Indian Crossdresser Album: Aditi Puri

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We all take dozens of pictures when we pretty up in our sarees or dresses. And we often wonder how to pose, and what pictures to take. Sometimes, we learn what is needed for a good picture and other times, we learn from our mistakes.

We are sharing these pictures from beautiful Aditi Puri who shared her lovely pictures with us. And we thought, why not use this opportunity to tell you what to do and what not to do when taking pictures. We hope that you find this article useful. We do not intend to offend Aditi in any way. In fact, we really appreciate her efforts and using her pictures as a way to learn a few things from her.

Let these tips and pictures harmonize you and your pretty saree well with the background to get the perfect picture of you!

Beauty in Black and White


What to notice in this pic?

  1. A black and white picture can really bring out a magic especially when you have a noisy background where the color of your clothes don’t stand out from the background.
  2. A tilting angle in a picture is usually a great way to bring a new dimension to the picture.
  3. Keep your fingers close as Aditi does. Never spread it as it looks manly.

Pretty in Saree

z3What to notice?

  • Just notice the gorgeous net saree! and the lovely bra visible through it. It’s a nice modern fashion statement when it comes to net sarees; have a matching bra in stead of a blouse!
  • Always wear a pretty smile on your face! Make it wider than you are comfortable with.
  • Aditi is wearing a very beautiful saree, but one mistake she did was slouching her back. Girls always keep their back straight and push forward their breasts. Never slouch!
  • Another suggestion would be to cross your legs when taking a picture while sitting in a saree.

Mirror and the back

z2What to notice?

  • Mirrors are your best friends when taking pictures. Bring it in the frame and show your sexy back! Flaunt it if you have it!
  • One suggestion we have to accentuate your figure is to add a lot of padding in your hips. You want to have padding that results in at least 8 inches more than your waist. Believe us, you will look gorgeous!
  • The slight tilt in the camera once again makes this picture a beautiful one.

Dupatta less Salwar

z5.jpgWhat to notice?

  • A dupatta adds to the femininity. But going dupattaless can also bring out the femininity in you. Feel a little shy when taking a picture!
  • Notice the beautiful curve Aditi’s body is creating here. It is usually suggested that the body should make an ‘S’ like curve in pictures to look more feminine.
  • Notice the crossed feet coming together. This really adds to the feminine figure for a crossdresser as it creates the look of a wider hip. A must do!
  • Aditi has kept her arms straight. This is not recommended. Your arms should be doing something or making some angle in a picture or touching your face to look more feminine. Never keep it straight.

Look away

What to notice?

  • Looking away or downcast eyes are a great way to bring out the look of a shy dreamy girl. Try it next time you take a picture!
  • Always smile! Your smile will make your picture 10 times better. No other tip can be more valuable than this.

We hope you liked a few of our tips. And say Hi to Aditi Puri on Facebook if you know her. Or post a comment on our article for her to read.

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