May 2017 Edition


Hello readers,

This month we bring a new series ‘Roommate’ which is about two best friends and one of them is a crossdresser. We also publish a short story Neha Bhabhi, which titillates every crossdresser with the idea of a supportive beautiful sister-in-law. Also, we start a new series titled ‘Pallavi’ that is a long running series about a boy named Prateek and his journey towards becoming a woman named Pallavi.

Happy Reading!


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A night to remember Roommate
A series in English/Hindi
By Anupama Trivedi
Two best friends whose relationship changes, when the cross-dressing secret is revealed about one of them. Parts 1-3 published.
Neha Bhabhi Neha Bhabhi
A short story in English/Hindi
By Anupama Trivedi
Neha bhabhi was a very beautiful and a busty sexy woman, the kind of woman people write stories about.
z1 Pallavi
A long series in English
By Nina Pallavi Desai
The journey of young boy, Pratik, towards becoming Pallavi, a woman, he always wanted to be. Parts 1-6 published.

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