Lucky Boss: Part 3

Manju now began crossdressing as a woman to get a role in a TV serial.

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Credit: The credit for the original story goes to Revathi/Sarah Dia and the Sexy Indian Crossdresser page on Facebook. The Indian Crossdressing Novel team has merely adapted this story with some change in the introduction.

Also, we would like to thank Naina Menon for providing her pictures for this story. We hope you all like this story!

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The next day, Manju was at the film set. As instructed by the director, he was dressed up as a bengali woman. Sudha had helped him wax his full body in the morning so that Manju can leave a good impression on the director. He was still nervous about the whole thing because of all that happened the previous day. He was not too worried about his role though, as he was supposed to say just one line. He was part of a big group of women who were being shown performing some ritual before a wedding in the film. His shot was recorded in one take. After his shot, he went to the makeup van where Ajay was doing makeup for other actors.

Manju sat quietly in the corner in Ajay’s makeup van. He looked sensuous as a bengali woman. (Image: Amy Choudhury)

Manju sat silently in a corner. His eyes looked really deep as he quietly watched Ajay do his work. He really looked like a pretty lady. His saree was draped perfectly, better than many other female extra actors who were there on the sets. Ajay had done a fantastic make up on him. His lips looked bright red and could attract anyone. He had the perfect eye brows which many women would love to have. The big bright red bindi on his forehead, and his deep eyes, gave him a very graceful look.

Suddenly, everyone’s attention went to the door which opened. Manju was still lost in his thoughts. It was the director who had just came in. He walked upto Manju and said to him, “Manju. Congratulations! I have decided to caste you in my next TV serial. You have six months to practice being a perfect woman. Remember that there is no shame in playing the role of a woman. You are an actor and you do whatever the role demands. Just live the character you are going to play. Good luck!” The director didn’t spend any more time there, and just walked away to see the filming of the next scenes.

The scene was recorded successfully in a single take.

Ajay was there to hear what the director had to say. He came up to Manju with happiness, and said to him, “Congratulations, Manju! You got your big break! You will soon become a big star, Manju. Oh I am so happy for you.”

Manju smiled at Ajay. His eyes really widened up with happiness. But he accepted the good news with a grace like an elegant lady. Ajay grabbed both the arms of Manju with his hand, and hugged him. And Manju, got into Ajay’s embrace like a lady, gently putting his head on Ajay’s chest. Manju was beginning to live the character he was going to play.

“Thank you, Ajay. I think I should go and change my clothes now.”, said Manju.

“Hey, what’s the rush to change? I think you should stay in the get up until we go home. I feel Sudha boudi should see how capable an actor her husband is! And then, we will share the good news with her together!”, Ajay was really excited and happy for his friend.

Things were going well for Sudha at her office. She was a little worried that her boss Umesh would make advances on her. Moreover, she had pretended to be unmarried all these while. Being an innocent girl from the village, she really could not think of anything she could do to prevent her boss’s advances. But nothing like that happened. Her boss was busy with his work all day. And Sudha managed to go back home without any unwanted attention.

When Sudha reached home, Ajay and Manju were already there waiting for her.

“Good news, boudi. Your husband got the big role in a TV serial. And the shooting will begin in six months. Now, all you have to do is, train your husband to become a woman.”, Ajay said excitedly to Sudha while guiding her towards Manju who was standing in her pretty saree. His long hairs were now open, and he was smiling.

Sudha walked up to her husband and said, “That’s a very great news dear. But I really wonder if I can teach anything to Manju. Look she already is a perfect woman.”, Sudha said teasing her husband. And Manju casted her eyes down shyly. They all laughed together.

Then Sudha looked towards Ajay and said, “I think Manju should start living as a woman full time. After all, many great actors spend months living in their character before the shooting starts. You know like Amir Khan? What do you think, Ajay bhaiya?”

“I completely agree, boudi. I think we should not take any chances. This is a big break to make a very positive impression as a solid actor.”, Ajay said.

“In that case, I can let Manju use all my sarees for daily wear. I don’t wear sarees to my job anyway. I will have to make my blouses a little loose. I will do that now.”, Sudha was super excited and she began to take out all the sarees.

“Hey Ajay and Sudha! Don’t I have any say in this?”, Manju spoke like a woman.

“No!”, Sudha said and laughed hard. She was not trying to be imposing but she felt this is the best thing that could happen to them, and she wanted to support her husband.

Manju sat on a chair, gently putting his saree pallu on the side, and slapped on his forehead with his hand. His bangles made a beautiful sound as he did that. And playing the role of a woman he said to Ajay, “Look dear friend, what this big city did to us friends! You are pretending to be a gay makeup man and I am pretending to be a woman!” Ajay laughed, but the circumstances had forced them to do so.

In the next few months, things had began to improve for Sudha and Manju. Now that Sudha was working, they managed to rent a small apartment for them. They no longer had to live in Ajay’s kitchen. Manju began to live full time as a woman, and he had become very good at it. Now, he could go to the market and haggle with vegetable vendors like a real housewife. He faced no problems living as a woman. In fact, he had to remind himself to talk like a man whenever he would call his parents back home. And in those moments, when he made love to his wife at night. Well, that didn’t require any reminder!

With the support his wife Sudha, Manju began to live his life like a woman. Sometimes, he wondered if he was doing the right thing. Image: Naina Menon

Sudha was supporting Manju in every way. She checked Manju’s diet so that he looses some weight and get a more feminine figure. Manju began to get small cameo roles as a woman in TV shows and movies. But nothing noticeable yet.

It was now close to the end of three months since Sudha had started her job. Based on her performance, her boss Umesh was going to decide if she should get a promotion and a permanent job at his firm.

And one day, Umesh approached Sudha at her table. “Sudha, do you remember that we need to decide if your job is going to be permanent or not?”, Umesh said to her. “Yes, sir”, she replied. In the past three months, Umesh had not spoken to her much. May be two or three times in a hallway in public.

“Why don’t you invite me for lunch? And we will discuss about your job.”, Umesh said to her. Sudha was now terrified. She was afraid that Umesh will get the chance to make a move on her in the privacy of her home. She didn’t want to say no to him, as this would mean she would loose her job. She and Manju will have to go back to live with Ajay as they will not be able to afford the rent without the job. Manju’s work was still three months away before they would get a steady income. Halfheartedly, she agreed to Umesh’s proposal, and invited him for lunch the next day.

Sudha did not want Manju to be at home when Umesh would come. Because she was unmarried in the eyes of her boss. Moreover, she didn’t want Manju to know about any possible bad intentions of Umesh with her. The lunch time was perfect, because Manju usually spent his time with Ajay during the day.

The next day, Umesh arrived at Sudha’s home for lunch. Sudha was dressed in a yellow salwar suit. She opened the door for Umesh. Her boss looked really happy with what he saw. It was not surprising for Sudha to notice that her boss was interested in her. But he didn’t do anything like he did at the day of her interview. He went inside the home and sat on the sofa and said, “Wow! The food really smells nice. I bet it is as delicious as it smells.” Sudha smiled and she went into the kitchen to get a cup of tea for her boss.

But that’s when something unexpected happened. Somebody opened the front door and got in. It was Manju. He could smell the food. So he gave a shout, “Sudha, are you home today?” Listening to Manju’s voice, the ground slipped away under Sudha’s feet. The situation now was too complicated to explain either to Umesh or to Manju.

Manju walked in carrying a big ladies purse on his shoulder, and a bag full of vegetables in another hand. He was wearing a golden colored saree with a red border, and was wearing matching golden chappals. He had his hair tied in a beautiful bun. As usual, he was living as a woman. As soon as he entered, he was surprised to see another man sitting on a sofa. Manju was shocked. He didn’t want to embarrass her wife’s guest by showing up as a husband wearing a saree. He could not decide what to do. He just gave a smile at the stranger and folded his hands to say “Namaste”.

Manju came back home wearing a black saree and carrying a big ladies purse and a bag full of vegetables. It was a difficult situation for Sudha. Image: Naina Menon

Sudha rushed from the kitchen. But by then, Umesh’s interest had piked up in the new woman in front of his eyes. “Sudha, why don’t you introduce me to the pretty lady here?”, Umesh said suggestively. Sudha’s mind could not think of any move to save the situation. But suddenly, she blurted out, “Uhh… she is my roommate, Manju. She is an unmarried girl like me and we both live together.” Sudha was now standing next to Manju. He looked confused with what was going on. “Manju, meet my boss Umesh!”, Sudha said to Manju.

Umesh got up from the sofa and approached the two ladies. He moved forward his hand to shake hands with Manju who obliged in return. “It’s my pleasure to meet you Manju. Sudha, why don’t you get the lunch ready while Manju can show me your house?”, Umesh said.

Sudha was a little hesitant to leave her pretty husband with her pervert boss. But she could not do anything. The sooner she gets the lunch set, the better it would be for her husband. She went inside the kitchen. And Umesh took Manju to the bedroom, apparently to see the house.

“This is our bedroom.”, said Manju nervously. “Hmm… so you two girls sleep here together?”, asked Umesh as he got behind Manju.

“Yes, we are girls. We can share a room together.”, Manju said. But he could realize that Umesh was smelling his hair from the back. And then, he experienced the touch of Umesh’s hand on his waist. Manju closed his eyes, as it reminded him of the touch by the film director. He didn’t want it to happen. But Umesh was now rubbing his hand over Manju’s back. “Of course, you two girls can share a room together.”, Umesh said.

Umesh then began to slide his finger over Manju’s arms, and slowly kissed on his neck. Manju closed his eyes, not out of passion, but because how weak he felt in the situation. He didn’t want to do anything to anger his wife’s boss. No resistance from Manju encouraged Umesh further, who came forward and kissed gently on Manju’s lips and pressed his breasts over the blouse. Umesh didn’t realize that those breasts were actually breastforms. Manju cried inside a little.

“You know, Manju. You can come and work for me as a secretary. I will pay you 30,000 per month as salary. I am sure this is more than whatever your current job offers. Come to my office tomorrow. You can ask Sudha for the address.”, Umesh said.

Umesh walked away from that room. Manju remained in that room crying silently.

“Sudha, I am sorry but I need to leave urgently. I just remembered that I have an important meeting to attend. I will come for lunch some other time. And it’s time for good news, you have been hired permanently. And you will get 5000 more in your salary.”, Umesh spoke to Sudha in the drawing room.

Manju was still crying silently. He wiped his tears as he heard the door shut when Umesh left. He tried to bring a smile on his face because Sudha just got a good news about her job. Manju was already becoming good at being a woman, he now knew how to suppress his feelings and be happy in other’s happiness.

Sudha came inside happily. “Yayyyy!”, Sudha exclaimed, and the two ladies hugged each other. “By the way, your boss offered me a job as his secretary for 30,000 per month.”, said Manju. “Wow, that’s so amazing Manju. He probably has a crush on you as he thinks you are a woman. But I don’t think he would ever make a move in the workplace. You still have three months before your TV show starts. So, we can have an extra income until then. You should totally join my office, Manju. We both will also get to spend more time together.”, Sudha said. She was really happy. Manju could not say no to her. He could not even tell her what had happened between him and her boss. He merely nodded.

In her happiness, Sudha had forgotten about the true nature of her boss. She didn’t even realize what danger she was putting her husband into. But she was happy that day. And in that happiness, she made love to her husband that afternoon, and she didn’t care that her husband was dressed as a woman.

Umesh was driving in his car smiling alone, thinking about he would become a lucky boss with Manju as his beautiful sexy secretary.

To be continued ….

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Image Credits: Some of the images for this story are of famous Bengali transgender actress and model Amy Choudhury.

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