wearing something more appropriate”, she complained lovingly. But she herself enjoyed when we played in the water. I continued laughing and went running towards our room. Chetna tried to run as well but her wet saree and sandals made it difficult for her. It’s such a pleasure to tease your wife!

It was really strange that about two months ago, I didn’t even have a girlfriend. And today, I had a wife in Chetna. Time certainly had changed in a short duration. We were back in the room, where Chetna still tried to manage her wet saree. My heart was really filled with happiness looking at my wife. She was happy too but a little annoyed too. Because I got her wet and made her run behind me. I grabbed my angry wet wife in my arms and gave her a big kiss on her soft lips. “Chetna, why don’t we begin with our suhaagraat ?” I wanted to make love to her, but Chetna was not an easy woman to please tonight. “Hmm… you will have to take me for a romantic dinner first! I am not your girlfriend anymore, I am your wife! And you can’t have me easily”, she laughed as she touched her body suggestively. She was teasing me. She got out of my arms and moved back.

Women look hottest in a wet saree!

“But how can I wait for that long darling?”, I expressed my eagerness. “Dear husband, you will have to wait! You wait for me while I change my saree in the bathroom, and we will go out for dinner.”, Chetna said. “What’s the need to go to bathroom Chetna? I am here to change your saree!”, I started removing her saree layer by layer and slowly. She looked so damn hot in her sleeveless blouse and petticoat. She was getting me aroused!

But she wanted to go out for dinner, and I had to fulfill the wish of my loving wife. Chetna went to the bathroom and put her saree there to dry. I could see her change her bra. She appeared more and more sexy to me. I was not able to control my urges anymore. She saw me getting restless, peeking at her body. Chetna laughed and closed the bathroom door. She was such a tease!

When Chetna came out, she was wearing a different saree this time, a sky blue one. She seemed like she had just came down from the sky like an angel. And I pulled her immediately in the bed. And she came closer to me and said in my ear, “Let’s go, dear hubby!” I sighed, “How can I go out when I have a sexy wife here in this room? But for you, I am ready to go out. So which restaurant you wanna go to? I know three places that serve good food.”

Chetna came upto me and asked me to go for a romantic dinner 

“Hmm… who wants good food? I want a romantic dining experience, Nishu! So, I am going to ask that receptionist about a romantic restaurant. And you should get ready and come soon.”, Chetna said as she happily held her mangalsutra in her hand. She was too happy to be a wife. I didn’t want her to go but she ran away from me anyway.

Chetna asked Trisha about a romantic restaurant.

Chetna went up to the reception counter to talk to receptionist Trisha. “Good evening, Madam! You are looking great in your saree. It seems like you are here on your honeymoon.”, Trisha said to Chetna. Chetna felt elated as she was definitely on her honeymoon. “You are right, Trisha. Can you please suggest a romantic restaurant?”, Chetna asked Trisha. She told Chetna that there is a restaurant adjacent to the resort that’s really nice. I reached there by that time, and I liked the idea of going to a nearby restaurant. After all, I was desperate to spend my first night of my marriage with Chetna.

“Congratulations, Sir. You are lucky to have such a lovely wife.”, Trisha said to me. She was right. I had a very lovely wife. I pulled my delicate wife in my arms and smiled back at Trisha.

From our hotel, we went to a restaurant from where we could see the beautiful sea behind us. It was a beautiful evening with Chetna. We had a loving talk, and we dreamt about our future together. I knew that Chetna could never become a mother, but I knew that if we adopt a kid, Chetna would be a wonderful mother. How would we manage all this? We didn’t know but could any one stop us from dreaming our life together?

Finally, it was night, and we strolled back to our room. I loved seeing Chetna laugh all night. I wanted to see her happy like this forever. And when we were back to our room, it was evident what was going to happen between a husband and a wife on their first night of marriage. I lifted Chetna in my arms and took her to bed where we celebrated our first night as a husband and a wife together.

Who can stay away from a beautiful wife like this?

Our remaining days in Goa were spent in love and happiness. Chetna got her chance to wear her short dresses too. I used to tease her by touching her exposed legs in those short dresses. Sometimes, I would pull her bra strap to tease her. And she would use her big eyes to say no.

It’s true that sex is an important part of honeymoon, but we loved spending time together eating, drinking, driving all around Goa in a two-wheeler. I would even take her for shopping. And she, like a loving wife, would sit behind me hugging me tightly in the back seat of a two-wheeler. And like a true Indian married woman, she loved to wear and show her mangalsutra around her neck in whatever clothes she wore. She even started applying sindoor on her forehead!

Though we spent only 4 days in Goa, but we filled those 4 days with all the happiness we can manage. This was the same Goa where me and Chetan had come on new year’s eve in search of a girlfriend. It was after returning from new year party, I had first met Chetna. We were back here 1.5 months later, but this time, I had my wife Chetna with me.

When we came back after our honeymoon, we were happier than ever before. We were now a married couple. But it was not easy to go out as husband and wife in our city. But no matter what, Chetna would always wear her mangalsutra around her neck. Even in our office, Chetan would wear mangalsutra though he hid it behind his shirt. Now, when I met Chetan for lunch, his behavior used to be more like Chetna. We still had not told about us to anyone in the office. That’s why we presented ourselves as friends. But back home, I would always find my wife Chetna waiting for me.

Slowly, Chetna had taken care of our home. I would always find her when I got back home. My meeting with Chetan, on the other hand, was limited to office hours. Our love kept on increasing. And whenever we would get a chance, we would go out of the city to another town and spend time as a married couple. But our happiness didn’t last for long. In a few months, everything was about to change. Because there was another man in Chetna’s life!

When a cross-dresser falls in love with someone who accepts her feminine self, then that cross-dresser dedicates herself to that man. She can bring so much joy in that man’s life. But one thing that I didn’t know was that one day, out of no where, another man can come in, and snatch all the happiness from the couple.

And that other man was no one else but Chetan! I didn’t know before that in a cross-dresser’s life, both the feminine side and the masculine side have importance. And when after years of suppression of the feminine side of their personality, the woman inside gets to come out, she lives her life fully in that excitement. But that excitement does not last long. Eventually, the masculine side tries to find his space too. And when the excitement of woman is gone,  then the task of dressing up, doing make up and shaving, waxing whole body regularly begins to feel like a burden. And when that happens, the masculine side comes back. And that happened to Chetna too.

Slowly, I began to see Chetna only 3 or 4 times in a week, and Chetan would be home the other days. Chetan was anyway an ambitious man. He wanted to move ahead in his career with his hard work. And with that desire, he took a big project to manage in our office. The workload had increased, and he started to work harder day and night. And amidst this workload, becoming Chetna seemed like a burden to him. So, whenever he had more work, there was a slim chance that I would see Chetna at home. But I loved my wife Chetna. I wanted to see her everyday. This uncertainty about when will I get to see her next was making me impatient. I used to wait for Chetna to appear but she would not come for several days.

And one such day, I found Chetan busy on his laptop with office work. It had been 3 days since I met Chetna last. I wanted to hold my wife in my arms. But she was not there. I walked upto Chetan and said to him, “Yaar, I am missing Chetna a lot. Will I get to see her today?” I never liked to talk about Chetna with Chetan. Those two were like two different people to me. But that day, I was desperate to see Chetna. I wanted my wife!

“Come on, Nishant. Don’t you know how busy I am? Do you even have any idea how long does it take to get ready as Chetna?”, he said callously.

“But Chetan, I want my wife. She can remain busy with her work. But at least I want to see her around me.”, I pleaded to Chetan with a tiny hope that Chetna, hidden inside him, might hear my pleas and come out for her husband.

“Be honest, Nishant. Do you want a wife or want to have sex? You are desperate for sex, aren’t you?”, Chetan said in a heartless way.

“How can you say that, Chetan? I love my wife.”, I was hurt by what Chetan said. I got up from there and went to my room to sleep. But there was no sleep in my eyes. Chetan kept working outside. Chetna didn’t come to me that night, nor did she come for the next 3 nights.

One evening I found Chetan busy as usual. So, I just had my dinner and went to my room to sleep at night. We didn’t talk at all. The distance between me and Chetna kept growing. But around 11 at night, the door to my room opened. Chetna was standing in front of my eyes, wearing a satin nighty. She immediately came into bed and wrapped her arms around me, and said, “Didn’t you miss me, Nishu?” I didn’t say anything.

Chetna probably had completed her work for the night. She began to kiss around my ears. She knew it would arouse me. She opened the buttons of my shirt and began to touch my chest. “I know that you missed me. Let me make up for it.”, she began to kiss my chest, and bite my nipples. After sometime, she pulled down my pants and began to suck my penis. I kept laying there motionless. Chetna did her work and slept in my arms. That was the worst sex I ever had. Never in my life, I felt this bad after having sex. I felt like my body was being used. Chetna just used my body for her sexual pleasure. She was not the woman who used to love me.

It wasn’t like our love had ceased completely. From time to time, Chetna would come back and do everything for me with love. We used to watch movies together and spend time together in love. Yet, I could never see her more than 3 times a week. It was really hard for me. I continued to ache for Chetna. I loved her but waiting for her was becoming unbearable. Still, I would give her all my love whenever she would appear because I didn’t know when I would see her next.

Chetan was heading successfully towards his project completion. But my life without Chetna was getting harder. I kept waiting for her, but Chetan’s project kept getting bigger and bigger, and with that, Chetna had very little time for me.

But one evening, I found my old Chetna welcoming me home with a lovely smile. I was seeing her smile like that after a very long time. She was wearing a heavy silk saree that evening. There was something special that night.

“Dear husband, I have made a special dinner for you tonight”, she hugged me as soon as I came home.

“Is there any special occasion?”, I asked her.

“Yes, it is. Today is a very special day in my life. You know, we both will remember this day forever! Today, my project got live! That means I will get a promotion soon. But the next two months are going to be very busy. But I want to say something more Nishu. You have no idea how you have helped in the past few months. If it wasn’t for your patience, our marriage would have ended a long back.”, she said excitingly. I gave her a kiss on her forehead. My wife was back!

“And here is your favorite sweet! You finish this while I will get the dinner table set.”, Chetna pushed a rasogulla in my mouth. I was happy to see Chetna back, but there was something else going in my head.

“Chetna, can you please wait? We can eat later.”, I said. “But dear husband, our dinner will get cold,”, she said in her old naughty way rolling her eyes. She held my hands and came closer to me.

“Chetna, what’s the rush? Can’t we reheat our food later? Can’t you please sit for 2 minutes?”, I said. We both came to a sofa and sat. Chetna fixed her saree and placed her head on my shoulders. Her eyes were beaming with happiness today.

“You are looking very beautiful, Chetna.”, I started speaking. “Thank you Nishu. This is the same saree that you brought for me from Bangalore. I had been saving it for a special day like today. Do you like it?”, she asked.

“It looks more beautiful on you than I imagined when purchasing it.”, I said. I was being truthful. Chetna’s face was getting happier and happier. “You wanted to talk me about something?”, she asked.

“Yes. You know how much I love you Chetna.”, I said. “I know, Nishu. Our relation is stable because of your love. And I want to love you back as much you do.”, she placed her head over my chest. She was really being a loving wife today.

“Chetna, and that’s the reason why it becomes unbearable for me to wait for you. I kept waiting for you for so many night. Whenever we met in the past months, I was always worried about when would I see you next. This was not easy for me, Chetna. And it will never be easy for me.”, I said.

“What do you want to say, Nishu?”, she asked in a serious tone. I could see her facial expressions change into worrisome.

“Chetna, I love you so much but I cannot wait for you anymore. I cannot live with this uncertainty. And that’s why…”, I stopped before completing my sentence.

“And that’s why, what?” Chetna asked in a shaking voice.

“That’s why I asked our manager around a month ago to send me to the US for a six months project. He agreed, and decided to send me around 2 weeks back. Today, I received my visa and flight ticket. I am leaving tomorrow morning at 4 am. Without me, you can focus on your work, and I won’t be there to bother you anymore.”

There were tears in Chetna’s eyes. She could not believe my words. “Nishu, please don’t do this. Don’t leave me like this. I will do all that you want. I will always wait for you at home everyday. But please, don’t leave me like this. Nishu. Please”, Chetna pleaded and cried. I could not see my loving wife crying like this, but waiting for her had become unbearable for me.

“Chetna, I have thought a lot about this. I love you a lot, and I will always continue to love you. But what should I do about my heart which wants me to meet my wife everyday. I know if I force you to come everyday for me, you will never be fully happy. After all, Chetan has equal rights to enjoy his life too. But it is not possible for me to live like this anymore. I can’t see any other way possible for us, Chetna.”

In the past few months, I had realized that if I force her, Chetna can come back to me for a few days, but Chetan would always assert his existence some day. I had to accept this situation. It never is easy to break one’s own heart and leave for another country. Only I knew how I felt about doing this. But I left Chetna sobbing and went to my room, where I had to pack for the early morning flight.

I knew that this step of mine would break Chetna’s heart. I didn’t want to give her this news about US project at the last moment, but in the last month, my Chetna was never there to talk to me.

We didn’t sleep that night. For a 4 am flight, I had to leave around 12:30 from home.  Like a good wife, Chetna wept her tears and helped me in packing. I found it hard to look into Chetna’s eyes. That night, she was my loving wife, who helped pack my suitcase with so much love and care. She took care of all the small things that I might need in the US. She pressed and folded my clothes. I looked at her. I had been searching for this loving woman for so many days, and I found her on my last day. She kept watching me silently get ready to leave. But around 11:30, her heart melted down. She began to cry uncontrollably.

“Nishu, please forgive me for my mistakes. I was so occupied with my professional goals that I had forgotten that I am a wife too. Nishu, please don’t go. I promise I won’t repeat this mistake. I am your wife, Nishu. I love you a lot. I will never be able to live without you. Please, listen to me Nishu. Please, forgive me!”, she pleaded and sobbed.

Hearing her words, my heart was crying too. After all, I loved this woman. But I could not think of any other way. “May be in about 6 months, we will learn to be together again, Chetna”, I said like a heartless man.

Chetna kept sobbing while holding my hands, she kept pleading to me. But I …? My taxi had arrived. I gave her a last kiss on her forehead. I pulled my hands from her grip, and took my bags and walked towards the taxi.

Don’t leave me Nishu!“, I ignored the sobbing voice of Chetna and came out.

That evening, Chetna had correctly said that we will always remember that day. I still remember that night when we met for the last time. My life was not any easier in the US. I loved Chetna a lot, and I could not forget her. Chetna tried to call me from time to time but I never responded to her calls. Slowly, all the conversations between us stopped.

I had come to the US for 6 months, but today, it has been 10 years and I am still here. In all these years, I never dared to see Chetna again. Because I knew that to be together with Chetna, Chetan would have to cease to exist, and deep down, I knew that it would would make Chetna unhappy.

As they say, time is the best healer. And it was this healing effect of time, that one day I met Isha in my life. She was new to our US office. I didn’t know how, but with time, we got to know each other, and one day, we got married too. Isha loves me a lot, but I could never love her back as much as I loved Chetna. Chetna was still occupying a corner in my heart. Still, Isha loves me unconditionally. I think, deep down in her heart, Isha knows that I must have been in a serious relation in the past, but we never talked about it. I never told her about Chetna, nor talked much about Chetan. It was really strange that today when I was leaving for my flight to California, it was Isha who reminded me of Chetan and Chetna (Read Part 1).

After several hours of flight, my plane finally landed in California. I kept reminiscing about Chetna in my flight. My heart is still heavy thinking about the beautiful as well as painful past. I walked out of the plane and put on my earphones to listen to a song to feel better. The same song that Chetan introduced to me in my college days several years ago.

Every time when I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone
It went by, like dusk to dawn
Isn’t that the way
Everybody’s got the dues in life to pay

Dream on
Dream on …

Once again I was remembering that night when I left Chetna crying while I was walking towards my taxi. But Chetna didn’t know that I was crying as much as her when I walked away from her. That night, my steps were going towards the airport away from Chetna. And today, I am coming out of an aiport walking towards the city where Chetna lives today. I don’t know how she is. I never spoke to her in all these years.

I still remember that evening, when Chetna had worn a silk saree and cooked a meal for me to share her happiness with me. But instead of celebrating her success, I left her there to be alone.

Don’t leave me Nishu!” Her voice, her face, from that night; it’s still vividly clear in my mind and heart.

“I am coming.”, I took out my phone and sent a message to Chetna. I took a taxi to her home. I was going to see Chetna after 10 years.

Now it’s your turn! How do you want this story to unfold? This is your chance to decide the direction of this story. If you want, we can finish this story in the next part. If you want, we can continue this for sometime longer. Please give us your suggestions. How should the relation between Nishant and Chetna unfold? How will that impact Isha who loves Nishant unconditionally? She gave only love but never received as much love from Nishant.

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To be continued …

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Image Credits: Sanjana Singh

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8 thoughts on “Roommate: Part 4”

  1. From male to house wife-mera naam raj hai jo abb rekha ho gya hai,hua aise ki mai shuru se he ladki honi ki feeling rakhta tha,mai apne ghar walon se door shehar mai kaam krta tha,maine yeh baat apne dost ko batayi tou uss ne mujhe ik tarkib sujhayi ki kyun na kujh dino ke liye mai uss k ghar mai uski patni bn k rahun maine jhat se haan kr di,uss ne yeh baat apni maa ko batayi kafi samjhane k baat wo bhi maan abb mai suhagin bnne ko tayiyar thi..meri saas ne mujhe khandaani laal rang ki saari di,saari asal mai kaafi bhari thi,lekin wo saari khushi se maine pehn li,fir mainu mainu aurton ki tarah solah shingaar shuru kiya lekin uss se pehle maine apne hontho pe lal rang ki lipstik aur mathe pe bindi lagayi aur ek sundar sa wif lagaya uske baad bwaari ayi gehno ki,sab se pehle maine khandani jhunke pehne jo kaafi bhari the,maine naak kaan dono he chinwaye huye the,us he baad maine dono hathon mai hari 24-24 chudiyan pehn li,uske baad maine apni kamar mai kaafi bhari kamarband bhi pehn liya tabi meri saas wahan pr aa gyi tou maine apne sir pe saari ka paalu kiya aur unke pair chuae lakin unhone mujhe daanta aur kahaa ki bahu tu ajj se ghar mai hamesha ghunghat aud kr raha karigi tou maine haan mai sir hilaya tou unhone mujhe ik box diya aur kaha ki bahu is pehn lena aur chali gyi maine jab box khola tou dang reh gyi uss mai bhut badi garhwali nath thi aur poan ke liye bhut bhari chandi ki payalein aur bichiya thi,s


  2. Hai I like your stories, I am your big fan becouse you have good writting talent.This is my favorite story .plzzzzzzzzzzzz write next part of this story from your imagination.I like saas bahu story man get household traing from strict Mother in law in heavy saree and ghungat(veil) and jewellery.he getting punishment from saas(MIL) for each small mistake…


    1. Hi Pooja,
      we will try our best to have a nice ending to this story. We will wait for what others have to suggest about the story.


  3. Really nice story. Would like youbto continue more longer. The word n expression use in story by chetna. Felt like i was living that character. Keep up the good work. One of the best site.


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