March 2017 Edition


Hello readers,
We started with writing the story of Parineeta in January this year. Since then, we have come along with several new exciting updates!

This month we continue exploring how the life continues for Parineeta as a wife, and how the girls in Indian Ladies Club face the new challenges they experience in their new life. We also bring to you several new exciting short stories. And for the first time, we have a great story from our reader titled ‘The Other Woman’. We hope you enjoy all that we have to offer this month!

Happy Reading!


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Parineeta Parineeta
A series in Hindi
By Anupama Trivedi
A story of an Indian crossdresser who loves everything about indian women, and one day, he becomes one.
x7b Aunty
A short story in English/Hindi
By Anupama Trivedi
When a mysterious woman appeared in his room, a young boy’s crossdressing secret was going to be revealed.
Girlfriends Girlfriends
A short story in Hindi
By Anupama Trivedi
Going out dressed up as a woman for the first time can be a nerve-wrecking experience for any crossdresser.
The other woman The other woman
A short story in English/Hindi
By Ankita Sharma
This mind boggling conversation between a man and a woman will shake your heart.
Knock Knock
A short story in English/Hindi
By Anupama Trivedi
He was dressed beautifully like a newly wed woman. That’s when he heard a knock on his door.
Indian Ladies Club Indian Ladies Club
A series in English
By Anupama Trivedi
A group of crossdressers form a club together where they could freely express their feminine side.

Let us know how we did this month! If you liked our stories and articles, don’t forget to write comments! And please follow us on our Facebook page to stay in touch and for more fun stuff that we share.

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