Ursula in wonderland

A story where Ursula goes to the wonderland where she has to work to meet her prince.

Ursula in Wonderland

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Special Note: We thank Ursula Unni for this story. She wants to dedicate this story to all lovely closet CDs who are living their CD lives hidden from everyone in a wonderland of their own.

The house was empty.. but it was a house so full of possibilities for me.This had been a moment that i was yearning for so long. I rushed upstairs, closed the windows, shut the doors, slipped out of my uncomfortable tshirt and shorts and just stretched and smiled. This was the day!

There was so much to do, so many ideas in my mind.. it was rushing at breakneck speed.. slow down.. take deep breaths.. I turned on the shower and put hot water in the bathtub. Dipped my toes into the water.. just right… i could feel the warmth ofthe water seeping into my pores.. i took out my razor and slowly slid it from my feet, over my knees into my thighs.. i could feel the hair falling off.. each strand felt like me shedding skin. It was so blissful.. The razor moved along my arms, my chest.. and finally deep down.. i used wax.. i felt like a newly born baby.. untouched, unknown.. so innocent..

i stepped off the tub and covered my body with a towel.. rubbed chanel no.5 over me and covered my wet hair with a towel.. moved to the dressing table.. i never see myself in the mirror, but i couldnt resist a glipse.. i loved what i saw..Which nailpolish? deep red – dabbled it on my nails and put some pink ones to make them non matching.. i examined my fingers and giggled at what i saw.. lovely my nails looked.. and now for the body..

I took out the lovely aloe vera body lotion and smeared it all over my body. i could feel the lotion embracing every pore.. filling with warmth and feminity.. I switched on some jazz music and moved towards my closet..

My hand flitted through the satin and lace lingerie.. black, blue, brown.. red.. red it is tonight, i took out the lace bra and hooked them from behind.. the bra cupped my breasts, embraced them and pulled them up..my hands moved between my legs, i cupped my clitty and and moved it behind my smooth soft behind.. i move the satin panties up my legs and they fit snugly..mmmm..My hands moved towards the hair which i put on – shoulder length thick luscious hair.. i could feel resting on my shoulders and cascading over my breasts, the hair danced with me as i moved making me deeper and deeper into feminity.

I move towards the green lehenga choli that i had always longed for, my hands trembling as they gently massaged the fabric feeling the twinkiling of the bells.. i slipped on the skirt.. it was so heavy and frilly – i could feel the fabric rub against my thighs and my skin.. i tied the nada around my waist and twirled around and laughed. i took the choli, backless and moved it around my breasts.. it was tight and my breasts were so full it struggled out of the choli. I tied up the back with strings, moving my hair around. I could feel my skin starting to sweat – in the heavy lehenga choli, it was like the weight made it difficult for me to move, but i loved the feeling. I moved with slow measured steps towards the jewellery box. I could feel the jingle of the lehenga as i moved.

I took the anklets first – heavy ghungroos and bent down and wore them one by one. then the long chain around my waist and the locket in front of my inviting navel. my navel was quivering in excitement. I took the green and gold necklace and tied around my neck – the long ends of the necklace fell over my cleavage into my breasts. i looked at it and sighed with satisfaction. Green chudis and kangans were in and i pushed them into my arms.

I moved slowly towards the mirror, not daring to look up and moved gingerly towards the mirror, my eyes slowly moved up seeing the gorgeous beautiful woman in front of me, my knees went weak – i couldnt believe who i was seeing. She was gorgeous, sexy, submissive – a princess. I could feel the hormones surging in me.. i sat down in front of the mirror.. i couldnt take my eyes off her. i wanted to make her more beautiful, irresistable.

My hands flew over the foundation – covering every pore, blemish making my skin perfect. Then moved on to the blush, making my cheeks rosy red. I then went to the lipstick – ohh how many colors.. which one do i choose? I went for bright red – i marked the ends with a pencil and rubbed the lipstick over my sweet tender lips – the red lipstick filled every pore of my lips, drenching in its color. i rubbed my lips together and pouted for the mirror, a slight dab of lip gloss – there, perfect! The hands then moved to the kajal – jet black and lined the lovely eyes and eyebrows. light green mascara to behind my eyelids and a round red bindi to fullfill my womanhood. I was complete.

Ursula stood in front of me, in all her bewitching glory. i smiled, shyly at first then wider and what i saw. It was beauty beyond words. The mirror started to dissolve in front of my eyes. Oh what they said was true! I slipped myself into the golden heels and slowly swayed myself into the mirror.

Untitled-1I felt myself walking down a hallway – the jingle of my lehenga choli following me, the sweat on my thighs flowing down my legs until i reached a chamber. There were other girls like me. so much more beautiful, lovely bodies laughing and giggling with each other. Where was I? What was i doing here?

One of the older ladies walked upto me – whats your name beti? Ursula i said, not daring to look up. She made me turn around slowly- her eyes watching me from head to toe as i turned. mmm ur beautiful she said – you could be lucky today.The prince is coming to the haveli to find his new concubine. Maybe you can be the lucky one.

The lady escorted me to large hall – there were so many girls, the eldest introduced me as Sita. My dear- i will train you to be a dance girl for the king and his council. They will be coming tonight to see you all – you better impress him and if you are lucky you will be his royal concubine.

I didnt know anything about dance and I was so young and untouched. Being loved by a king! I couldnt even imagine.. anyway the lady looked at me and said – i should teach you how to seduce with your moves – she touched my waist and held me close and said, when you walk, do it gracefully, move your waist side to side, slowly, gently – feel your body swaying to the music – i started swaying to the music, the jingle from the ghungroo and the lehenga were urging me on.

Now slowly move your arms, and use your eyes and your smile – to gently tease him, invite him – but oh so gently. Make him realize that you are shy and demure but a tigress underneath. I slowly started moving – my feminine hormones were rushing through my spine. I looked up and could see she was happy with me.. Oh my ursula – you are such a rosebud. You are ready for the king and his courtiers.

I was escorted to the chambers were i was surrounded by the court girls, they took off my clothes and filled a hot tub with rose and jasmine scented water.. I was bathed by the girls – who were giggling and smiling as they poured honey and milk on my skin and massaged it deep into my pores. They then drew henna over my body from my neck to my breasts and colored my nipples in golden brown. i sighed with pleasure as they rubbed the henna on my nipples. I was feeling like going closer to heaven. I was dressed in a golden lehenga choli – the heavy fabric stuck against my curves showing off each curve, each perfection and hugged my slender body tight.

z2I was moved to a center stage – and there in front of me was the king. I was so scared, i didnt dare to look up. The music started to play and i started to sway against the music, the beats grew louder and louder and i started to turn faster and faster. I could feel the eyes of the courtiers on me, staring at my body, undressing me with their eyes. Somehow i loved the attention, it was like i had full control over them. I looked at the king and teasingly smiled at him and slowly ran my tongue over my lips. I could see he was turned on. I smiled and started swaying to the music again – slowly moving towards the king – the guards stopped me but the king let me pass. I could feel his breath quicken as i came close. I shyly smiled at him and moved my finger onto his lips and touched them and moved it back and sucked the finger softly, gently and bit it hard.

The King was floored – he asked for me to be taken into his chamber – i was to be his concubine for tonight!

The thought made me more excited – Ursula was finally going to be deflowered, to be a woman. My heart was beating loudly as i was brought to the chamber and made to sit on a large royal bed. “Treat him gently” Sita maam said and you could be queen. I nodded, not knowing what to do. I covered my head with the pallu and bent down and sat on the bed.
It seemed like eternity and finally i could hear footsteps – it was him! I hid my feel under my lehenga and covered my head properly, not daring to look up and I finally felt him in the room. The servants bolted the door behind him and my maids slid into the other rooms. He came towards me and slowly took off my pallu from my head and lifted my face. I was so scared i couldnt open my eyes. I could feel his eyes inspecting every inch of my eyes, my lips, my neck and he said. “Open ur eyes ursula” – i opened and i could see he was smiling. “What u did to me at the dance – no one ever did, you are so beautiful my love and sensous”.

My heart melted hearing this and my female hormones were in full gear. I smiled back at him and said – thank you ur majesty, i am ur slave and at ur command. He slowly removed his kurta and bent down and kissed me on my lips.. slowly, softly and then hard..ohhh i was taken to heaven. I kissed back and licked his lips softly and bit them hard till it bled.. It turned him on and he pulled off my pallu and kissed me long and deep, his tongue piercing my mouth and touching my tongue… ohhh it was heavenly

I smiled back at him and took off my pallu, my low cut blouse showed off my cleavage and bent down in front of him and looking at him and smiled. He knew what it meant, he took off his bottom and i could see the royal lolly – rock hard and soo inviting. I didnt know what i was doing, ursula had taken over me. I went close to the lolly and came very very close with my lips, but didnt touch, just teased him and smiled.. OHhhh, he cried and i went in, kissing him at the tip, gently then rolling my tongue over the tips and round and round. i didnt stop – i could feel his lolly pulsing and getting harder and harder. I felt so submissive, loved and powerful to see this great king moan and turn with pleasure at my command. I stopped and held his red pulsing lolly and smiled at him. Please dont stop he begged – i said well u have to beg me , he fell on his knees and begged – that was so good, please dont stop my Ursula. I smiled and bent down again, wet my lips and slowly licked his lolly from the base to the tip, slowly, tantalizingly. Ohh it felt so good – hearing his moaning my clitty was getting soo wet.

z3He couldnt take it anymore and told me – Ursula dearest please – let me make love to you he begged, pleaded. Yes your majesty, i slipped off my golden lehenga and choli and my golden satin and lace lingerie with all my jewellery invited him. He moved forward and slid off my panties with his teeth, and bent down and slowly started sucking my clit – Ohhh… i was slowly being led to the skies, i saw the stars and the sun in front of me, I was getting so wet as he licked around my clit and sucked with his tongue. Dont stop your highness, please don stop – go deeper, harder..

He turned me around and bit me on my neck and slowly moved his lolly towards my clit searching for it – i helped me place it right over my clit and he then thrusted in deep inside… Ohhhhh….mmm….. it was such a combination of pain and pleasure, feeling his strength and power deep inside me…Oh my highness,, i cried out loud… go deeper, He started thrusting his lolly in me and i could feel only pain in the beginning, breathing faster and faster.. but then slowly i felt a pulsing on my thighs, have never felt it before – it was getting stronger and stronger as i was breathing faster and faster and i turned around and kissed him deep into his lips and said your majesty dont stop.. I wont my love he said and he went in deeper, faster – the heat spread from my thighs to my groing to my body, i could feel it electrifying me… OH my majesty – make love to me…

Yes Ursula.. oh yes… my love im cumming,, he screamed and arched backwards and unloaded his wonderful juice in me… the electricity was unbearable and i arched my back up and cummed myself too – holding him tight and digging my nails into his back.. ohh my love… I was a woman now, no longer a girl. I smiled in satisfaction and looked at him as he gently held me and purred – you are my Queen my love – Queen Ursula…as I slowly drifted off to sleep…..

I woke up to the sound of a turning fan – where was I? I was back in my room on my bed, wearing just my lingerie – my makeup was all smeared and i felt the wetness down below – i had cummed too. How did it happen, what happened to the king? Was it a dream or reality? I didnt know – but I loved it and as i stared into the mirror again – i could see Queen Ursula smiling back at me, fullfilled, powerful and all knowing…

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The End

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