Roommate: Part 5

One last time, the love story of Nishant and Chetna.

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Special thanks: Once again  we thank  Nikki Dominoes for providing the face to Chetna, and making this story more beautiful!

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My taxi was speeding towards Chetna’s home. I sat there on the back seat going through so many emotions, and so many memories. I was eager to see Chetna. Just the thought of seeing her after 10 long years, made me feel happy and excited. But I was getting emotional too, and a little scared. I could not understand the fear that was disturbing my mind. May be it was because I was not sure how my meeting with Chetna would go. Would she welcome me? Does she hate me? I didn’t know. And suddenly, it started to rain unexpectedly, as if the weather was getting emotional with me. Soon, I was outside Chetna’s home. I didn’t even realize how quickly my time passed in that taxi. That’s what happens when your heart goes through several emotions.

It took a lot of courage on my part to knock on the door of someone who I knew, hurt a lot. Few moments later, I could hear some sounds coming inside from the home. Probably, it was Chetna who was coming out to open the door. Not surprisingly, my heart began to beat faster. I wanted to turn back because I didn’t know how would I control my feelings after seeing Chetna. There was no time to think about it anyway. I just stood there waiting impatiently. I could hear Chetna’s steps approaching towards the door. I could hear the tinkling sound of her bangles. And with another tinkle, the door opened. Chetna was standing right in front of me. It was the same Chetna who I loved with all my heart. The same Chetna I left 10 years ago. And here she was, opening the door for me 10 years later.

We looked at each other. We both had so much to say to each other in our hearts, but our lips could not utter even a word.  We just stood there, looking into each other’s eyes. Chetna was wearing the same red saree that she had worn on our wedding night in Goa. She had a big red bindi on her forehead, just like a married woman, just like my wife Chetna. She was my Chetna! Oh, how beautiful she looked. I kept looking at her big eyes. The time had frozen. Yet, I could see her emotions flooding her eyes with tears. I don’t know how long we stayed there frozen, without saying anything. My heart told me, “Come on, Nishant! Hug her. She is your Chetna. She is your wife! Why don’t you hug her?” But I stood there staring into the deep eyes of Chetna. And she kept looking back intently.

Chetna opened the door. She was wearing the same red saree she wore on our wedding day. She looked as beautiful as that day with a big bindi on her forehead.

It seemed as if her eyes are going to burst into tears, but then she turned back quickly. She wiped her tears, and asked me to come in. “Come on in”. Her first words. And I was still wordless.

“How was your flight? I came to know from Gaurav that you are coming here for a few days. I was not really expecting that you would come to my home. You must be tired, right? I never like to travel on a long flight.”, Chetna spoke a lot of words very quickly. She was trying to hide her emotions behind those words. But she could not.

I walked behind her to get inside the house. My Chetna was still as beautiful as she was 10 years ago. She must be 33 years old now. With age, he had acquired the gracefulness of a mature woman. I kept looking at her feminine and graceful walk. Her hips waived like a true woman at each step. For the outside world, she might be a crossdresser. But for me, she was a real woman in my eyes. After all, she was my wife. I was realizing after so many years that I had a wife who was living alone without me. Looking at her dressing, I was sure that she had dressed specially for me. Today, she was wearing anklets on her feet which made the beautiful “Chham Chham” sound at each step. And at each step, her “Chham Chham” was forcing me to feel what I had lost.

“My flight was not too bad.”, I gave a short answer to Chetna. If you think about it, our heart can play funny tricks with us. It keeps telling you to say so many things to the person in front of you, but when the time comes, it just goes quiet. And everything remains in the heart itself.

Chetna took me to her living room, and showed me a couch to sit on. “Would you like to have some tea? I just finished making it for you, with ginger, the way you like it. You would find it comforting in this rainy weather. You sit here, and I will bring a cup for you.”, she said as if everything was normal between us. She still remembers what I like. Somehow, she was trying to hide her emotions behind those words. I nodded yes for the tea.

I walked behind Chetna

Chetna went to the kitchen to strain the tea from the vessel. She always had all the nice qualities of a housewife. Looking at her getting tea for me, it reminded me of the times when she would be making tea for me in the morning, and I would go behind her back, and grab her with my arms around her waist. She used to love it so much when I did that. And I loved it too. But today? I was so close to her, and yet she was too far. Should I go and hug her? At least that’s what my heart said to me.

Yet I stood there and kept looking at her. She had become a little chubby over years. And yet, she had become a more attractive mature woman. She brought tea for me with a big smile on her face. “You still take 2 sugars with your tea?”, she said as she gave the cup to me. I smiled back to say yes, and began to sip my tea from the cup. She sat on another couch next to me, and began to look at me with a smile on her face. She looked beautiful like a flower in her wedding saree. She was wearing the same mangalsutra that I tied around her neck on the evening of our wedding in Goa. How emotional and happy she was that evening! I remembered once again.

“How are you, Chetna?”, I asked her.

“Why don’t you make a guess? You can look at me and tell yourself!”, she started laughing and began to spread her saree pallu to show her whole body to me, “I have turned a little chubby. Haven’t I?”

I laughed with her. She was trying to lighten our mood a little. I did the same and said to her, “You look great! More beautiful than ever! And your long hair really suit you well!”

Chetna moved her hair from over her face very delicately and said, “I am glad you noticed. It took years to grow them this long, you know? Do you remember how much I hated wearing wigs? They were really uncomfortable. But now with my own hair, I can style it anyway I like. But it requires a lot of care. Being a woman is not easy, you know? You always loved me in long hair. Didn’t you?”, Chetna said as she slid her fingers through her locks of hair. I felt relieved looking at Chetna smile and laugh. I smiled looking at her.

“Tell me, what else do you notice different about me?”, Chetna tilted her head and pushed back her hair behind her shoulders, as if she was really curious to know how I see her after many years. So far, she had been the one doing most of the talk, and I was being the man of a few words.

“Hmm… let me think for a minute”, I looked at her body from top to botton. “I think your hips have become a little bigger and wider”, I said. “One minute, Mr. Nishant! Be careful! Are you trying to say that I have become fat?”, Chetna made her eyes bigger to warn me. “No… no… I didn’t mean fat… I just meant that your hips look more beautiful than ever. Your figure has improved a lot!” Chetna smiled again.

“Really? You mean that? What else?” Chetna asked me as she fixed her saree pleats and put it over the knees of her crossed legs. She fingered and played with the mangalsutra around her neck.

“Then of course your boobs! They are bigger and sexier now”, I teased Chetna. She shied a little, and began to cover her blouse with her saree. “OK.. OK… that’s enough about my body!”, she said.  It was probably because of her increased weight, she was using bigger breastforms now to match her body.  She glanced at me sideways. May be there was some kind of sexual tension between us.

Finally, we had begun to talk and laught like two normal people, but we hadn’t spoken what lied in our hearts yet. But our eyes were saying what all we wanted to say to each other. I wanted to ask for forgiveness to my Chetna,  for all the emotional pain I caused her; I wanted to know how she had been without me all these years, but those topics never came in our conversation. I soon came to know that Chetna is now the vice president for a software company in Palo Alto, California. She had progressed a lot in her career, but the mangalsutra around her neck was telling me that she was still stuck in the time when we two were madly in love. She was still waiting for her love to come back, something she deserved.

“Nishant, why don’t we go out to a pub? We can have some drinks and talk, for the old time sake.”, Chetna suggested. She sounded enthusiastic. Alcohol can be a great conversation starter in a situation like this. It makes it easier for us to express our hearts, which we would otherwise not do. I thought, this will help us talk about the things we were avoiding so far. I said yes to her idea.

There was a mysterious smile on her face. Just like the old time, Chetna said naughtily, “Alright, I am going to change my clothes. You can wait for me here.” I looked at my beautiful Chetna once again. “Chetna, should I say something? Honestly, you look so beautiful today, I don’t see any need for you to change.”

“Nishant! If it was upto you, you would take me all around the world with me wearing nothing but saree! Remember, how you made me wear saree in Goa? I was the only girl of that age wearing a saree there”, she laughed and got up to go towards her room. I got up too and began to walk behind her. Just when she was about to shut the door to her room, I grabbed her wrist and stopped her. “You don’t have to shut the door to change your clothes. You don’t have to hide from me, Chetna”, I said.

Chetna lowered her eyes, as if she felt shy from me. I could see that she wanted to live the old times too when there was nothing hidden between us, we could be ourselves with each other. But the time had changed now. She said with her lowered eyes, “Nishant, you might not remember this but I am still your wife. You have the full right over me, and you can see me undress and change clothes. But ….. but I think it won’t be the right thing to do. Not so soon.” She was right, times had changed.

“But you know what? You came after such a long flight. There is a bathroom over there. Why don’t you take a shower while I change my clothes? You will feel better too.”, she said like a good wife who worries about me. I agreed to her and went to the bathroom. But somewhere deep inside, we both wanted to live our golden times again.

After taking shower, I came out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my waist, and began to look for clothes to wear. Chetna came out of her room. She was wearing a full-sleeve dress that went a little above her knees. Her smooth long legs appeared really sexy. Since it was a little cold outside, she had kept a light jacket in her hands. There is no need to say, but she looked gorgeous. She had styled her hair long and open. Her dress covered her breasts all the way upto her neck, but her big breasts ensured that their presence is noticed. My Chetna was looking more beautiful than ever!

“I am ready to leave. What’s this? You aren’t dressed yet? You are still the same. I know you haven’t yet figured out what to wear to go outside. Even after so many years, you cannot pick your own clothes!”, Chetna complained like a loving wife does. She bent down and began to go through my bag and clothes to pick out an outfit for me. “Take this shirt and wear these pants with it. It will look great on you. And wear the same shoes you came wearing.”, Chetna gave me clothes in my hands. I kept looking at her. Even today, she was like my wife. Just like a wife, she was faking annoyance, but still doing everything for me with so much love in her eyes. It was like as if we were never separated. I smiled at her, I had my wife back once again in my life. She could not fake her anger any longer and smiled back at me. “Don’t look at me like that Nishant!”, she blushed. I took clothes from her, and began to dress up.

Chetna was ready in her glory to leave!

“You haven’t yet told me how do I look”, Chetna posed in her high heels and asked me excitingly.  She flicked her hair from one side to another. Oh, she knew how to tease me! I was getting ready but I was mesmerized by her beauty. My heart kept reminding me that this beautiful woman is still my wife. “Oh! You look hot, Chetna! But there is one thing missing.”, I said. She got a little worried. And I said, “I cannot see any cleavage in this dress”, I teased her and laughed.

“Oh Mr. Nishant! Don’t forget that I am 33 years old married woman! Showing cleavage doesn’t suit me anymore.”, she showed the mangalsutra around her neck and said, “… and that’s why I show my long sexy legs!”, she began to laugh again. I loved to see her laugh, but I was a little sad too because my Chetna was still waiting for her husband.

I got ready very soon. “I am ready to leave, Madam”, I turned around and said to Chetna. She was busy checking her small black colored hand purse. May be she was trying to ensure that it had everything that a woman needs, a lipstick, little foundation, mascara, driving license, and keys, etc. But looking at me, she paused and came upto me. She pulled me closer by grabbing my collar, and said, “You look handsome, Nishu”

“Nishu”, that word made me emotional. Chetna used to call me “Nishu” only when she felt love towards me. I so desperately wanted to hug her, hug my Chetna, hug my wife Chetna, but my mind stopped me once again. “And you look beautiful too Chetna”, I said. I touched her face and slipped my fingers into her hair. We both looked at each other and turned to see ourselves in a big mirror in that room. We both looked cute with each other, like a lovely couple. In fact, we looked better than we ever did.

Chetna picked up her purse, and took her jacket in one hand; she picked her car keys and said to me, “So, shall we?” I walked outside with her. Her heels made a pleasant sound as she walked, and I quietly followed her.

Today, Chetna was sitting on the driver’s seat. She began to pull her dress down a little as soon as she entered the car. After living for so many years in the US, I knew that the girls are in the habit of pulling their dresses to cover their legs. But with such a short dress, it would never cover everything except may be their panties. Chetna looked breathtakingly sexy with her long sexy smooth legs and long stylish hair. If these were the old times, I would have kissed my Chetna. I wished I could. She flicked her hair on one side, turned towards me and smiled. She put the keys into ignition, and began to drive. We were meeting after so long, and yet, Chetna didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. She didn’t even mention how much pain I caused her. But I could not forget all that.

“Wow Chetna! You have become so confident woman! Do you remember how scared you were when we first left the home together?”, I said to Chetna.

Seeing her after so many years, I quietly observed her.

“Nishant, it has been 10 years since that! Anyway, we are heading to San Francisco, it is world’s friendliest city for LGBT. By the way, we are going to a club where many people from LGBT community come. I hope you don’t mind that.”, she said.

“No, I don’t have any problem.”, I said and began to look outside. It was not raining anymore but everything looked fresh, as if the world was giving me a fresh chance to make things correct with Chetna. But how? I didn’t know. For time being, I was just happy to see that Chetna can go out without any fear. She was not stuck behind the 4 walls of her home anymore.

We were soon outside our club. There was a little commotion outside the club. People from LGBT community generally wear colorful clothes to express themselves, and it was so easy to spot them. We both began to walk towards the club. Chetna grabbed my arm, and began to walk closely almost huggin me. I could finally feel the touch of my Chetna. I felt a little satisfied with Chetna on my side.

As soon as we entered, Chetna ordered drinks for us. “One Chivas Regal on the rocks, and one Gin with tonic water for me please” I looked at Chetna, and said to her, “Are you going to drink Gin?”, I made a weird face in disapproval. Chetna laughed at my question, and said, “Where on earth have you seen a girl drinking whiskey, Nishu?” Our drinks came, and we slowly began to talk. We didn’t even realize how quickly the alcohol made us talk about what lied in our hearts.

“Chetna, didn’t you miss me all these years?”, I asked Chetna. She laughed at my question, and began to look away from me into no where, as if she could not believe that I asked her such a question.  But I prompted her again.

“Can you see this mangalsutra Nishant? I had been hugging it since the day you tied it around me neck. It has never left my neck, ever! Now, you tell me, would I have missed you or not?”, Chetna responded with a few tears around the corner of her eyes. I was ashamed for asking such a stupid question. Chetna gulped her drink in a shot, and asked for another one.

“Didn’t you ever feel like meeting me Chetna?”, I asked her another stupid question.

She smiled. “Nishant, do you remember that you came to the US only for a 6 months project? Only 6 months. I waited for you for those 6 months, but you didn’t come back. I still waited for you, but you never answered my phone calls, Nishant. I was so eager to know what’s happening in your life, and I had to ask everyone around you to know about you. I kept thinking that you will come back some day. You will come back to ask how your Chetna had been without you. I always thought that you will come atleast once to see how your wife is doing. And I kept waiting. I kept waiting. But you didn’t come, Nishant. And after 4 years of wait, I finally decided to come to the US and see you. I had my visa and my flight tickets ready. I was ready to leave, so excited thinking about seeing you after so many years. But then, Gaurav gave me the news about your wedding with Isha. How could I have come to see you after that, Nishant? I am your first wife. How would I see you with some other woman?”, Chetna said in a heavy voice. Her eyes had tears but she was still smiling. Her voice was trembling. But she turned away her face from me, and wiped her tears. This was the first time I really realized how much pain I had caused her.

“But I don’t have any complaints with you Nishu. You wanted a wife, and I could not be the one. At least, I could not be there for you all the time. I could never give you the pleasure of a full-time wife. I was not a full woman, Nishant.”, Chetna said.

“Chetna, please don’t say that. You were always a complete woman in my eyes.”, I said. “But Nishu, I could never be your wife that you dreamt of. You were always right, Chetan would have come between us sooner or later”, Chetna replied with tears in her eyes.

We both were quiet now. Chetna had a big heart, she didn’t expect anything from me, and yet she was living the life of a wife separated from her husband, waiting patiently for him with no expecations in her heart. I held her hands in my hands. I wanted to apologize to her, but my heart was too emotional to say anything. I quietly consoled her with my touch. Chetna grabbed a paper napkin from the table and wiped her eyes. “Ok Mr. Nishant. Don’t get me too emotional. You might ruin my eye mascara and makeup. I want to look beautiful for you tonight”, she said with a forced smile on her face. She was trying hard to control her emotions.

We sat there quietly for a while in a club which was otherwise crowded.

But I was emotional too, perhaps I had gotten better at hiding my feelings. I kept looking at Chetna intently, and asked her another question, “Chetna, didn’t you date anyone all these years?”

“Oh Yes, I did! I dated two-three girls as Chetan. I liked meeting them too. But you wouldn’t be able to understand my feelings. After all, I am a cross-dresser.”, she laughed again. “After meeting any girl for once or twice, I always realized how wonderful and secure a man can make me feel, something a girl could never give me. I could not be Chetna with them. How do I say this? But you spoilt me with your love, Nishu! I could not live without being a wife who was cared for by her lover.”, Chetna complained again and began to laugh. I knew she wanted me even if she had agreed to live alone.

“So.. so did you date any man?”, I asked another question. I was a little uncomfortable asking this to her. After all, I am a man, and I could not possibly see my wife, with another man.

She stayed quiet for a while. “You don’t remember anything, do you? Do you remember that evening when we got drunk and you met me for the first time? The night when we made sweet love for the first time? Remember how you had stopped talking to me because you thought that you were not gay, and it was not the right thing to do. I was thinking the same thing Nishant. I was never interested in guys. Not then, not now. But you were a little different for me. You were the first one to make me realize that I can be a woman. You made me feel that I had the right to happiness as a woman too. And you being a man seemed really unimportant at that time, and I devoted my self to you, just because you gave me so much love. I am a weird person, aren’t I?”, Chetna said. Yes, it was a complex emotion to understand.


“It’s not just you but I am a weird person too! When we two could not understand our love and feeling for each other, how can anyone else understand that!”, I said. We both laughed at our conundrum.

“And don’t forget, I am a married woman too! How could I have dated another man when I was married?”, Chetna was drunk and was expressing herself freely now. She ordered another drink for her. I didn’t drink any more. Because I was feeling bad that Chetna was still waiting for me as my wife.

And that’s when I heard a voice. “Hey Chetna! How are you, girl? How come you are here today? And you didn’t bother to tell me? Very bad girl!”, an unknown girl came upto our table and spoke with Chetna. She was a tall slim white american girl. Chetna got up from the table and hugged this woman. They kissed each other on their cheeks like women do when they hug each other in this country as a custom. They held each others’ hands. They looked at each other and smiled. “By the way, you look sexy today! Can I kiss you lady?”, that woman said to Chetna and began to laugh.

Chetna said to that woman, “Emma! Don’t get started again! How have you been? Sorry girl, I was not planning to come here today. But when he came, I thought I can have a couple of drinks with him. Meet him, he is Nishant”, Chetna pointed Emma towards me,”… and Nishant, she is my friend Emma.” Chetna looked really happy as she made the introduction.

Emma nudged Chetna with her elbow and said, “Is he the same one?” And Chetna looked down shyingly, smiled and nodded in yes. Emma then turned towards me and said, “So you are that special man I had been hearing about all this time. You are once lucky person, Nishant to have this girl madly in love with you. If you were not in the picture, I would have swept this girl into my arms and run away with her as lover. But it seems, she can’t go past the magical love you have for her. I don’t stand a chance.” I could not say anything except to smile.

“Wooohooo Chetna, look it’s our song! Come, let’s go to the dance floor and dance for sometime”, Emma said to Chetna and then asked me, “Hey Nishant, if you don’t mind, may I have your princess with me for a dance?”

Chetna began to look at me as if she was waiting for my approval like an obedient wife. “Oh, sure why not? But please bring her back after one song. We have a lot of catching up to do.”, I pretended to sound cool and excited as if it didn’t bother me. But it bothered me.

Emma was really a tall girl, taller than Chetna, almost the same height as me. She was wearing a low-waist tight jeans and a sleeveless top, and her navel was visible below her top. I could see her deep cleavage in that skinny top. My Chetna would never wear anything like that. I began to look at them dancing on the floor. Chetna looked really radiant with Emma. Emma had Chetna in her arms when they danced, and she was turning my Chetna round and round on the beats of the music. Their bodies gyrated in rhythm and were really close to each other. Emma was touching Chetna all over her body. Occasionally, there eyes would meet each other, and Chetna would quickly turn back with a smile. And Emma would then grab her waist from behind, and Chetna… she would become engulfed in Emma’s arms. I never knew Chetna danced so well. She looked so happy dancing with Emma. But for reasons I pretended not to understand, I was feeling jealous watching Chetna dance and having fun with Emma. That’s why I asked for another drink, waiting for Chetna to come back. When that song was over, I saw that Emma was asking Chetna to wait for one more song, but Chetna didn’t seem to be interested. “Just let my Chetna go.”, I said to Emma in my mind. Eventually, Chetna convinced Emma, and came back to our table waiving her body with open arms, as if still enjoying the music.

I don’t know why but I didn’t like seeing Emma and Chetna together.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Nishant.”, Chetna said to me. “You don’t know her but Emma does not let me slip away this easily.”, she said. She turned back once to see Emma waiving her hands at her. I could see a different kind of happiness on Chetna’s face.

“Don’t worry, Chetna. By the way, you really dance well.”, I said complimenting her. She blushed.

“Thank you. Emma was the one who taught me to dance.”, she said while tucking her hair behind her ears. “I am sure you must have noticed that Emma is a lesbian! Do you know what she says to me? She says that she loves me! But let’s forget about her. Don’t care about what she says, she just says random things.”, Chetna said to me. But I could not forget about their bodies dancing in tandem in each other’s arms. I could see Chetna’s face blush when Emma had arrived. At the same time, I realized something. I realized that Chetna is still waiting for me to come back, but after looking at her with Emma, I understood that she doesn’t need me or another man to be happy, she can be happy with anyone who accepts her the way she was. Perhaps, Chetna had not yet realized it but Emma seemed like a girl who can give to Chetna everything that I could not give her in this life.

I looked at the smiling face of Chetna once again. It was after so much efforts that we had begun to talk about our past and our hearts. But Emma spoilt all that. We will have to start once again, I felt sad thinking about that.

“Chetna, can we head back home, please? The music here is a little too loud, and there are so many people here. I don’t think we can talk here. We need the peace and quiet to talk. Do you have scotch whiskey at home?”, I asked Chetna. She agreed to my suggestion. I could see that Chetna was more drunk than I imagined. The alcohol was slowly having its effect on Chetna.

Chetna had around 4-5 drinks in a short span, and its effect was increasing on her. That’s why I chose to drive back home. As soon as we came out, she hugged me tightly and began to walk with my support. She was too drunk to walk on her own. And like a worried husband, I took care of my wife. I opened the car door, I made her sit, and lifted her legs into the car. Her dress was going up and exposing her panties a little, so I slid it down. I pulled the seat belt around her, and said to her, “Sit carefully, Chetna. If you feel anything, let me know and I will stop the car.” I was worried that she might fall unconscious due to heavy drinking. There was a strange satisfaction in my heart while taking care of my Chetna.

I somehow helped drunk Chetna to sit in the car.

Chetna’s home must have been around 45 minutes away. She had her eyes closed. I could see her loving innocent face, with bright red lipstick on her lovely lips. Even in that drunk condition, she was grabbing her mangalsutra with one of her hands. Once again, my heart was filled with love for my Chetna. Around after 10 minutes of drive, she opened her yes, and began to drink water from a bottle in her car. “I am sorry Nishant. I drank a little too much. I should have controlled myself.”, she said while drinking water. She was feeling a little better by now. She started to look outside away from me.

“How did these 10 years went away, Nishant? You are here today after so long a wait, and what did I do? I got drunk! I am a bad woman, ain’t I? Nishant, be honest with me, was there ever a way for us to be together? I am not asking you to come back, but was there any possibility for us to be together, Nishu?”, Chetna said. She was still looking outside the car away from me. She turned her head towards me with a hope that I would give her some answer to make her feel better.

“I don’t know Chetna what we could have done different to be together. We both truly loved each other. But may be, we were not meant to be together in this birth. What has happened, has happened. There is no reason for us to be stuck behind at that time. We should move on.”, I said. My words probably were not of Chetna’s liking. It was very easy for me to say to move on, because I had moved on. But Chetna? She was still holding her mangalsutra, and kept staring at the road. I kept driving the car in silence.

In a short while, we were outside Chetna’s home. I don’t know why but we sat there quietly. We kept looking deep into each other’s eyes. No one could say a word. But then, my heart and my mind, for the first time said something in unison. They asked me to do something that I should have done long back. I looked at Chetna, and I moved her hair on one side of her shoulder. I reached out upto her neck, and unscrewed her Mangalsutra and kept it in my pocket. I could remember the time when I had tied this around her neck with so much love. But it was time to free Chetna from the bondage of this mangalsutra. “Chetna, you don’t have to remain stuck in the past anymore.”, I said to her, and touched her face lovingly. Chetna began to sob uncontrollably, “But Nishu, this was my last hope to stay connected to you.”, she said crying.

I hugged Chetna and said, “Chetna, ours was a true love, but instead of liberating you, it became a bondage for you. You need and deserve to be loved! You don’t have to wait for me. I think… I think… Emma can be a good life partner for you.”

‘But Nishu? There is nothing going on between me and Emma..”, Chetna said.”… and there will never be anything between you two as long as this mangalsutra is on your neck.”, I stopped Chetna. “It’s time to move on Chetna. You are a beautiful, sexy, and a confident woman. Now, it’s time to move on in your personal life too, Chetna!”

Chetna kept crying and hugging me. But it was not just her, I was crying too. After all, the pains hidden in my heart for 10 long years were finally coming out to get healed. I could feel the same pain that I experienced when I left Chetna alone 10 years ago.

We controlled ourselves after sometime. I caressed her back with my hand, and said to her, “I think I should go to my hotel room now. I will call a taxi. We will meet again tomorrow.” Chetna came out of my embrace and said, “Nishant, please stay here for the night. Can you please do that for me? I want to see you one last time to fulfill my heart’s desires before you go back again.” I could not say no to her deep eyes begging for me to stay for one last time.

We both walked upto the balcony at her home, and began to talk. We both were remembering our old days and laughing. We were trying to understand about our new lives. I always loved to see Chetna smile and laugh. Even today, I loved holding her soft hand in my hands, and talk for hours. But today, there was a line between us that we didn’t want to cross that night. Otherwise, everything will be mess once again. We sat there watching the sky and the stars that had come out behind the clouds, and Chetna placed her head over my chest, experiencing our moments of togetherness, and saving those as cherish-able memories for her long life. We were not drunk anymore, but we both were happy and content in embrace.

At some point after mid-night, I stopped and said to Chetna, “Chetna, I want to say something. I hope you won’t mind.” Chetna lifted her head and looked into my eyes, “I won’t mind anything tonight, Nishu”

“You know I had a very good friend of mine who was my roommate for 6 years. I haven’t met him for 10 years. I have heard that he lives here in California. Can I meet him tonight?”, I said to Chetna. She smiled and said, “You wait here, and I will send him in 5 minutes.” And I saw Chetna walk away from me. She kept turning back and gave me a smile.

Around 20 minutes later, my former roommate Chetan, my best friend, was standing in front of me. “Saale! No one can save you tonight from my beating. You couldn’t come to meet your friend even once in the last 10 years. What kind of a friend you are!”, I shouted as soon as I saw Chetan. “Really? I should beat you, you son-of-a-b*****. You are the one who left me for some weird woman.”, Chetan replied back. We friends hugged each other like friends do, reuniting once again.

“Come, let’s drink a little to celebrate. Bring whiskey for me, and you can drink what girl’s drink, something like Gin”, I made fun of Chetan. “Who the hell wants to drink Gin with a friend? I am going to drink Scotch. You can have that Gin for you.”, Chetan said. We laughed. Now, it was turn for the friends to reunite. We talked a lot about everything, from work, home, marriage, relatives, everything we could think of. We didn’t even realize how the time flew by and it was morning.

Next day, I went out for my business in a sleepy condition. It was tough, but I was there in California for a business trip. I was there for two days where I would work during the day, and meet Chetan in the evenings. After that, Chetan came to the airport to see me off. I was going back home where my wife Isha was waiting for me. I hugged my friend Chetan and said, “Don’t forget to talk to Emma! Marry a white american woman, and make your friends proud of you!” He laughed.

When I arrived home after a long flight, my wife Isha was eagerly waiting for me. She hugged me as soon as I entered our home. “Nishant, there is a news for you!”, she said excitedly. Then she took my hand and placed it over her belly and said, “You are going to be a father!” I hugged Isha again after the happy news. We had been trying for a baby for a long time. It was as if everything was going well in my life. As they say, one good usually follows another.

I was happy as well as jealous to see this couple together. 

It was after around 6 months of my trip to California, I received a news that Chetna and Emma are getting married. They had a small lovely wedding in the US, where a few special guests were invited. They both dressed as a lovely bride for the ceremony. Emma was dressed in a white gown, like a traditional American bride, and Chetna was dressed like an Indian bride in a red colored saree. They both looked gorgeous and out of this world; they looked happy as they were meant to be for each other. But no matter what others say, it is natural to feel pain and jealousy when your girlfriend marries someone else. Even if she marries another woman! I felt that jealousy. But do you know when do you feel more jealous? When your best friend marries a white blonde bride! Chetan and Emma had a big wedding in India where Chetan came on a horse as a traditional groom, and Emma shone in bright red bridal lehenga.

But eventually, I had a lovely life with my loving wife Isha. I was happy for Chetan, Chetna and Emma. And after a few months, when our daughter was born, Isha and my life was filled with happiness that we never imagined. And we named our beautiful daughter, Chetna?? No, we didn’t! Forget about her name, all you should know is: after that California trip, we all are leading a happy life.

The End

Dear readers, I have written 40,000 words for you all in this story so far. I suppose you can write 2 words of support for me in comments here or on our facebook page. I would really love to hear back from you! I can’t describe how emotional and happy I feel after completing this story. Thank you everyone for staying with me until the end! If you liked this story, don’t forget to use the rating option on the top of this page to give your star ratings for this story.

Anupama Trivedi: Yes, I am the writer of this story. Writing this story was not as easy for me because I am a CD myself, and thinking from a perspective of CD admirer was not trivial. In the end, it is a fiction, and I am neither like Nishant nor like Chetna. Let me break your magic spell by telling you that I am not like Chetna for sure! 🙂

Unknown: Our super busy part time editor who was really furious with so many sex scenes we had in our story. She ensured that we deleted some of those scenes in Part 4 a few days after its release! And she helped us trim down a few scenes in other parts to make it more meaningful and beautiful.

Nimisha: She is the real life Chetna who has not met her Nishant yet. She had suggested two points to us in comments on Facebook after our first part: One, make Nishant crossdress, and Two, get him married to Chetna. Nimisha might not have imagined how we were going to incorporate her ideas into this story. Nishant’s crossdressing scene and their marriage proved to be the focal point of this story. Nimisha had many more ideas to extend this story, but may be we will make another story on it some other time.


Nikki Dominoes and Sanjana Singh: Their pictures gave Chetna a face in this story. Their face became my inspiration while writing this story. If they were not there to support us, I would not have been able to write this story this good.

Sexy Indian Crossdresser: This facebook page helped us publicize our story. And that’s the reason, we received at least 700 readers for each part of this story. Our first part has been read more than 2000 times!

Like any film, we would like to end this story on a brighter note with this music title. Do listen, and come back to your beautiful life, dear readers!

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Image Credits: Nikki Dominoes and Pinterest

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  1. There is only one thing that I would like to tell you for the story that is it the best writer and u have the best sorry for us to tell..and I want to tell u one thing at the end when they were moving a part I have cried because of ur narration.. u story have touch bottom of my heart and I would never forget such a wonderful story


  2. I don’t say it’s the one of the best story I have read…. Definitely It’s the best one… I didn’t read it… I Have lived through out the story as a another person besides nishu and chetnA…. I loved it more as a femboy


  3. U made me cry and now i am missing some one i left long time a go but after reading ur story i realised my mistake and now i am gona go to that person thanks to you u have really done a grear job hear loved ur story loved it a lot


  4. This was the best story i have ever read. Very touching. One thing i liked most is that it wasn’t erotic at all. Only true emotions flew through out the whole story. Thanks for writing such a piece of art.


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