Pallavi: In the USA – Meets Alka

Pallavi meets Alka who gets interested in marrying Pallavi even after knowing the truth about her.


Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We are merely the publishers of this story.

Author’s Note:  I request all of you that please do not take medication without consulting doctor for breast development or hormones to get feminine look. These are very powerful chemicals and has many side effects and likely to cause problem for kidney, liver and heart. This is the reason I gave details in this novel. Under any circumstances avoid self medication, it is harmful.

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As agreed earlier Leena came to pick up Pallavi for function. Pallavi put on a very nice pink sari with appropriate accessories and makeup. They reached auditorium in time.

Leena introduced Pallavi to her friends. Pallavi went to green room for changing for her Bharat Natyam dance and told after her dance she will come back and join her.

Pallavi’s dance was from old Hindi film based on Bharat Natyam style. Public appreciated the same very much. She went to green room and again changed back to her pink sari and came where Leena was sitting.

During interval, Leena introduced Pallavi to her friend Alka. Alka could not believe that Pallavi is actually a man and not woman. She held Pallavi ‘s hands for some time, hugged her fiercely and then said I don’t know but somehow instantly I have started liking you.

Me: Thanks for appreciation. Are you OK now? Let us go for some snack, I feel hungry.

Welcome Obama Actress Urmila in Pink Saree Stills
Pallavi came dressed in a fine attire for the occasion.

They went to food counter, selected dishes, enjoyed eating them and returned to their seats before the program restarts.

When program was over and they were separating Alka told me that she wants to develop more meaningful friendship with me. I assured her I have no problem. We exchange communication details and left each other.

On way to home I asked Leena if Alka is bisexual or lesbian?

Leena: She is a perfectly normal girl, very warm and understanding and nothing to fear about her. Go ahead with her in friendship.

Me: I did not understand her behavior at program. Anyway, I wait for her call in case if she wants friendship with me.

Leena dropped Pallavi at her apartment.

It was Saturday night when Alka called me and asked me if she can come around 8 p.m.? I replied: yes, I am free.

Alka: Be ready, we will go out for dinner at one of the Guajarati eateries and then we will just move along in the garden.

She put on her creamish white salwar kameez and was ready. She came. As I was ready without wasting time we went outside. We passed about 2 hours together. I asked her: why are you so excited about my friendship?

Alka: No idea, I simple like you.

Me: Do you know that I am on pre-operative treatment and undergoing real life experience phase before sex change operation?

Alka: No but that makes no difference to my liking for you. You can have your way.

Me: Are you seeking only friendship?

Alka: I am not sure to be very honest. I may marry you.

Me: Are you mad? I can’t marry any normal woman and spoil her life. It is very unethical. I have told you the truth. We can have good friendship but marriage is not possible.

Alka: Do you believe in astrology?

Me: No but my father strongly believes in it. What is predicted for you?

Alka: I am to marry twice. First marriage to last 2 to4 years and there is possibility that it may last forever but in case there is a chance that you may help your husband and take divorce. In that case the second marriage will be very happy and last forever.

Me: But why take a chance with me?

Alka: I cannot explain but I feel you are a very kind, caring and loving person so even if you are going to change your sex I will remain your friend and still keep good relationship.

Me: This is foolishness. Very soon I am to go for sex change operation so you don’t have that period available so I suggest better look for someone else.

Alka: Do you think only sex matters in marriage? Is there no place for love, caring and honesty [what you have in plenty]?

Me: Don’t forget sex is one of the most important aspects in marriage life. Any way I suggest to you to forget all this and make happy journey for your life.

Alka: You never know what lies in your future through luck. I am not going to force you in any way to change you but I will always be around you in case if you change your views about me.

Me: Thanks for all you positive feeling about me and how you look at life. You seem to be very content about life. I wish you get a really lovely husband who can understand you and allows you your space

Alka: But you will not mind keeping friendship with you and meeting you. I assure no time in future I will open the topic of our marriage. There are many topics in the world to talk about.

Me: Yes, we can be good friends. Thanks any way for your kind feelings for me. They separated with a promise to meet every Saturday evening if possible.

Next week

Alka: Is it possible to meet today?

Me: Yes, but today we will not go out. I am preparing dinner for us. What is your favorite item?

Alka: You know cooking?

Me: Yes, off course, I am pretty good at it.

Alka: Prepare your favorite dish. I like everything.

Me: Is Dal Dhokli OK with you? You want any other dish to go with it?

Alka: If possible Bhakhri or puri.

Me: Fine. It will be ready when you will come

She came at 7:30 p.m.. Everything was ready. Pallavi had put on blue Salwar Kameez and appropriate makeup / jewellery.

Alka: You look quite attractive. Nice dress. You have a good sense of dressing. She occupied a comfortable chair and brought it opposite to her.

Me: Thanks. Shall we have something? Tea or coffee with some light snacks.

Alka: Only Coffee.

I brought two cup of coffee and sat opposite her.

Me: Anything special you wanted to see me today for?

Alka: I want to know everything about your past, present and future plan. I will tell you mine if you are interested.

Me: OK and Pallavi told her everything about her past in brief, her studies at college now and her future plan.

Alka: Now should I tell you about me?

Me: Not now. It is late, first we take dinner and then again we will talk.

Both took dinner together. The food was really very tasty and Alka congratulated Pallavi for her nice dishes..

After dinner Alka said she is doing specialization in consumer behavior and how media affects the sale. She will be completing her studies in about six months and wants to return to Mumbai, to her parents. She talked about her friends, likes & dislikes and her career plan.

It was 11 p.m and they said good night to each other

Pallavi was really surprised as she did not ask any thing about marriage at all.
After this meeting they meet each other whenever it was possible and even Pallavi was also looking forward to meet her.

During studies Pallavi got real good experience on NGO management, photo shooting of Ad films and pre-planning of advertisemnent. She also learnt importance of documentation and art of presentation and as intern involved in two ads, – learnt searching of information, relationship and evolving alternatives. Her work was highly appreciated and she got good job offers also but she declined. She wanted to return to India..

During her stay in this city she attended many functions as female but regular appearance in female was not possible so she feared after returning India she may have to once again have real life experience for minimum one year.

Two months after Pallavi ‘s return to India, Alka also returned to India

To be continued …

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