Pallavi: An Accepting Father

Pallavi meets her father who accepts his daughter!

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Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We are merely the publishers of this story.

Author’s Note:  I request all of you that please do not take medication without consulting doctor for breast development or hormones to get feminine look. These are very powerful chemicals and has many side effects and likely to cause problem for kidney, liver and heart. This is the reason I gave details in this novel. Under any circumstances avoid self medication, it is harmful.

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I reached Surat on Saturday night as father is to come in the morning. I decided to present my self as woman only after lunch.

Masi: You mother has sent beautiful red sari with blouse and matching jewellery including tikka. It is a bridal dress.

Father came in morning at 7. Masi received him. He asked where is Pratik?

Masi: He will come to room around 9 as he slept late at night.

She went to kitchen. She brought tea and snacks, which they took together. He finished reading newspaper and said he will finish routines.

Masi: Pratik will also be here.

Pratik came in drawing room in gents clothes and did pranam to his father.

Kantilal was please but when he looked at his face he asked why you have grown long hair like a woman. Have you also started living as woman?

Masi: When he was in last year of college he saw one of the films and he liked long hair of hero. He asked me and I said if you really liked it go ahead and he started growing it. It is a fashion since last few years.

Kantilal opened the topic of marriage. Pratik remained silent and only masi kept discussing the options and possibilities. In the end masi said let us take lunch, you take little rest and after tea once again we continue the topic. Pratik you have to take active participation in the discussion.

They all took lunch together. Kantilal went for taking rest and told masi to wake me up at 4:30 as he has to take mild sleeping tablet. He is expecting few guests about 6-7 persons around 5:30 in evening.

Masi and Pratik went in Pratik room.

Masi what are you going to dress? Your mother’s sent bridal dress last week.

Pratik: Yes, I want to be best though I know it is going to be very much upsetting and father may even slap me or abuse me in very bad language.

Masi: Do full makeup and wear all jewelleries. You will not have time to apply mehandi so apply special tatoos I have brought for you.

Pratik: Father will not come in drawing room before 4:30 so I have about 4 hours. I can get properly dressed in two hours and 2 hours for mehnadi. I have called Darshana for applying bridal mehandi and she will not take even one hour so everything will be in time.

Masi went to Kantilal and woke him up. He got fresh and came in drawing room. Has Pratik waken up?

Masi: yes, I will just go and bring him here.

Masi went to Pratik and both came where Kantilal was sitting.

Masi: Meet your Pratik.

Kantilal: He looked up and kept staring at sari clad woman. Finally he got up and went near Pallavi. He slowly put his both hands on her head and pulled her to his chest and kissed lovingly on her forehead. He took both his hand in his and brought her near sofa and made her seat near him. He said so you want to become a woman and live the life of woman?

Me: Yes, please allow me and don’t get angry. I cannot live man’s life, I am a woman.

Pallavi dressed like a bride with jewelry and henna to meet her father.

Kantilal: It is fine with me but with one condition attached. You are not going to go for sex change operation for two years still as it is likely to result in your death if you do earlier. I will tell you the exact date after which on any suitable date you can go for operation.

Little after 5 door bell rang and Kantilal asked me to open the door. I was hesitating but he said don’t worry open; they are your known people. I was surprised and opened the door and my mother and sister were standing there smiling. We came inside. They also occupied their chair.

Masi: You said 6-7 but here only 2 are there.

He: Wait, others will be coming anytime.

I was really surprised at what was happening. After some time again the bell rang, father told me to open and I was surprised and shock to see Alka with her parents. Alka hugged me strongly.

Kantilal got up and welcomed them and brought to unoccupied chairs. He told me please bring water for them.

Alka stopped me but father insisted only Pallavi must bring and serve water.

Kantilal: Today we are going to have engagement ceremony of my son Pratik [who is in bridal dress as woman] with Alka. Marriage will be in December, after four months. Do you accept my son willingly?

Alka got up and said I have accepted him in totality and came and bowed to her father in law and mother in law. I did the same to her parents.

Alka’s mother applied tika and welcomed me to her family.

At 8 night Kantilal called caterers and asked him to serve dishes. Pallavi and Alka jointly prepared the table. It was a joyous moment for all of them. They said good bye to each other at 11.

After every one was gone Pallavi got up and started to go to her room when father called her and said there is no need now to change into gents clothes, if you wish you can change into some simple clothes which generally you use at home. She went to her room, removed all makeup and jewellery, changed into salwar kameez and came back.

I straight went to father and cling to him and asked I never expected that you will allow me and help me to this extent.

Father: I did not like it all but when your sister’s engagement broke and when your sister also insisted to allow Pratik to become woman, in addition to my astrologer friend I started contacting doctors. I collected every piece of information about you through your mother because I assured her that I will allow you to change your sex and become a woman. I kept masi in dark as she was playing with me all these years by supporting you but at the same time I started saving money for your treatment and operation and money for your flat at Mumbai.

Through your mother I came to know about Alka and decided to check myself, we meet and after knowing her decision to marry you, I requested her that please don’t take such decision because both of you will have unhappy life but she was firm so then we met her parents. When everybody reached the same conclusion I decided to break the ice by calling this meeting. I will support you totally and use whatever my influence is there for building your career. One thing I am sure is that Alka truly loves you and can do anything for your happiness.

To be continued …

Image credits: Tanya Rahel, Indian TV shows

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