August 2017 Edition

Hello readers,
We hope you enjoyed our July edition. Believe it or not, we received more than 100,000 views in a single month of July! Indian Crossdressing Novel has really become big. Thank you all for your love.

Continuing our journey, we are pleased to bring a new series ‘The daughter who never was’ this month.  We plan to bring many more interesting stories this month as the time goes along.  Please keep checking here as we will continue to post all the stories and articles we publish this month. Keep reading. And let us know how we did this month! Find your freedom in this month of Independence day!


प्रिय पाठक,
आशा है कि आप लोगो को हमारा जुलाई का अंक पसंद आया होगा. आप माने या न माने, जुलाई माह में हमारी साईट को १ लाख से अधिक व्यूज मिले! यह सब आपके प्यार का फल है कि यह वेबसाइट इतनी सफल हो सकी.

इस माह हम एक नयी सीरीज शुरू कर रहे है जिसका नाम है ‘बेटी जो थी नहीं’. आशा है आपको पसंद आएगी. इसके अलावा भी कई कहानिया इस माह हम प्रकाशित करेंगे. तो इस पेज को समय समय पर नए अपडेट के लिए देखते रहिएगा! आज़ादी के इस महीने में आप भी अपने अन्दर की औरत को आज़ाद करे!


Find all our previous editions here!

[17/08/2017] A beautiful story Varsha in English has been published.
[10/08/2017] Check out this intriguing story Violet Rose from Conqueering blog. Find more links under ‘Hidden Gems’ section.
[07/08/2017] The long story of Pallavi continues. Parts 20-23 published.
[04/08/2017] Part 2 of ‘The daughter who never was’ is published. ‘बेटी जो थी नहीं’ का भाग २ अब उपलब्ध है.
[01/08/2017] Devar bhabhi A story in Hindi is published.


Varsha Varsha
A series in English
By Lakshmi Seetha
A story of a boy who did not start as a crossdresser. But once he reluctantly experienced the feminine pleasure, he could not go back.
The daughter who never was The daughter who never was
A series in English/हिंदी
By Anupama Trivedi
An emotional journey of a boy who is forced to live the life of a woman.
Pallavi Pallavi
A long series in English
By Nina Pallavi Desai
Pallavi returns to India after her graduation in the USA. Read to know if her father is going to accept her as a woman? What happens to her relationship with Alka? Part 20-23 published!

Indian Crossdresser Album

z1 Shilpa Rodrigues
A photo album
A few tips on photography: Look at the beautiful pictures of our reader Shilpa Rodrigues, and learn a few things from her. And bonus, there are her bridal pics to check out! 

Reader Contributed Stories

We are blessed to have so many readers who contributed their wonderful stories to us. We are pleased to publish your beautiful stories here!

Devar Bhabhi (In Hindi)
By Male in Saree
The relationship between a devar and a bhabhi is full of love and naughtiness. Read more to know how a bhabhi transforms her devar into her nanand!
A walk along the river (In English)
By Vinitha Honey
When two crossdressing friends go out on a walk along the river.
Techie No More (In English)
By Preeti
A caption about a crossdresser in love.

Hidden Gems

A few new updates from other websites like us on the internet.

Violet Rose (In English)
A story on Conqueering Blog
An intriguing story of two friends from college, one boy and one girl, who meet after several years.
Cheap Rent (In English)
A caption on Crossdressing Diaries
To what extent you can go to get a good house at a reasonable rent?


Now you can provide your private feedback about our website by clicking here. आप अपने प्राइवेट विचार या सुझाव हमारे साथ यहाँ क्लिक कर साझा कर सकते है.

Let us know how we did this month! If you liked our stories and articles, don’t forget to write comments! And please follow us on our Facebook page to stay in touch and for more fun stuff that we share.

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