Pallavi: Move to Mumbai

Pallavi moves to Mumbai and starts a new job.

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Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We are merely the publishers of this story.

Author’s Note:  I request all of you that please do not take medication without consulting doctor for breast development or hormones to get feminine look. These are very powerful chemicals and has many side effects and likely to cause problem for kidney, liver and heart. This is the reason I gave details in this novel. Under any circumstances avoid self medication, it is harmful.

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I talked to Alka and in one month’s time I was in Mumbai with Kartik Vision , ad agency handling all the aspects of image building and branding and communication management. I informed father about moving to Mumbai. I also showed my inability to meet him. He replied not to worry; he will fix everything with masi about marriage aspects.

Masi ensured that she will buy me time and as a last option we will reveal to him your decision to go for sex change operation. I was relieved as masi is quite capable of getting her things done. I left for Mumbai.

Before going to Mumbai I visited Dr.Kusum and told everything what has happened in last two years during my stay in USA. She said she will have tests done and move further to go for sex change operation. Pallavi as you are on real life experience for such a long time including your break during USA, you need not go for it for more two years again. I will state your status with psychiatrist and get a recommendation from him.

Pallavi: One more thing Dr. Kususm which I want to explore. During my stay in USA I came to know about many types of transplant operations including facial transplant. Is it not possible to have transplant operation of complete reproductive system of a woman?

Dr. Kusum: It is still not done but possibilities can be explored. Doctors in Thailand may be able to do such operations.

Pallavi: I feel Dr. James Harrison may be able to do it. He has performed around 1000 sex change operations in USA. I have contact details of Dr. Harison. She opened her purse and gave Dr. Kusum details of Dr. Harision.

Dr. Kususm: I will try and see what is possible. In the mean time I will contact my Thailand doctors group also. If it is possible we will do it in Thailand because it will be damned cheaper.

Pallavi: Thank you and she left.

Alka arranged first week staying with her only and then I moved to a 3 room flat on rental basis in her locality. I reached Alka’s residence on Sunday. She introduced me to her parents. I took rest and then we went to gate way of India in evening.

When I was putting on jeans and shirt for going to office on first day, Alka told me that Yogesh and everyone knows about your pre-operative real life experience so go as female. Put on your light pink sari. My boss Yogesh welcomed me and introduced to all staff members. He told me that all of them know about my pre-operative to sex change operation and real life experience stage. Except one or two persons you are accepted without any prejudice. You will start pre-planning work for ads and preparing presentation for corporate short films. I said it is fine with me.

My boss Yogesh welcomed me with Alka.

He asked me what you have arranged for lunch.

I replied: I will get from some restaurant or some time I may personally go and eat.
Yogesh: If you like I am getting my lunch from one of the Tiffin service provider, home made, you can test it today and if you like you can continue. I said fine and he ordered for one extra Tiffin.

He showed me my cabin and gave me the list of persons working under me and left for his office with instruction to come to his cabin at 1 in afternoon for lunch.

I called one by one and understood current project each one is working on and prepared my notes.

I took lunch with my boss Yogesh. It was quite good and requested him to fix Tiffin services for me also. After lunch, I asked priorities of work on hand from his points of view and time limits for the same. He explained me accordingly.

I wore a light pink sari to work.

In post lunch session I sat for work planning based on priority and was quite engrossed in work that Alka had to give a gentle tap on shoulder. I asked her what the time is. When did you come?

Alka: Madam, it is seven and you don’t want to go home. All except Yogesh and other senior boss no one is in office. I asked her to give some time to windup.

Alka observed that Pallavi has very methodically marked papers in files, her table is neat and files are stacked nicely. Her winding up was smooth without any unwanted hurry.

Finally she got up, took her hand bag and went towards Yogesh sir’s cabin. She handed bunch of papers to him, describing her line of action on each of the project and asked if she is needed to be in office. He said, I will go though these papers and we discuss tomorrow morning. Good night.

Both came to Alka’s residence. Pallavi called masi and talked about her work. They did not know when the first week was over and she shifted to her flat.

After about six months masi informed me that father is visiting and wants to finalise about your marriage, buying more time is not possible because he says that you are now properly settled so at least engagement can be done and marriage may be next year. You come this week end we finally face the situation, come what may.

To be continued …

Image credits: Tanya Rahel, Indian TV shows

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