A walk along the river

A walk along the river where two crossdresser friends unite. A reader contributed story published in response to the Expression Challenge.

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Our note: This story has been contributed by lovely Vinitha Honey in response to Expression Challenge #3. If you like this story or if you know her, don’t forget to send her a message on Facebook! And please do write comments on our facebook page.

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I was looking out of the window; the weather was so soothing that everyone would loved to roam around with their loved ones. I was with Seema, my cd mentor and at her wish, I wore a saree and blouse and was in her house. A little windy; cloudy weather; expected to rain anytime. I felt like I should go out to enjoy this weather and be happy. Just then, while sipping tea, I told my cd mentor Seema whether can I make it for an outing on the river side, a walk along and relax sitting over there. Not taking too much time, she got ready in a t-shirt and jeans. I was bit puzzled what to wear. I was in a saree then. I thought of wearing a jeans again like a man. She said ‘How about something which is not a saree or half saree for my girlfriend’. I agreed.

Seema went to the room and called me. As I could see, there laid few dresses to choose from. Salwars and chudidars this time. I stuck with the salwar – rose red top and golden flowered green kameez with a golden bordered green dupatta. I said ‘Seema, I would love to wear this’. She appreciated my choice and gave me something extra to wear with it. Yes, a pair of flat shoes matching my salwar and a beautiful, soft feeling padded salwar-kameez bra. Seema said ‘get ready in this dress Vinitha and make sure you get bit of cleavage to expose in this dress; bra will help you. No need of a spaghetti top as the cloth is not transparent like your another chudidar’. I said ‘ok’ and started to dress up. I undraped my saree, removed my blouse and petticoat. I was not wearing a bra inside then as I had the breastforms and blouse was padded.

I now wore the pink padded bra. Its push up cups gave a beautiful cleavage. Then I wore the kameez and salwar followed it. Kameez was a mix of Patiala and Pathan styles. Tied the kameez tight below my navel. Rest of the portion was loose till my ankles, where it rested on its firm edge. I felt lovely as my hairless thighs and legs could feel the air column inside it. The salwar had a sleeve up to my forehand and gave me a good cover that I preferred to protect myself from the windy river side. I went to the dressing table to do some make-up and hair before stepping outside. I simply combed my dense, thick hair with an open style (actually the wig I was wearing) and let it fall free. Just then, I bent forward to take my lipstick. Wow…what I could see what awesome. The salwar had a u-cut at front and back as well. It exposed sensuously my cleavage and if I bent a little, it would show my awesome, smooth and fair breasts confined in the bra, making it a treat to the eyes.


I finished my make-up and spread the dupatta over the salwar and came out to see Seema if she is ready. Her eyes could give me compliment for my beautiful figure – an ample woman, which I felt in no time when Seema saw me. We went to the river side by car in 10 minutes. Hardly any people were there; mostly enjoying the weather with a hot tea / coffee at their houses. As I alighted from the car, Seema held my hand and we walked towards the river side walk-path. Holding each other’s hand walking gave me an altogether different experience. I was feeling the wind, sound of the flowing river and the love of my boyfriend (Seema).

The wind got bit intense and it started to blow my hair over my face, which I kept moving and naughty wind blew my dupatta off me; I held it with my hand and spread it again; but it didn’t stay there. I put it in my left shoulder and left it free; it really worked as the free end of the dupatta kept flying freely in air. I need not to do much then. We strolled along the path for some distance. View of the river was beautiful. I said ‘its so beautiful to see the river when its monsoon; full with its beauty; power; vigour and peace’. Seema said ‘its true and you know the rivers are always referred with a female name…that’s what I too have…a river – beautiful, vigorous, submissive to an ocean. If I am not wrong, I want to be the ocean in which a river Vinitha would unite’. Listening this, I was surprised and said ‘for your help, I can be a river and get united with the ocean’. As I got up to walk, Seema held my dupatta and pulled it from me. I saw her lusty eyes, wanting to feast me. The cool breeze was now touching my face, my neck, my breasts giving an experience like never before. Seema said ‘without dupatta, I am seeing you. But the effect is fully different in this river bank. I feel like making love to you. You’re a beautiful piece of sculpture; voluptuous with a highly desirable and inviting, attracting body’. I blushed now. She came to me with my dupatta. In the guise of covering me, she hugged from front and gradually came to my back side. Moved my hair to the front and kissed my neck, my back exposed out of the salwar (it exposed more than required with its ultra-deep back U-cut), holding me tight to her with her hands around my tummy. She could kiss my cheeks now and kissed my lips as I turned my head to right. I said ‘I hope we are not shameless enough to start our lovemaking here’. Seema said ‘its so romantic and lovely weather; you have drawn me crazy with your looks and this dress is making more sexy’ and put her right hand palm over the sexy cleavage exposed out of my salwar. Sliding her finger little inside my cleavage made her feel heavenly and locked her lips with mine. We were there for few more minutes and returned to the car to go back to home. While walking back to the car, she held me at my waist so that I was closer to her.

Upon returning home, Seema dragged me to her bed room, threw the nice dupatta away and holding me tight in her arms, showered her kisses all over. She took the advantage of my height, I was shorter than her by about 3 inches, to dominate while hugging. She continued to kiss me while her hands were surveying my whole body covered in the salwar. I was now gasping to take breathes but she kept my lips locked with her lips. She now slid her hand inside my salwar and caressed my bare back, tummy, navel and touched the bra hooks. With one hand still inside my salwar, she moved my salwar on my shoulder which exposed the bra strap. She went crazy and kissed my shoulder. She undressed herself and made me free of my salwar; with kameez still on, she laid me on the bed. I was excited and horny. Planting soft kisses on my tummy, navel and loins, she loosened the strings holding the kameez and removed it. I laid there on the bed in just my bra and panty. I saw that she was now fully excited, hot all over, wet in her vagina and hungry for my body. I invited her with my open arms to proceed. Then we had a wonderful and very very exciting lovemaking with me a submissive and she being a dominant partner.

Vintha Honey

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