Lucky Boss: Part 1

This story begins in a village in West Bengal where the festivity is in the air.

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Credit: The credit for the original story goes to Revathi/Sarah Dia and the Sexy Indian Crossdresser page on Facebook. The Indian Crossdressing Novel team has merely adapted this story with some change in the introduction.

Also, we would like to thank Shiksha Dulari Vishwakarma for providing her pictures for this story. We hope you all like this story!

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The festivity was in the air in that small village in West Bengal. A small area was decorated with lights and stage for the performance of Ramleela, a story telling of Ramayana. It was like a small fair with several small shops selling sweets, clothes, toys and games of various kinds. The area was really bustling with all the villagers, men in their traditional attire, women in their traditional bengali-style sarees, and children playing with their newly purchased toys and balloons. Today, the villagers were gathered for a very special performance of Ramayana. And their wait just got over. The holy goddess Sita from the story of Ramayana was going to make her first appearance today on the stage. The scene of Sita’s first appearance had just begun. As soon as the mother Sita entered the stage, the whole village stood up in devotion. “Jai Sita Maiyaa (Hail mother Sita)” shouted someone from the group, and everyone followed the chant. The scene was played very beautifully in the right holy spirit by the actors of this play. The whole village got immersed in holy devotion after watching the first night of the play that was going to run for ten days.

Manju was looking splendid as Sita in the play

After the play got over, a family consisting of an older couple, Shyam babu and Nalini, and their daughter-in-law Sudha walked towards the backstage. Manju, who played the role of Sita, was waiting anxiously for this family to come. Manju was really excited to play the much desirable and coveted role of Sita, and wanted to know how the audience liked it.

As soon as Manju saw Sudha, Manju got up, walked upto Sudha and grabbed her hands. “How was I tonight?”, said Manju with a big smile on face. “You were fabulous as Sita, dear”, said Sudha. “Oh dear Sudha, thank you so much for your saree. This was much prettier than what the Ramleela team had. It made me feel really confident tonight before I got into the stage”, Manju said happily. “I am just happy that at least somebody got a use for that saree.”, Sudha said. Though Sudha didn’t sound too happy. She herself was looking very beautiful in the quintessential white saree with red border, popular with the ladies in West Bengal. She was a rural beauty with a lovely face. Though she was glowing as the new daughter-in-law of Shyam babu and Nalini, but she didn’t look too happy. Manju, on the other hand, was really happy. Manju began to walk delicately towards Nalini and Shyam babu.

“Look at him, he even walks like a woman!”, Shyam babu jeered at Manju.

“This is a very expensive and delicate saree, father. I don’t want to tear it with rough steps”, Manju said to Shyam. Manju, whose full name was Manjunath, was Shyam’s son.

Sudha began to laugh hearing words of Shyam and Manju. “Babu ji is angry because you played the role of a woman.”, Sudha said to Manju.

The big clip-on earrings hurted Manju’s earlobes

“My father does not understand anything about acting. Don’t you know that this Ramleela is an all male-cast?”, said Manju.

“Couldn’t you have played the role of Lord Ram or even Ravana?”, said Shyam in a mocking tone.

“Those roles are being played by the same persons every year. They are old people who didn’t want to give up their roles. After that Sita’s role was the most important one, everyone wanted to play that role. You should be happy that your son got that role.”, Manju said in an annoying voice as he tried to remove some of the dozens of bangles he was wearing. He was really effeminate doing that.

“Don’t worry about what your father says. Come, let me help you remove bangles.”, Nalini who had been quiet so far, said in defense of her son. She began to help her son remove the glass bangles delicately.

“Look at you two. You look like a mother and a daughter! Give him more bangles to wear instead”, Shyam babu was really bitter tonight. Sudha was laughing standing in a corner seeing the father-son quarrel.

“Why do you feel so embarrassed father? Everyone in the village loved my role.”, said Manju. He felt a little lighter as his hands had a fewer bangles.

There is no need to fight over this. Let’s walk back home. We all should go and have dinner.”, Sudha suggested.

Manju ignored his father, and decided to go to Mumbai

They all began to walk home. Nalini and Sudha were on each side of Manju, as if trying to protect that woman from the prying eyes of men and the anger of Manju’s father. Shyam babu walked in front of the three “ladies”.

“These artificial clip-on earrings are really hurting me. Sudha can you keep it with you, please?”, Manju asked Sudha who took earrings from Manju.

“Why don’t you get your ears pierced?”, Shyam babu mumbled. He was on fire tonight.

Jai Sita Maiyaa“. Suddenly, a stranger man hailed from behind. He looked drunk.

“Look! A drunkard man has become a fan of yours.”, Shyam babu said to Manju.

Manju, at this point, probably had it with his father. “Don’t worry about me. I won’t be there to embarrass you much longer anyway. In 10 days, I am leaving with Sudha for Mumbai to become a real actor in movies.”, shouted Manju at his father. Strangely, he still seemed to walk, talk and behave like a woman.

“Oh, yes? And I suppose, there are hundreds of directors lining up to sign you for their films?”, Shyam babu mocked at Manju.

“My friend Ajay Ghosh is a famous make-up man there in Mumbai. He will introduce me to many directors there.”, Manju replied.

“Sudha, are you ok with all this stupid things your husband wants to do?”, Shyam babu asked Sudha.

Sudha was completely unaware of this. She had no idea that her husband was planning to go to Mumbai. “I will follow him where he goes, babu ji.  May be he should give his dream a chance.”, Sudha said sheepishly. Shyam babu looked dejected. Nalini was upset with the news too.

Sudha was happy that she would soon be leaving this village for good

It wasn’t like as if Sudha cared much about her husband, or she did everything for her husband. She used to dislike him. Unlike many of the girls in the village, she had completed her high school, and even went to a college to a near-by town for her B.Com. degree. She was even getting a part-time training at that town to learn accounting; but her father decided to marry her off to Manjunath from the same village.

Manjunath had barely passed Class 10th, and he used to help his father run the only grocery store in the village. Sudha’s father thought that this is going to be the best life for his daughter. But Sudha never liked living in a village with her in-laws. She had dreams of going out of the village, and working in a bigger town. She used to taunt and fight with Manju often, because he could not fulfill her dreams. This seemed like a good opportunity to live in a city, that too Mumbai. And deep inside her heart, she was happy with this good fortune. And she made sure that, Sudha and Manju left for Mumbai.

Despite pleading from Manju’s mother Nalini, Sudha and Manjunath had left and arrived at Mumbai 12 days later. They took a taxi to see Manju’s friend Ajay Ghosh. No one in their village really had met Ajay for many years, and they did not know how well was he doing in Mumbai. Even Ajay’s parents and wife hadn’t seen him for last two years. But Ajay used to send them money every month, and talked to them over phone. The money he used to send was sufficient for them to build a new house in the village, and to pay for the good schools in a nearby town for Ajay’s kids. Ajay was perhaps doing well in Mumbai, that’s all they could guess. Ajay was a good friend of Manju, and he had asked Manju to come with him to Mumbai many years ago, but Manju never dared. Finally, Manju took the courage to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor in Mumbai. He didn’t know why, but he was confident that Ajay will be able to help him become a big actor in this town, where thousands like him come everyday to become a big actor.

Sudha who was excited to be in Mumbai, away from the small village,  but the rural woman in her was a little anxious too. Mumbai was a big city, and she had no idea how to survive in a big city like this. She looked at the tall buildings outside, and began to dream about living in one of those buildings. She imagined that Ajay was perhaps living in a building like this.

When they arrived at Ajay’s place, the building was not as fancy but it looked like a place which a middle class person could afford in Mumbai. They took a lift to the 5th floor where Ajay used to live.

“507. Sudha, look for that number. That’s where Ajay lives.”, Manju asked Sudha to look as he pulled their suitcases out of the lift. Sudha began to cautiously look for the number. She seemed a little nervous in a new place. She covered her head with the traditional Tant saree that she was wearing. She wanted to look decent in front of Manju’s friend Ajay. After all, she was a woman from a small town who had not forgotten her customs.

Sudha found 507, and they both began to walk towards the door. But before they could reach there, the door opened and a middle aged woman came out of that apartment. She was wearing a very short dress, and was showing her cleavage. That dress was a little too racy for these new comers from a village. Sudha cringed looking at that woman, and covered her face. Strangely, she was the one who was feeling shy. Manju began to look in a different direction too.

“Oh, Jolly! Thank you for the fabulous makeup. Are you sure I look great?”, said the woman to another man who came out behind her.

“You know, Madam? If I were into women, I would have made sweet love to you right now!”, said Jolly, the man. He had long hair, and had shades of pink and blue color in his hair.

“Jolly! You are such a cutie.”, said the woman. She hugged Jolly and left for the lift to go down.

Manju and Sudha stood their in a cultural shock. Their new life had just begun.

To be continued ….

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