Pallavi: In the USA

Pallavi goes to the USA to attend a University for a higher degree

Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We are merely the publishers of this story.

Author’s Note:  I request all of you that please do not take medication without consulting doctor for breast development or hormones to get feminine look. These are very powerful chemicals and has many side effects and likely to cause problem for kidney, liver and heart. This is the reason I gave details in this novel. Under any circumstances avoid self medication, it is harmful.

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As Pallavi ‘s passport and educational certificates are in the name of Pratik it was decided that she will travel as man only and after reaching college in USA when she will start attending college she is to become woman again.

Pallavi after many years changed into gents dress, she put on white half sleeve shirt and blue jeans. She did not cut her hair which is more than shoulder length. She collected her luggage and kept it in car. It was Sunday.

Her mother, masi and sister came with her to give send off from Mumbai Air port. They reached air port at around 7 p.m. She finished her all formality in about 1 hour and before checking in came to her relatives. All of them went to canteen and took dinner together. Finally at 11 she said to her mother, masi and sister to say good bye, hugged them and went towards check in doors. Air plane took off at mid night and all family members came out of air port, called the driver and started for Surat.

Pallavi called back masi from London first time and then from Michigan on reaching Tuesday around 10 morning. Masi’s friend’s daughter Leena had come to receive her on air port. Leena drove to her apartment. After they settled down, in evening Pallavi asked what she has arranged for accommodation and how she is to go to college.

Leena: Pallavi I have arranged a small apartment for you near to your college, it is just a walking distance. First of all you have to meet your college counselor to know the schedule and become aware of the college formalities. I am free so I will drop you there in your apartment and take you to college. At night I will give you details about this locality and other necessary details. Now we will go to shopping for about 2 hours. Are you ready or want to change.

Pallavi: I am ready, let us go. They did some shopping and returned home. At night she understood about locality, saw TV for some time. Before going to bed she phoned masi and mother and talked to them at length and assured that they should not worry about her.

She asked is it OK if she starts her role of woman from tomorrow morning?

Leena: I know you are on pre-operative stage and I have no problem.

They wished good night to each other and went to sleep.

Pallavi got up and finished her routine and put on White salwar kaneez, wore duppatta and applied light make up. She put ivory colored bangles, kept her hair loose, wore 2″ high heel sandles. She and Leena went to her new apartment, kept luggage. Leena showed her utilities and other systems . Pallavi pushed her luggage in corner. She took her purse and other related documents of college, closed the door and both of them went to her college.

Leena said Pallavi you make enquires yourself so you become familiar, I am with you to help you. She nodded her head.

Pallavi enquired about college student counselor’s office and asked to see the counselor.

Tory: welcome, madam. I am the counselor. Be seated. What can i do for you?

Pallavi: She sat on the chair and adjusted herself for comfort. These are my admission papers. I want you to guide me further about all related matters.

Tory: Took the papers and went through then asked the papers are for Pratik, male student and you are female. Whose papers are these?

Pallavi: When I applied I was on male to female hormone therapy but final decision of sex change surgery was taken afterwards. As one of the requirement before surgery I am on real life experience stage as female.

Tory: I see. He then explained her everything for about 1 hour. Finally he said if there is anything she can always contact him.

Pallavi: Thanks Mr. Tory and she got up and started for the door.

Tory: Excuse me madam. Can I give you one friendly advice?

Pallavi: Sure. What is it?

Tory: As you may be knowing this an area of Automobile manufacturer. This is a community college so fees are comparatively low. Students from various sections come here for study. Some student may be intolerant to sexually deviant people either due to ignorance or bad experience. Be careful dealing with such people. In the same way some faculty members are also intolerant to sexually deviated people and if you happen to be student of any of them you are likely to have problem.

Pallavi: What is college management stand on this issue?

Tory: They are open but divided if there is vote taking. Dean himself is a thorough gentleman and he understands but you never know.

Pallavi: Thanks for information. I will take care and consult you if need arises.

Both of them went to admin office. Pallavi obtained time table, library admission and other connected things. She informed the office that she will start attending college from next Monday when college starts. By this time it was a lunch time; they went to canteen and took lunch.

Leena dropped Pallavi at her apartment and returned to her home.

Pallavi moved in the city for rest of days to become familiar with transport and to get daily needs. She remained in contact with Leena on phone. On Saturday Leena was free so they went to shop few dresses for Pallavi.

On Monday morning, she decided to go to college in Sari, typical Indian dress which gives grace to women when draped properly.

Pallavi decided to wear a graceful saree to attend a college.

She reached college little early, found out her class and occupied her seat. The class strength is of 20 only. The atmosphere was quite pleasing. Her first lecturer Prof. Linda Samson entered class and greeted her students with smile. She will be taking Corporate Social Responsibility. She said that she is a facilitator meaning she will outline each chapter of course, give list of resources to be used, topics of each project and supervises presentation and group discussion/ She is not going to spoon feed anybody. You have to work on your own and in case of difficulty she will give guidance. You can make group for your project. There will be continuous and uninformed assessment for each one of you and after each assessment individually you will be informed of your strong and weak points and what can be done to improve your performance. After this brief instruction she gave necessary chapter related information.

During our introduction everyone knew that I am pre-operative treatment for sex change operation. She gave me compliments for my bold decision and was very much pleased with my sari draping.

Second lecturer was Prof. James Lindenburg. He will be taking managing non-for-profit organisation [in INDIA we call NGO or social work agency].

Third lecturer was Prof. Learry King. He will be taking media management including legal laws, ethics and social responsibilities.

Fourth lecturer was Prof. Carol Gracious. She will take pre-direction planning, photography and editing ad and documentary films.

The methodology of conducting lectures of each one was more or less same. The library was excellent. On average daily study consists of about 2 house of subject related outlines and guidelines and four to six hours of study on our own.

At night I talked to Masi everything.

Masi: Are you accepted in college?

Me: More or less, out of 20 students in class, one student told me not to try for friendship and one was reluctant but few girls in my class were supportive. Don’t worry, I will manage.

Nothing happened for about a week. At night when I was studying, land lady of my apartment phoned me and enquired if it is ok to talk now? I replied yes.

She informed to me that personally she has no problem with your pre-operative stage sex change operation but secretary of the apartment has informed me that few members of apartment does not approve such behavior and I should shift to some other place.

I asked if there are any other alternatives. Why such objections?

She replied small but vocal people in this city are against sexually deviated persons and intolerant and there are hate crimes only on this matter in state. The alternatives are don’t go in public as woman. Even when you are in home alone close road side windows and door locked if dressed as woman or leave the apartment.

Me: Can I have discussion with them? I am not a freak. I have all medical papers and this is called real life experience before sex change operation. It is a must.

Landlady: No use. I discussed everything with them because Leena told me everything about you while renting this apartment but they are firm and they have given me ultimatum..

Me: Any other way?

Landlady: They can’t force me but they can take up the case legally and drag me to court. That is going to be expensive plus you will be exposed in media and it will go against you and it may cost you study.

Me: I replied OK, I will vacate and try to find another place. Please give me some time.

Landlady: Don’t worry about time and I will inform them that you are vacating the flat and you are going to move in public as woman only. Is it OK?

Me: Yes because if I stop now, my two years will go waste. Thanks for favor.

She called Leena and briefed her.

Leena: I knew that this is going to happen. If you would have asked me before taking admission I would have suggested you go to California or New York as they are very liberal and open minded. No doubt it is very costly to study at such place. Any way I will try to find some other place.

After few days when I was studying in library few students came and sat on my table opposite to me. One of them called me and asked if I am male?
I asked why?

He said: It is your interest you speak truth to avoid trouble.

Me: yes, I am male and on pre-operative stage for sex change operation. I am undergoing real life experience from last year.

He said: We don’t want eunuch in our college.

Me: I am not eunuch. I have all medical papers and under treatment of licentiate medical doctors.

He said: No arguments. Either come in gents clothes or leave college.

Me: What will you do if I don’t do as per what you say?

He: We will thrash you severely till you are bleeding to death and all of them left.

I went to student counselor and told him everything. He rang up Principal and informed that there is urgent matter, if he is free and is it possible to give five minutes on this urgent issue and principal said yes, come right now, I am free.

He asked me to come to Principal’s office. They reached and Pallavi narrated the incident.

Principal replied: I am sympathetic with you but even management will not listen to you. You have no option except changing to some other college.

Pallavi: I don’t have that much money to pursue my study in other college in other favorable state. I did not know about such situation otherwise I would not have come to USA for study. I thought USA is open, liberal and treats people equally

Principal: It is true as far as Government policy is concerned but common people live life by their belief and experience and most of the decision is based on emotions/ feeling and not driven by intellectual understanding. It is same state of affairs everywhere, only percentage vary. Even in New York and California also it is same but degree of intolerance is less.

Me: Thanks. When there is no option I will come in gents clothes. But do me one favor. On our festivals allow me to come and attend college as woman.

Principal: Ok, I will find out way in your favor.

On returning in evening she informed Leena and masi what has happened and said it is OK, I will delay my operation for two years. Education here is really good and it is very much going to help me in future. Both of them approved her decision.

Next day she took out her shirt and jeans and went to college. Her both girl friends said you can come to our home and in my circle as woman. I will also convince our lecturers that as and when we are on field trips and project work you can come as woman. I said thanks to them

She informed landlady about what has happened in college and asked if I remain women only on our festivals and all other times I will be male when I move out in public, will it be OK with persons who has raised objection about my behavior?

Landlady: There should be no problem, I will talk to them and let you know.

On Sunday morning landlady asked me if she can visit me?.

I replied yes sure. What time are you coming?

Landlady: Around 10:30 morning.

I said is fine with me. Anything else?

Landlady asked me to wear indian traditional clothes when she came to see me.

Landlady: I have not seen you as lady. Will you please put up your traditional Indian female dress of sari with all jewellery etc? I want to see you.

I said: OK, I will. Thanks.

Landlady came at around 10:45 and on seeing me she drew me towards her and gave me a warm hug.

She said: I can’t believe you are man; you look as natural as woman and quite feminine.

Me: Please seat where ever you feel comfortable.

She selected sofa and sat there. She said they have agreed for your request. They even do not mind if you dress up as woman on our festivals. They have said that on our annual gathering day you can attend it as woman.

Me: Madam, thanks for your efforts.

Landlady: Don’t thank me, thank almighty god. I don’t understand when you are not creating any non sense why someone should object to your appearance.

Me: It is Ok. I am used to such things. In my INDIA also people have made comments, ridiculed, abused but I have accepted all such behavior. She asked landlady as to what will be convenient for her? Tea or Coffee with light snacks?

Landlady: Coffee with less Sugar and cream biscuit, any type if available.
They passed about an hour happily talking mostly about Pallavi and left her promising more frequent visits and took promise that whenever she visits Pallavi, she must be dressed as woman only. Pallavi, you are a charming woman.

To be continued …

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