Ladies Sangeet

What will you do to attend a women-only Ladies Sangeet function?

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Our note: This story has been contributed by lovely Vinitha Honey in response to Expression Challenge #2. If you like this story or if you know her, don’t forget to send her a message on Facebook! And please do write comments on our facebook page.

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Everything looked like a dream. But it was not a dream but my dream has turned up to reality. My thoughts have been transformed and I am here, sitting in front of the dressing table. My mentor of crossdressing, Seema was now with me with her friends who took care of my make-up and hair. It was almost two hours that they worked on me for my transformation into a beautiful and gorgeous woman doing my make-up; breasts; hair and finally dressing in a purple ghaghra-choli.

It all started with the challenge that I had with my female friends that I would be participating in the ‘ladies sangeet’ ceremony of a friend’s elder sister. Only females were allowed to enter there. I was teased by my female friends that if at all I can enter, I have to be dressed like a woman / young girl; if I try to dress up, I may look like a drag not a perfect woman. But, thanks that my neighbor Seema helped me when I told her about this challenge. Though I didn’t expect, Seema, with her friends did her work the best possible and I was transformed into a lovely, beautiful and tender young woman.

z1To behave and enjoy like a woman, Seema made sure that feel of feminity on me by way of adorning me with everything feminine. She made me wear padded panty and strapless bra stuffed with breast forms thereby my chest becomes a voluptuous breasts. A long hair wig made up into a nice style of bun with jewelry, bangles and rings in hand / fingers; necklace, hanging jhumkas for ears, a beautiful nose stud (pierced into nose); anklets added the glitter to my beauty. My facial make-up included eye-liner, mascara, extended eyelets, eyebrows, special care for my lips with wine red lipstick and lip gloss took me towards perfection.

So far I sat with my cream color padded bra and panty till I was ready with make-up. Here came the ultimate dress – a light purple color ghaghra-choli. The choli was short, sleeveless, deep back, back-hook type with one thin rope to be knotted having the decorated ends. As I slipped into it, Seema hooked it, knotted the rope right enough and adjusted my breasts in the choli cups properly. Now, the bottom part…tied tight enough in low-waist manner. It made me feel the silk on my hairless thighs that gave me a feminine feeling. Seema was very clear that unless my dress is tight and it exposes me in an elegant way, it would become difficult to pass as a young lady into the ceremony. After the pleated pallu was adorned on me, she tied a golden waist chain adding to my beauty. As I looked in the mirror, I was astonished to see their work and thanked them. I then had to wear the precious 2” high heeled sandals, which gave me the perfection from my back as well. Walking with the high heeled sandal in small and slow steps expressed myself as a young, delicate woman adorned in a ghaghra-choli.

What a transformation I had

She then escorted me to the sangeet ceremony in her car. As I entered there, except my friends, nobody could know that I am a boy dressed as a lovely beautiful woman. My friends had a mixed reaction looking at me; few were very happy; few were jealous of my beauty. After I finished the ceremony, my friend’s sister (the would-be bride) came to me and thanked me for being present in the occasion which made her day memorable.

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