Pallavi: Last Year of College

Pallavi finishes her last year of college

Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We are merely the publishers of this story.

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I was confused about my future. I felt guilty that due to me, my sister has to suffer. My sister Kamal’s engagement broke in first week of July. His family said we have come to know that your brother is eunuch. How can you expect us to accept a girl whose brother is a pervert? We cannot spoil our reputation by this marriage.

My sister argued yes, my brother is living the life of a girl but he is not eunuch. He has consulted experts in medical field including psychiatrist, endocrinologist and it is a medical advice that his wish to become a woman and go for sex change operation is clinically confirmed as correct. Since last six months he is living as girl as this is the medical requirement. Medically it is called as real life experience and in future he will live full time as woman. This is a must a before undergoing a sex change operation. He is going to be medically and legally woman after two years. The family is not convinced and on social ground ultimately broken engagement.

After confirming that decision to break engagement is final, she came to me and said don’t worry about me and keep continuing your plan. She went away smiling.


My collage started. On the very first day I declared to everyone I met that I have started liking living the life of a girl. I have consulted medical experts during vacation and I am a fit case of changing sex. As a pre condition I have to live for real life experience as a girl on full time basis for minimum two years. You know that since last year’s Navaratri actually I have started living as a girl not only in college but at home also on full time basis but that time it was just because of my liking but now it is with the idea of going for sex change operation and permanently becoming woman. I will be happy if you accept and co-operate with me. Even if you don’t, I am not going to change my decision and willing to face all abuse, insult, ridicule and name calling.

Collage life passed smoothly.

Before diwali vacation, Sanjay proposed me and ask me if I am willing to marry him. I said yes so he told me he will talk to his family about it. I became happy and started dreaming about my married life.

After diwali I tried to contact Sanjay but he started avoiding me. One day I chased him and caught him and asked him what is all this? Why are you avoiding me?

Sanjay: I feel very much ashamed to tell you but my father is not agreeing and totally against this marriage. He has threatened that if I will marry you he will commit suicide so now mother and everyone is on father’s side. I feel sorry for all this and I have no courage to face you.

I was shattered and came home crying. Masi saw and asked what happened. Crying, I told her everything. She moved her hands on my back and tried to calm down me saying in India, family want children to expand family and so you should learn to get rejected like this till some really understanding person holds your hand with respect. She remained with me till at night I went to bed. I could not sleep. I did not go to college for few days.

Nina Masi came and consoled me.

Masi one day told me: Pallavi life cannot stagnate like this, you have to overcome and go further. This way you are going to ruin yourself. I have arranged for counselor and I want you to recover fast so that you can get good result in final examination. Due to encouragement from Masi and counseling I recovered in two moths..

I gave all attention to prepare for examination.

Somewhere in December Masi called me and informed me that be prepared to go to USA. for one year course in managing NGOs which also includes making documentary film. This is going to be very much useful to you. You will be going by the end of August next year. After your annual examination, I will give you all the materials regarding managing NGOs in INDIA which will help you to prepare as a back ground.

Just a week after my examination, Abhay called me and said he want to talk with me something important and urgent. When can we meet? I replied today any time is possible.

In evening he came. After routine chit-chat he asked me what is our relationship? I said we are good friends though I have some soft corner for you. Why are you asking?

He told me: Pallavi I am under pressure. We had some wonderful time together though we never had any physical relationship. I made friendship with you because my mother wanted it, I am not against you in any way, any time but all the while mother, though she never told me openly dream of asking you to be my wife. She liked you very much right from the day she saw you. As the days passed I came in contact with Tanuja and without my knowing consciously I fell in her love. Last week she asked me if I will accept her and marry her? I was not sure so I requested her to give me some time. I could not decide so I have come to ask you what I should do?.

Me: Go and accept her.

Abhay: What about you?

Me: You want to know truth? Masi during all these years was insisting me to marry you but somehow I was in love with Sanjay and I was replying let the time come and we will see at that time. She never liked my answer but still gave me all the freedom. When my relationship with Sanjay ended she started reminding me after some time about you I have always considered you as my good friend but sometime I thought about you. Any way don’t worry about me, we will remain good friend so go ahead and tell yes to Tanuja.

Abhay: I am sorry if I have hurt you. The problem is mother. How to convince her?

Me: Leave it to me. I will see her in a day or two and get you her permission.

At night I phoned Sukanya masi and said if she is free I want to meet you. She called me next day.

Sukanya masi after greeting me warmly as usual made me seat opposite her chair and holding my hand asked me why you want to see me? When are going for final sex change operation? Now that your study will be complete we can talk about your marriage with Abhay.

Me: Masi, why you want Abhay to marry me?

Sukanya Masi: Because I like you very much and I am sure you will make him very happy. We will have a very good daughter-in-law. You have many plus points as compared to other girls.

Me: Masi, We are good friends and I admit honestly that I do have a soft corner for him but do you know that even after I change my sex into woman, I cannot give birth to a child? Your generation will not extend with this marriage. Did you ask Abhay what does he think about having no child from this marriage?

Sukanya masi: Many couples are childless. You can always adopt a child or two.

Me: But what about Abhay? Why he should be deprived of having his own natural child? I have just come to tell you that this marriage is not possible and please get Abhay married to a normal girl. I have lot of regards for you and I also know that just because you love  me you may be insisting Abhay to marry me but please listen to me and let Abhay have his own freedom to choose some good girl.

After lot of persuasion Sukanya masi said yes that she will allow Abhay to have his own choice. At night I phone Abhay that your mother will not take objection so please go ahead and tell your mother about Tanuja.

My final exams result was as usual.

Masi told me you are now going to concentrate on NGO management and improving English language further as per the norms of USA college admission requirements. I have arranged a class as well as personal tutor for English. I worked sincerely.

Masi helped me understand working of NGOs and matters related to NGOs.

I got admission in USA College so finally a day came for my departure to USA.

To be continued …

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