June 2017 Edition


Hello readers,
We are back in June with a bang! This month, we conclude the love saga of Nishant and Chetna in our story Roommate which has become a big success. We also bring a new series Lucky Boss, and a short story ‘First Time’ about love and revenge! In the world of our on-going series Pallavi, where she starts to live with her Masi and learns how to live like a girl.

Happy Reading!


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Roommate Roommate
A series in English/Hindi
By Anupama Trivedi
Two best friends whose relationship changes, when the cross-dressing secret is revealed about one of them. Concluding parts of this love story published.
First Time First Time
A short story in English/Hindi
By Gitanjali Paruah
A short powerful story of love, revenge and realizing the power of femininity.
Lucky Boss Lucky Boss
A series in English
By Sarah Dia
The story of Manju who dreams of becoming a big actor, and his wife Sudha who has dreams of living in a big city.
z4j Pallavi
A long series in English
By Nina Pallavi Desai
The journey of Pallavi continues as she grows up and goes to attend college. Parts 7-16 published.


Captions Crossdressing Captions
Very short stories in English/Hindi
We started this new initiative this month where we publish extremely short crossdressing captioned stories with images. Read the first seven captions we published!

Let us know how we did this month! If you liked our stories and articles, don’t forget to write comments! And please follow us on our Facebook page to stay in touch and for more fun stuff that we share.

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