Pallavi: Second Year of College

Pallavi begins her second year of college

Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We are merely the publishers of this story.

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Before college reopened I attended marriage ceremony at Sanjay’s native place and I enjoyed the whole stay very much. Sanjay’s relatives accepted me but his father was very much annoyed because of my behavior and was quite against his family members for accepting me. Sanjay told me not to worry about his father.

Masi asked me: Now that college has reopened what you intend to do? Will you start going to college as girl from the very first day or only on days like last year.

Me: From Navratri I will start going to collage as girl daily. For some time I just want to see if my friends wants me to continue as girl. When they were discussing the phone rang up.

I picked up the phone, Smita was on line

Smita: Pallavi you will continue like last year this year also?

Me: What do you wish?

Smita: Actually I am thinking that for first two weeks you should come in gents clothes and once again in presence of our friends I create a situation and then I make you accept that you will come to college as girls every day.

Me: Can you not arrange in such a way that from Navaratri I come like last year but after that I must come as girl only on daily basis till end of last year of college.

Smita: I can arrange. But daily you will attend your beauty parlor as girl only.

Me: Yes that I am going to continue

I started attending college in gents’ clothes. In first week of September, there was a birthday of Nidhi and Smita started playing games. From the group of our 30 friends playing game one boy and one girl will be punished as per the wish of the group. At the end of the game it was declared that Pratik and Reshma have lost and they will be punished. Punishment is that Pratik like last year must come in collage as girl only but this time on daily basis [and we think he has started liking it] and on those days Reshma must protect her. If Reshma wishes she can come in gents clothes but it is not compulsory. This punishment is from 1st day of Navaratri

I told the arrangement to Massi at night. She told me that now you are going to be completely living the life of a woman from Navratri so first let us meet and work out the whole plan of transition medically and legally. I agreed. Masi took Dr. Kusum’s appointment and I went with Masi to her clinic in female dress as usual.

To be continued …

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