Pallavi: Finishing School for Girls

When Pallavi starts a grooming school for girls.

Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We are merely the publishers of this story.

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All of them came and changed into girls. They sat on chairs. I put on white sleeve less kameez and Salwar with matching jewelleries.

I welcomed them and invited them to pay offering to Amba Mata.

I told them that for me you are all girls and I will always call you by your female name only.

You will have to develop the skill of observation so that you can learn different aspects of womanhood minutely and perfect the same by practice. One thing you have to do consistently is PRACTICE…. PRACTICE and PRACTICE.

First of all I want to tell you that you must have one role model and dreaming of becoming like her. The role model can be anyone, your mother, sister, girl friend, bhabhi [brother’s wife], teacher, film actress, business women etc but I strongly feel that you must have a role model. It helps you a lot.

I have for you lot many magazines on Women and many CDs/DVDs which you can take home and study. If you are not going to get privacy in your home you may stay here and study or practice and no one will disturb you. Choice is yours. I will also give you reliable resources available on Internet. I want each one of you to be the best girl in all respect.

Whenever you get chance see TV serials / film, try to learn everything about feminine behavior, expressions, hair styles etc. You also try to see female News announcer, anchors of chat show, dance shows and musical show. Attentively watch how they present themselves.

Remember that when you cross dress you are only woman; totally and completely think like a woman.

In short you will have ample guidance about cross dressing so that you can present yourself as girls to outside world and become acceptable. AT NO POINT OF TIME YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE CHEAP / INDECENT BEHAVIOUR otherwise I will remove you from my class. You have to earn a respect and maintain.

Now let us start with our training.

I will start with fundamentals first so that you get proper understanding of why it is done for what you are going to do it. You are not going to take any notes because I am going to give you the material, you just observe and listen attentively.

Today I will take following topics:

  1. Basic steps for Simple Garba dance [20 minutes]
  2. Relaxation techniques [10 minutes]
  3. Drink ample water for smooth and glowing skin.
  4. Types of women’s faces.
  5. Women body sizes.
  6. Difference between man and woman

1. Basic steps for Simple Garba dance: In life every now and then you get a chance of doing garba, our traditional folk dance. Expertise in Garba participation will help you a lot. While moving along in circle, depending upon the song, a woman gets a chance to express herself in lot many different ways. You will also get a practice of moving in different style of walking, swaying your hips in attractive and rhythm and lastly but importantly facial expression. You must also sing Garba song while participating which will take you in different moods. When I show you DVDs of garba dance please keenly try to observe very closely genetic/real woman how they move in garba dance and their body language.

Today I will first show you basic steps of teen-taali garba dance type, one of the most popular types of garba dance in Gujarat as all of you know. Then you will practice with me. Once I am sure you have learnt properly from there I will ask you to practice at your own.

After one month I will organize small function at my place and you will participate in that as girls but your supporting family member will also be present and dance along with you. In future in every function they will be present and they should try to bring more family members or your friends to encourage you.

Note: This idea of involving family members / friends I got from TRI-ESS

Tri-Ess is an educational, social and support group for heterosexual cross dressers, their partners, the spouses of married cross dressers, their families and friends.

All of them were busy with Garba dance practice for some time.

2. Relaxation Techniques: All the while you were feeling one or more of emotion like guilt of doing something bad, hurting feelings of near and dear ones, helplessness, frustration etc due to your cross dressing liking. This leads to blockage of healthy energies of the body and mind causing tension, irritability and anger so you will have to learn how to relax your body and mind.

I will show and guide you through SABASAN and breathing exercise. I have audio and video clips, which you can take home and copy the same and then return me. This is to be done regularly at least once in a day. All girls listened, observed and practiced breathing exercise and then SABASAN.

3. Drink ample water for smooth and glowing skin: Majority of us drinks much less water than what is required by our body. Due to our daily activities and internal reactions on food by chemicals inside our body toxins are generated. In general these toxins are removed from body in the form of exhaled gases from Nose, urine from Kidney, stool from rectum, some discharge from eye and ear and as perspiration from skin. Due to our way of living we are always either under fan or air conditioner so the perspiration is less and the skin looses shining. When you drink ample water and at the same time reduce timing of under fan or in air conditioning there will be more perspiration and comparatively more toxin is thrown away from body. Please remember your body cells and tissues also need water. All these result in smooth and glowing skin.

4. Types of women faces: It is the most important and prominent part of female body. It is the first thing looked upon by anybody. Your hair styles, eye and face make up and your expression is visible to outside world through your face.

Basically woman’s face can be round, oval, oblong, heart, diamond or triangle types. Let us look at the pictures of the different types of faces. (Pallavi shows pictures of different face types).

She described in details characteristics of each type of face.

In the same way she described about different body sizes and how man and woman differs in face, shoulder and neck lines, fat distribution etc.

The first day of training was completed. Nobody wanted to leave place and requested Pallavi that they want to stay there for practicing dance as they are not likely to get freedom at their place. Pallavi allowed them and she went for her own work with instruction to them that if they need help she is there only and can be come.

In similar way she took each topic of her syllabus during the training period.

To be continued …

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