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Our Gold stories are not lesser in anyway, and are as good as our premium Platinum Stories. The only reason these stories are here is because they may either lack the illustration images or do not have enough reviews. And many of these stories may be moved to Platinum level.

Our Stories

List of stories in no particular order.

Varsha Varsha
A series in English
By Lakshmi Seetha
A story of a boy who did not start as a crossdresser. But once he reluctantly experienced the feminine pleasure, he could not go back.
The daughter who never was The daugher who never was
A series in English/Hindi
By Anupama Trivedi
An emotional journey of a boy who is forced to live the life of a woman
Devar Bhabhi Devar Bhabhi
A story in हिंदी
By Male in Saree
The relationship between a devar and a bhabhi is full of love and naughtiness. Read more to know how a bhabhi transforms her devar into her nanand!
Chandni Chowk Chandi Chowk
A short story in English
By Amita Sikka
Living alone is hard, but for a crossdresser, it can be the only way to enjoy their femininity.
z1 Ladies Sangeet
A short story in English
By Vinitha Honey
An interesting challenge between friends that fulfills the dream of a crossdresser.
A walk along the river A walk along the river
A short story in English
By Vinitha Honey
When two crossdresser friends go out on a walk along the river.
Ursula in Wonderland Ursula in Wonderland
A short story in English
By Ursula Unni
Ursula goes to the wonderland where she will have to work hard to meet her prince charming.


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