Pallavi: Returns to India

Pallavi returns to India and meets her Masi. And Alka meets Nina Masi too!

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Note from Indian Cross-dressing Novel: This story has been contributed by our reader Pallavi Desai. All the rights to this story belongs to her. We are merely the publishers of this story.

Author’s Note:  I request all of you that please do not take medication without consulting doctor for breast development or hormones to get feminine look. These are very powerful chemicals and has many side effects and likely to cause problem for kidney, liver and heart. This is the reason I gave details in this novel. Under any circumstances avoid self medication, it is harmful.

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Family members were very happy to see me come back to India.

I told masi that I wish to seek service with some ad agency and now I will start approaching companies for job.

Masi: what kind of position will you accept?

Me: Minimum position should be head of the department if not manager.

Masi: I will try to find through some contact. Till you get proper job why not continue with Lakshya?.

Me: I have already spoken to them and I am going to work for them but now I am going to suggest few radical changes in structural formation.

Masi: Don’t just suggest, only casually mention if the occasion arises. I want you to start your own NGO.

Me: Fine but I will work only for cross dressers, eunuchs and trans-women cause and to be helpful to these groups.

Masi: You have already your Grooming school for Girls on small scale, which you try to expand and cover all groups which you have in mind.
Me: Good idea. I want to have all types of consulting doctors in my NGO. I have to consult our doctors also as there were no medicines and test checkup for almost a year.

Masi: I will take appointment. Are you sincere in starting NGO? I have to see some C.A. for NGO registration.

Me: Yes, it is confirmed. Please go ahead.

In the coming week Masi finsihed NGOs documentation work and people to be involved. My NGO was registered in the name of “Parivartan” meaning the change. It began the same work Pallavi started as Pallavi Finishing School of Girls. She appointed two of her students from the first batch to run the services from Masi’s place.

Masi was viewing TV and phone rang, she picked up and said hello.

Kantilal: Hello, now that Pratik has finished studies and returned to India, I think we have to try for his marriage. How is he? I have not seen him since last three years. Even when he went USA he always talked on phone and never came on video conferencing.

Masi: He is fine, When are you coming?

Kantilal: In September.

Masi: So still about three months. Should I send him to you to meet?

Kantilal: If he is free otherwise ask him to phone me.

Masi: He will return around 10 tonight so he will call you.

Kantilal: No, I go to sleep around 9:30 so ask him to call in morning and he hang up.
When I returned late night, masi was reading. She served the dinner and gave me update.

Masi: Do you know Alka?

Me:yes, I met her in USA.

Masi: She phoned for you today. She is coming to our place this week end if it is convenient to you.

Me: I will phone her after dinner.

Me: Hello, I am Pallavi

Alka: what a pleasure. I thought you have forgotten me because you did not call me.

Me: Alka I simply cannot and will not forget you. I was just little busy meeting my friends and with my family members. By which train are you coming. I will come and receive you at station.

Alka: This Saturday, Gujarat express. It is reaching Surat around 10 morning. I will return to Mumbai on Monday morning by Gujarat express.

Me: Sure. Wait for me at Wheelers Book stall in case if I get late

Masi: asked me about Alka and I told her everything about her.

Saturday Alka came. She was greeted by Masi very warmly.

Alka spoke with Nina Masi.

In evening I had one call so I had to leave Alka with masi for about 2 hours. Masi did detail discussion about Alka wishing to marry Pallavi. Finally Alka told masi, I will never open this topic with Pallavi, I will get married only after Pallavi marries some one of her choice and said please don’t tell this to Pallavi. If she asked how we passed time say we just gossiped on general topics. Masi could see real love of Alka for Pallavi and tears roll down her cheeks. Alka saw it and said to masi, leave everything to God, he knows better than us and will guide us.

We passed two days happily and Alka returned to Mumbai.

To be continued …

Image credits: Tanya Rahel

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