मैं परिणिता



Parineeta is a story of an Indian crossdresser who loves everything about indian women. The main protagonist of this story not only loves indian women’s clothes like sarees or lehengas, traditional jewelry like Mangalsutra, but almost everything about the traditional indian women.

In this story, we see this amazing turbulent journey of how the protagonist gets to learn important lessons about being an indian woman, about the relationships, her role in the society and the traditions. This journey begins on one calm winter evening which would change the life of the protagonist for ever. Get ready to be a part of this fascinating journey, and experience your own fascination with being an indian woman.

भाग १ भाग २ भाग ३
भाग ४ भाग ५ भाग ६
भाग ७ भाग ८ भाग ९
भाग १०  भाग ११ भाग १२
भाग १३ भाग १४  अंतिम भाग

If you have any idea that you would like to include in this on-going story, please make your suggestions in the comments section. We look forward to your input.

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