Lucky Boss: Part 2

When Manju and Sudha arrived in Mumbai, their life was going to change one day.

The other woman

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Credit: The credit for the original story goes to Revathi/Sarah Dia and the Sexy Indian Crossdresser page on Facebook. The Indian Crossdressing Novel team has merely adapted this story with some change in the introduction.

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“Ajay”, said Manju to the man who was now going by the name Jolly. He had a bewildered look on his face.

“Hey, Manju! When did you come to Mumbai, my friend? You didn’t even tell me you are coming.”, said the other man. “Oh, is that Boudi? (Bengali for sister-in-law)”, Ajay aka Jolly walked upto Sudha to touch her feet. Sudha looked a little hesitant.

“Come on in, Manju. Come, boudi“, said Ajay to both of them. “I have a tiny home here unlike village. Mumbai is expensive, you know? I have one room that I use as a beauty parlour, another where I live, and here is the kitchen.”, said Ajay pointing the couple to the chairs to sit.

“But Ajay, did I hear correctly? I cannot believe this.”, said Manju. He was hinting towards what he just came to know about his friend, that he was a homosexual man.

“Oh, Manju. You know me, don’t you? That’s just a little lie I tell to get the job as a make-up man. You don’t know the tantrums these actresses do. They always ask for a gay make-up man. So, I pretend to be one. But I am not. You have no idea what kind of dirty tricks people have to play to survive in the film industry.”, Ajay said as if everything was normal.

“Ajay, you know that it is wrong in so many ways. Have you thought about what would happen if your wife learns about this?”, said Manju. Sudha had been quiet so far.

“Don’t worry about my wife. I have told everything to her. We both are fine with this little lie, as it helps us keep the roof over my family’s head and it pays for my children’s bright future.”, said Ajay. He was not in a mood to discuss the morality of what he was doing. “So, tell me what bring you two to Mumbai?”, asked Ajay.

Manju told everything to Ajay and how he wanted to try his luck as an actor.

Sudha silently stood there while Manju and Ajay talked.

“Hmm … you know you are not going to become an actor overnight. I will take you to the sets with me. And we will see if you can get small roles as extras. And then, you can continue your search for bigger roles. But be ready to face a lot of rejections. By the way, how much money do you have with you?”, asked Ajay.

“My mother gave me about 1 lakh.”, said Manju.

“Oh, you won’t last long with that kind of money. You two can stay with me until you both get a steady income. Sudha boudi, do you have any skills that can lend you a job?”, Ajay looked at Sudha who was overwhelmed by what was happening around her.

“Yes, Ajay ji. I was learning accounting back at home.”, said Sudha who was still nervous.

“Good. Your husband is likely to be without job for several months from now on. So, you should seriously look for jobs here. I will get you interviews in a few places I know. In fact, the lady you just saw before coming in, her husband has an accounting firm. She can possibly get you a job. But boudi, don’t get me wrong. You will have to adapt to the new lifestyle of the city. We will purchase good clothes for you tomorrow.”, Ajay said.

Sudha nodded silently. Manju looked at her. He was surprised to see her so quiet, because back at home, she used to taunt him so much. She was like a docile cat today.

Around two months had passed since Manju and Sudha had come to Mumbai. Sudha was now a transformed woman; Ajay had got her an unpaid position at the accounting firm he had mentioned on the first day. Sudha was undergoing training to work as an accountant. And after the training, the owner of the firm would take her interview to see if she is fit for a paid accountant position. Inside, she was still a woman from the village, very modest but was adapting to the new city life.

Manju was struggling to be an actor. He used to get a role as an extra in some TV serials and movies where he would be in a scene for a minute or two. He was not making much money. But he continued to audition for roles. He would often accompany Ajay to the film sets in a hope that some director would decide to caste him. But luck didn’t seem to favor him. The money was getting really tight for Sudha and Manju. They had to ask Manju’s father Shyam babu for more money. Sudha was not really happy with the situation, and would often fight with Manju because of this. They would later make up for it, but their life was getting more and more stressful. Ajay had still been kind enough to have them both at his house. But their luck was about to change that fateful day. Sudha had completed her training, and she was supposed to be interviewed by her boss Umesh.

Ajay had asked Sudha to wear a dress for the work. He even asked her to not wear anything that would indicate that she was a married woman. Sudha was really reluctant to do something like that. But she was ready to do everything so that she could to get this job. The dress Ajay had chosen for her was a little too tight, and revealed a little cleavage. Sudha was uncomfortable wearing that dress, but she had made up her mind that she will get this job at any cost. Ajay had wished her good luck and went to the film set where he was supposed to do makeup for actors.

Manju went with Sudha upto her office. In spite of all the fights between them, they were a married couple who loved each other too. Manju lovingly hugged his wife and wished her luck. They both looked into each other’s eyes, and they could see a dream of better life in this city. They didn’t want to go back to their village. Sudha once again realized how important this job was going to be for both of them. She walked away from her husband and went inside the office building. Manju saw his wife go in, and then decided to try his luck once more. He went to the same film set where Ajay was, with a hope in his heart that he would get to talk to a director today.

“Hey, Manju!! Come here, quick!”, shouted Ajay as soon as he saw Manju arriving at the sets.

“What’s the rush?”, inquired Manju.

“You know how to drape a saree in a Bengali style. Don’t you?”, asked Ajay. “Yes. But..”, Manju replied.

“No but. Quickly wear this saree, and put on all the jewelry. You will find a wig in that corner. Grab that and get ready soon.”, Ajay said. Manju looked at the white saree with a red border, the kind bengali women wear during festival times. There was a matching red blouse to go with the saree, and lots of jewelry too. “But why?”, asked Manju.

“Come on, man. Help me save my ass. Don’t ask any questions.”, said Ajay worryingly.

Manju was a little reluctant. But he began to drape the saree because his friend insisted. It had been a while since he last wore a saree. Often, he was assisted by others whenever he acted as a woman in the village. But there was no one to assist him today. He started with a blouse, and stuffed it with a pair of socks. Slowly and carefully he draped that elegant piece of clothing around him. He carefully slid on all the bangles that were there with the saree. Then, he put on anklets and wore all the jewelry one by one. Finally, he put on a wig. He looked at the mirror in the makeup van. He had draped the saree perfectly, but he needed the makeup.

Manju wanted to try the standard draping style of the saree, but he had to change into Bengali style as asked by Ajay. (Image: Amy Choudhury)

When Manju was looking at himself in the mirror, Ajay came back from outside the van. He looked at Manju and said, “Oh Manju, I had asked you to wear it in a Bengali style. Anyway, I will have to manage with this. Now sit on that chair while I will do makeup on you. Tomorrow, I have to do a make up on several woman who will be dressed like a bengali woman. I need to try what kind of makeup I will be doing tomorrow. The lead actress wants to see that today.” Manju sat quietly as Ajay did his magic. And when he was done, it was impossible to say that Manju was not a woman! “Oh Manju! Thank you so much for your help. Let me take you to the lead actress and see if she likes this kind of look for tomorrow.”, exclaimed Ajay.

Ajay then began to do his magic on Manju

Manju was, as expected, a little shy to go out of the van. He expressed his reluctance through his big kohl-lined eyes. But Ajay pulled him to go out anyway, and Manju went out with him like a reluctant but a very delicate bengali woman. And when the lead actress saw him, Manju began to look down feeling shy. The actress lifted Manju’s chin and said to Ajay, “I love this look, Jolly!” Both Ajay and the actress smiled and hugged each other. They both were laughing and cheering.

And that’s when the film director who was directing this film, noticed Manju. The director shouted at Ajay, “Does that woman speak bengali?” Ajay looked at the directory and said, “Oh, yes sir. She does. But…”

Before Ajay could tell the director that Manju was not really a woman, the director interrupted him and said, “Send her to my cabin, now!”. He walked away to his cabin. It was the director’s order and Ajay could not say no to him. He looked at Manju with pleading eyes. But Manju widened his eyes to show his resistance, but finally gave in to his friend’s request.

Manju slowly walked into the director’s cabin. At the same time, Sudha was asked by a secretary to enter the room where she was going to be interviewed.

“Come and sit on that chair.”, said the director to Manju.

Manju walked delicately like a lady and sat on the chair. He pulled his pallu to cover his chest and said, “Sir, before you say anything, I must tell you that I am not a woman.”

The director smiled at Manju. He got up from his seat and walked upto Manju. Manju looked up at the director who was standing next to him. The director then touched Manju’s back with his hands which was exposed in a deep cut red blouse. “Oh, but I see a lovely woman here.”, the director grinned.

Manju sat quietly on a chair in the director’s cabin, as the director approached him. (Image: Amy Choudhury)

Manju was now a little nervous. He could not do anything. The director then touched Manju’s lips that were glowing bright red in a lipstick. He smeared the lipstick with his fingers and abruptly kissed Manju’s lips. Manju was shocked with what the director did. He shoved him away with a push. His eyes had widened in anger, but his kohl-lined eyes couldn’t have looked prettier. “Oh you are fiery too!”, the director exclaimed.

Manju was breathing fast due to anger. “Come tomorrow and you will play a role of bengali woman as an extra. If I like what I see, I will offer you a role as a lead caste in a comedy TV serial I am going to start in six months. You will play the role of an angry bengali mother-in-law. Do you understand?”, said the director.

Manju was still furious. He could not say a word. The director pulled Manju’s hand and said, “I already like your passion. But remember, I don’t want to see any trace of manhood in you.” He took Manju’s hand that had dozens of bangles in it, and took it to touch his groin. Manju quickly got up and began to rush out.

“I will see you tomorrow”, the director laughed. But Manju did not stop.

Sudha was sitting in front of Umesh who was the owner of the accounting firm. He looked at Sudha. He had a mischievous smile on his face. He said to her, “My trainers tell me that you had been an excellent learner.”

Sudha smiled but she felt really uncomfortable due to the stare that she was getting from Umesh. He was staring at the little cleavage visible in her dress. She looked down and tried to pull together her dress in an attempt to cover her cleavage with one hand. And with another, she tried to cover her thighs by pulling her dress. She regretted the moment when she agreed to wear a dress when pursued by Ajay. Umesh saw the discomfort in her. He got up from his chair and sat on the table next to Sudha. “I am told that you come from a very small village in Bengal. Sudha, tell me do you have in you what it takes to become successful in a city?”, Umesh said as he slowly slid his fingers over Sudha’s breasts.

Sudha was crying inside, but she could not muster the courage to prevent the harassment. Umesh lifted her chin and said, “I am giving you a job as an entry-level position. We will see your performance in the next three months, and then decide if we should give you a senior permanent position. You may leave now. And come for work from tomorrow”

Sudha walked away in silence. She didn’t know if she should feel happy or not.

Back at home, Sudha met Manju with a lot of happiness on her face. She told him that she got a temporary job. Manju was happy with this news too. And then, he told her that he got a small role as a bengali woman, and if things work out, he will get a bigger role as a mother-in-law in a TV serial in six months. But he was not sure, if would take such a role. Sudha looked at him and said, “Manju, don’t you remember what you used to say about playing woman’s role in the village? You are an actor and nothing can be more challenging than playing a woman in a show. Go and show to this world, how good you are at acting!” Manju smiled hearing words of encouragement from his loving wife.

Sudha and Manju, they both were happy for each other’s success today. But they both were hiding the secret about what actually happened with them. They both decided to hide the inconvenient truth from each other, because they knew that if they tell the truth, the other would ask to give up this opportunity. An opportunity which can make their life better. They both hugged each other, and slept on a kitchen floor in Ajay’s house dreaming about a brighter future for them.

To be continued ….

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Image Credits: Some of the images for this story are of famous Bengali transgender actress and model Amy Choudhury.

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