Pallavi: In the USA – First month

Pallavi’s first month in the USA.


Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We are merely the publishers of this story.

Author’s Note:  I request all of you that please do not take medication without consulting doctor for breast development or hormones to get feminine look. These are very powerful chemicals and has many side effects and likely to cause problem for kidney, liver and heart. This is the reason I gave details in this novel. Under any circumstances avoid self medication, it is harmful.

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Nothing happened for one month.

My medicines stock got finished and I went to chemist and gave her the prescriptions. She read it and said, sorry madam, I cannot give you medicines as this prescription is by Indian doctor living in India. You need to consult doctor in USA.

She called Leena in evening and told her about chemist’s refusal and consulting doctor in USA.

Leena: Pallavi it is very costly as you do not have that type of insurance cover. Ask your masi if she can send medicines.


Leena: Due to my hectic schedule I forgot to tell you that there is Gujarati community function after about a month. Will you be interested? We have such three functions in a year.

Me: Yes, where is it?

Leena: In this city only. Would you like to participate as performer?

Me: I know Bharat Natyam dance, which I can perform.

Leena: Fine. I will send you all details and forms and she hung up.
She received forms and all details next day which she filled up and submitted to person concerned.

To be continued …

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