April 2017 Edition


Hello readers,
What a fantastic journey has been with you all supporting us! Thank you very much for your support. This month we conclude our popular long series of Parineeta and Indian Ladies Club. Thank you very much for loving these stories! We also present two short stories ‘A night to remember’ and ‘That girl in a dress’. We hope you love it all.

Happy Reading!


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Parineeta Parineeta
A series in Hindi
By Anupama Trivedi
A story of an Indian crossdresser who loves everything about indian women, and one day, he becomes one. The concluding parts are available now.
That girl in a dress That girl in a dress
A short story in English/Hindi
By Anupama Trivedi
She was walking in a dimly lit street. She didn’t want to grab any attention, but was it possible?
A night to remember A night to remember
A short story in English
By Pratibha Mehra
When a man dated a crossdresser for the first time in his life, he didn’t realize that he was in for the most memorable night.
Indian Ladies Club Indian Ladies Club
A series in English
By Anupama Trivedi
A group of crossdressers form a club together where they could freely express their feminine side. Their amazing journey concludes this month!

Let us know how we did this month! If you liked our stories and articles, don’t forget to write comments! And please follow us on our Facebook page to stay in touch and for more fun stuff that we share.

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