Pallavi: Pratik Calls Father

Pratik calls his father

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Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We are merely the publishers of this story.

Author’s Note:  I request all of you that please do not take medication without consulting doctor for breast development or hormones to get feminine look. These are very powerful chemicals and has many side effects and likely to cause problem for kidney, liver and heart. This is the reason I gave details in this novel. Under any circumstances avoid self medication, it is harmful.

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Masi: Pallavi, are you prepared to face father and take a bold decision?

Me: Yes.

Masi: Should we go there or wait for him till he comes here?

Me: I will first talk to him as Pratik and then we decide.

I called father in the morning. After initial pleasantries he opened the topic that I should seriously consider about marriage. I replied why not allow me sometime till I get proper job and settled say in about six months. He agreed for the same. I promised him I will call you every week regularly and keep him updated which I did not realise in past. He was very happy to hear this.

Masi overheard the conversation and was relieved.

Alka was regularly in contact with me and once she proposed that Mumbai offers better opportunity and she has some contacts which she can try for me. I said I have not thought about it but let me think over and I will let you know.

I talked to masi and she said Alka is right. It is worth trying.

Me: Then what about my NGO?

Masi: You can operate from anywhere, in the beginning we employ one person, you can visit here any time and give required instruction or even on phone you can remain in contact.

Me: Should I ask Alka to try for me?

Masi: Sure.

To be continued …

Image credits: Tanya Rahel

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