Lucky Boss: Part 4

Manju begins his life as a female secretary. Was he ready for this? How did his wife Sudha took it?

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Credit: The credit for the original story goes to Revathi/Sarah Dia and the Sexy Indian Crossdresser page on Facebook. The Indian Crossdressing Novel team has merely adapted this story with some change in the introduction.

Also, we would like to thank Naina Menon for providing her pictures for this story. We hope you all like this story!

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The next morning, Sudha and Manju got up for a new start in their life. Sudha was going to work as full-time accountant, and Manju was going to work as a female secretary for Umesh in the same office as Sudha’s. Sudha was happy with the little financial stability that had come in their life.

Soon after taking a bath, Manju came out wearing a saree petticoat. His hair was wet after the bath. He had grown his hair in the past three months and were reaching up to his shoulder. He did not need a wig anymore to appear feminine. He slipped on a bra and asked Sudha, “Sudha, can you please help me hook my bra?”. He moved his hair on one side towards the front to make it easier for Sudha. Sudha was almost ready in her salwar suit today. She came up to help Manju happily. “You know, Manju. By now, you should have learnt to put on a bra.”, she laughed at Manju.

Manju was a little annoyed with what Sudha said. He was in this position because of Sudha. He didn’t want to work for her pervert boss Umesh. “So, are you wearing saree on your first day?”, Sudha asked.

“Yes. That’s what I will be required to wear when I start shooting for the TV serial remember. Also, I feel that I might feel safer in a saree from your boss. He might not develop a liking towards an old fashioned woman.”, Manju said. There was a little anger in his voice. He quickly wrapped himself in a saree. He had become really proficient in it. He began to do make up, which honestly, he had started to find onerous now. A make up that should last throughout the day required a lot of skills and patience. He would be required to touch up every now and then, to hide his true identity. He was soon ready. He was wearing a simple yellow saree as he had a long day of work ahead.

When Sudha and Manju arrived at the office, Umesh was there to welcome Manju on his first day. “Welcome, Manju. I knew you will accept this job. Are you ready to begin now?”, Umesh had a cunning smile on his face. His smile sent a shiver through Manju’s spine. Manju tightened his grip over Sudha’s hand he was holding. “Come on girls. It’s time to work. Manju, please come to my office. I will explain your work to you.”, Umesh said. Sudha had to let Manju go. Once again, she was not realizing the mistake she was about to commit.

Manju walked behind Umesh and as soon as they entered Umesh’s office, he closed the door behind. He quickly pulled Manju in his arms and said, “I had been thinking about you since we met yesterday.” He took Manju along with him and sat on his chair. He forced Manju to sit on his lap. Manju was helpless, and could not do anything. Manju could feel that “her” boss had a hard on. Manju was expressionless. Umesh was touching Manju all over his body, because in his eyes, Manju was a pretty woman.

But Manju could not take it, and her eyes gave it away. There was drop of tear rolling down her cheeks. To him, it seemed like everyone in this city want to exploit his body. Umesh noticed that tear, and he stopped. Was he really concerned about Manju? He let Manju sit on another chair.

Manju looked pretty in a light yellow saree.

Umesh looked at Manju. And said, “Manju, have you ever heard about my wife?” Manju was perplexed by the question. He nodded his head in no. “She is a famous TV actress, Ragini”, Umesh continued and his tone got serious.

“You know she is cheating on me? And I haven’t experienced love in last 6 months. So, I apologize for my horny behavior. You look like a decent lady, and I should have respected you.”, Umesh said as he looked at Manju.

May be it was the way Umesh said it, but Manju was already sympathizing  with Umesh. But it was too soon to do that.

“I will treat you like any gentleman treats a woman. But in return, I want you. And if you resist, I will have you anyway. By force or by love. It’s your choice.”, Umesh had a villainous smile on his face. A smile that sent a chill in Manju’s body. Manju was in for a serious trouble.

“You may go and sit at your desk now. You will see Rani outside, who used to be my secretary until today. She will tell you what to do here. Pardon her if she is crying. I fired her this morning to make a position for you.”, Umesh said coldly.

Manju was realizing how heartless his boss was. He quietly picked up his ladies purse, and was beginning to go out. “By the way, Manju. You look great in saree. You should wear sarees to work everyday. I hate being surrounded by these women employees in western clothes. You know, your roommate Sudha? I wish she had a good dressing sense like you have. She might have become the lucky woman instead of you. But she doesn’t attract me at all.”, Umesh said and laughed.

As Manju came out of the office, he wanted to cry but he could not due to the fear that his wife Sudha may notice that. He was regretting his decision of wearing a saree to work. And he thought, he would be safer in saree. How wrong was he? But it at least protected Sudha from the cunning boss.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Manju was busy taking the phone calls and handling the files for Umesh. Sudha had no inkling how Manju was treated by her boss. She was enjoying her day with other colleagues. Towards the evening, when Manju took a file to Umesh’s office, Umesh stopped her. “Here are 25,000 rupees.”, Umesh handed an envelope to Manju. “I want you to spend this Saturday with me in my farmhouse. Don’t even think about saying no, else both you and your friend will loose your jobs. And I will make sure that Sudha never gets a job anywhere as an accountant again.”

Oh, what a messy situation it was! Was it really bad? What if they both loose their jobs? Even then, in a few months, Manju will begin acting in a TV serial and their life will be good again. But what if he doesn’t get that role for some reason? No papers had been signed by the director, anyway. Manju had a lot of questions going on in his mind, as he stood there looking at his boss. He could not risk loosing jobs in a hope that he will be a big TV star someday. Sudha would be very angry with him.

After the office, Sudha and Manju went back home together. At home, Manju handed the envelope with the money in it to Sudha and said, “Umesh wants me to spend time with him on Saturday”. Sudha’s eyes brightened up looking at the money. “Wow, Manju. This is just for spending time with him?”, she hugged Manju in a joy. The glow of money had turned Sudha blind towards what might happen to Manju. “Tomorrow, we girls will go for shopping. You will need new sarees for your job too.”, Sudha winked at Manju treating him like a girl. And all he could do was smile back, as he wanted his wife to be happy. “I will buy you sarees that you will find very comfortable in the humid climate of Mumbai.”, Sudha was too excited, but at least she was a bit concerned about what his husband wears.

But it was not necessary for Sudha to worry about. Because Umesh took Manju out for shopping the next day. He bought around 6 sarees for Manju, and some readymade blouses to go with it. He even purchased a nighty for “her”. In stead of working in the office, they both were out for shopping and lunch, and a movie afterwards. Umesh had been nice to Manju until then, at least until the movie theater got dark. And he began to fondle Manju’s breastforms which were as real as breasts, and began to kiss Manju. And Manju, had a mixed feelings about all these. He enjoyed being treated like a lady all day, and he had been living as a woman for more than 3 months now. May be he was emotionally becoming a woman, and noticing how good Umesh can be; he sympathized with him since Umesh’s wife was cheating on him. It made him forget how evil Umesh could be, and he let Umesh kiss him, albeit with a bit of resistance in his heart. But once the kiss was over, Manju came back in his senses and began to feel bad. He was reminded of Sudha, his wife. In a way, he was cheating his wife with another man! He felt really sick with himself.

That day, Manju returned home a little late. Sudha was not home; she had gone to buy groceries for the home. Manju dropped all the bags with sarees and blouses in it, on one side of the bed, and went directly to sleep in the bed. He curled himself on one side, and covered himself in his saree. He felt violated today. The thought of Umesh kissing and touching him everywhere made him cry. He pulled his saree pallu to wrap himself completely in it, with a hope that it might save him from all the thoughts of Umesh caressing “her” body.

By the time Sudha came home, Manju was already sleeping in the dark. Sudha noticed that Manju had not changed out of his saree. He usually would wear male clothes at night, but not that day. Sudha thought may be Manju was really tired. She lied next to Manju and touched gently over Manju’s shoulder attempting to slide away his saree to see Manju’s face.

“Please, don’t touch me tonight, Sudha.”, Manju said in a low voice pleading to Sudha.

Sudha felt a little disturbed as her husband had never said such a thing to her before. He used to like her touches. A little concerned, she said, “What happened, Manju?”

“He … he touched me everywhere on my body.”, Manju said hesitantly. He didn’t want to say much.

Sudha got really worried now. She wanted to comfort Manju, but all she could say was, “He only touched you, right? He didn’t …”, she could not complete her words but both of them knew what she was going to say.

Sudha’s words appeared cold to Manju. And how could he tell his wife that a man kissed him passionately for several hours in a movie hall.

Sudha turned away from Manju. She was probably afraid that something more than a touch had occurred between Manju and Umesh, but she didn’t want to believe it. She could not sleep that night. Now, she was really worried what would happen on Saturday. And so was Manju.

The week went by in a lot of stress for the couple, and the fateful Saturday had arrived. Sudha helped Manju put on a red silk saree that day. They were both dreading for that day, but they could not take a risk of Umesh finding out that Manju was a man. Sudha did her best to ensure that Manju looked prettiest that day. She silently draped the saree on Manju’s body. She styled Manju’s hair to make her look sexy. Today, Manju had to do her best acting as a woman, but he did not have to try hard. Because he was already nervous like a woman. His gestures and facial expressions had become really feminine. What if his boss Umesh tries to make love to him? And it was a real possibility.

Manju got dressed for spending the day with Umesh. Today, he would be using his feminine charms on Umesh. He had no other choice.

They both heard the sound of Umesh’s car outside the house. Umesh was already there to pick up Manju. Sudha’s face finally showed the concern she now had about her husband’s safety. She took out a small box of vermillon, and applied it in the shape of a bindi on Manju’s forehead. She took out her mangalsutra and put it on her husband’s neck. “May this protect you, Manju”, she said. Manju got emotional looking at her wife. Yes, he needed protection today. “Manju, please be safe. And if possible, try to get Umesh really drunk today to the extent that he passes out before he….”, Sudha said to Manju. Already nervous Manju picked his purse and put it on his shoulder, he hugged his wife like a loving woman and said good bye to her.

As soon as Manju got into Umesh’s car, Umesh pulled her closer and gave a big kiss on her lips. Manju knew what was to come to her today. “She” was walking into a cage with a hungry tiger in it. Manju wished Sudha didn’t see them kissing. “Please Umesh, take me to a world far from here where no one can come between us.”, Manju said in a sexy voice. “She” did not want Sudha to see anything more.

That day, Umesh took Manju for a breakfast in a fancy restaurant. There he hugged her and touched her suggestively. From time to time, he would kiss Manju. And Manju could do nothing but smile. “Why don’t you drink a little wine?”, Manju decided to work on his plan to get Umesh drunk. And Umesh obliged. He drunk a lot, and yet he seemed to be fine. But what Manju did not realize was that Umesh had a plan too. He had slipped a pill into Manju’s food which would make her unconscious after sometime. He wanted to take nude pictures of Manju so that he could blackmail her to be with him later. Manju was in a serious trouble. She could already feel something happening to her, but she could not understand what or why.

Umesh then drove to his farmhouse. On the way in, he began to force his tongue in Manju’s mouth. Manju who was under the effect of the pill, could not resist. In fact, not being in the right state of mind, Manju began to kiss him back harder. Umesh held her tighter and closer to him, touched Manju everywhere and kissed passionately. He enjoyed fondling her. He loved to see Manju in that condition not in her control. She fell into his arms. And soon Manju had passed out. Umesh picked her up in his arms and took her to the bedroom. He closed the doors and covered the window curtains from inside. Manju was lying unconscious on a bed. Manju looked really sexy, and Umesh began to press her buttocks and breasts. He found the touch over her silky saree to be very exciting. He began to slide up Manju’s saree. He was getting really excited. He tried to kiss Manju, but unconscious Manju could not respond. So he decided to remove her saree. Umesh unpinned Manju’s saree pallu and slowly removed her saree. He then proceeded to squeeze her breasts. He was really excited now. And he began to unbutton Manju’s blouse. And when he was done, he was shocked to see a bra filled with breastforms. It took him a moment to realize that Manju was not the sexy woman he thought, Manju was a man!

Umesh was furious. And he knew that there was no way that Sudha was unaware of Manju being a man. How could she be? They both were roommates. He rushed out leaving behind Manju unconscious on the bed, and drove his car straight to Sudha’s house. Soon, he was banging at the door of Sudha’s home. Sudha realized that it must be Umesh who must have found out the truth, and had come here angry. She was terrified, but she slowly opened the door.

Umesh came in fuming with anger. He slapped Sudha and told her how he was going to make her life miserable for pulling a trick on him. Sudha began to cry and pleaded Umesh to forgive her. She even told him that Manju was her husband. She said she would do everything to make up for what Manju could not provide to him.

Hearing her pleas, Umesh now had a wicked smile on his face. He knew how he could exploit this situation. He said, “Listen to me carefully. I am going to make you two my bitches from now on. My wife is usually gone from Friday to Monday morning to take care of her sick mother. Your husband wants to be a woman, right? I am going to teach that son of a bitch what it means to be a woman. I am going to treat him like a woman every friday night. He would be my bitch every friday night. He should come to my home every Friday evening dressed as a perfect woman.” Umesh probably still found Manju attractive.

And then, he looked at Sudha and said, “And you? You want to make up for all this? I am going to make love to you every Saturday. And on Sunday, both you and Manju will make love to me. Do you understand? If you try to act smart and run away from this arrangement, I will haunt you and make your life miserable.”

Umesh was still shouting at Sudha when his phone rang. It was his wife Ragini calling. She was crying on the phone. She said to Umesh, “Hi Umesh, I am so sorry I cheated on you. I should never have done that to you. I am going to make up for it everyday when I am home except for the weekend when I will be with my mother.” Apparently, the person he cheated with, had left her and run away with some of her money. Umesh had to go back to Ragini.

After disconnecting the phone call, Umesh realized how lucky he was. He now had three women to please him for the whole week. He truly was becoming a lucky boss. He stared at Sudha and left her there.

Back in the farm house, Manju woke up after sometime. He noticed that his saree was unwrapped. He felt naked, and tried to find his saree to cover himself. He noticed that his blouse was open and breastforms were lying on the bed. He still had mangalsutra around his neck. He grabbed it with a hope that it will give him the power to make things right. He could not find Umesh anywhere. He realized that probably Umesh left after finding out the truth about him. It didn’t take much time for Manju to think about Sudha who must be in a trouble now. He quickly dressed himself; he could not bother himself to look best in that saree in this urgent situation. He went out running to find a way to get back home. He had to get a lift from strangers as the farmhouse was far away from the city with no taxis nearby.

When he reached home, Sudha was crying incessantly. As soon as she saw Manju, she went up to him to hug him. She wanted to make sure that Manju was fine. They both hugged each other. Sudha began to tell Manju what Umesh told her. They both felt that there life is beyond their control now, and they have no other way than running back to their village. But going back to village was not going to guarantee any security either. They just sat there sulking and thinking about what to do. They sat there for hours and the sun was about to set down. As if everything they dreamed about before coming to Mumbai, was going down with the sun.

“Knock, Knock”. Both Manju and Sudha were startled to hear a knock on the door. They didnt want to see anybody today. Who could that be? Manju, though under distress, due to what happened today, got up to open the door. Though clad in a saree, he was still the man of the house.

“Hey, Manju. Where you had been my dear friend? I had been trying to call you on your phone for 2-3 hours?”, Ajay exclaimed at the door.  Manju just gave a nondescript smile. He must have forgotten his phone at the farmhouse. Out of his new habit, he covered his head with his saree pallu and asked Ajay to come in. It was not just the habit, but a way for Manju to feel secure. Her saree made her feel better about the situation. Ajay smiled looking at feminine Manju.

“Oh pretty woman! I am not coming in. At least not before you see who is here, Manju madam. Look who is here!”, Ajay said and laughed as he pointed towards a man standing smiling at a distance. It was the film director. “He has come here to sign you for a TV serial and the shooting is starting from the next week.”, Ajay shouted with joy. Manju could not believe the news. He began to shake, and a smile widened on his face. He pulled up his pallu as he tried to gently cover his smile like a woman does out of joy and shyness. The director came closer and said, “Yes, Manju. I got the financing sooner. So, we are beginning to shoot earlier than we planned. I see that you are already in the character. But remember, you will be wearing saree in a bengali style for your character. This style won’t work!”

Both Sudha and Manju finally heard some good news that day. They both hugged each other with love. The director was in a rush; he quickly got Manju’s signature and gave the signing amount check for 1 lakh rupees, and left. Now, Manju, Sudha and Ajay were left there standing and smiling. But soon the smile faded away from the faces of Sudha and Manju. They still did not know how to deal with Umesh.

“Thinking about Umesh?”, Ajay asked them both. Manju was startled to hear about Umesh from Ajay. He had not told him about Umesh anything.

“Relax, Sudha boudi had told me everything. And I spied on you and Umesh today.”, Manju was feeling ashamed thinking about what Ajay might have found out today. He looked down with sadness.

“Let’s just say that I have some pictures of Umesh he would not want his wife to see, or infact anyone to see in this world. I have already spoke to him, and he won’t trouble you two. Besides I know his wife Ragini very well. Remember, she was the lady who had come to my parlour the first day you came to Mumbai? If Ragini finds out about all the things Umesh did in the past months, he will loose all the money and position in that accounting company, which really belongs to Ragini.”, Ajay said. He was smiling. Finally, Manju and Sudha could relax. This city of Mumbai had given them enough troubles. And it had taught them enough lessons. And one important lesson that they learnt was it is important for husband wife to support each other. And there life was going to improve soon.

Ajay never showed them the pictures, and they didn’t ask either. But Ajay had pictures and a video of Umesh passionately kissing and hugging Manju, and then taking Manju to the bedroom where he closed the door. What happened behind that door, no one knows. But Umesh would never want anyone to know that he cheated on his wife with another man. He was too shallow-minded a person. Umesh now learnt to live with his wife. He tried to be honest with her, but one thing he could never forget. He really liked kissing and hugging Manju.

Manju had become a modestly popular actor, and he began to get male roles as well.

The end

Alternative Ending: This story made us realize how difficult editing a story can be. More than editing, we added new elements from our side. But the creative directions we took, turned out to be a little different from what the author had originally in mind. We are not sure if we were able to do justice to the original story. But this is the risk we had to take as we adapted the story. In the original ending, Umesh divorced Ragini and started living with Sudha and Manju as his two wives.

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    1. I believe, u r yug Mehta (FB profile). I have been following you and I was a fan of your posts. It would be pleasure to see your FB wall again with crossdressing theme posts.


  1. For me, personally I liked this end of the story more than the real, planned by author (with all due respect). I loved the story plot.

    However, I believe the real story, submitted by author must have some forced love making scenes. I think, those hot forced part could be real gem of the story. There is nothing wrong in sex scene according to the demand of script. For readers, it’s just about different tastes of Crossdressing fun.

    I understand, the concern of many readers to not include gay sex in story, which was nicely replied by admin.


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